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  1. frizzlechicken

    Psnake Oil

    I'm totally unfamiliar with Psionicist, but I absolutely love this Snake! It's crisp, summery, and just the right amount of Snake sweetening the chill of the mints and adding a layer of sugary vanilla (but not too much!) Truly what others have said - this is the perfect summer Snake.
  2. frizzlechicken

    Black Amber & Sugar Cane

    This arrived yesterday and I’m already in love. Do you like Amber? Do you like sugars that aren’t overly sweet? Then you need this. It’s a heavenly rich Amber (almost Lace-like) sweetened but not overpowered by the sugar cane. It reminds me of Amber & Lace or Amber & Cardamom; almost a companion piece to them. I absolutely love this.
  3. frizzlechicken

    Cykranoshian Catnip

    I received this as a PIF from an absolutely lovely BPALer. I am loving it! On my skin it smells like smouldering catnip incense. It's not overpowering and I own nothing else like it, which is a treat!
  4. frizzlechicken

    Hammy Northern Mockingbird

    Wet, it's beautiful fresh cut lilacs and grass with a light undertone of sandalwood. As it dries it fades to a really nice cedar/floral blend. I don't detect any cardamom. It's very soft and has low throw.
  5. frizzlechicken

    Muddy Armadillo

    My decant is full of specks and sludge and I love that! This is a smoky, dirty cacao. Both simple and elegant. I had a feeling I'd love this but I did a decant just to be sure. Now I am sure.
  6. frizzlechicken

    Kimi Ga Dai Wa

    Oh gosh, I wanted to love this and almost blind-bottled it because the bottle art is so amazing. Alas...it's lovely, but just a bit too heavy for me. It's got a cologne-y undertone and smells exactly like some powdered makeup the matriarchs in my life wore when I was growing up. There's a little bit of a graphite undertone, too. It's definitely not what I expected based on the notes. I can see how it would be described as snuggly. ETA: someone else mentioned the staying power of this and they're right, it's legit. I woke up this morning and could still smell the spot where I'd applied it.
  7. frizzlechicken

    Peach Vulva

    This is a very bright, fleshy, juicy peach. I get a little of the apricot and sugar as well. No amber to my nose. Definitely want to let it rest and try again in a few weeks.
  8. frizzlechicken

    Gingerbread Invisible Man

    Home run! I usually love the Gingerbread series but was hesitant about this for some reason. I don't really know why - but I just got a partial bottle and any fears I may have had are gone. The champagne, gingerbread, and lemon are all there and delightful. The sugar is light but giving it a slight (slight!) cookie undertone. I am obsessed. This is going to be a really nice spring/summer Gingerbread blend.
  9. frizzlechicken


    I had no idea what Bluebonnets would smell like but I tried a decant and it's really lovely. It's hard to describe a floral really (at least to me it is) but I can say that it is lovely, not overpowering, almost with a sweet pea or plumeria undertone? It is really pleasant and I keep sniffing where I applied.
  10. frizzlechicken

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    I've been dying to try this one for a while and got it as a frimp in a decant circle - a great surprise!! I get a strong blast of coconut on application, but as it's drying the musk is coming out. The roses are very faint but they're the fresh-cut type, like the scent when you cut their stems. I'm absolutely loving this.
  11. frizzlechicken

    Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace

    I really wasn't sure what Lotus or Lotus petals would smell like, but I got a decant since I love Amber, Mallow, and vanilla cream. Well, I'm loving this. It's creamy and warm, floral without being screechy. It's actually reminding me of my favorite undertones in Poinsettia Gown, minus that one's strong jasmine. Vaginal Tales is absolutely lovely and I think I may upgrade to a full bottle.
  12. frizzlechicken

    Anne Beany

    I don’t know how I’d missed this scent for so long because it’s right up my alley. It’s pure crème brûlée rum cheesecake goodness from start to finish. Great both on skin and in my locket.
  13. frizzlechicken

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    This is soooooo interesting. It smells like cigarette-drenched Goat's Milk. I also detect the cedarwood, the honey and the tobacco and I think the oak bark too. I definitely keep going back to whiff it more. I don't smell the cardamom yet, but this is a really complex scent and while it leans gourmand, I can see it working for those who don't like GOURMANDs !!11!!1 None of the notes dominate - the blending is stellar.
  14. frizzlechicken

    Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors

    On my skin, I get an immediate burst of lovely candy-like cherry almond, but within an hour it settles into what I can only describe as strongly reminiscent of a certain conventional perfume with the word 'sugar' in the title. I don't know why this isn't working on me, but it's not and I suspect it has to be the mimosa? I love literally every other note to the point that I'd blind-bottled this, but it becomes plasticky and cloying. I don't smell any hay absolute or bourbon cream. I'm giving it another week to settle, but this one may be a sad skin chemistry fail.
  15. frizzlechicken


    I love it. I mostly get the dusty lavender and cookies. I can't detect the leather, but I like leather so even if it pops up that wouldn't be an issue. This is lovely and delicious; to my senses a soft and soothing blend recalling a bag of cookies you found in your pocket (or backpack!) that are still good.