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  2. Joyleaf_

    Honeysuckle & Patchouli

    I received my decant of this yesterday, but life got a little funky and I hadn't even touched the package. Fast forward to about ten minutes ago when I thought stupidly to myself: let's test one with breakfast! This is the one I was most intrigued by and so I grabbed it first. Immediate regret. The scent is all honeysuckle in the beginning, incredibly potent and strong. And not a good mix with buttered toast and strawberry yogurt. It's the kind of smell you can taste and by the gods I can taste it. After about 15 or so minutes (not actually counting) it does have the patch come out to play and it helps mellow out the incredible honeysuckle. I would never choose to have breakfast inside of a honeysuckle patch, and yet after today I feel I can truly speak to that experience. 10/10 do not wear while eating toast.
  3. roseus

    Cozy Pumpkin Sweater

    Ungh this is so good. Lots of buttery pumpkin at first with cinnamon and clove, then a spicy, wooly, woody scent dominates after that has my nose glued to my wrist.
  4. feyofthefellwood

    Rain Scents

    Petrichor (rather than ozone, mind you) is my favorite smell in the whole world, so now that I've tried a few scents, I figured I'd weigh in. I don't think it's possible to create a scent that smells exactly like that after-rain smell, but these come somewhat close for me. (They are also my top three favorite scents so far, ha!). Death Cap: this smells like damp, loamy earth and dead leaves. Anne Bonny: this one also crosses over into the "nice scents to wear when it rains" category. It smells like just rained-on cedar wood, but also has a warming quality that makes it feel cozy on a rainy day. Elf: this is very ymmv, but to me, the dry-down on this smells like a forest where it has just rained and there are still raindrops on the leaves and flowers. I adore it.
  5. feyofthefellwood

    Sea of Glass

    I had high hopes for this one, but it doesn't seem to work well on me. Either I amp something in this or it's a stronger scent than some, because when I put it on it totally eclipsed the scent I was testing on my other wrist. I have been fighting a headache all day and something about it sent me into migraine territory . . . that being said though, it has a lovely citrus and floral smell. I might try it again once it has aged a little; maybe that will mellow it out.
  6. feyofthefellwood


    This is so pretty and unique; I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet, except that I know I like it. I tend to be wary of jasmine, but it's gentle here, balanced by the other notes. I adore the strawberry in the pink musk (at least I think that's what's giving me strawberry) and will definitely be on the lookout for LE blends with this note. As far as I can tell, Vasilissa is the only GC scent with pink musk! Overall, this is pleasantly soothing, feminine, and mysterious.
  7. feyofthefellwood


    I'm extremely fond of this one! I love apricot scents and the orange blossoms add some zest and warmth to it. Low-ish throw (as far as I can tell, anyway), but great staying power on my skin---I put some on Saturday night and could still smell it Monday morning.
  8. donkehpoo

    Candy Corn Snake Oil

    Wet: Whatever the "candy corn" note is, it's coming off as brown sugar to me. Maybe even a little bit of.. butterscotch? All that, plus vanilla, and a little bit of Snake Oil. Dry: Okay. I understand the "candy corn" note now. What this smells like to me is melted candy corn; warm, a little bit sweet, sugary, with a hit of vanilla. All that, plus Snake Oil. I actually think this is really nice, and may be a bottle upgrade! Embrace the candy corn, folks!
  9. donkehpoo

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    Wet: The same cherry note as Zombie Moon (so I'm thinking marachino cherries), some sugar, and Snake Oil. Sugary sweet cherry Snake Oil. Sounds good to me! Dry: The dry down is a bit.. odd on me. It smells like powdered cherry kool aid - minus the sugar. Almost a tiny bit plastic-y? All that, plus a little Snake Oil. I'll probably hold on to my little decant to see how it ages, but right now.. not a keeper.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Lucchesa

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    Wet: Maraschino cherries. I love maraschino cherries, but I'm not sure I wanted that as a single note. It takes a while, but ultimately I get some Snake Oil poking its usually not very shy head out. The later drydown is a delicious mix of cherry and SO, but it wears close to the skin, whereas I'm used to SO having more sillage. If you love cherry and Snake Oil, it's hard to go wrong here.
  12. Lucchesa

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    Someone upthread describes this as non-foody caramel corn, and that is right on the money for me. Wet, it's all buttered popcorn with a hint of caramel, but once it's dry I can just make out the Snake Oil with its vanilla goodness under the kettle corn. This wears really close to the skin for me. I think I'll keep my decant -- it is definitely a mood-lifting scent -- but I don't need a whole bottle.
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  14. DiZZysTARdust


    i LOOOOVE this omg. i'm not a red musk person per se as it tends to amp on me. here everything is so well blended it doesn't have the chance to amp. this scent is like really comforting somehow. it may be because it's a rainy fall day here and a little redness was needed. in the bottle this is super sweet, like a cherry red musk with almond undertones. spicy cherry candy. i was surprised by the almond and a little unnerved by it but i don't detect any at all on the skin. this is the ultimate new age-head shop scent to me. a spicy, woodsy scent. i feel there is a little bit of a vanillic undertone to it. definitely sexy and also p unisex. which is kind of funny. i think this must need some rolling because on one wrist i get more of the saffron which is a bit more masculine, and on the other more of the vanilla-sandalwood. as it dries there is the faintest touch of powdery soapiness when huffing my wrist, i wonder what that's from. my guess is the sandalwood but not sure. this is SO strong, i actually didn't even apply this i just rubbed what was on the rim of the bottle on one wrist and applied that to the other and both inner arms and i can smell myself. as a full disclaimer, this just arrived today so i can only imagine what it will be like after settling. the envelope is in my room and it's like walking into the local witchery shop every time i step inside. i would love to try this as a drawer sachet for my delicates.
  15. zankoku_zen

    Death’s Head Moth

    Dry clove, patchouli, touch of sandalwood, and oudh. This smells like a sophisticated bat. Brown. Cuddly. Would definitely keep as a pet. Medium throw and wear length.
  16. zankoku_zen

    All the Meaner Things

    Salty ozone, leather, and a whiff of dust. This smells like a Victorian gentleman's aftershave. Soft, dark, and slightly nefarious. Good throw and wear length.
  17. zankoku_zen

    Songs of Autumn VII

    Green fig, moss, and honey. Honestly, I sort of love how fruity, soft, and harvesty this is. Low throw, medium wear length.
  18. follis

    Test of Strength Hair Gloss

    I love this Hair Gloss. I bought a decant of it from a while ago and now it is the ONLY hair gloss I will wear. It's very French Tobacco smokey, with a hint of sweetness from a figgy vanilla. The cardamom gives this a very slightly spiced scent, and my hair feels amazing and tangle free afterwards. BPAL's tonka can turn plastic on me, but not when it's in my hair! The honey is also a complement with the hair gloss base rather than a strong note, which works for me as I don't normally love BPAL's honey (can give headaches). TLDR: Test of Strength is delicious. Please send me bottles if you are not wanting yours ❤️
  19. artisjok

    O Love and Time and Sin

    O Love and Time and Sin, a befitting name for such a heavy, sexy blend. This conjures an image of a darkened room, smoky with incense. The bed is in shambles, sheets soaked in sweat, with rose petals withered, crushed, and smeared all around. The atmosphere is weighty with sorrow, as if a realization of pleasure’s impermanence has set in and the responsibilities of life crowd the mind. Deeply sexy, yet deeply severe. Saturnian indeed. The scent becomes slightly powdery in the late drydown, perhaps this is the tone of one’s acceptance of fate.
  20. Last week
  21. CloverWolf


    In the bottle, this is perfectly balanced- on me, the incense comes forward more. Its light though, not an overpowering or cloying incense.
  22. CloverWolf


    More peppery than expected. Not in a bad way- more like a spicey peach with champagne spritzed in the background on me. Very little throw, stayed a long time though.
  23. CloverWolf


    Like a freshly bitten into gummy- fruity, sugary- I'm not getting the honey when I wear. Decent staying power.
  24. CloverWolf

    Dusty Funnelcake

    First sniff is mainly foody spice, heavy cinnamon sugar. On, the pastry smell and chaparral dust start to come through. Interesting, but not an everyday for me.
  25. DiZZysTARdust

    The Gambols of Ghosts

    Gorgeous scent. This is another scent wheee the amber and beeswax combine to strongly remind me of cave of treasures. Except in this scent, instead of turning up at the end and becoming a light, white floral, feminine perfume, this sort of turns down and becomes instead a sort of darker scent, definitely appropriate for midnight gambols a la the description. Almost a bit woody from the olive blossom in fact. I wouldn't classify this as a masculine scent though, just not overly floral. Definitely unisex at the very least. The violet leaf takes a few minutes to come out, and when the powderiness finally comes out there's something almost metallic about it. Not in a cool or sharp way. Literally as if this amber is like the gold coin variety, rather than the warm molten gold, toothsome caramel variety. It kind of lightens everything up and brings it more in the cologne direction without making this a cologne. Still very much a spicy amber blend. Good throw on me.
  26. Seifos

    The Knave of Hearts

    Got this as a frimp, yay lab! ❤️ I thought this would be quite a strong fruity/berry floral, with emphasis on the rose and didn't buy it, because that didn't stood out as much to me, as some of the other blends - but both in the imp and on me at first, this is something licorice-ish, coffee (maybe even those coffee and cream sweets?), something a bit salty and maybe even doughy and buttery. Maybe even some brown sugar or molasses or something caramelly, but not quite caramel? There is some kind of deep rich sweet tartyness to is as well, the blackcurrants probably. After a while, the roses start peeking through - not too overwhelmingly rose, but just a nice, red rose behind it all. The true licoricelike smell and also the coffeelike smell faints a bit at this point too, but it still has a slight note of it. The licorice comes back a bit at drydown and it is more licorice then, than anything else. This is darkly sweet, like a blackcurrant tart would be. Even sticky. And very strong and rich and deep. I kinda enjoy it, but it is also a bit much to me, I feel too sweet in a too sticky kinda way, but because the sweetness has a depth to it as well and is complemented very well by the tartyness, the coffee, the licorice, and the fattyness of the buttery/creamy notes, it is indeed very interesting. There is something gothic, or dark, about this kind of sweetness. It is a mix between a very summery, but also a very wintery scent to me. I don't think I will buy a bottle of this and I don't think I will wear it often - I normally like my sweet scents very "youthfull", where this is more "mature", and I like my dark scents not sweet at all, but this has both - and more. Which I like and am very intrigued about, but not sure how to wear. Maybe, I will find a way, I could see it becoming an unexpected fave with time somehow! But for now, it is 5/5 for uniqueness and intriguement, but 3/5 for wearability for me personally.
  27. Seifos


    This was a frimp from the lab, yay thanks! ❤️ The description sounds very interesting to me, but not much like a bandit. But what this smells like on me, is not much of the description and more like what I would think this kind of scent would really smell like. At first this is all very strong leather, maybe something salty, without being really salty - like salty skin maybe? My first thought was that it smells a lot like the room, where you keep stuff like leather briddles and saddles for horses. And maybe a bit greasy too, like when you clean this stuff with soap, greas and oil ... The greasy - and dirty - scents gets stronger and it starts smelling a bit like metal and rubber. Like my dads work when I was little. He was working with heavy metal cutting machinery and everything had that metally, greasy, dirty smell to it - his work clothes too. The leather is still there though. It ends up really embodieng the concept, smelling like a highwayman and his gun and leather. After a while, some white flowery crispyness comes in and mixes with the leather to make it a little spicy too. It still smells like rubber, grease and metal too. It does not smell anything like roses or cinnamon or the like sadly, which I would have loved! In the last stages, it becomes more wearable for me. At first, it is very MANLY - not wanting to gender this, but this smell so old school masculine, that I don't really know, what else to call it. I am trying out scents that puts me out of my comfort zone and this really does at first. But later on, it become more wearable, more highwayman with no gender, than just male highwayman-ish, if that makes sence. I am not sure, I will wear this for everyday use, I am not really sure how I really like it, but it does intrigue me a lot. It is the second frimp to try today, that smells like my childhoos (the other one - 51 - smelled like our laundry softner) and that was not a particularly happy time for me. This smells like my dad and my horse riding, which is both filled with ambivalent feelings, but I do not feel sad while wearing these scents though, maybe because I've put in the work and these scents happened to land at my doorstep, when I was ready for this nostalgia?
  28. Seifos


    Got this as a frimp, thanks lab ❤️ Have looked at the description a couple of times, thinking it sounded nice, but didn't get the area 51/alien reference until I got it in my last order - which made me very exited! Always wanting to smell like an alien here! To me, this smells like fresh laundry, after using a flowery fabric softner - or maybe just specificly the fabric softner in it self ... So more like childhood laundry, since I don't use that kind of stuff anymore. I don't know if this is the smell of aliens and state secrets to me, but maybe it is. I sure felt like an alien as a child, even though I was "wearing human disguise/clothes"-ish - and if one were an alien, who were wanting to disguise oneself, maybe a good housewife or so would be ideal?! I don't know! I like the scent, it is pretty and calm and nostalgic, but atm it is more like a 3,5-4/5, since it doesn't stand out to me that much and is not what I thought this scent would smell like. Maybe I will change my mind though. But I will definitely use the imp up, it is good for when you want to smell "just nice and fresh", with a more "normal" kind of scent.
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