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  1. frizzlechicken


    I just received a bottle of the 2019 version and I absolutely love it. You know what it reminds me of? Soft woolen chocolate intertwined with notes from Rendezvous with Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws...perhaps the Hay or the Rice Milk, or both? The slight wax is a gentle component as well. The scent is not overpowering, it's library-esque and comforting. I'm curious now about the 2016 version!
  2. frizzlechicken

    Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch

    I love this because the Pumpkin note isn't spiced, it's a really beautiful pure pumpkin that smells like the actual fruit. Add to that the delicious funnel cake note that I love from the PSIYH series; and what's this? On my skin it dries down similarly to Pumpkin Tobacco. This...might be backup worthy.
  3. frizzlechicken

    Endless Corridors

    Mmmmm. Smells just like that puff of smoke and wax when you extinguish a candle using a candle snuffer, with a very very light honey undertone. So like...imagine you snuffed out a honey candle. If you don't like the smell of smoke or band-aids, this won't be for you, but wow I love it. Ugh I keep smelling where it is on my wrist.
  4. frizzlechicken

    It Was Just a Cat

    In the decant this was powdery at first; I let it sit a few days because it had a strongly cinnamon smell when it first arrived. That's gone now, and upon application it quickly dries down to the beautiful amber fur note of Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs. I'm also detecting a little bit of almond, I think? I love it.
  5. frizzlechicken

    You Are Not Alone

    I absolutely adore this. It's definitely meant to be worn on skin; I tried it both in my locket and on myself, and while it's lovely in the locket, it comes to life on skin. It is a warm, snuggly scent, lavender up top; almost a whiff of cigarette smoke when you open the bottle (not scary, I promise, I can't stand cigarette smoke); then quickly warming into the smell of some old comforting scent that's been on your clothes for ages that you just don't want to wash. I think there must be some vetiver in this since it reminds me a lot of Two Sheep and Two Goats...(and if you like that, you must try this). Honestly this felt like the back of a bar, or a library or old bookstore, something like that. It's so beautiful and evocative and comforting. I had a decant and ordered a bottle with the latest 13 because I found myself immediately wanting to wear it again.
  6. frizzlechicken

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Do you like Cardamom? Like...do you really, really like it? Then you simply must pick this up. I am a lover of the Card, so this was an insta-blind-buy for me. As expected, I love it. It is full of delicious Cardamom blasting you right up front. As it settles the cream and cake batter appear, blending beautifully. I absolutely love this.
  7. frizzlechicken

    Skin Musk, Cream & Honey Dust

    This is gorgeous. It also morphs a lot on skin vs. locket. I wore it yesterday both ways; in the locket there's a warm, toasty, chewy note reminiscent of Harlow's Lace, if you're familiar with that. On my skin the honey and skin musk amp and mingle, and the toasted note fades. Both ways are fantastic. I blind-bottled this and it is a winner.
  8. frizzlechicken

    Milk Chocolate & Honey Cream

    I really love this. It was a blind-bottle purchase for me, and it did not disappoint. It wears pretty closely both wet and dry for me, and it has a warm honey mixed with the milk chocolate. There is almost an undertone of what I would call a chocolate-covered raisin candy. It is very comforting and has a lasting wear length.
  9. frizzlechicken

    To My Dear and Loving Husband

    Damn, this is stunning. I get a slightly fizzy grape note with an elegant patchouli and vanilla. It's masterfully blended. Different notes waft up throughout the day. I think I detect the black tea as well, quietly hanging out in the background. I absolutely love this. It's comforting and beautiful.
  10. frizzlechicken

    Green Lovebird

    Wowwwwww I know it's gauche to relate the elegant and thoughtful creations here to candles from a certain behemoth in the candle industry, but Green Lovebird is evocative of a decades-old beloved candle from such a company. I loved the scent so much that I used to try and recreate it by mixing Vanilla and Mint perfumes. Now, finally, I have it! This is a vanilla mint that is both crisp and comforting all at once. I love it. Can't wait to try it with Pink Lovebird. The bottles look so cute together.
  11. frizzlechicken

    Rope Pulley

    Gorgeous. The strawberry in this is blended beautifully with the creamy marshmallow. Some strawberry scents can be plasticky on me but this is not. As it dries down it's a creamy marshmallow strawberry, but never ever sickening or overpowering. This will be a full bottle upgrade for sure.
  12. frizzlechicken

    Pink Lovebird

    This is awesome. Fresh out of the bottle it's a sweet mix of all the notes mentioned. In some ways it reminds me of Lola Lee Loo, but much lighter. (I think it's the cardamom evoking it.) The cardamom is front and center when I first apply, but it blends with the confetti cake and cotton candy pretty quickly. As it fades, it leaves a beautiful light scent of not-sickeningly-sweet cotton candy and sugar. It's a stunner. I don't yet have Green Lovebird, but look forward to layering and enjoying both. I also just adore the story.
  13. frizzlechicken

    The Great Virgo Baking Show

    mmmmmmm this is so good. It's a honey/pie crust/pecan mash of goodness. I can't stop smelling my arms.
  14. frizzlechicken

    Coffee Beans & Copal

    This definitely skews into Citronella territory on me. I can smell the coffee beans when I open the bottle, but it doesn't translate onto my skin. After a few hours the citronella aspect fades and there's a nice sweet scent left behind, but still no coffee bean.
  15. frizzlechicken

    Vanilla Bean, Tuberose & Jasmine

    Oh, this is lovely. The softest, most delicate vanilla plus jasmine and tuberose. Soft and gentle on my skin, would be a terrific oil for when I’m a little headachy but still want to smell nice.