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  1. frizzlechicken

    Magic Meemaw Purse Candy

    This is wonderful. It reminds me of if you steeped Harney & Sons Crème Brûlée tea + Acid-Laced Butterscotch Lozenge and added some weed. The weed isn’t overpowering, it’s just like a good edible undertone.
  2. frizzlechicken

    From Whose Eyes As They Glance Flowed Love

    I usually like to describe scents by mentioning what notes I detect because I find that most helpful when I’m reading other reviews, but for this one, all I can think is to just describe it as “absolutely beautiful” and a “perfect scent”. Yes, I definitely notice a little rose, but it’s not overpowering. The remaining notes all blend together in ways that I can definitely tell they’re there, but no one note dominates. When I’m wearing this, every time I catch up a whiff I’m like, gosh, this smells so great. It’s probably one of my top five favorites released in the past few years…and maybe of all time!
  3. frizzlechicken

    The Serpent in the Roses

    Yep I definitely agree with those saying this is BPAL. This is gorgeously blended. I'm getting red musk, rose, and something reminiscent of the actual namesake fragrance, Black Phoenix. The amber must be rounding this out in all its warmth. No soapiness, no cloying florals. It's hard to put this one into words other than just "this is great". The SO is very light in this one, but there; it's elegant and gorgeous all at once.
  4. frizzlechicken


    So I will pretty much try any blend that has the lab's Champagne note; it is a favorite and never disappoints, but sometimes what's blended with it can. Blackcurrant and I are generally not friends, so I was a little concerned about this one, but it turns out that was not necessary because this is a Champagne/Plum blend on me! The blackcurrant is barely hinting underneath, providing the slight floral note I think others have detected. I love the lab's plum, so this blend is a real hit for me. I smell like elegant candy hearts/sweet tarts dropped into fizzy champagne. Love!!
  5. frizzlechicken


    On me, this is definitely an absinthe-and-sugar-forward scent, backed by an underlay of champagne. Sweet and festive.
  6. frizzlechicken

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    I ultimately love it - it’s beautiful skin scent, but a terrible locket scent for me! On skin it’s a gorgeous sugar plum candy with the lavender adding a bright/tart edge. Everyone in my office is complimenting how good I smell using words like “sweet tarts” and “delicious candy!” In the locket, though, the lavender is adding a sourness to the sugar plum that sits wrong with me. It really needs my skin to blossom. Which is fine anyway because I really love the lab’s sugar plum on my skin!
  7. frizzlechicken

    Forge of Vulcan

    Oh damn I love this. It's smoky, it's musty, it's absolutely reddish blood amber poured over smoke, creating an incense-y vibe, but not too much and not too "this is a college dorm room". It's like a sophisticated, well-maintained wood-paneled basement that's got some incense smoke imparted into the couches over the years.
  8. frizzlechicken

    Boozy Lemon Bars

    I love this so much. I used to have an indie body cream in the early 00s that smelled like this. It's got the lemony-booze of Sour Lemon Smut with a carmelized custard crust that smells like it's just had the blowtorch applied. Stays pretty much the same on skin as it does when first applied. Baked Lemony goodness.
  9. frizzlechicken

    In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low

    This is a morpher! Freshly applied, it's a lot of pure coffee bean and cardamom goodness. As it fades, a vanilla/cognac-like note emerges, and the drydown is comforting and delicious.
  10. frizzlechicken

    Ginny, the Reaper of Vengeance

    Peppery cognac, with the tobacco flower adding an undertone of warmth. The "amber of her eyes" is indeed reminiscent of "Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyes" so if you like that too, you may love this. (I do!)
  11. frizzlechicken

    Welcome Unto Thee

    I agree that this is nearly a Champagne SN, which for me is a win since I love the BPAL Champagne note. It's a bright, fizzy champagne with a hint of what's to me almost an orange cream soda undertone? Fantastic. If you love the Lab's Champagne note, you definitely need to try this.
  12. frizzlechicken

    Red Musk, Sugared Amber, and Red Berries

    This one definitely needs to settle! When my bottle first arrived it was all screechy berries. I almost sold it off right away but I decided to wait. I’m glad I did because after a few weeks, the red musk and sugared amber both showed up and blended in beautifully. Now it’s a gorgeous festive red musk blend on me. Definitely has a holiday/winter feel to it. A little goes a long way on this as it has a strong throw, but I’m really glad I kept it. I like it a lot.
  13. frizzlechicken

    Lightning Strikes the Future

    This is really lovely when freshly applied; it’s a nice red musk that recalls cassette tape liner notes (which I love) with a tiny bit of ozone. As it dries, the red musk fades and the scent takes a turn towards more of an ozone-y amber. I think that’s the fossilized aspect coming through. It’s really nicely blended and not overwhelming at all.
  14. frizzlechicken

    Three Pairs of Shoes

    I love this but it is definitely for leather lovers! It smells like being in a closet full of dusty leather shoes, with a touch of waxy smoke (not heavy smoke though). It really reminds me of going into an old attic or an old costume shop. It’s one of the more unique blends I think I’ve ever gotten from BPAL. Highly recommend if this sounds at all up your alley.
  15. frizzlechicken

    L.A. River Pumpkin

    This is lovely! It's a sweet fleshy pumpkin - no spices just the pure flesh of a pumpkin - warmed by light pear and pineapple. The musk is hiding in the background keeping it all from being too sweet or too candy-like. I also really do get a "sunny" vibe, as if all the ingredients were sitting out in warm fall sun. I got a decant of this but will upgrade to a bottle, that's how much I like it!