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  1. ive been calling this one amor/sneezed for shorthand 😂 lemon caaaaakeeeeee !!! ~ i get lemon tarts, lemon cakes, tiny lemon teacakes - anything lemon - every year for my birthday. (it reminds me the most of the tiny sweet lemon teacake i got for my most recent birthday actually!) this smells like my birthday. i LOVE it. ❤️ decadent and happy, very cake-y, very strong and sweetly lemon. the lemon fades a little bit (but didnt disappear completely) and the "honey cakes" aspect wakes up more over time for me. (the honey note is never overpowering though!)
  2. rivetted

    Brown Sugar, Cream, and Earl Grey Tea

    well, i think i love this - and unlike those above, i definitely get "cream and sugar" from this. lots of cream! lots of sugar! i would agree that the brown sugar plays almost like molasses. this smells delicious and very wearable, without being too foodie.
  3. rivetted

    Under The Silvery Moonbeams

    mmmmm, this is absolutely stunning delicate greenery. feels very ethereal and hazy. i dont think ive smelled anything quite like this - i just keep wanting to sniff my wrist. moss and matcha and jasmine, pine and cardamom - just really beautiful. i feel like this plays almost "absinthe-y" in a way, without ever actually being as overwhelming, sugary or boozey. if you wanted a green scent that wasn't "fresh cut grass & plants" (reaaaalllyy not my thing) but more of a "sexy and refined green lounge perfume" - this is a total stunner. will test out more and update if i think i need to! but right now i am really stoked that i grabbed this one!
  4. rivetted

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    ooof, yep - exactly what i imagined. like a delicate lemon cake. excited to try this one out more and see how it goes - will update as i have tried it more.
  5. rivetted

    The Song of the Carp

    wow - blue chamomile and strong patchouli right off the bat here, with a very fresh backdrop of springtime by the seaside. the patchouli is kind of dominating this one right now, but it is extremely fresh from bpal, so i am very interested to see how this one ages and smells in a few weeks, or even in the next few days. this actually really strongly reminds me of Antares by Alkemia: i think the patchouli in Song of the Carp must also be a "white patchouli" - and it wouldnt surprise me if queen of the night or nicotiana or something akin to the "water musk" were hidden in this blend as well. overall: fresh & sharp - springtime - very sophisticated a blend that feels like white patchouli & clean/sheer white florals. watery & musky. as a person who doesnt actively love either patchouli OR florals, this is actually a win. the florals are delicate and in the background, masked by the watery/musky/overall sharpness of the entire blend and the patchouli. i can't say that it's what i was expecting, but honestly i am pleasantly surprised! i'd definitely recommend trying this one out if you are curious.
  6. rivetted

    The Treasury

    i think it is the honey dust that is dominating this scent right now. wow, i think it is just way more sweet than i expected but it is kinda awesome. very golden, warm and cozy. kind of heavenly, really. slightly powdery - but in a sexy dry incense powders (sandalwood) / honey dust kind of way - not like baby powder. everything here is just screaming sweet and sexy skin musk.
  7. rivetted

    Shouutsushi Aioi Genji

    mmmmmmm this one is delicious. easily one of my top picks so far out of this years shungas i ordered, but will have to test more to see how it goes. the lotus is really pleasant and not overwhelming. the candlewax/beeswax and smoke is very dominant, with the amber keeping this feeling sweet, incensey, and resinous. perhaps slightly sweeter than i may have expected. this is really really lovely. a sexy, smokey scent that could be worn regularly. i could imagine this scent as a backdrop in a fancy massage parlor. it definitely fits in with the overall vibes of the shungas and japanese scent collections.
  8. rivetted

    The Secret Meaning Behind Flowers

    this is very reminiscent of last year's Peach Vulva.... but i think it is better. i really like what the coconut milk is doing to this whole blend. it is really deliciously creamy and coconuty, smells like a very luxurious lotion or hair conditioner to me. i am going to need to test this one out more to see what else i think of it, but right off the bat i am happy that i got it. ❤️
  9. rivetted

    Sugar, Poppy Tar, and Red Currant

    welp, i was hoping for something similar to "See Thyself, Devil!" and I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! this is lovely!!! very similar - ethereal, sweet, it has the similar "sugar water" scent of something that i would imagine you leave out in a hummingbird feeder in springtime. love it. absolutely love love love it. here, though - the "lavender" note from See Thyself Devil is replaced with the red currant note, so this blend is slightly more red, slightly more fruity. it also seems to me to be a bit stronger than See Thyself Devil, though i will have to test that theory more! ugh, so sexy, so delicious. flapper girl - hummingbird water - springtime vibes. i swear i could wear this type of scent every day, and every night, and not get sick of it. overall, this is a very happy win of a bottle for me.
  10. rivetted

    Intricate Entanglements

    oh my gosh. wow. what a powerhouse. i was really indecisive about whether or not to purchase this one as a bottle, or decant, or not at all?? like, orange-y scents can sometimes just be... orange-y. in a "well, that smells great but i really dont need that many citrus perfumes" sort of way 😅 so, my preconceived notions were really undecided. ultimately, i couldnt help myself and added it to the cart at the last minute. the bourbon vanilla/labdanum/benzoin combo sounded promising and likely to make the mandarin very resinous and sweet. and holy hell was that accurate. i am SO GLAD i threw this in my purchases. the mandarin is at the forefront, and everything in here is just swelling with sweetness, sexiness, resinous-ness. if i only keep 1 or 2 mandarin-dominant perfumes in my collection, this should probably be one of them. edited to add: my boyfriend described this as "a deliciously sweet boozey drink that i would drink way too much of and would definitely give me a hangover" 😂 while i don't necessarily agree, as i think at a baseline it falls more in the range of "sugar & orange blossoms", i can see the resemblance of scent profiles to a sweet citrusy cocktail, and i found the comment too amusing to not add it in here
  11. just arrived in the mail: this is so much sweeter and creamier than i imagined!!! the red ginger cream and currant are absolutely the stars of the show here. however - the "ginger" part of that is very muted, so no worries there on an overwhelming sharp ginger. the currant/ginger combo add this fruity backdrop to it that are subtle and pleasant. (subtle as in - if i were smelling this blind without seeing the listed notes, i might not think "fruity") the tobacco, red amber and myrrh keep this blend sweet, sexy, and resinous beneath the creamy foreground. overall - this smells sweet, creamy, with a smooth and sexy undertone of incense and smoke. it plays more like a soft creamy lotion than i expected - one that is delicious and sexy, perhaps *slightly* tropical even. i was actually hoping for less sweetness personally, but i really like this blend! funnily, even though i was hoping it would be more masculine as mentioned in the comment above, it doesn't play masculine to me AT ALL - it feels more unisex but feminine-leaning. this was my most excited purchase of this years shungas, and it is pretty great! definitely happy with my purchase. it is unique and interesting. i am looking forward to testing it more!! i will come back to edit this later after i've had it around for longer!
  12. rivetted

    UOUO4 (prototype)

    very fresh, sweet, "after-the-shower" delicate white florals. This reminds me really heavily of the OLLA scent "June 23, 1868" which I actually put on just today, stunningly enough! (I havent worn it in months - but winter is finally disappearing and i love to wear this type of delicate / fresh scent in the spring/summer!) The notes from June 23, 1868 are: True love renewed by night in an English garden: moonflower, Nottingham catchfly, Casablanca lily, evening primrose, night-blooming cereus, Queen of the Night, muted by the sepia tones of tonka, tobacco absolute, bourbon vanilla, and costus. The biggest difference to me is that UOUO4 is stronger, and sweeter. I wouldn't be surprised to find many of the notes from above to be in this blend as well - most likely: moonflower, lily, night-blooming cereus, queen of the night - perhaps even bourbon vanilla because of the sweetness factor! it is never too sweet, as this is predominantly a floral blend, but the sweetness makes it very feminine and pretty. It's quite possible there is night-blooming jasmine, or gardenia or magnolia hidden in this blend like mentioned in the first comment. this blend is absolutely a hidden gem, what a score!
  13. rivetted

    Budding Realization

    very wet, fresh rose. like walking into a flower shop where they've got freshly cut roses. the spicyness is subtle and low-key for me. the honey amber is lovely on the skin, but not noticeable in the bottle. doesn't ever turn powdery for me.
  14. rivetted

    Lavender Lightning

    i decided to add this one at the last second. it's exactly what it says it is! very fresh, very lavender. i like this more than i expected to, actually. not as "cold" as i thought it might be, thankfully. equally wearable in the daytime or for going to bed!
  15. rivetted

    Jack of Hearts

    unfortunately this one was also too sweet for me. both the cherry scents from the liliths were just too sugary! a very medicinal (probably the carnation/black pepper) honey smell, if you are looking for a powerful honey smell with some kick!