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  1. splendidissima

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    This is mostly almond pastry on me, not in a bad way! It's like a breakfast pastry, a danish, stuffed with some sweet almond paste and some sort of mixed fruit jam. The fruit definitely has some cherry, but there's something else too - I know it's apricot because of the notes, but I'm not sure I could've named it otherwise. The sweet almond + pastry is winning out over the fruit, though! I like it, but of course I do like sweet fruit + foodie, usually! I wish the apricot were a bit stronger, but I would definitely eat this for breakfast!
  2. splendidissima

    Vanilla Cream and Pear

    This is really pretty, light and delicate, and exactly what it says it is - a sweet vanilla cream nestled into juicy pear. It feels like a springtime scent to me, pale green and creamy white, and soft. It absolutely vanished on my skin, though, within just a few minutes - I'm glad I got a bottle, because I don't have many pear scents, but I suspect I'm going to go through it fast!
  3. splendidissima

    Elderberry Flower & Sandhill Plum

    I get...plum, and floral, and...spice? It is a very purple scent: rich and dark and autumnal. I do agree with marared that it dips into Autumn Craft Store, a bit, or maybe a small overstuffed local tea & spices shop. Good throw and staying power, so far!
  4. splendidissima

    Peach and Sugared Orange Slices

    Bright and fruity and bouncy! This is a very "orange" scent in my head, if I picture it: bright and sunny. I get fresh juicy peach, and sweet orange with a little bit of sharpness/tang, like you get in oranges sometimes. It's exactly what it says, and it's fun! Awesome Husband said, "Fancy soap? Like, something from a spa?" and that made me very slightly sad, but oh well!
  5. splendidissima

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Ooh, this is nice! It goes on as a blast of sugared syrupy peaches - in a nice way, juicy and sweet - and then the marshmallow and vanilla bean start to come out, and it becomes a creamy, sweet, peach-laden dessert, like a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (the good kind) over a heap of fresh peach slices. Mmm. Awesome Husband: "...sugary...fruit...and something toasted?" me: "...marshmallow?" him: "YES."
  6. splendidissima


    Lemony and sweet - this is delightful! As it dries I get a hint of tea, also sweet and citrusy and floral. This is really lovely, and very much like something you'd get at a whimsical Mad Tea Party! Awesome Husband: "...floral? green tea?" ...so clearly he's getting those notes more!
  7. splendidissima

    Black Cat

    Herbs...lemon...rose? There's something in here reminding me of Parlement of Foules - some combination of herbs/resin + rose? I initially thought it was going to go the lemon-rose cleanser type of scent, but then...it didn't quite do that, maybe because of the herbs. (Maybe catnip?) Strong throw. This is definitely interesting, and I'm glad I have an imp - we live with a big black cat (and I mean BIG - she can reach our kitchen counters, when she stands up!), so of course I needed this! I don't know if I need more, but it is *intriguing*, and I feel like that's a good descriptor for a Black Cat!
  8. splendidissima

    Playing with Dangerous Toys v2

    A freebie from the lovely doomsday_disco! I'm so intrigued - I like sweet/foodie, and this seems so different from the released version! Immediately: pink bubblegum, not in a bad way - sugary, fruity, that stretchy candy-gum quality. A few minutes in: a cake frosting note! Sweet, sweet pink frosting, still with the bubblegum over the top. After an hour: it seems really balanced between the bubblegum and the frosting, still! It's very young and fun - I like it, though I wonder if it would've worked even better on teenage me! This would be a good late spring-summer scent: pink and bouncy! Awesome Husband: ...Froot Loops..? me: I get bubblegum, I think? Husband: yes, that!
  9. splendidissima

    Adventuresome Encounters

    This one's fascinating! I love yams and sweet potatoes, and I've never heard of that in a perfume before, so I really wanted to try it! And it is indeed very yam-like! It's not as sweet as I was expecting/hoping - it's foodie, but it's a dry sort of foodie; it's a dry cinnamon bark sprinkled over the yams. I think maybe the oakmoss is adding something herbal? I don't get as much of the bourbon vanilla as I was hoping. (Wonder how it'd layer with something like Gingerbread Mummy or Ghost Milk?) I do like it, though I don't love it, and I'm glad I have some - it'll be a good fall scent, I think: swirls of cinnamon and amber and freshly harvested sweet potatoes waiting to be turned into a recipe. It seems to last for quite a while on me, too, though it sticks fairly close to the skin.
  10. splendidissima

    Mari Lwyd

    2020 Winter version! I almost didn't get this, because I wasn't sure about the beer or the lavender - I don't do florals much! But my academic fields are medievalism and folklore, and I do like sweet and foodie scents, so I finally had to! Everything seems so well blended: it's a sweet, rich, hearty cake, with hints of nuts and grains - baked grains, or oatmeal, like an oatmeal cake-style cookie. The lavender's sweet and fruity here, a sort of purple berry scent. It's a delicious cozy scent, and I think I'm starting to be won over to lavender!
  11. splendidissima

    Don’t Lick It

    It's definitely sweeter than With Consent - more sugar in the sugar/peppermint/vanilla combo! It's exactly what it says it is, and it's lovely. This version seems to stay very skin-close on me - I think some previous years have had bigger throw - but it's delicious.
  12. splendidissima

    Pumpkin Booze

    I love pumpkin and I like a good cocktail, so I definitely wanted to try this! It goes on very boozey and bourbony, with cinnamon the next strongest, and then some glowing pumpkin with hints of orange. It's almost too much booze - I'd love to drink it, not sure I want it on my skin! But after a few minutes it settles down and becomes more blended. It's not as sweet as I was expecting - there's some sugar, like a brush at the rim of a glass, but the booze/cinnamon spice is louder. I like it, but I don't know if it'll be in heavy rotation - for one thing, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't wear it to teach! 😄
  13. splendidissima

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    Sweet and light, sugary and fruity! I feel like this will be a good spring/summer scent - like I could sip a cocktail of this while sitting in the sunshine somewhere. After a while it gets a little bit of a powdery note, not in a bad way - like the crushed edges of Sweet-Tarts or something. It's very light on me, but very pretty, so I'm glad I got to try it!
  14. splendidissima


    A brand new 2021 imp! I had an older one, from years ago, which I liked but didn't love, I think? I love berry scents, but musk can be tricky. On wet: ooh, I like this! Berries, plus something dark green and sort of wild - it's not a tame forest. I like sage - my high school scent was BBW's lemongrass sage, in fact! - and I'm liking it here too. After a couple of minutes: less berry-sweet (still present, but less strong!) and more....balanced between all the notes? Juicy blackberries and dark green leaves and sage, the herbal hint of dryness cutting the sweet. Awesome Husband, being asked to sniff my wrist: "I can't smell anything. Oh, wait...like...soap? Nice soap? Fancy soap?" ...drat, now I can't shake the association! Argh.
  15. splendidissima

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    Oh, this is so interesting! I kept going back and forth about getting it, but I thought I might regret it if I didn't, so... It's very much like Loaf from the Liliths, but I think I like Unsubtle Euphemism better! It's the same savory toasty bread note, but sweeter and with a milky creamy layer. I don't really get spices, unless it's a bready sort of spice, like a rye or caraway. It's still very savory - but I think if I'd bought this first, I wouldn't've bought Loaf. I do absolutely want to eat my arm; it's savory-foodie, like I've been baking all day!