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  2. aoiphe

    My bottle list

    GCs Aziraphale Bow and Crown of Conquest Crowley Dorian Hunter Lyonesse Mouse's Long and Sad Tale Mr. Ibis Plunder Snake Oil The King's Daughter The Cat The Lion TKO x 2 LEs After the Winter (2021) Amber and Cardamom (2021) Amoretti LXXV (Luper 2021) An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women (Pickman 2011) Autumn Cider (Weenie 2011) Beeswax, Cedarwood and Bourbon Vanilla (2021) Bezoar (CD 2011) Body, Remember x2 (Luper 2019) Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending (2013) Caligraphy Practice (Luper 2012) Clemence (CD 2010) Egg Moon (Lunacy 2010) Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure (Luper, 2013) Green Tree Viper (CD 2010) Gypsy (Metamorphosis, 2010) Habu (CD 2011) Half Elf v5 (proto, 2011) Harp of Cnoc I'Chosagair x2 (Bards, 2010) Hod: Resurrected x2 (Anniversary 2009) Hungry Ghost Moon x 2 (Lunacy, 2006) Hope and Fear Set Free (2013) Inez (CD) In Templum Dei (OLLA 2021) Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream (Forum only, 2010) Leather Phoenix (Anniversary 2012) Leave Her Johnny (2021) Liquid Gold is in the Air (Weenie 2020) Lillith de Milo (2019) Luke 10:25-37 (2021) Metal Rabbit (2011) Michael Casts Out All of the Fallen Angels (Weenie, 2012) Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (CD 2010) Mourning Cloak (Metamorphosis, 2010) Pallas Athene (Salon 2011) Palmyra (2015) Pericardium (2019) Perfectly Normal Childhood x2 (2020) Phoenix at Midday (Anniversary 2012) PRC12 (proto, 2011) Pickled Imp (CD 2011) Pumpkin V (Weenie, 2012) Raven Moon (2012) Samhain (Weenie, 2011) SERKET v5 (proto, 2011) Snake's Kiss (Luper 2019) Snake Smut (Luper 2021) Sonnet d'Automne (Weenie 2011) The Diamond's Gong (OLLA, 2018) The King's Daughter (2011) The Smiling Spider x2 (Salon, ?) The Sportive Sun (2007) Third Charm (Weenie 2012) Thutmose's Nefertiti (2019) U Mutter Museum (retail) Western Diamondback (CD 2011) WILF (Forum only, 2011) White Sage (SN, 2013) Womb Furie (Luper 2010) Young Pine Saplings (Luper, 2011)
  3. LadyLuckless

    To a Wreath of Snow

    Lately I’ve been collecting scents rumoured to be in the “Zorya P” family and this is a lovely ambergris cousin, closely related to A Vision of the Courtesan. It’s got the same vanilla-tobacco going on but with a touch of lavender and a breath of something almost fruity and almost minty? A lot of shifting, pearlescent “almosts”, like mother of pearl. It’s very hazy, very grey in a beautiful way. A lot of throw on me, I think I very slightly amp tobacco. Also, Bowie the BPAL-loving labradoodle adores it 😁
  4. TheLampades


    Look, it was funny to make a crack at ℬrown Jenkℹ︎n because that’s based on a monster. I know better than to go for a god of any culture. Coconut & I have agreed it’s best if we live in separate universes & I made the mistake of crossing the line that says “my side.” So, I washed it off. However, to use a quote from the person who got it after me, “I don’t know why you hated it, it smells like a perfect day on the beach. The coconut was like haupia! It had the perfect amount of milk & coconut, with whatever that note was for the water. I loved it! I want it in the hair stuff they do! That would be amazing!” So, that will have to stand in. *Haupia is a coconut dessert.
  5. TheLampades

    Brown Jenkin

    A frimp from long forgotten times… In the imp: I’ll be honest, everyone was talking about this being a comfort scent one day & I was envious, so when I realised we had an imp of it, I didn’t stop & smell it, I didn’t even know what it SHOULD smell like, I just put a test patch on & immediately… Wet: ...regretted a lot of my choices in life. Being impulsive & covetous is one of those things. It’s two, but look, that requires me to do more soul searching than I want to do. The drydowns: After 15 minutes, I washed it off, because look… [let’s pretend for a second we’re on a recipe site & you have to endure my annoying life trauma before I tell you how to boil an egg] when I was young, I was ripped away from all I knew & forced to live on an island. Now, some people might be like, “But Lamp, kids love the beach! The ocean! That sounds great! Eternal summer!” Nay nay, I say [yeah, I watch her, shush], I was a fine little specimen of many generations of Irish & Welsh stock. There were some other cultures in there, but they were just as pathetically burnt by the great fire in the sky, so they weren’t gonna save me. So because of this, I was LOADED with sunscreen. LOADED. Like a little potato smothered in sour cream. It didn’t help. So, very quickly, I learned to just stay out of the sun, but this did not stop the scent of suntan lotion, oil, or even sunscreen (helpfully scented!) from reaching my little pre-beeple nose. So! Is this a comfort scent for me? I think we can answer that with a simple look at the notes. Even my love of incense cannot save this. The coconut is there. It creeps along like a ghost of white sandy beaches & it will burn me like the witch I am. So, 15 minutes was actually an impressive amount of time to let it linger. In all honesty, if I had stopped to really think about the name “Brown Jenkin” & the fact that there is a line of perfumes that come from the nightmarish world of Lovecraft, I should have just stopped at that point, but no. No, I was like, “I too want the love & comfort other’s find with this.” My hubris was rewarded with exactly what it deserved. So, in regard to its namesake? Well done, Beth. It’s not even a golf clap, it’s a full out, clap so hard my hands hurt. Wear & Throw: Don’t mock me. On Me: Look, let’s just stop. This isn’t even a real review anymore. You know it, & I know it. Final thoughts: You like coconut? You like those other notes? You can have my imp. I’ve got an Oba.tala I’ll toss in too… cause it’s review isn’t much better. (For the record, this is not a bad scent. I've been told this is being over dramatic & "extra." I've been told it's actually a very nice floral coconut. For their betrayal, that person is definitely not buried in my garden, no. They are probably on the beach. With a Pina Colada.)
  6. TheLampades

    Squirting Cucumber

    A long forgotten frimp from the lab.... I do not know when I got it, it was in my mum's vanity. In imp: Grass Wet: Grass & what a cucumber tastes like. If you could smell bright green, which some people can [but I doubt it smells the same to all of them], it would be this. In the drydowns: It doesn’t really change much. It pretty much declares it’s a cucumber & doesn’t really change it’s position on that. Which, I don’t know what I expected, given the name. Maybe I’m grateful there was nothing to give the idea it was squirting anything. It remained a cucumber. Wear & Throw: It stayed a cucumber for a solid 4 hours, then it sort of rolled away to be a figment of a cucumber. The throw, thankfully, was low. I was going to make a squirting pun, but it even grossed me out. On Me? It’s unisex. I mean, I don’t really know what else a cucumber can be. I guess you could make a cologne pun, or even a perfume pun, but in the end, everyone can have a nice time with a cucumber. Final thoughts: I won’t judge, but I do not want to smell like a salad bar & that’s the kind of cucumber it wants to be. Not a fancy spa where they put slices on your eyes, or in fizzy water. It’s a gas station salad bar & that’s not my thing.
  7. Honey

    The Night-Raven

    Funny how this is one of the few rose scents that I put on and that doesn't go completely iffy and soapy on me! Wet, this is very dark, purple, and fancy. The plum, rose, jasmine and patchouli are very rich, luxurious and complex. It's neither too heavy nor too heady. It's neither too stinky nor too earthy. It's a bit spicy, like incense, but overall a very nice and well-grounded floral blend. It could be a more floral version of Mme. Moriarty without the vanilla/SO in it. It is sweet and only a bit tart (as prunes would smell) - and totally wearable for someone who usually hates rose. Like, seriously, this is the first rose blend that I will keep for reference. 😮
  8. fairybites

    Fallen Angels in Hell

    Looots of smoky ginger, red amber, and frankincense. Sulfur is thankfully in the background, I was a little worried it would overshadow most of the notes. The cayenne is also fairly strong as well. I think there might be some type of pepper in here, but I don't see any listed in the notes. I'll be honest and admit that I don't know what damiana is, so I can't tell how much of that is in this blend. The closest BPAL I have tried that resembles this is Woman as Dragon; They both have ginger and red amber, so I would recommend getting that if you can't find this.
  9. fairybites

    Abolish ICE

    This is pretty good! I would say this resembles butterscotch on me more than caramel. Clove doesn't appear much on me, but the bourbon vanilla and coffee are also fairly strong with a subtle patchouli and the oudh in the background. It's like a frappe from your local coffee shop with a slight smokiness to it from the toffee. Love finding a good oudh that ain't stanky!
  10. fairybites

    Deep in Earth

    This smells like I spilled some high end rose perfume on a moss covered freshly dug grave. This is slightly similar to Zombi, but the rose is not as strong and stays closer to the background. Definitely has a slight soapy vibe from the roses. With time, the dirt fades and I'm left with the mossy roses. About three hours later, it's almost completely gone. I do like Zombi more than this, not just for the name but because the rose is more prominent. But it is still a beautiful earthy scent, and would recommend this if you thought Zombi was too floral for you.
  11. fairybites

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    This is so stunning and I'm positive my review won't be able to do this justice. Lots of blackberries and dark cherries, but the patchouli and musk makes them not super foodie or sweet on me. There's a little bit of the smoked rose petals and tobacco absolute as it dries down more, but on me it's predominantly the fruits and patch. I'm not terribly familiar with opoponax so I can't tell how much of it is in the blend. It almost reminds me of plums even though that's not one of the notes. A very nice fruity dark scent with a touch of floral. I do wish the vanilla bean was a little stronger on me to sweeten it up a little.
  12. fairybites

    Harvest Moon 2020

    Prior to reviewing this, the only other Harvest Moon I have tested was the 2017 version. If you look at the notes, it doesn't seem like there's a huge difference between the two. '17 has sunflowers and '20 adds grapes pretty much. But they smell so different compared side to side! In '20, the grapes and wine are the strongest notes, I can barely pick out the others. And If this was the first Harvest Moon I tested, I probably wouldn't be able to recognize the similarities between the two. However with the '17 version, and this could be due to aging, but the notes are a lot more clearer. I get the pumpkin, apple, and smoke the most. Maybe with time, 2020's Harvest Moon's wine will have softened considerably and I'll be able to pick out the notes more accurately. Who knows, I could just be amping the wine extra hard and that's why I can't pick out much else. The label for this is really cute, and since the two HMs are fairly different from one another, I would probably upgrade this to a bottle in the future if that wine note calms down.
  13. Last week
  14. Anything similar to Faster Kittycat? I thought it was very nice but today I wore it on a run and the mix of cool down sweat and perfume is like catnip. This is a fragrance that smells even more amazing heated up. Of course I would discover this once the Lilith’s went down.
  15. ih8perfume

    Honey, Sweet Orange, and Orange Blossom

    Oh guys. This is so delicious. This is the scent of a honey-dripping hive, rich and intimate with bee musk, almost salty. It’s no pale, flower-scented, tame honey. It’s the dark honey of wild honeybees. Floating on top is a zesty, pleasantly bitter orange, barely sweet and a swirl of heady orange blossom like it has blown in on a breeze.
  16. Honey


    Wet on, it is much sweeter than I would have imagined. I get sweet resins, incense and pitch, but I also get a sweaty, stinky patchouli - though maybe it is ambrette seed or a brown musk? - and vetiver. The allover scent is dark brown, fuzzy, sweaty, outdoorsy - like a human being that is living in the wilderness, has dirt under their nails, not washed their robes in a while and is brewing a herbal tea while burning an assortment of incense to attune with nature. I wish I got more pine, but it's mainly stinky arm pits and sweet incense when dry.
  17. Wench457

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    I love me a good grapefruit scent and this one is stunning. Possibly the winner of my order this year. Strong citrus throughout. The plum blossom musk takes a bit to show up, but when it does it takes this scent from merely a lovely citrus to a complete stunner, adding a depth and sweetness to the blend. Amazing and will definitely be a backup bottle purchase for me
  18. sylvis

    Where is this scent?

    Will Dorian return? 🥺
  19. Any dupes for LUSH Winter Garden? It is ylang ylang, benzoin, and bergamot, according to LUSH.
  20. lakeplacidskater

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    This is probably one of my new favorites. As a cardamom aficionado, I am always looking for cardamom scents. So if you like "My Little Grotesque" or "Perfectly Normal Childhood" you should enjoy this one. It's somewhat gourmand but the perfect balance of a savory and sweet scent. In the bottle: Yeasty almondy bread with a hint of cardamom Wet on skin: Sharp almond but I still smell the background of bread and cardamom, which I think keeps it from being too sharp. Dry: Hello Cardamom! That outlasts all the other notes on me. Usually, cardamom doesn't last too long but somehow (maybe because of another note?) it lasted quite a while on me, several hours. This is such a cozy, comforting scent that I'm considering getting a backup!
  21. storme

    Bastet's Laughter

    Will be anointing candles with this another time, but I anointed my shrine to Bast with this tonight and it's so cheerful and uplifting! A very beautiful and appropriate scent.
  22. supreme_c0rt


    This is another mellow, your-own-skin-but-better scents. Mostly getting a sort of brownish skin musk, just a touch leathery (very very faint leather, like a worn watch band). The mint is doing really interesting things here -- I wasn't sure how it would fit, but it's giving everything an airy, breezy lift that's working nicely. The caramel note comes out more on the dry-down; it's not really sweet or chewy like honey, much more of a homemade caramel. Like you left it on the stove just a touch too long and it's a little bit burnt. Not too sweet. The sage and tobacco leaf round out the edges. Tobacco is very much JUST the raw leaf, not the shisha or sticky French tobacco. This vibe is VERY Southwest Cowboy. Aird winds, warm dusty desert, sagebrush, and delicious warm skin. This would be a fantastic gateway BPAL for someone who doesn't want to smell like perfume. It's very gentle, but you will smell good. *edit: I am also getting a very faint whiff of celery seed from this. Hm. I think it's the sage messin around.
  23. Thuy

    Gingerbread Zombie

    I could sniff this in the bottle all day - it's like soft gingerbread and smooth peppermint chocolate. The gingerbread unfortunately fades fast on my skin but that chocolate and peppermint linger. It started strong but overall low throw... I just can't figure out if it needs to sit in the time out box some more or my body chemistry did something weird...because it morphed into something suuuuuper woody on me (almost like No. 2 pencil wood but hint of sweetness). My partner wouldn't have known that I started with Gingerbread Zombie if I hadn't told him when he sniffed my wrist. Ugh. I'll come back to update in a month or two or something.
  24. Jenesis

    My top 5

    At the moment... 1. Geek 2. Fuck You, Said the Raven 3. Between Your Heart and Mine 4. Snake Charmer 5. Samhain
  25. Jenesis

    Fuck You, Said the Raven

    Bought this unsniffed on the assumption I would like it - and I do! In fact it may go into my Top 5. I can usually make opopnax work and the violet is perfect, I was really afraid it would be powdery parma violets, but it's not. I can detect the smooth floral note but it isn't an in-your-face violet on me. The dark patchouli blends perfectly too to make a gorgeous, dark, deep scent. I think it'd be suitable for all genders. Yummy!
  26. TheLampades

    Your most evocative Halloween/Autumn scents 🎃

    I want to just pitch in for "Figure in Attic Window" as an atmospheric one. It is a very peaceful sort of scent (to me) & reminds me of walking up long paths ways in the gloom with wind rustling trees. Very autumn in the North West, or just anywhere it gets cold & has seasons. It's a very grey-purple scent & I love it. Also, Jack... love it. Very traditional scent notes in there & cozy feeling. I'd also throw in for Nosferatu. I always describe it to people as a mulled wine, autumnal scent & I always think of it as more of an apple cider than a wine scent (maybe because I've never had good wine to save my life, just those fruity wines). Blood is also a good autumnal one, very clove forward (to me, maybe it's not quite for others). Perversion is listed among my fall scents (I believe I have it down in my notes as "autumn goth cookie candle"). Those are some of my long standing "get in the spooky mood" favs that are always around (save for the first one, that is a brand new love that I need 80 of).
  27. sunshinedaisybliss

    Split-Level Suburban Tract Home

    All these years, I thought @SophieCedar was my friend. But why would a friend send me this? Surely you would only ever share this with someone you don’t like.. someone you hate, even 🤨 And yet, here we are. Unfortunately, I did not read reviews before swiping a big slurp of this on my arm. I calmly put the lid back on the decant, then leaned in for a big sniff... and OH MY GOD I WANTED TO RIP MY NOSE OFF. This smells like a pile of soiled underwear that’s been out in the backyard on damp grass for a few months, vomited on several times by random passers by on their way home from the local $5 All-U-Can-Eat restaurant, and used by the neighbourhood stray cats as both a boudoir for midnight orgies and a bathroom for communal peeing. There’s also a blast of unwashed armpit and a waft of clammy balls, which together just take this to the next level. Beth, you are undoubtedly a genius but please never make this again. The worst part is, I can’t think of anyone I dislike enough to pass this on to 😁 PS sophiecedar, it’s ok I still loves you.
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