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  1. rivetted

    Circe Invidiosa

    This one is just so much more.... fruity ? than I expected. hah The blackcurrant seems to be the strongest note I get from sniffing the bottle (smells very plummy & delicious) The fruity notes do not play as "gourmand" however - this is very much an Elegant Perfume smell, of the Dark Elegant Plum variety with beautiful background florals. I think I was hoping for more of an "aquatics" experience from this perfume based on the scent description (having recently learned that I love salty ocean aquatics), but it doesn't play as an aquatic to me at all. Just strong florals & fruits, very perfumey. it's quite lovely, really. Just not what I was expecting from it, so I haven't grabbed it very often yet. However, I'm very happy with it as a purchase, and glad to add it to my collection. Interested to see how it ages as well - it seems like it could get much darker over time.
  2. rivetted

    Alice, the Reaper of Cruelty

    I wasn't sure what to expect - I think I was surprised when I first smelled it because I thought there'd be so much more resiny/heaviness to this. Smells light and citrusy at first, but it does actually have a lot of heavy depth to it. Floral, but shockingly wearable in the daytime for me (I typically have a hard time wearing anything floral in the daytime) Those bright citrus topnotes keep it very "daytime" & "active" Never becomes soapy for me - as some floral/citrus blends can do. I feel like this is the daytime citrus blend I've been looking for - every time I try a new one, I am disappointed that it isn't this one. & so I keep returning to Alice. She is wonderful. A keeper in my collection.
  3. rivetted

    Discarded Sandal

    Mmmmmm. Absolutely a wonderful beeswax & balsam scent. I almost feel like I smell sandalwood, but it's likely just the balsam? I am liking how the beeswax feels "honeyed" without actually being that intense honey note. An almost subdued (but still strong scent) that feels very warm & wearable.
  4. rivetted

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    the initial whiff i took of this bottle, straight out of the mail one week ago, felt un-blended, and a bit harsh still. i couldn't tell if i would like it yet, but i was curious. it's been slowly growing on me, & after many sniffs from the bottle this week, curiousity struck. I tried it on finally this evening, and I love it. this has been the best slow burn out of my box of shungas so far. coy mermaid is somehow light, crisp, & refreshing, while also full of incense smells. The scent of the freshest incense that hasn't been burned yet. this is one of the first sandalwood scents i've found recently that actually smells strong - most of them i've found a bit too "tame," or "pale" maybe, as I typically like heavier scents. this is a very wearable sandalwood, & feels feminine without being too floral or girly. really looking forward to wearing this more, & seeing how it ages. ❤️
  5. rivetted

    Adventuresome Encounters

    Definitely candied sweet potato/yam. This smells quite delicious, & although gourmands are not really my thing, I think I'll try holding on to this one for awhile - it may be something I enjoy wearing much more in the Fall.
  6. rivetted

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    I was so excited to smell this one after everyone's rave reviews here. Alas. I don't want to say I *hate it*, but there is some top-note in here that smells very pungent to me in a way I really dislike, immediately, so much so that I will not even dare try this on my skin. It's banana-like to me, & I will say that I *hate* bananas. ... upon reflection of typing that, I wonder why I am suprised to say that it smells like banana. This is the ELEPHANT perfume. *smacks head* I keep opening the bottle & smelling it again every few days hoping that I'll find whatever it is that other people are smelling, but the pungent note does not go away for me, and it is seeming unlikely that it will. I will add that even though this does not work for me, & likely never will, I can smell some of the beauty underneath that pungent note. It makes me that much sadder to say that this one doesn't work for me, because if it weren't for that one note I dislike in it, it could be really lovely. At least since everyone else seems to love it so much, I should be able to find this bottle a new loving home eventually!
  7. rivetted

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    You may want to try out Discarded Sandal from this years Shungas! Discarded Sandal: Beeswax, hinoki wood, Japanese black pine, juniper, tolu balsam, and muguet. I think it is quite delicious. The Witch/Strega may also be interesting to you - it doesn't list honey, though it has a sweetness to it. It's a personal favorite of mine. The Witch/Strega: Leatherbound tomes and rose cream, flickering flames of twin ambers, and a cascade of shadows: black oud, teakwood, black beeswax, 13-year aged patchouli, cinnabar, balsam, sweet labdanum, tonka bean, and smoke.
  8. rivetted

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    Very beautiful while wet / in the bottle! Fresh, bright, sharp citrus. Lovely. On my skin, it turned into a soapy smell. A little disappointing. I'll have to try this one again after it's aged a bit to see if there's any changes.
  9. Full Shunga Collection: A Karasu Tengu Copulating With The Knot-Hole of a Pine Tree Adventuresome Encounters Balancing The Sake Cup Butterfly Dancer Cascading Silks Cherry Blossom Vulva Coy Mermaid With A Vulva Shaped Head Cycling For Pleasure Discarded Sandal Dragon, Rabbit, & Snake Ecstatic Dancing Penises Erotic Sake Bowl Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking Flowering Peonies Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors Imayo Irokumi No Ito Inspecting The Lantern Kimi Ga Dai Wa Levitating Phallic God Peach Vulva *(shipped separately - don't have yet) Raucous Games Inside a Bathouse Rippling Water In the Stone Basin Shadow Pictures Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes Under the Foot Warmer Unsubtle Euphamism Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace Initial Impressions: Day 1 (Friday): Fresh out of the Mailbox - Cherry Blossom Vulva is the Day 1 winner. Beautiful fresh daytime florals. Easy to wear, not lotiony/soapy - just fresh! Butterfly Dancer leaves a good impression & gets set aside for my personal collection immediately. Cycling For Pleasure is immediately intriguing, & different than everything else I own. I can't stop smelling it, & it is the second one I try out. Balancing The Sake Cup is strong, & intense. I don't think I like it. It needs to calm down some. Erotic Sake Bowl is much more pleasant, very bright, fresh, happy, citrusy. Unsubtle Euphemism is somehow like the most delicious bakery smell ever. I don't know If i want to wear it - but I could definitely eat it. Everything else smells interesting but it's too much at once. Some things are disappointing, but initial impressions can be that way. I am surprised by the amount of varied scents, & how even throughout such variety they really do feel like part of a cohesive collection together. Day 2 (Saturday): wore Cycling For Pleasure. What a treat to wear. A new favorite. my partner tries on Ecstatic Dancing Penises. It is definitely a bit more of a men's scent. Day 3 (Sunday): Attempting to organize my thoughts on the variety of new scents. Initial impressions have left me skeptical of (4): Balancing the Sake Cup (too sharp), Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace (sickly sweet florals), Imayo Irokumi No Ito (too grassy), & Shadow Pictures (parchment note is strong). Of those, the first two seem least likely to fall into my personal collection. The latter two just might age to be much nicer - & I'll admit I'm coming around to Shadow Pictures more and more over time. Although I do intend to hold on to most of these as a set for quite some time, to see how they age, some things just don't sit right at first. The ones I do set aside for my personal collection immediately: Butterfly Dancer, Cycling For Pleasure, Cherry Blossom Vulva, Under the Foot Warmer, Discarded Sandal, Erotic Sake Bowl On Sunday at some point I tried on Kimi Ga Dai Wa - and I didn't quite like it. It may have been the wrong moment for me - it is very toasty & warm, definitely smells like someone who owns cats - it smells nice, but isn't something I see myself personally wearing. Late that evening, before bed, & after a shower, I tried on Raucous Games Inside A Bathouse - and it's quite lovely. Fresh & clean, fruity & steamy, beautiful spa vibes. Day 4 (Monday): Wore Under The Foot Warmer I think I just knew I'd love this one. Fresh, sharp woodsy notes, and a hint of pepper & smoke. I think this could easily be a daily wear / new favorite of mine, and it should age beautifully. It's a bit light at the moment, and I think it will grow into a bit more heaviness / staying power after some time resting. Day 5 (Tuesday) Tried to wear Erotic Sake Bowl. It turned from the beautiful bright citrus smell to soap on my skin. Disappointed, but saving it to try again later. Maybe it'll work differently with age.
  10. rivetted

    Raucous Games Inside a Bathhouse

    I'll have to agree with the above: wet, fruity, & steamy. There's a lot of sweetness to this, but it is overall a very clean & fresh smell. I put it on last night straight out of the shower & proceeded to lounge around in a robe. It was perfect. I kinda love the Bathhouse vibes of this collection, I feel like so many of these Shunga 2021 scents are reminiscent of a very expensive japanese spa (specifically thinking of the Kabuki in SF) and I am now falling in love with aquatics. Who knew I wanted to smell like a fancy bathhouse! I sure didn't. Maybe, I can even just imagine the massages now..
  11. rivetted

    Rippling Water in the Stone Basin

    This is really refreshing. Like stepping out into cool night air. The sort of freshness you'd smell at an expensive spa. A hint of something that is peppery, with fresh wet river rocks & a trickling fountain, and a woodsy background with a slight apothecary/herbal smell. I really adore Juniper, so this one was an easy win for me.
  12. rivetted

    Cycling for Pleasure

    I *love* the sea salt/body salt combo of this one. It plays like fresh salt air out of the bottle, with some background floral/woodsy notes. I had to try nearly every Shunga '21, and this the second one I just had to try. Day 2 winner right here. It does fade to a lightly salty skin-sweat scent after a few hours, but not a bad sweat / body odor type - more like the scent of a lover after a long day that you want to huff It's a new favorite to add to my collection, as I do not have anything like this. It is both unique & lovely to smell (I also grew up by the coast, so there may be some nostalgia for me there!) Edit update; i keep coming back to this one. It's delicious in a way that is extremely easy to wear, and feels almost sexual. Like sex on the beach vibes. I feel encrusted with ocean spray, a hot tanline, and sandy beachy curls
  13. rivetted

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    I have to admit, I ordered *nearly* every Shunga '21. Shunga-madness. Cherry Blossom Vulva was the one I had to try first, right out of the mailbox. It is lovely & fresh, light but strong florals. Cherry Blossom & Honeysuckle are the initial scents, and it fades into a beautiful Gardenia. I usually do not wear florals in the daytime, but this one is great even for me (I usually wear heavier resiny/incenses) Very springtime & bright, but not soapy/lotiony at all. Just Spring Blossom Freshness, right out of the bottle and on the skin.
  14. rivetted

    Amoretti LXXV

    I was super excited for this one, & well... it is beautiful. Truly. But I also can't imagine myself wearing it? It smells RED. Like bright juicy, wet & sweet candied caramel apple freshness. Imagine the freshest red apple you've ever bitten into, and then imagine it becoming this decadent sultry candied sweetness that you just melt into afterwards. Like a valentine's pillow cloud of sweet red apple candy. Honestly, I'd like to eat this. But not so sure I want to wear it as a perfume.
  15. rivetted

    The Witch/Strega

    I absolutely love this one, it is now a new all-time favorite for me. I have no idea what smells so "odd" to others in the comments here, but It is absolutely possible that I have weird tastes (scents!) This smells like honey, wood, amber, leather. Woodsy, dark. Maybe the "odd" smell is a hint of the patchouli. But it smells far too sweet to me to be off-putting. I think it somehow manages to last on my skin all day, and when I take my bra off at the end of the day (or even when I put it on the next morning!!) I just want to huff the lace it smells so good. I definitely grabbed a second bottle of this one.