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  1. frizzlechicken

    Heart-Shaped Hot Tub

    I love this - judging by how frequently I've worn it since I got a decant and then upgraded to a bottle, this is my favorite Luper of 2024. I get a lot of grape and red musk, personally, which I love. Agreed that there's no funky Oudh, just a sweet undertone backing the grape and red musk. I can't personally pick out the other notes, but I assume they're part of what makes this seem so well-blended. Every time I catch a whiff when wearing, it's great. Will likely get a backup of this one.
  2. frizzlechicken

    Cake Pop Wreath

    This is beautiful! It is light and sweet, but not overly sweet; it almost reminds me of Rope Pulley but with a soft lemon instead of a lot of strawberry. There's also a hint of tangy cream cheese upon application. The dry down is soft and sugary. I feel like I get whiffs of all the notes in the description. I love it and wore it two days in a row which I hardly ever do! This is going to be a really lovely warm weather scent.
  3. frizzlechicken

    Video Head Cleaner

    I don't use poppers so at first was going to pass this by, but y'all here in the reviews convinced me to try it because things like dusty electrical innards are all words right up my alley. Wet on the skin it's very much like mentioned above: warm electrical innards of a VCR after you've been using it for a while. You pop the tape out and smell the air...yep! There's definitely some nostalgia here for anyone who grew up with a VCR. As it dries, there's a soft, dusty musk note that remains. I also could see calling it slightly sandalwood-y. Hours later and I have a really clean musk note remaining. It's light. It's weird. I'm glad I got a bottle!
  4. frizzlechicken

    Blood Kiss Bonbon

    I recently got a bottle via the Lab's Etsy and it is sooooooo good. It's sort of like a rich, velvety Chocolate Cherry Tootsie Roll pop. I don't think that's a real Tootsie Roll Pop flavor, but if it were it would be Blood Kiss Bon Bon. I don't always love strong chocolate scents but the musk and vanilla are smoothing things out. There is also the slightest touch of honey, but it is ever so slight. This is a winner and since it was a Luper in 2014, I feel like I'm dipping into another new Luper!
  5. frizzlechicken

    Heart Beet

    This one took me on a wild ride, and it's mainly that it needed time to settle. I blind-bottled it and it arrived over a week ago. I tried it the next day and was sure I hated it. All I could smell was dirt (like fresh earth) floating on the air of a mid-spring day, and NEROLI NEROLI NEROLI. I very nearly sold it right off then and there, but because I am a sucker for unusual things and cool label art, I decided to let it rest a bit. Well damn! This morning I sniffed it again and thought, well, let's give it one more shot. I am so glad I did! Now that it's rested, all the notes seem to have blended and smoothed. Totally gone is the earthy smell; I still detect the fresh spring air when wet, but mostly now it's blood musk, ginger and neroli (much quieter). It dries down to mostly blood musk and I have enjoyed the ride. It will be lovely for spring. Heart Beet, shantay you stay.
  6. frizzlechicken

    Champagne and Blood

    Wait how have I not yet reviewed this? It's perfection in a BPAL to me. There's a blast of cherry cola and champagne upon application, and then it dries down to the most divine blood/labdanum/incense (but not too spicy!) note. I cannot stop sniffing wherever I've applied it and on a recent trip to New Orleans this was one of only 4 scents I selected to accompany the journey!
  7. frizzlechicken

    Hunter's Moon 2023

    This really does smell like damp forest air and candy. There's a subtle patchouli that I'm detecting, but it's light and I think part of the "feral"-ness of this. I definitely also notice the caramel and the chocolate, but it's subtle and blended well with everything. This is only a few days fresh from the mail and I suspect will get even better with age!
  8. frizzlechicken

    Ruby Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Rose Petals

    mmmmm, yes. So I now know I love the Lab's Ruby Chocolate note. I love Millennial Pink (which has Ruby Chocolate as a main component) and this is like a cousin to it. Where Millennial has the blend of white musk, this has the creamy marshmallow and rose petals. The rose petals are indeed fresh-cut-in-water smelling, but they're never overpowering. It's a gorgeous blend and if you like Millennial Pink (or Ruby Chocolate) this is a must-try.
  9. frizzlechicken

    Champagne and Snake Oil

    I LOVE THIS. It may be my all-time favorite Snake Oil variant. Now, keep in mind that I am a BPAL champagne fiend, so I was primed to love this. It's a simple premise - Snake Oil drenched in champagne - and it works so very well. The two scents combine beautifully on me, fading to a gorgeous vanilla champagne with a little snake oil spice. I adore this and will be picking up backups; if there's such a thing as a signature BPAL for me, it may very well be this!
  10. frizzlechicken

    Party Toad

    This is interesting. The clover is most prominent on me when wet, backed by a little champagne fizz and an unmistakable whiff of mushrooms! These all combine pretty quickly on the skin and fade into a soft green musk. The dry down is giving elegant Irish Spring, like if the soap were instead an expensive perfume. Not too overpowering, soft fade as it dries.
  11. frizzlechicken

    Champagne and Delirium

    This is like a fresh apple champagne but not apple cider, if that makes sense. It's fresh and bright and the rose note is very subtle. The lemon is there on application but doesn't stay for long. As it fades, I too get an almost light musk after tone, which I love so it works for me. Agreed that this will be a nice spring/summer scent.
  12. frizzlechicken


    I also took a chance on this one! I was buying some other bottles from a fellow BPALite's destash and decided to give it a try. I am not a fan of heavy florals and too much jasmine will overpower anything I like. I am delighted to say Tomie does none of those things. The previous reviews mentioning it being light and ethereal are very accurate - Tomie has a light, gentle amber and floral when first applied, and dries down to a soft amber-sandalwood with a hint of vanilla. To call out any one note isn't quite fair, because they are all blended beautifully. It's a lovely scent, appropriate for any time of year, I think. I'm glad I have a bottle!
  13. frizzlechicken

    Dragon's Blood Incense

    I absolutely love this. I don’t even know how to describe it - it’s red musk but deep, the champaca is respectful and not stomping, the amber is a beautiful backbone and there’s a blood note, but it’s not too perfume-y or loud. It’s gorgeously blended and I could not stop taking whiffs of it all day. I love it!!
  14. frizzlechicken

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    mmmmm yeah this is fantastic. The comparison to Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines is apt, but instead of the white chocolate there's a beautiful sugary coconut. It is not too sweet or overwhelming. Reminds me of a Cadbury Mini Egg with lavender.
  15. frizzlechicken

    Zombie Milk

    I’m not sure that I quite know how to describe this, but it’s lovely. I definitely smell grasses/rice milk and sandalwood. I would overall describe it as an earthy, green scent. No goat’s milk type undertones. It’s really nice.