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  2. Threemoons

    406: NOT ACCEPTABLE v1

    I get a lot of black pepper and marine notes in the bottle, along with undernotes of green tea. On, it gets both more green tea-e and the marine note develops more. Black pepper blast hangs around for a while also. Long unfold, medium throw and length.
  3. marared

    British Invasion

    This one morphs a LOT. On my skin, it smells like luxury pencil shavings with the black suede in the background, and it's a little too sharp and fresh for a good ten or fifteen minutes. But then, abruptly, it smooths out into delicious deep rich sandalwood thoroughly blended into the musk. No leather, no bergamot, even the cedar vanishes. I can't believe how *different* it becomes in so short a time.
  4. Yesterday
  5. donkehpoo

    High-Pitched Shriek

    Wet: Sugary sweet lemon peel, and something gently floral. The sugar blossom, perhaps? (Also.. what is sugar blossom? The only description or definition I get when I Google it is uh... ahem. Interesting.) Dry: There's some kind of sugary, sweet lemon-strawberry tango going on, with marshmallow root coming up the rear. None of the floral from the wet stage seems to be present anymore, which I'm not really shocked at; the overall sweetness of the scent is front and center. I am SO stoked on this. I would say if you're into sweet scents, try this! I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  6. biggnerd

    Dorian Beard Oil

    I love when my husband wears this. It makes his beard nice and soft and it smells just like the sweet, musky vanilla tea of the perfume oil. I can't stop sniffing him when he wears this.
  7. Thanks everybody! The other person on FB who got the same imp isn't getting Boomslang from it. I could see Candy Butcher, although it's been so long since I've tried it. Or maybe a 13....
  8. forspecial_plate

    Autumn and Winter

    This just doesn't work for my skin or nose, it's very high pitched, strong, perfumey, headachey (for me), and I've had to wash it off every time I've tried it. I thought I liked both notes but it just doesn't agree with me.
  9. highgarden

    Do All the Good You Can

    I get the patchouli and a bit of almond/vanilla, but over two hours later and it smells like sunscreen. 🤔
  10. Soupy Twist

    Lady Amalthea

    When this went up on etsy I dithered. No matter how many times I promise myself no more blind bottles, I keep, you know... buying blind bottles. 🙄 But I read the reviews and checked my scent twins and I read the board and I've seen many times how excited people were for this scent, so I figured if it didn't work out, it'd be easy enough to rehome. I get mint and the faintest breath of tuberose in the bottle, but this goes on as the Lab’s slushy, minty snow note, and stays there. I literally get nothing else. No musk (which is good), no chocolate, no wisteria, no flowers at all. Now, I happen to love the Lab’s slushy, minty snow note, so this is not a bad thing by any means, but I bought this hoping for the lilac and tuberose. Oh well; guess I’ll keep looking for the lilac and put this one next to Öndurdis and Jarnsaxa. They can be ski triplets.
  11. Would you take $20 and wait a few days for payment? I’m waiting for 2 PayPal refunds to transfer to my bank.




  12. O, I am absolutely crushed. I can’t pay $43 for World Octobers. We’re you always in Germany? Thought I’d bought from you before.


    :: exits weeping ::

    1. Ashmedai


      Hi! Aw yeah, I always was in Germany. Problem is the postal system has new rules now and items other than documents or letters can't be shipped in a bubble mailer anymore. They have to go into a box, and that raises the postage. Believe me, I'm just as upset about this as you are! And yes, I'll sell it for $20 if you still want it. I'll go check the PM you sent.

    2. artemisia


      I’m pretty sure I can do this even tho I feel a little insane even considering it 🙀. Let me see if my refunds have processed thru PayPal yet. I’ll be back.

      Well ... guess what? Let’s do this! Now I’m feeling kinda thrilled at the prospect of smelling Octobers again and feeling it working its autumn magic on my dead of Deep South summer self. :: drifts dreamily away ::

  13. Hope I just sent you a message but since I come here in the fall I thought I should write here, too. Would love World with No Octobers, if you still have it — lmk, thanks. Lynn

  14. supreme_c0rt

    Nimue the Blood Queen

    Leads with tart dried fruits (similar to Voluminous Red Blanket) but with a smoky incense backbone. Plummy tendrils of smoke, with something riiiight on the edge of the scent that tastes like the idea of a caramel cream. I don't know how or where this is coming from, and I keep thinking it's a trick of the mind, but it's definitely there. This is fruitier than I normally go for, but the smoky musk and incense are really taking this into a different place, and I'm here for it. It's beautifully balanced. Sharp and tart, yet dark and smooth at the same time. A very light hand with the oud, praise be. It's not a major player and seems there only to give the blend some body and cohesion. Sophisticated, unusual. Don't have anything else like this.
  15. torikitty

    Execute Confession Module

    I would have expected stronger pepper given the previous review, but it ends up smelling more like sunscreen to me. It's actually kinda nice. I wouldn't attribute pepper or clove to it, it seems to come across as a pleasant musk.
  16. torikitty


    This goes on strong. Minty toothpaste and slushy snow. Reminds me of Mentos! I don't think I ever pick up the green apple. After this has had a while to settle on my skin, it definitely morphs. The mint moves to the background, and there's this woodiness that comes out. It's not overpowering, and kinda smells like pencil shavings and candy. This is actually kinda wearable at this point. I'd say this is good for someone looking for a snowy, Christmassy mint, without a lot of the other fluff.
  17. Threemoons

    Pickle Hair Gloss

    Okay, finally got my mitts on a bottle of this, and using it as a HG and body spritz. I thought it would be much stronger on me as I tend to amp vanilla, but a ton of people said it was like high-end tropical suntan oil which is what I was going for, so I gave it a shot. SO glad I did! On me, the "lotion" note dissipates quickly and leaves behind a very soft, faint veil of vanilla and tiare with some coconut notes. Luckily, it is NOT a gourmand-y blend on me, which is what I was hoping for. Unlike a lot of my other faves, which tend to run to the very strong (think patchouli/creosote/red musk notes) this one is not only office safe but job interview safe and NYC Gross Sticky Summertime safe. So so gentle and pretty.
  18. Last week
  19. zankoku_zen

    Strawberry and Rosebud

    Strawberry and pink roses. If you have ever tried the Renpure Plant Based Rose Water shampoo, it smells like a stronger version of that. The shampoo also lists citrus, wild strawberry and turkish rose in its formulation. So yeah, more strawberry and more rose, but like that shampoo. Good throw and wear length.
  20. zankoku_zen

    Pomegranate and Vetiver

    On wet, its mainly a red juicy sweet pom, and then it dries and the vetiver comes to lash it out like its doing its best De Sade impersonation. So yeah, now its a red sweet pom with a leather background? Vetiver, what are you doing? Medium throw and wear length.
  21. zankoku_zen

    Nag Champa and Neroli

    Pungent orange blossom and whiffs of nag champa. This one is a hell of a thrower. There's almost a mentholic quality to the combination. Strange.
  22. zankoku_zen

    Lavender and Patchouli

    Sweet herbal lavender, but you get the patch on the drydown. Starts off lavender and ends up patch. It's if you laid down in a lavender field, so you get both the lavender and the dirt smell. Medium throw and wear length.
  23. zankoku_zen

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    Boot leather, flaming pumpkins, hay bales, and smoke.
  24. zankoku_zen

    Shipwreck Graveyard

    Seaweed-wrapped planks of red oak, white pine, and cedar coated in thick algae, a tangle of hemp rope, cast iron cannons thick with rust, all enveloped in a ghostly gasp of white musk, bergamot, ambrette, and jasmine sambac.
  25. zankoku_zen


    Gunpowder and salt-crusted leather, casks of scorched spices, sweet rum, and a clink of golden amber.
  26. zankoku_zen

    Sturgeon Moon 2019

    Sandy shores and sweet fresh water, lichen, green algae, and whitestem pondweed, with benzoin, moonlit musk, cucumber, lettuce, violet poppy, and agave.
  27. zankoku_zen

    Patchouli & Tobacco

    Gritty, smoked, sensual.
  28. zankoku_zen

    Ginger & Lemon Peel

    Hot and bright.
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