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  2. clockworkcrypt

    Mouse Circus

    I have no idea how old this is, as I got a bit of a bottle from a lovely forumite, and it's absolutely lovely. It starts out very kettle corn, not so much a fresh in your face caramel, but more of a "you're at an outdoor event and you feel it drifting towards you on a hot summers day" That is to say it's absolutely perfect, and has just the right mix of sweet and buttery notes, with a touch of popcorn underneath to really keep you grounded. An hour or two later this dries down and more of the vanilla comes out, miraculously on me with a hint of the labs elusive cotton candy note! . I think the vanilla really helps to boost the sweetness of this, and ground everything together, it keeps the caramel corn note from going off into the deep end, and brings up the perfect amount of cotton candy to really anchor this into a final dry down of a vanilla cotton candy, with a salty buttery scent lurking underneath. The wood dosen't overtake this for me, but wood tends to play nicely on my skin, so I think it's doing it's part grounding the note and staying comfortable in the background, mingling in with the popcorn note. It's something I was intrigued with, but never would have gotten a full bottle on a whim and I am very much glad to be able to have a bit of it, it's fun without being too in your face for daily wear, and brings a whimsical fair vibe to whatever you're doing.
  3. Dancing Raven

    Upon Man and Upon Beast

    Wet, this is very challenging. I get the sour labdanum and a gritty patchouli. I think I smell vetiver or sage as well. Something is causing an odor of sour milk. Perhaps the cherry? Once it dries, it is a dark and dirty patchouli/sandalwood, but there is a smokey note that I am almost positive is vetiver. It reminds me of Djinn and Brimstone, but nowhere near the potency of those two scents. Labdanum remains in the background. If you don't like patchouli, this oil is definitely one to stay away from. It's a nice, unisex (leaning masculine) dry, almost leathery scent. There might be an unlisted oakmoss in here as well. Dry, earthy, gritty, and smokey would be the best way to describe it. Other than maybe in the beginning, I get no cherry. I am not usually a fan of patchouli that is this dirty and dark, but I'm actually enjoying this one. I think the resinous, woody base is keeping this from being overwhelming. I try not to wax poetic when describing perfumes, but I imagine this is the smell of an altar in the middle of the woods. I don't know where I would wear it, other than at home. It would make a good Halloween fragrance. 4 out of 5 stars.
  4. Dancing Raven

    Cushing Manor

    Wet: Orange Pekoe tea! Mmmm. I am sure it's the combination of whiskey, rum, and clovey carnation, but it's blending together to create a warm, delicious scent. I am definitely getting orange and a tea note along with the spice. I think there may be some cinnamon in addition to the carnation. About five minutes later it's cinnamony clove, and the spice is now taking over, although I can still smell the orange. It's less tea and more if Big Red chewing gum made an orange flavour. Still pleasant, but I miss my tea. This one is taking a while to dry. Drydown: It's pretty much the same as wet. Spicy orange, but it doesn't smell like potpourri or a candle. It's nice, but I have a lot of carnation/clove forward scents. Three hours in everything settles, and I think that there may be amber in the base. It's basically a skin scent at this point. No hearth wood so far. It's very nice, but I wish the other notes wouldn't have been overtaken by the spice. I loved the depth and complexity of it when wet, and the final stage is nice but incredibly faint. I will keep the bottle because even though I own many like it, it's still pretty. Try this if you like Wan Wan, There Is No Bliss Like This, or if you love spicy carnations or amber. 4 out of 5 stars.
  5. theseagrows

    Hagoromo-No-Taki Hair Gloss

    at the beginning, i get coconut cream and sugar cane and i swear there is a tiny tiny hint of tiare or some tropical flower, even though it isn't listed. but maybe it's a combination of notes doing that. it definitely has a tropical feel regardless. and honestly, it's not as sweet as i thought it would be, thankfully. however over time the coconut cream really amps up on me and it gets very sweet and just a bit plasticky. i think a lot of people would like this. it's a nice gourmand, but too sweet for me.
  6. VioletChaos

    'Tis Not Madness

    Vetiver and orange blossom are both my number one jams right now, so it seemed like a total imperative to pick up a bottle of nothing that contained both, and I am simply *delighted* that I did. I, too, had the sensation of some unnameable aspect of childhood memory wash over me for just an instant when I first opened the bottle. Once it starts to warm up on my skin, the various notes pull apart ever so slightly, and the neroli comes to the fore, though not in a rambunctious way, which was a bit surprising, because I wondered how on earth such a light top note was going to compete otherwise with all these heavy hitter base notes. But neroli doesn't need to, because neroli just glides on gossamer wings, gently touching all who are close enough to notice. As the scent warms further and dries down, neroli continues to hold her own, but the other notes bring up the rear nicely. Those who fear patchouli's deep, dirty history or vetiver's smoke needn't worry about either- though very much present in the mix, these richer notes stay strongly in their supporting role, and none of the undernotes ever stray from their backing position. I expect this to age very well and look forward to wearing it in the meantime.
  7. VioletChaos

    Mead Moon

    I no longer have the 2008 variety but I was able to see my review of it to jog my memory. I knew that I had liked that one enough that when I saw there was a new iteration for 2020 I was very interested in getting to check it out, and I'm really glad I did. As with the original, there's something distinctly effervescent about Mead Moon- she is legitimately a *sparkling mead*, not just some honey slopped in a jar. The spices, both in the bottle and as the scent warms and blooms on the skin, are extremely well blended- apart from the rich honey base, I can't pull apart any of the notes in this perfume. But what's important, what I remembered about the original, was that there was something distinctly High Summer about the fragrance- like playing in the hot sun and then lolling in a half-hidden barn, in big piles of sweet hay. The air is thick with the heat of the day, even in the dark of the interior, and the air is so dense and thick, yet there's something cozy and deeply nostalgic about it that it feels only welcoming. And so, I welcome Mead Moon back into my life, bringing a sweetness of the past into this chaotic present, to smooth the edges, if just a little bit. ❤️
  8. Dancing Raven

    Pumpkin II (2008)

    Initially this is fresh pumpkin with just a hint of spice. I'm happy because I am not one who likes the baked goods types of scents. On drydown the opoponax and tonka show up, and I am getting a bit of a maple syrup smell in addition to creamy, spicy pumpkin. Bath and Body Works/Slatkin Co has an old room spray named Creamy Pumpkin. It is 100% reminding me of that. I mean that in a good way. I love the smell of it so much, that I limit how much I spray so I never run out. Now I can smell just like it any time. I am only getting a touch of leather, and I have to really sniff hard to get teak. Those are two scents I adore, so I was hoping for just a bit more. Musk is in the background lending some sweetness, and a little powder. Minimally foody on me, and I am just fine with that. 🙂 4.5 out of 5 stars. Throw could be a bit stronger.
  9. Dancing Raven

    Falling Leaf Moon

    I didn't get any aquatic notes (thankfully). I also didn't get any apple from this, although partway into drydown I am getting sourness from the labdanum which may smell like apple to some. Wet, this was oakmoss, patchouli, and a smokiness that disappeared once the oil dried. On me, the drydown is very oakmoss heavy - to the point that I am getting a leather vibe. It's not at all masculine or unpleasant. In fact, despite not usually getting along with oakmoss, I like it. It's definitely the smell of true leaves instead of the "cologne impression" of leaves that usually happens on my skin. Further drying brings out the patchouli and myrrh so it isn't quite so oakmoss SN on me. It's earthy, spicy leaves with just a touch of powder. Very evocative of autumn. Oudh comes out about an hour after applying, but it seems to be behaving. It's the one note that gave me pause, but it seems to be just the woody aspects without the fecal odor. Throw is low to moderate for me. Unisex, but if you amp powder and don't like it, be aware that it exists in this blend. I amp powder like crazy, and on me it is barely there, fwiw. I'm glad that I got a full bottle. 4.5 out of 5 stars. I wish the throw were just a bit stronger.
  10. Lucchesa

    The Madam

    The Madam is not in my wheelhouse, but was kindly given to me. I imagined the jasmine would ruin it, but no, it's the rose, going all sour on me. I'm not actually getting jasmine at all, but the rose/sandalwood combination is going wrong on me, and no amount of patchouli, tonka or musk can save it. Oh well, I didn't have high hopes for this one, and I'm delighted I got to test it!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Gadzooks! Our new lockets sold out VERY quickly, but if you sign up for the waitlist you'll be notified right away once we're able to replenish them. In the meantime we have some rare and unusual delights to distract you with. First up, this month's Lunacy scent, HAY MOON, accompanied by a label/tee shirt design by Dan Santat. "Hay absolute, tall grasses, dry honey, mallow, cardamom, amber, oat cakes, and wheat." Next, a sweet standalone release to reward you for making it this far into 2020! PLEASE SCREAM INSIDE YOUR HEART is accompanied by some possum-love by Elizabeth, and each bottle comes with a free sticker bearing Drew Rausch's unforgettable design. You're also invited to the following Ménages à Trois: 🥉 BERGAMOT, ORANGE BLOSSOM, AND VETIVER 🥉CACAO, BLACK AMBER, AND BLACK COPAL 🥉 DRIED STRAWBERRIES, RED MUSK, AND BOURBON VANILLA 🥉 SWEET PATCHOULI, LABDANUM, AND YLANG YLANG 🥉 AGED VETIVER, CHOCOLATE, AND WHITE SANDALWOOD Wait, did we forget to mention these new sugar scrubs by B. Perry Studios?? STRAWBERRIES AND CHAMPAGNE SUGAR DUSTED CHOCOLATE CARDAMOM TRUFFLE And finally, a new release from Twilight Alchemy Lab, VIGILANCE: "A protection blend that shields against curses, malocchio, susto, jinxes, hexes, and crossings, particularly those that attack physical and mental health. Please note: this oil contains trace amounts of cinnamon. This oil contains tulsi, angelica root, blessed thistle, frankincense, lemongrass, cinnamon, and fennel." Here's where you can find those out of stock BOOK OF THE DEAD and MORIUNTUR lockets to join the waitlist: Remember, the days are getting shorter again now with each one that passes. We're on the down-slope stretch toward longer nights and all of our favorite holidays. If you feel the urge to scream, please scream inside your heart! 🖤
  13. kebechet

    Heads up!

    The first run of the new lockets (coffin and book!) are going live with the (belated, sorry!) Lunacy, Please Scream Inside Your Heart, and some scrubs (yay!!) tomorrow at 9am Pacific.
  14. Dancing Raven


    Wet, this is a lovely frankincense with its woody and lemony apects shining. It dries very quickly, and as it does, the heliotrope begins to sweeten the frank. Just a touch of peppery angelica comes out, but it is very faint. For about five minutes this is a sweet frankincense. Then creamy, spicy carnation joins in. The spice takes over as the main note, but I am still getting the beautiful frankincense beneath it to add depth. doomsday_disco mentioned Mare Foecunditatis. I can see (smell?) the comparison. Both have the same clove/spice forward scent profile. However, Veritas has the frank, and MF was heavier/darker due to the acorn. If you like MF, you will like this, but it is in no way a dupe. Not that d_d claimed it was, just pointing out that you can happily own both. The carnation and frankincense are blending together in a way that reminds me of labdanum. It's giving off a slight fizzy cola note. Perhaps the sweetness of the heliotrope is lending to that impression? I'm not getting any chamomile. About an hour after applying, the spiciness of the carnation dials back, and it's now carnation and frank in equal parts. Heliotrope remains in the background keeping it sweet, but not cloying. I am having a hard time keeping my nose away from my wrist. This is outstanding! I need a full bottle of this ASAP. 5 out of 5 stars.
  15. Dancing Raven

    Magic, Do As You Will

    What I get both wet and dried is Trident wine flavoured bubblegum (no, that doesn't exist, but it's what I'm smelling) and gardenia. I don't think gardenia is a listed note, but it is definitely gardenia I am getting. I adore frankincense, but I don't get any of that . It's fresh from the mail, so I think I will retest once it has a chance to settle. I really, really like how it smells regardless. This one is a winner for me. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  16. ajansuz


    In the vial, I can smell the pitch and something sweet and sensual. I don't get any leather from this at all, not in the vial, wet, or dry. Wet the sweetness amps up. It reminds me of a few of the "poison" notes from some of the Rappaccini's Garden collection. No pitch now. On my skin this is very feminine and perfumey. It's beautiful, and I love it, but it doesn't play as unisex on my skin at all. It's surprisingly sophisticated for something designed to layer. I'm not sure I would even try. It has low throw but long lasting power.
  17. DigitalCoyote

    Ganymede’s Junk

    Wet: Very clove forward but not acrid or intense clove cigarette smell. Dry: This is warm woody carnations, vanilla, and soft clove. It's a lovely smell. The spice is very complimentary.
  18. I am a bitter-almond person, all the way. I have Eclipse and love it. It does wear into an almost incense-earthy smell later in the day which doesn't feel as me as when I first put it on. Has anyone experienced Job 31:32? It sounds Devine. However I'm hesitant to buy the full bottle without being able to purchase an Imp to be sure.

  19. Last week
  20. Janis

    Why I Love Thee? Hair Gloss

    Fresh out of the bottle this began as a blast of very indolic oud 😖, but quickly softened into a crisp lavender breeze reminiscent of clean fabric. What a transformation! It's really beautiful once the oud calms down.
  21. Threemoons

    Cotton Candy, Strawberry & Lime Zest

    This is a super candy shop blast on me. It reminds me of those expensive German strawberry candies initially, amped up to a zillion. Dries down to a general cotton candy candy shop thing. Medium throw and wear.
  22. AprilB

    Könnt Ihr So Verwegen Handeln

    This goes on bitter and acidicly sharp, with the fruit and floral notes lurking underneath. I could smell each of the notes, except the laubdanum. It softens over time, becoming muted by a veil of subtle saltwater. The salt is quiet, and not intensely mineralized, less prominent than I hoped. On me, this is a scent of bitterness and hidden resentment, rather than melancholy.
  23. Lucchesa


    I'm so glad I got the chance to try this long-discontinued scent. It's all berries at first, a tricky note on me, as it usually ends up as berry candy. The musk helps keep the berries in check, and it's reminding me of Bewitched. Unfortunately, I get hardly any carnation, my favorite floral note. I suspect it's faded with age and would have been more of a player a few years back.
  24. puellacaerulea

    Deadly Nightshade Honey

    In the imp: Honey, but also something darkly herbal. It doesn't morph much once on -- very distinctly honey, but that herbal undertone tones down the sweetness just a tad and adds complexity. Most BPALs featuring honey that I've tried have been pretty strictly gourmand scents, so this is a really interesting and fresh take on honey. Has some serious throw, so I imagine my imp will last quite a while.
  25. milo

    The Poinsettia Gown

    Creamy rose floral, like a lotion used over soapy skin. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not really my style. I'm glad I didn't get a reaction, maybe my allergies are subsiding.
  26. Dancing Raven

    Blood Throughout All the Land

    This starts out as a dry, grassy vetiver(without an actual "dust" note). There may be some sage in here as well, but this is mainly vetiver on me at the beginning. Thankfully, it isn't the kind that smells like bbq on me. It stays this way for about two hours. At about the two hour mark, balsamic and slightly spicy acacia joins in. The acacia in this smells almost like a carnation to my nose. Shortly after the acacia appears, so does the dragon's blood. For about 30 minutes the dragon's blood mixes with the vetiver to create a slightly rubbery odor. It's a little off putting, but not so bad that I need to wash it off. Olive wood mixes in at about the time that the rubber scent disappears, and it is sweetly woody with a tiny bit of a lemon undertone. About three hours after application, this becomes a much more complex scent. Dragon's blood smells like sweet lilacs on my skin, and it is doing it here, but faintly. Piney juniper comes out at this time as well, but it isn't a screeching pine forest or gin. It's just lending a bit of a sharp note to contrast with the sweetly balsamic ones. The vetiver becomes smokier, but never turns into a bbq. I don't smell clay or dust (disappointing), and I don't get any of the ozone that others seem to be getting, and I amp dryer sheets with ozonic scents. I also don't get any stone, which makes me sad. I bought this because I wanted to smell like dusty clay and stone. I'm not terribly upset, though. Even though it's not what I was expecting, it's still very nice. Ultimately, it is a dry, non dusty grass, wood, and slightly smoky scent with faint floral notes. It has some sweetness to it after drydown, but it isn't cloying. It's perfectly unisex. I like it. I think it would layer beautifully with other oils that need a bit more grounding. 4 out of 5 stars because I miss my stone and clay. P.S. I think some people may consider the dry grassiness of vetiver dusty, but when I think of dust, I think of orris. If this has orris in it, I don't smell it.
  27. Lucchesa

    To My Dear and Loving Husband

    I didn't buy To My Dear And Loving Husband because champaca is usually terrible on me and agarwood is oudh and can be stinky. All the other notes are well within my wheelhouse, though. I was lucky enough to be given this by a marvelous forumite. The agarwood behaves here, and at first this was really promising, with the vanilla-copal-patchouli combination reminding me of Kabe Ni Mimi, with tea, except that bourbon vanilla is more reliable on my skin. Tea rarely lasts on my skin though. And then the champaca came out to ruin things. Champaca is rarely quiet on me, and it upsets the balance here. I'm so glad I got to try it, and it almost worked! I think this would be lovely on a champaca fan -- don't be scared by the agarwood, it's just a deepening note here, not a fecal one.
  28. Lucchesa

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    Kabe Ni Mimi just missed my short list of Lupers I was buying decants of; a super generous forumite gifted it to me. Similarly, it kind of just misses on my skin. My first impressions of Kabe Ni Mimi were vanilla, copal and gnarly patchouli. Now that I know it's there, the sandalwood is obvious, too. The opening is promising, and the late drydown, mostly that vanilla sandalwood, is gorgeous, but it goes through an awkward phase on me where the vanilla-patch-copal combination is just not gelling on me. Some vanillas go weird on my skin, and that's happening here for a time. If I could eliminate the middle, this would be a great scent.
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