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  2. Lucchesa

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    @twilighteyes This is completely awesome! Thanks!
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  4. twilighteyes

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    ok, so since this time I was inspired to gather all of the years, notes, photos and FINALLY am done (thanks to many people!!!!.) http://tinyurl.com/bpal13
  5. katharina

    A Vast Similitude Interlocks All

    I opened this bottle and felt completely drawn into it's salty depths. And then....I spilled the motherfucker all over me. So I am going with it. The initial saltiness is a constant threadline through the scent as it settles. It's somewhat sharper opening eventually settles into amber, verging into vanilla, and the whole time there is a tinge of salt surrounding it. When I read about different notes the deep dark ones (patchouli, oud, etc) always seem compelling on paper, but my nose says that aquatics are where it's at. I really adore this one.
  6. Poenari

    It Was Just a Cat

    Initial application is a burst of dry amber. It dries down quickly to a powdery golden amber, and wears very close to my skin. Smells like my big ginger boy asleep on my lap, keeping me warm. Lovely!.
  7. fairybites

    Pumpkin Latte

    Review for the 2011 version. I already have a decant of the Pumpkin Latte Hair Gloss and really enjoyed it, so once I found out there was a perfume oil as well, I was eager to try it out. It's a very sweet coffee scent, but weirdly enough I'm not getting any pumpkin. Basically every other note is present in this, especially the espresso, cinnamon and vanilla bean. Throw is kind of low on this, but the wear time is pretty good at least! I may try out a newer year version to see if the pumpkin is more prominent in it. If you have the hair gloss, this makes a great compliment for it. However, they smell pretty different to me. The hair gloss has more pumpkin and the overall scent is stronger, while the perfume oil has no pumpkin to me and is faint.
  8. Greensleeves

    Devil's Claw

    In the bottle: Sharp, incensey and smoky. Wet: Tangy, dark yet fresh at the same time. A lot like a smoky single malt scotch. Dry: Totally smokey scotch, kind of a combination of Islay and Speyside single malts. After a few minutes: I still feel like I'm smelling Ardbeg, my favourite single malt whiskey. After first hour: I'm getting more of a Gaueko smoky vibe from it now, just a touch greener and fresher beneath the smoke, minus the lavender, of course. A touch of incense too. If I met someone wearing this I would throw myself at them. After two and a half hours: A note of sweetness has crept out through the smoke. After 5 hours: The smoke is mostly gone, leaving a sweet greenness and a hint of cured tobbacco. Final verdict: I don't need any more Bpal, but if I found a bottle I would probably snap it up.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Numanoid

    Peppermint & Pine

    I have been wanting a nice pine scent that doesn't go too powerful or ends up smelling like pine sol, and I was hoping this, with the peppermint, would be a good scent. Sniffing, I do get the pine and peppermint. On my skin, like all peppermint notes, it disappears and all I have is pine.. and it is just too much for me. Sadly this was a miss. Might be good for laying, as said above, but I amp the pine and just isn't for me.
  11. torischroeder9

    All Hallows Chaos: Pumpkin Spice

    #5 In the bottle: Something vaguely sweet and herbal. I want to say reminiscent of scents where I thought I'd identified a myrtle note, but I can't say for sure that's what it is. On my skin: Wet, it's much darker and sharper -- not overtly offputting or unpleasant, just a stark contrast to the scent in the bottle. As it dries, however, it becomes... almost indolic. I'd tell you pumpkin spice oud and new leather is a possibility here. I have to say, I am not a fan.
  12. Silvertree

    Can't access cart

    FYI, for BPAL website issues, your best bet is to email the customer service team: answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com
  13. feyofthefellwood

    Baby’s First Ballista

    I love Haloes, so this seemed like a safe bet and I was right. This smells very similar in the bottle and on my skin, with the oak and vanilla being pretty balanced. It's maybe a bit on the sweet side as it dries down, until I'm mostly left with vanilla sugar and a whiff of oak (skin chemistry differences are so weird). It doesn't last very long on my skin at this point, so I'm hoping the longevity will improve as the oak and vanilla age. Compared to Haloes, I actually find this a bit sweeter? Haloes is kind of dolled up with the floral, fruit, and spice notes, whereas this is more straightforwardly vanilla. Haloes makes me feel kind of haunted and otherworldly; in comparison, this makes me feel classy and put-together.
  14. torischroeder9

    Gingerbread and Leather

    Tester decant received as a frimp in a swap. So excited! In the decant: Yes, just like the description. Gingerbread and leather and extra clove and tobacco. It's very spice-forward in the vial, but the leather and tobacco aren't exactly missing, just a little quieter. On my skin: Wet, it's gingerbread and tobacco. I miss the extra clove. As it dries, however, the other notes start to come out. The tobacco note has the most throw on me, followed by the gingerbread. The clove and leather are detectable closer to the skin. And then -- wow! -- it shifts so it's clove-heavy gingerbread over leather. There's a touch of tobacco, but at this point, it's really just a touch (and I say this as someone who usually amps tobacco). The vibe is very much sexy gingerbread. Sexy and a little bit dangerous. Gingerbread that gives you naughty thoughts in the middle of wearing. When I read the initial description, I'd originally written this one off as tobacco-containing scents tend to become all about the tobacco on me. But this is very much about the spices and leather. I may be heading over to the Lab site right now to add a bottle to my cart. (Is today payday? If today is payday, I'm definitely doing that.)
  15. hecate_jones

    Suck It 2020

    Very boozy cherry in the bottle, like almost straight up homemade cherry brandy cherry. The cherry sticks around wet on skin for me for all of about two minutes, though and quickly turned into an almost excessively floral apricot. There's something sour to it that reads to me almost like an oudh, and sadly it doesn't work with my skin chemistry at all. I loved it in the bottle, but my skin hates it something fierce. It would be a gorgeous dark, boozy cherry with a twist if it stayed true to the wet scent, but the drydown on me is murder. After half an hour I can't even get the faintest hint of cherry just a weird sharp/sour floral with a hint of apricot.
  16. RobberBaroness

    Can't access cart

    I was finally able to do it by switching to a mobile device! Thank you so much!
  17. warriortwo

    Artist's Entrance

    Today I was craving leather. Blind bottled this last year and I wasn't sure about it, but today it's my jam. Clean, bright leather (my favorite perfume note), and clean, ever-so-slightly spicy fir. Unisex leaning toward masculine or "tomboy" 😏. So thankful for the Liliths for bringing me back to BPAL after a long hiatus. I look forward to reading her adventures each year, and I'm finding all kinds of treasured scents now.
  18. torischroeder9

    Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines Winter

    In the decant: White chocolate and buttery cookie first, with lavender coming in after. On my skin: Wet, it's so very much buttery -- and just a touch almondy? -- cookie. As it dries, the white chocolate and lavender both come out, adding depth and complexity to the scent. It stays pretty true after that, slightly sharp lavender and sweet white chocolate over a buttery cookie base. As someone who is not the biggest fan of lavender or cookies as perfume notes, this is surprisingly nice. The combination of notes is really well balanced, so it's not overly sharp or sweet or cake-y in any one direction. Definitely, if the notes call to you, this is going to be a winner -- and even if you'd discounted it before, trying it out might pleasantly surprise you!
  19. torikitty

    Can't access cart

    Are you on the computer or on a mobile device? Have you tried refreshing your window? Have you tried with a different browser? (i.e, Firefox, Chrome)
  20. torikitty

    Suck It 2020

    This is different from the regular Suck It. It does smell a bit darker, but I wouldn't have guessed "boozy". The cherry does manage to stick around on my skin, instead of it getting sucked up immediately. However, it ends up smelling a bit more artificial than regular Suck It. I think the apricot ends up changing how the cherry is perceived by my nose, rather than being another element that I can smell. As for cherry lovers, it still smells wonderful when it's wet. I think it would make an amazing atmo. It just doesn't work on my skin, and I feel like it's different enough from the regular Suck It to justify having this bottle in your cherry collection.
  21. torischroeder9

    To a Wreath of Snow

    In the decant: tobacco, lavender, and ambergris. On my skin: Wet, it's predominantly tobacco flower and lavender. As it dries, there is a phase where the ambergris becomes more prominent, but it doesn't last long and fades back again within several minutes. Eventually, however, it creeps back out to be a skin-close note in the scent, whose throw is still dominated by tobacco flower and lavender. I never do get detectable oud, which is somewhat unusual for me, but I also tend to amp tobacco in all its forms, so it could well be that I'm missing the oud for that. If the notes of this call to you, I think this is likely to be a winner in its delivery.
  22. Numanoid

    Marshmallow Snow

    This is sweet... and lovely. Sniffing in the bottle, there is this sweetness... but hard to pinpoint what it is, it is a mix of herbal sweetness and candy sweetness. On my skin, the marshmallow sweet part comes out but then there is that "other" sweet note.. and for the life of me, I have no idea what it is...herbal for sure, but then not! It softens up and I don't get marshmallow per se, but it is a very nice sweet scent. It is gentle and not crazy. I see it as a relative of Snow White.
  23. myrrhmyrrh

    The Rose

    In the vial: the sap of the broken green stem and the reddest of luscious roses are one heady entity that makes the head spin with what you’ve done, (stolen roses are sweetest)- but how can you regret anything so beautiful? On me, wet: Running away from the forbidden rose bush, the greensap fades more to the flower nw: if this is the stolen rose from the Beast’s garden, the scent on my wrist is proof of my guilt, even if it was an act of love for another- there is no disguising it, it will give me away. The Beast caught up with me purely by following its trail, so strong is the throw. On me, just dried: So Red the Rose – pure, pure absolute of Rose abducted from an enchanted garden where I had no right to go; to be, to pluck After 15 minutes: the rose -still absolute- has softened somewhat, not so sharp, the stemsap is still there as a highlighting contrast as green does to red After 30 minutes: the rose is still calming down, and calming me down too – the green stemsap has largely faded, the rose having been stolen half an hour back After 1 hour: the rose too has fled, escaped, a ghost rose left on my wrist, haunting me After 3 hours: not even a phantom rose anymore Verdict – Even though this is not a long lived scent (on me) it is so luscious that I buy it in a full bottle again and again, and just reapply. It really is an extraordinary creation with the sharp green against the velvety full bodied rose.
  24. RobberBaroness

    Can't access cart

    I added a bunch of perfumes to my order, and now the drop down menu for the cart won't scroll down to let me hit Check Out! I can't even edit my cart to take some off! Does anyone know how to resolve this?
  25. torischroeder9

    The Cherry-Tree Carol

    Received a partial decant of this in a swap. I'm pretty stoked to review it because I loved the idea for this scent but shied away from getting a bottle or decant of it myself. In the decant: First, it's sugary red cherry, then an undercurrent of cherry wood. The longer I sniff, the more I can detect a myriad of stuff swirling in the background. When I recapped the decant after sniffing -- before I actually applied the oil to my skin -- I caught a whiff of rose petals and what might be powdery myrrh. On my skin: Wet, it's cherries and berries, backed by cherry wood. As it dries, it becomes a lot more about rose petals over cherry wood. Then the resins come out, and it's rose petals and powdery frankincense over a cherrywood base that's gone greatly into the background. In this stage, at least, the resins are very powdery on me, to the point where I almost sneezed -- twice! -- when sniffing my arm. If I had to guess, I'd say it's the frankincense and maybe myrrh making the powder and the amber amping it up on me (amber plays that way with my skin chemistry). Fortunately, the phase of overwhelming powder dies down quick, and I'm left with rose over soft resins over cherrywood. I can't swear to you that there's zero trace of cherries or berries, but if I didn't know the scent description, they are not notes that I'd call to mind from sniffing the settled scent. Once settled, it reminds me of... a Marchen I tried once, with rosewood as a note. (BRB, going to look it up....) Ah, lies. I'm thinking of The Little Wooden Doll, which is rose-infused amber and sandalwood. It's not quite the same, but the general flavor of rose gracing the resins and woods still holds. The Cherry-Tree Carol is quite different than how I imagined it would be on me, but still lovely. And, really, I shouldn't be too surprised, as my skin chemistry has amped the notes it tends to amp and has eaten the notes it tends to eat. It may well turn out to be decidedly different on someone else. (I think there's still enough in this partial for someone else to test, so I most certainly will be passing it on for someone else to enjoy.)
  26. Numanoid

    Gingerbread Zombie

    Always fun to be the first!! I LOVE this! I am a fan of most gingerbread scents and this one does NOT disappoint! Sniffing in the bottle, I get gingerbread.. nothing else, and it is very good. Like a cookie, but not overly sweet. On my skin, I get the gingerbread, a hint of mint and chocolate. Not getting vanilla, but that could be what it keeping the gingerbread note from being too.... baking spice. If that makes sense. This is so good. If you are worried about it being too sweet or too ginger-y, it isn't. It has a nice, dry baking quality to it. It has medium throw on me. After a bit, I get mostly the gingerbread and a touch of the chocolate. This is gourmand to me. Very comforting scent. I wish it had more throw because I can't stop sniffing my wrist! LOVE this!
  27. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Powdery fresh green and fruity. Wet: Fresh green, resinous, some sort of greenish floral with a hint of wood. The fairy tale is Egle, Queen of Serpents (which I am not familiar with), but I'm not sure if I detect any Snake Oil in the blend. Dry: Fruity, berrylike, but still quite green. After a few minutes: It reminds me a bit of Yew Trees. Hmm, maybe this is a hint of what I might be smelling: "As she commanded so it came to be: and now the oak, ash and birch are the strongest of our trees, while the willow to this day will shake at the slightest whisper of a wind for she quaked before her uncles and gave away her true father." This is really, really good. A bit mossy now, with sweet green wood. Half an hour in it's starting to fade. Just checked the forum reviews, and there are notes listed: Ocean water, hyacinth petals, star jasmine, and fir. The fir is quite outspoken, which is the way I like it, while the flowers are more submissive. The ocean water must be the freshness. After first hour: A faint green, powdery fresh sweetness with a definite smooth, soothing coniferousness. After two and a half hours: A hint of sweet fir. After 5 hours: A hint of sweetness. Final verdict: I like it, but I can't decide if I want to keep it.
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