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BPAL Madness!

Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace

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I knew there had to be something creamy in it. I tend to forget the notes after ordering. Anyways, this is such a beautiful scent. It's grounded, somewhat flowery, & the mallow + vanilla cream is so complementary to the blue lotus & lotus root. My wife loves it, & i plan to let her have it.

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Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace is a beautiful lotus scent. The lotus isn't bubblegum, nor is it aquatic. It's simply delicate and beautiful. For lovers of lotus, this is a must. The vanilla cream and mallow works wonders with it. It's delicate and dainty and creamy lotus. If you love light florals and ethereal scents, I’d recommend. What's not to love?


For a delicate scent, it surprisingly has a lot of lasting power. Admittedly I spilled a tiny bit while applying but it lasts longer than most oils tend to last on my skin. Definitely keeping this.

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In the bottle: Delicate pink-blue lotus. 


Wet on my skin: Stronger pink-blue, creamy lotus and mallow. It's a bit reminiscent of Poor Monkey for a minute there.


Dry: If you liked Minamoto No Yorimasa and the Lotus Flower and/or Poor Monkey, you're probably going to like this. Creamy, sweet, delicate lotus and mallow, and just a poof of amber powder. It's a very pastel blue and pink scent, and despite being soft and delicate, is actually fairly strong in terms of throw. Not overpowering, but you're definitely going to have clouds of poofy, creamy lotus and mallow making themselves known to you and anyone around you whenever you move. The lotus ends up *very* slightly on the floral shampoo side, but only if you get in pretty close and take a big sniff. Soft, lovely, creamy-sweet. Just a beautiful scent, and I'm glad I have a bottle. ❤️ 

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