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BPAL Madness!

Regarding the starting of new threads in Decant This

Currently, the Decant This subforum is set up such that new posts are only visible to the moderating team, pending moderator approval. If you wish to start a new decant circle, please follow the procedure outlined below:


- Create a new thread in Decant This for your order, being sure to outline all prices

- Make a post in the "New decant circle/group order? Post (AND report) here!" topic

- Report your post in that topic for approval-- Reporting your thread is the best way to get moderator attention for these matters.

- Silvertree or Maewitch will check the report, and make the thread visible if it complies with all forum price caps.

- If the decant circle does not comply with price caps, or is not otherwise approved by the Circular Swap mods, Silvertree or Maewitch will PM you to sort out the issues.


Please feel free to PM Silvertree or Maewitch with questions, but we would prefer to follow the procedure outlined above. Thanks!