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  2. Lilah Ladybug

    Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt

    I picked up a half bottle of this as a ‘why not?’ with a recent purchase and wow... how I wish it were a full bottle 🤤 it seems that 7 years of aging has agreed with this 🤩 This one is absolutely glorious. At first it’s ‘very nice’ but after around half an hour it has become one with my skin in such a sensual, musky, mysterious way 💕 as zankoku_zen said ‘like a skin scent... on sex’ Im not a huge fan of florals so I didn’t know how the hothouse orchid would come out... let’s just say it already has a warmth to it that would otherwise come from certain pheromones 😉 it’s freakin delicious and if I had more than half a bottle I may just have let this become my signature scent.... as for now it will have to be kept for special occasions 😏
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  4. torischroeder9


    In the imp: Lavender and floral sweetness. On my skin: Wet, the lavender is still predominant, followed by the generic floral sweetness I presume will assert itself as jasmine. As it dries, the jasmine does make itself known with an almost glowing halo around the lavender. As in, if I smell the scent directly, lavender is still the main note. But if I'm going about my business and just happen to smell Twilight, it's the jasmine that gets to my nose most. Given time to develop, the jasmine grows stronger and stronger... and stronger. Ope. All jasmine, all the time. The tiniest ghost of lavender remains.
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  6. monocainsheresy

    Kai Kai

    This is precisely as spectacular as I thought it would be - sugar coated, velvety, luscious red musk Sweet, earthy, and a hint peppery. Very reminiscent of Dragon's Milk actually! Yeah, basically Dragon's Milk's sexy older sister. New favorite.
  7. Have you visited Dark Delicacies in their new location yet? Come meet us there on Sunday when BPAL has a TRUNK SHOW from 4-6pm at the new store on Hollywood Way! We’ll be unloading some “lost” treasures, unreleased prototypes, and old faves dug out of crates — full product list below. Spread the word, and save some pennies for Dark Delicacies as well, they’ve got many new tricks and treats to entice you with. 🎃 FORMULA GGSG3: Gravedigger Bay rum, black leather, tobacco absolute, patchouli, bourbon vanilla, and soil. FORMULA JTEN1: Doom Wild plum, opium tar, honey, and vetiver. FORMULA JTP1: Poison Ear grey, metal, and cyanide accord. FORMULA SGMSP1: Bones Three sandalwoods, orris root, and benzoin. FORMULA GSH34: Popcorn Really buttery popcorn. Super buttery. FORMULA GSH36: Candy Sour gummies, lollipops, and coconut. FORMULA GSH21: Sweet Blob in Flower Patch Strawberry cheesecake ice cream, chocolate milk, bluebonnets, and dandelions. FORMULA UOS1520: Overconfident Hipster White gardenias, ylang ylang, pikake, lily of the valley, and peonies. FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate Egyptian musk, coconut, white ginger, and tea leaf. FORMULA FFSIS4: Brothel Champaca blossom, sweet incense, black tea, sandalwood, and myrrh. FORMULA FFSS8: Spaceship Chrome and leather, a whiff of diesel, the whoosh of an oxygen generator, and a little bit of rusted metal. FORMULA FFSM4: Captain Brown leather, white cedar, bourbon vanilla, and sassafras. FORMULA FFSS1: Surgeon Aftershave and a drop of laudanum. FORMULA FFSK7: Strawberries and Motor Oil Fresh picked strawberries, strawberry juice, cream, tea roses, and a drop of motor oil. FORMULA FFSMM2: Booze Thick smoky stout with notes of chocolate, coffee, and apple. FORMULA FFSST5: Hospital Antiseptic, starched linen, and needles. FORMULA SGCM7: Vampire Roots and upturned earth, yew berry, night-blooming jasmine, and dark musk. FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake A really sugary, super frosted birthday cake. FORMULA SGSG4: Candy Witch Chocolate fudge cake with pumpkin icing. - - - Early Prototypes of BPAL scents: CHESHIRE CAT v1 DORMOUSE v3 MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY v2 DOC BUZZARD v1 SNOW WHITE v1 SQUIRTING CUCUMBER v4 ADAM v1 DOC CONSTANTINE v7 Unreleased BPAL: 404: NOT FOUND v1 406: NOT ACCEPTABLE v1 502: BAD GATEWAY v1
  8. mandragora369


    I love it! Oudh works great with my skin chemistry, so no surprise there. It's a dark green aromatic mossy oudh. I don't really get any patchouli. Great throw and wear length, I smell it hours later after application.
  9. Sugarvenom

    Sed Non Satiata

    The lab threw this imp in with my recent order and oh great heavens thank you thank you thank you. I can't stop sniffing my wrists I just, mmmmmm. I can barely remember what this smells like in the imp because frankly, smelling it on skin blows my brain slightly. It's honey, honey with the other notes blended and sensuously vying for dominance. I think I smell the cognac and the musk, and what I imagine is probably the tuberose and/or gardenia balancing it out. And oh what a honey scent. It's not just warm, it's thick and hot, pouring over me, with a seductive heat. Earlier today I was testing Defututa which came over very honey on me. But where Defututa was a delightful, warm, tasty honey, this is honey done hot and wanton. Ohhhh it's so good it's dangerous.
  10. sprout

    The Crown Hair Gloss

    I really took a gamble on this because metallic scents are usually awful on me but it was a small decant and since it's hair gloss, my rationale was, if it doesn't work out, I'll scent my laundry with it.. Well, it worked. This is the lovely shining gold note (accord, I presume) from The Imperator [Tarot: The Emperor series ] , I think. If not, they're kissing cousins. It smells like, a crown of shining gold light. With maybe some bay and crimson musk. But take that with a large grain of salt because I'm shite at guessing notes. But I can throw adjectives at you all day; this smells like Apollo's golden boy, a white knight, expensive without being flashy, regal, sunlight reflected on water. It's a bit more virile than I tend to wear and not for those who prefer their scents on the traditionally femme side of the spectrum but I'm wearing it this summer. Should pair well with Sportive Sun or any of the Emperor's scents. I think also with Anthony or Titus Andronicus.
  11. boomtownrat

    The Cat

    My bottle is secondhand and I'm not sure how old it is. I can say that I'd had it for about a year and it has mellowed considerably in that time, with more blending. I find it to be more musky than anything else, in a similar vein to Lil' Menes' Feline Entertainments, but it doesn't actually smell like a cat so much as remind me of a feline presence. Like a couple of others have said, it resembles Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo. That means it smells like I just washed my hair, not like I'm wearing a fragrance, and I'm okay with that. My husband had to use that shampoo to bathe one of our cats, and that's the association I'm getting now. Today I'm wearing it with one of my dresses that has a cat print on it, but it would also work with a t-shirt and jeans. Its throw is just enough that I don't need to huff my wrist, and I think someone would have to hug me in order to smell it. I feel as though it's my personal secret comfort, not a fragrance that I leave in my wake.
  12. Sugarvenom


    Oh. Oh. So I ordered this in part because I wanted a jasmine perfume (I like the smell of jasmine oil, and want to find a jasmine perfume that I like and works on me), but also partly because I have what I think is an imp of olive blossom single note that while very slightly powder is very very lovely. I wanted to experiment with that in blends. Defututa was where I went with it. I was expecting, to be honest, jasmine. And in the imp I think I can smell it, along with I think sandalwood. Possibly cinnamon and olive blossom as well. On, wow. This isn't jasmine on me. It's all olive blossom and honey. And it's a beautiful combination. Not floral, not sickly, not foody, but somehow just delicious and I want to sniff it again and again and again. I think the other scents are in there as well, the vanilla and the jasmine, the champaca flower. I'm not sure about the cinnamon but the rest form this perfectly blended backdrop to the olive blossom and honey serenade. It has decent throw too. When I'm testing, they only go on my wrists. The easier to wash off, and to test throw. But I could smell Defututa while I was typing at my keyboard very easily and clearly. Which was a delight, if a distraction. Mmmmm. I think I might need a bottle of this. I'm trying to be strict about my bottle demands but this is really gorgeous. The hunt for an actual jasmine blend continues
  13. Sugarvenom


    Mmmm, this I want to like. I have a love/hate relationship with amber. I love the scent itself, but it's awfully powdery to my nose, whether it's the resin or, it would seem, an oil. On, this perfume is lots of delicious (albeit powdery) amber, smooth and warm. There's soft cozy floral notes too, as well as something sharper, green, and a little bit spicy, that I think is the carnation. It's a lovely combination, but it fades fast on me. It's basically gone within an hour or two. Booo. Sad face.
  14. Lunasariel

    I Die of Love

    In the imp: I don't think I'm getting any leather at all??? Instead, this is a soft, cologney-y/perfume-y scent, with light, almost aquatic florals, an enticing hint of a smoky/peppery kick, and a general feel of soap just washed off of skin. Wet: An initial flash of aggressive black leather and smoke, tempered by lilac, before it settles down into a very close-to-the-skin scent, with everything very soft and well-blended. I think I can pick out the leather, musk, lilac, and maybe even the bay rum, but it's actually hard to tell. Dry: Ah, now this is the black leather/bay rum/musk scent I was expecting, with an unexpectedly prominent but undeniably sexy smoky note. As time goes on, the leather and smoke fade away, leaving a soft, resinous, faintly musky scent. Looooooove this!
  15. torischroeder9

    #20 Love Oil

    In the imp: Something grassy, and something herbal... plus also maybe lavender. On my skin: Wet, I'm definitely getting lavender. This smells like the entire, fresh, growing lavender plant I have in my backyard -- flowers, leaves, and stems. As it dries, I'm still getting the lavender, but rose now emerges. The more I let it develop, the more rose rises to prominence. At this stage in the game, it's slightly soapy. Um... yep. Soapy rose, backed by lavender.
  16. Last week
  17. boomtownrat


    Lyonesse is a perfectly blended, non-sweet vanilla/musk/sandalwood with an oceanic undertone that unfortunately gives me a little bit of pre-migraine queasiness. It's probably the orris root, the sea moss, or the ambergris that's affecting me. When I tested it on my wrists, I found it so gorgeous that I ambitiously slathered it on my collarbone area. Rather than wash it off completely, I tried rubbing some jojoba oil on it and wiping it off. That left just enough of the musk, vanilla, and sandalwood, which are the notes that made me try it in the first place. I'm going to try wearing it only on my wrists to see if that mitigates the problem, because the jojoba trick would be wasteful and I don't want to give up on something that smells so good. While I was wearing it, though, I had the impression that it would be an ideal thing to wear when I want to feel sophisticated without wearing something overpowering. It could be equally good for work or date nights. This would be a great scent to use if you're trying to enable someone who's never strayed from commercial perfumes. 😄
  18. donkehpoo

    Old Scratch

    Wet: Angels on Bare Skin (LUSH), is that you? (I got a very similar scent from Baku as well; the biggest difference is here, I'm not getting any kind of astringent note.) A smooth, clean, herbal lavender scent. Dry: Yep. Still giving me that Angels on Bare Skin vibe. Not for me.
  19. donkehpoo

    High-Strung Daisies

    Wet: Sweet daisies with a dash of pink pepper! A very "pink" scent. A lot of people have describe a bubblegum-like scent, but I'm not getting any of that. Dry: Sweet, sugary daisies. I can't find the pink pepper anymore, but at least I'm left with a nice sweet daisy scent. I like this! I don't think I'd reach for it enough to need a bottle, but I'll keep my imp!
  20. Brigdh


    In bottle: Red wine, that over-sweet fruity kind, and a faint metallic note, perhaps dragon’s blood or some sort of musk. Wet: Leather and fresh sugar cane.The scent of skin and juicy, sugary fruit. Dry: There’s the honey, finally! This perfume turns simply gorgeous. Rich and sweet honey, almost gritty as though you could smell the sugar crystals. There’s a complex background of musky, earthy, smoky notes – the herbs, I suppose? But not foody or floral herbs, forest-y ones. Just a fantastic scent, really complex and hard to put into words. I love wearing it. Good length, too, Wear time lasts 4-5 hours.
  21. doomsday_disco

    The Wiley Grasser

    In the decant and when this is initially applied, I get a blast of pine needles. Then they calm down, and the wildflowers and cotton candy peek out. They become more prominent over time until it becomes a sugared wildflower scent. I think the wildflowers in this may be the same as the ones found in Venus Verticordia, but it also kind of reminds me of Butterfly Nectar Bath Oil. This is a nice sugary floral scent if you can get through the initial blast of pine.
  22. doomsday_disco


    In the bottle: Dirt, moss, and what I think may be some oak. Very earthy. On me: Hot, spicy dirt and vetiver. But it's a softer vetiver, not the smoky campfire kind. I also get patch, and I agree that there is some kind of asphalt or gravel note at play here as well. It ends up cooling down after a while. The vetiver is the main player, but I also get something like petrichor and fur from this. It's definitely an interesting scent experience, and I am glad to have tried it, but I just cannot see myself reaching for an earthy vetiver scent.
  23. doomsday_disco

    Informal Tea Hair Gloss

    I apparently never reviewed this. This was the one hair gloss that I upgraded to a bottle from this year's Luper update. It's got that clean, perfume-y green tea note from scents like Shanghai and Embalming Fluid, but it's backed by some white sandalwood and white amber (I get more of the sandalwood from it). It pairs wonderfully with other green tea scents and scents with pale resins (it goes well with Galerie des Glaces), but you could probably pair it with just about anything. It's simple, inoffensive, and work-friendly. I had been wanting a green tea hair gloss for a while, and since Shanghai HG is not a thing, I decided to grab a bottle of this one (because violet and I are not friends, which ruled out the other green tea HG for me). The little sprayer I had of this just wasn't going to be enough, and I am glad that I grabbed a bottle before it left the website. If you love the green tea note from the scents I mentioned above, this won't disappoint!
  24. doomsday_disco

    Midwest Morning After Magical Wig Spray

    The scent is very true to the description: cream soda with extra cream (but without the fizziness of soda)! I have been using it as an atmosphere spray, and I've sprayed it around my apartment and in my cube at work. It's a wonderful, inoffensive creamy vanilla scent, and I am very happy to have a bottle.
  25. Lunasariel

    Come Slowly—Eden!

    In the imp: A voluptuously floral apple - I'm totally willing to see jasmine in this, but sniffing it blind, I'd be tempted to say apple blossom. I'm also getting notes of honey (light and springtime-floral, not heavy or sticky) and beeswax, as well as a hint of uplifting, clarifying sage, with amber way down at the base - present, but not overwhelming. Overall, this scent reminds me quite a bit of Brisingamen, one of my all-time favorites. Wet: Way more herbal, albeit with a floral edge. I think I'm mainly getting the sage, with copoiba and champa giving it a vaguely incense-y (but not hippie) vibe. More beeswax than honey now, and amber still glowing at the base. I get occasional, surprising hints of apple and (more commonly) jasmine. I definitely need to test this one against Brisingamen. Dry: A good balance between honey, floral, and amber notes. The champa becomes more prominent over time, and an interesting honey-fig(-sage?) scent develops on my right wrist, but not my left. Fascinating! Eventually, it , deepens into a sexy, herbal-honey musk.
  26. Teamama

    Let’s talk about Oudh...

    Oudh fwends! I think BPAL makes an oudh blend for everybody. My favorite oudhs are the less indolic ones. In A Flaming Sword, the note is called "sweet oudh." In Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden, it's called "honey oudh." Entertaining is one of my top 10 blends ever. The more indolic oudhs (that edges over into barnsmell on my skin,) have lots of fans, too. In Bestla it's called "rose oud," & in First Morning in Paris it's called "Burgundy oudh."
  27. Nymph87

    Let’s talk about Oudh...

    For my oudh fwends (and it doesn’t look like there are many 😂), ‘A Complex, Wiggly Sigil’ from the the new Good Omens range has the good oudh in it. Smooth and to die for! 😍😍
  28. freyasfae

    Vernal Equinox Full Moon

    This is very pretty - I actually was expecting to be greener than this, but it's not quite as green as I like, but then I really like my spring florals green.
  29. torischroeder9

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    The silver marker is beginning to wear off, but I believe the bottle is DCCXXXIII. Bottle recently acquired from the Lab's Etsy. In the bottle: Something bright and fruity over Snake Oil. In the same family as Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil with Australian Copperhead as a kissing cousin. On my skin: Wet, the fruity smell continues, but it's also joined by something sweet and creamy as well as something slightly astringent. I am hoping the astringent note does not take over because the other notes are 100% gold. As it dries, the fruity note dissipates. The creamy note is quite prominent in the blend's throw. Up close, what I'd initially described as astringent is now clearly grassy vetiver. Snake Oil is present in the background. Given some time to develop, the vetiver settles back but doesn't fade completely, so that the creamy note -- which might be additional vanilla or even something like mallow root -- remains as a major player. Once it has time to really bloom on my skin, the Snake Oil is much more prominent, blending seamlessly with the creamy note. While the vetiver is detectable: 1) it's the grassy type of vetiver, not the smoky kind; 2) it is not The Vetiver Show. The result is a Snake Oil that's a little less spicy, a little sweeter, and a little fresher and greener. It is very much a "Snake Oil blend" rather than a blend that happens to contain Snake Oil. The effect is very much the same on my skin, though as this is a little greener and a little fresher, I'd call this a somewhat more "work appropriate" Snake Oil. (Though I totally wear regular Snake Oil to work all the time.) Also, bottle DCCXXXV. Also recently purchased from the Lab's Etsy. In the bottle: A soft resin (maybe amber), a light floral, maybe white musk. On my skin: Wet, it's much different than in the bottle. Snake Oil's patchouli comes immediately to the forefront. Notes that might be light floral and/or white musk are detectable as well. As it dries, it's mainly a resinous smell. My skin is also tingly, which tells me there's an irritant note in here. (Unfortunately, with my skin, that doesn't narrow it down all that much: balsam, cardamom, cassia, cinnamon, clove, cedar, lily...) I'm also getting hints of both floral and spice, and at this point, I can't tell if the spice is only Snake Oil spiciness or if it's in addition to it. There's a lot going on in this Chaos blend. Given more time to develop on my skin, the Snake Oil -- possibly extra spicy Snake Oil -- scent becomes much stronger in the perfume's throw. Close to the skin, the light, sweet note that is either floral and/or white musk remains, but it's only really noticeable up close. Given even more time -- this one's complex and a morpher on me -- the floral/white musk note dissipates, and I'm left with Snake Oil plus extra light resin, possibly amber. (Amber is also a note that characteristically takes a while to develop on my skin. In earlier stages, it's often overwhelmed by other notes, only to overwhelm those other notes later on.) Ultimately, I end up with an amber-infused Snake Oil, which is like a lovely, smoother version of Snake Oil without changing its fundamental Snake Oiliness. It's kind of a strange ride to get there, but it's not unpleasant. And the final result is quite nice.
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