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  1. Frills

    Ghost Milk

    I guess cashmere is kind of cinnamon-y? Spicy? Because at first that's all I smell. Then it becomes such a pretty vanilla with a touch of white chocolate. I love this scent after the cinnamon goes away. Glad I got a bottle and glad I stuck it out past the spicy smell.
  2. Frills

    Judgmental Longhorn

    Every time I wear this to the gym, someone near me asks "what smells so good". It's the cow cologne, friends. It smells so dang good. It's so well blended that I can't pick out any one note over the others--maybe a little hay at first, but after that it's just light and semi-masculine and clean and sunny. And it smells great even when you've been sweating.
  3. Frills

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    This is a perfect late summer scent that I've been wearing all year since I bought it last autumn. It's sweet and dark and spicy, my favorite Snake Oil blend hands down.
  4. Frills

    Unarmed and Laughing

    Such a pretty vanilla! The champagne grape isn't juicy, it's very dry, very clean, almost dusty. Vanilla sometimes goes a little plastic on me but this stays "floral" with just a touch of sugar on top. I like it.
  5. Frills


    Delicious. It's incredibly warm, soft, and creamy. It reminds me a lot of cheesecake.
  6. Frills

    White Sage and Lime

    Oh. Ohh. I am so glad I got this. Lime tends not to last long on me but the sage holds it on, making this a bright but dusty scent. Like a day in the desert, drinking a limeaid to keep the heat at bay.
  7. Frills


    Orange blossom, vanilla, black narcissus? Yesss On my skin it's super smoky with a little pop of orange. Like having an orange around a campfire. I was not expecting a smoke scent but it fits what I'm wearing today (flannel! fall weather clothes!) that I'm enjoying it.
  8. WOW this one is so much brighter than the Snake Oil Peach Brandy. It's the peaches you canned in summer being opened in the dead of winter so you can make a dessert that reminds you of sunshine. PS if it mixes with Snake Oil it's still pretty darn bright and sweet and good.
  9. Frills

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    This is everything I hoped it would be. Perfect late-summer scent, with just a hint of the warm colors of fall. I could bathe in this scent. Snake Oil sometimes swallows up other scents on me when it's blended with something else but this? This is perfect.
  10. Frills

    Snake's Kiss

    First on, this smells like cream. Like a bowl of cream with a touch of vanilla in it. I've never smelled any perfume that smelled so spot-on creamy. I like it a lot, but I'm wondering where the Snake Oil is! After it's been on a little while, there's just a hint of Snake Oil's spices but it's still bowl of whipping cream waiting to be made into a dessert.
  11. Frills


    I bought mine in 2007 when it first came out, and it smelled so much like Snake Oil on me that I shrugged and set it aside and mostly forgot I even had it. I put it on last night after pruning my stash and HOLY HELL it is good. I tend to like fresh Snake Oil over aged but this? This has aged into something sweet and comforting and sexy and it lasts. Most older oils vanish pretty fast after being applied but this one goes all day and smells so warm and perfect. First applied it's spicy and I can really smell the teakwood and milk and spices. But after a couple of hours it's dark chocolate and the spices and incense from Snake Oil; a few more hours and it's vanilla and warm skin. When I first bought it, I didn't think it would become one of my top three favorites but I'm so glad I didn't sell it.
  12. Frills

    Baby’s First Chainsaw

    This is such a unique scent. In the bottle it's chocolate chip cookies, very similar to Chips Ahoy. Then I put it on and there's a little bit of engine grease, like I'm a kid again snacking on a crunchy chocolate chip cookie while my dad works on our car. It's my bedtime scent because it's so comforting.
  13. Frills

    Judgmental Longhorn

    Oh. Oh. I love this. It's bright, it's fresh, it's semi-masculine, and it has a cow on it! It's a really sexy cologne, like what you might wear when you're baling hay and still want to smell amazing. I can't even pick out specific notes (besides the hay absolute which is divine), it's so well blended. My new favorite.
  14. Frills

    Lycan Lace

    Oh. Just like that, a scent that I love as much as I loved Minotaur from eons ago. I didn't think that would ever happen. Wow. Wow. I'm in love with this concept and this scent. Okay, so: it very much reminds me of a wolf. The warmth of it, the great outdoors feel of it, takes me back to working with these incredible animals. There's something in this perfume that hits exactly the feel of being around a canine who is very, very much not like your dog. Notewise: I get musk and incense front and center, but every few whiffs I smell pine and a hint of tobacco, and it's all warmed up and rounded out by the vanilla. Now, I would never actually guess that there is vanilla in it; it's not prominent on me. But I've noticed this same "softening" in other blends with this vanilla. After it warms up on my skin it's lighter--the rose, I think. But man, this still reminds me of the feel of warm wolf fur. So gorgeous. I'm so glad I was able to snag a bottle.
  15. Frills

    Alternative Facts

    The truth hurts — so why tell it? Muffle the blow with Alternative Facts. For example: FACT: Following White House advisor Kellyanne Conway’s January 22 appearance on “Meet The Press,” sales of George Orwell’s 1984 skyrocketed, making it the fifth-best selling book on Amazon.com. ALTERNATIVE FACT: In under a week, President Trump’s administration has already managed to improve literacy, reflecting the public’s renewed interest in privatized education, as well as its rejection of the mainstream media in favor of more “traditional” forms of information-gathering. See how easy that is? With the help of Alternative Facts, even the most unpalatable among us can preside over a gallery of glittering, candy-coated delusions — one in which reality itself conforms to our beliefs, sincerely-held or otherwise. If you truly want to obfuscate what you really smell like, this is the scent for you! Sugar-crusted vanilla, a firecracker-blast of cherry and sour lemon, a hint of scuttling spiders, encroaching fog, and trumpets of bombast, bluff, and bluster. Like its companion scent, Fake News, proceeds from Alternative Facts will benefit the ACLU. Trivia: I composed the scent concept and description for Alternative Facts while in line to view the Constitution at the National Archive. It was a fascinating experience: the line to view the documents in the Rotunda was filled with MAGA hats /and/ Pussy hats, and it really dawned on me in that moment that we're all looking at the same sacred American artifacts, but reading, interpreting, and responding to them in entirely - often diametrically opposed - ways. What I saw when I bore witness to the Bill of Rights isn't the same as what the guy next to me in the Trump scarf saw. The whole experience filled me with this strange frisson; it's hard to put into words. It was like witnessing a pantomime of the vast, vast differences in worldview in this country come to life. This one lives up to its name. It's sweet and lovely and then suddenly high-pitched and sharp in a way that sneaks up on you when you aren't paying attention. Sort of like listening to the Head Cheeto talk about his version of reality. I love this scent for what it is but it's so sharp I'm not sure I'll wear it very often. Maybe if it mellows once it's not fresh out of the box.