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  1. Sweet lemon cakes! This is really lovely - I'm so glad I got this one. Like many of the Lupers on me, it's very light - low throw, quick to fade - but it's exactly up my alley: sweet citrus sugar, like lemon bars or, yes, iced lemon cakes! I don't really get the florals, which I'm fine with. Like candied springtime, like treats at a tea party in a lemon grove, it's a delight. Awesome Husband comment: ...you smell like cake. 😄
  2. splendidissima

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    Sweet creamy vanilla bean, like melted vanilla ice cream - the good kind, with vanilla bean flecks! Not really getting the benzoin at all, but I was mostly here for the vanilla-marshmallow, so that's fine. Very low throw, and fades quickly (caveat: it is the first day of That Time Of Month for me, so, maybe a skin chemistry thing?), but it's absolutely lovely while it lasts - sweet creamy vanilla! Would probably be great for layering, though on me it might be too short-lived for that. But maybe if I slather...or retest next week, perhaps!
  3. splendidissima

    And With My Spade I Delfe My Landys

    I don't do florals much, but I am a medievalist and I love the idea of this series - and the kindness of it! So I might have to try all of them... First off, my skin just EATS this. This was the last one I put on of the three I tried tonight, and after about 20 minutes, I couldn't find it at all on my arm. Like, knowing exactly where I'd put it, and putting my nose right on my skin, I got...a barest thin whisper of cool flowers, or maybe that was wishful thinking because I knew it ought to be there! Having reapplied, so, freshly wet: chilly pale florals! I agree with wendy above about the snow note (which reads a little minty to me?), and that's the loudest aspect to start, and I agree that it feels like a Yule in some ways - or maybe the balance right on the edge of winter and spring, when flowers might be thinking about waking up, but the world's still crystalline and ice-white. I can't identify any specific flowers (might just be me, not an expert in florals!), but they combine into a general 'white pale flowers' to my nose, behind the snow. I don't really get amber - ETA; maybe just a little, warming it up, as it dries? *sniffs very closely* So basically I get "the Lab's snow note + some white chilly flowers" - which I like more than I was expecting to, but then I do like the snow note (I liked Marshmallow Snow, from a couple of Yules ago), so if you like those things, this might be your jam! (But, again: boom, my skin just drinks this up. In the course of my typing this review - it's almost gone. Still there, but barely. That might be the fastest I've had any scent disappear on me. And Marshmallow Snow *didn't* do that, so I don't know what's happening here!)
  4. splendidissima

    And Though They Are With You Yet They Belong Not To You

    Sandalwood! And vanilla! This is a very loud scent on me - the loudest of all three I'm testing right now! It's very well balanced; I get...well, exactly what it says, in equal proportion: a lightly spicy sandalwood, and a warm vanilla. Simple, uncomplicated, very pretty. I used to have a big carved sandalwood fan that was a present from a world-traveler great-aunt, and I'm having a billow of scent memory: wafting that around and smelling the spiced breeze of it, softened by being carried around in luggage and wrapped up in cloths and then hung on my wall in California warmth. Awesome Husband thinks it's a little too sandalwood for his taste, but he's also picky about scents!
  5. splendidissima


    Soft, warm, vanilla cream, with a little hint of toastiness and spice - not cinnamon spice, but the warm kitchen-spice of cardamom. It's primarily the soft snuggly vanilla, though, if you're worried about cardamom - that isn't loud at all. On me, this is just...purely nice, honestly. Not dramatic, not flamboyant, but it's not meant to be: it's a big soft warm cozy hug, the kind that gives you buttery shortbread cookies and pats you on the shoulder and tells you it's all going to be okay. I think it would also be nice for layering, but I really do like it by itself; I feel like it'll be a good one to wear while teaching. Low throw on me, close to the skin, but it's sticking around well, so far!
  6. splendidissima

    Black Apple, White Musk, and Champagne Grape

    Oh, gosh, am I first? I'm surprised! My overall impression, honestly, is: Gingerbread Witch and Gingerbread Invisible Man (Invisible Gingerbread Man?) had a baby! A sweet-sharp, apple-ginger fizzy champagne baby! This basically stays the same from bottle, to wet on my arm, to dry-down. It has that black apple note - a dark autumnal sort of apple, maybe with some dark spice that's contributing to the ginger impression, since I know ginger's not a listed note! The apple-sweetness (not SWEET sweet, but like biting into a very ripe apple) meets and gets swept up into the BPAL fizzy champagne note, which is light and bright and sparkling and a little sharp (not in a bad way - more like bubbles tickling your nose). It's not grape-y, for those worried about that! But some combo of all this really does read as ginger-y (not gingerbread-y, but actual ginger) to my nose. It's not too sweet, but the apple-sweet-tart helps balance out the champagne glittery edges, and it's really nice. Big initial throw, and seems to have good staying power! I think this might get a lot of summer/autumn use.
  7. splendidissima

    Sugar Plum Black Phoenix

    Bordello has been one of my BPAL loves for years...over a decade now?...so, after the reviews, I had to try one of the Sugar Plums! Snake Oil rarely works well on me, tragically, so I opted for Black Phoenix. On me, SPBP starts off utterly beautiful - it's that plum! that bright candy plum! sweet, juicy, purple! Plus an almond/cherry type note that's playing really nicely with it. Just gorgeous. And then...then...a couple hours in...soapiness! Loud soapiness! 😥 I think it's the rose note in Black Phoenix that's the culprit; rose does that on me, except in very very rare cases. I was hoping this would be an exception, because sometimes sugar/sweet notes help, but sadly, no luck. I'm still glad I've got it, because the opening is so, so lovely. I'll try it in my scent locket and hope that works!
  8. splendidissima


    It's a nice bright sunny floral! I don't do a lot of florals, but this was a good cause, and it didn't have any of my Death Notes, so I wanted to try. It really does smell golden - warm and bright and well-blended. I can't pick out many of the individual notes, but, again, I also don't do a lot of florals! It's very pretty, though. Like being outside in a springtime flower meadow. Very low throw so far, though - after about an hour - I can still smell it if I put my nose right next to my arm.
  9. splendidissima


    Found a old imp of this - not sure what year, but definitely old! It's very nutty, very dark chocolate now - heavy on the nuts, and also heavy on the chocolate! It's actually not as sweet as I expected - maybe that's aging? maybe the hops are getting stronger, or cutting the sweetness? It's not as sweet as Bliss, which I also have on, but more complex, with a lot of hazelnut and praline.
  10. splendidissima


    Brownie batter, start to finish! Rich, thick, molten brownie batter. Good heavens. I do really like it, but right now it's a little overpowering, though that's also my own fault because I accidentally spilled some on my hand when opening the imp, so now it's everywhere every time I move my hand! It's making me want to bake something chocolate and decadent.
  11. splendidissima

    The Apothecary

    New imp from the Lab, 2022. Lightly sweet, light green, herbal tea! I was hoping for a bit more ginger (that usually works well on me) or fig, which can be interesting, but The Apothecary just settles in and stays a nice clean green scent. Like Llanval's experience, it fades super-fast on me - I actually reapplied within about 15 minutes so that I could write a review! I never get the fig at all, and only a tiny hint of ginger. It's pretty, if you like green herbal scents!
  12. splendidissima

    Port Royal

    Frimp from the Lab, 2022! Wet, it seems more complex - rum? sea salt? spices? - but dry I'm mostly getting cinnamon spice; that part's just getting louder and louder. There's a trace of seaspray salt if I really think about it, but primarily it's a warm spice blend. Surprisingly cozy and nice for a pirate haven scent!
  13. splendidissima


    Thick, dark molasses, sugary and sticky, with a hint of some dark woods underneath! Low throw - though next to my skin it's strong - but then I also didn't put too much on, because I'm testing a few imps. I wouldn't've thought to order this one, but I'm glad I have an imp to play with!
  14. splendidissima

    The Shore of the Lollypop Sea

    Sweet, salty, and very blueberry! I love berry scents, so I'm happy. It really does smell like the blueberry jam from the Blueberry Suf + a good sprinkle of sea salt - which smells much better than it sounds, I promise! Like eating sweet blueberry jam tarts (minus the pastry part) beside the ocean. Very fun, and I'd say also very summery, a holiday seaside treat.
  15. splendidissima

    Ghosts at Aldershot

    Dessert mints! Those pillowy pastel fluffy dessert mints, the kind that come in pale pink and yellow and green! It's like sticking my nose into a bag of those! Which...honestly, I weirdly kind of love it? It's nostalgic - my great-aunt always had a bowl of those mints around - and a little old-fashioned, and sweet and softly minty with a light whisper of candied citrus. I do agree that it almost doesn't seem like a Yule - more like a chilly pastel springtime morning. But I also just want to keep sniffing my arm!