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  1. frizzlechicken

    Anne Beany

    I don’t know how I’d missed this scent for so long because it’s right up my alley. It’s pure crème brûlée rum cheesecake goodness from start to finish. Great both on skin and in my locket.
  2. frizzlechicken

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    This is soooooo interesting. It smells like cigarette-drenched Goat's Milk. I also detect the cedarwood, the honey and the tobacco and I think the oak bark too. I definitely keep going back to whiff it more. I don't smell the cardamom yet, but this is a really complex scent and while it leans gourmand, I can see it working for those who don't like GOURMANDs !!11!!1 None of the notes dominate - the blending is stellar.
  3. frizzlechicken

    Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors

    On my skin, I get an immediate burst of lovely candy-like cherry almond, but within an hour it settles into what I can only describe as strongly reminiscent of a certain conventional perfume with the word 'sugar' in the title. I don't know why this isn't working on me, but it's not and I suspect it has to be the mimosa? I love literally every other note to the point that I'd blind-bottled this, but it becomes plasticky and cloying. I don't smell any hay absolute or bourbon cream. I'm giving it another week to settle, but this one may be a sad skin chemistry fail.
  4. frizzlechicken


    I love it. I mostly get the dusty lavender and cookies. I can't detect the leather, but I like leather so even if it pops up that wouldn't be an issue. This is lovely and delicious; to my senses a soft and soothing blend recalling a bag of cookies you found in your pocket (or backpack!) that are still good.
  5. frizzlechicken

    Candlewax & Chocolate

    Simple in the best possible way - beautiful beeswax and delicious chocolate. It's like a cousin to Gelt, only instead of the amber note you have beeswax. If you like either or both of these notes you should definitely pick this up.
  6. frizzlechicken

    Eyeball Seaboar Alchemy Lab

    Wow - I was gifted this by a very generous community member and I absolutely love it and might never have tried it otherwise! On me I can smell the bergamot and honey most, with the salt adding in an ever-so-slight aquatic without being too much. The patchouli in this is nice and gentle. I’m really excited for this as a warm-weather scent...I think it’s going to be great in hot or humid weather!
  7. frizzlechicken

    Mega-Sized Chocolate Bar

    I love Snake Oil and almost all its variants so I grabbed this when it came out last year. After a year of aging it is quite lovely. The chocolate is definitely powdery as mentioned in other reviews, and with the Snake Oil blended in it almost feels like a lighter cousin to scents like Silky Bat and Revenant Rhythm (but much lighter!) Fades to a nice light chocolate snakey mix.
  8. frizzlechicken

    Beeswax, Amber & Star Jasmine

    I had to let this settle from its winter transit - when it first arrived, it was all screeching jasmine (and I love jasmine, but it was STRONG). A week later and it's settling nicely. This is definitely best worn on the skin as opposed to a locket, I think - on skin, the beeswax and amber are warmed and emerge to blend with the jasmine moreso than in the locket, where the jasmine stays front and center. It's a nice blend and on me fades to a floral, mildly smoky beeswax.
  9. frizzlechicken

    Ghost Milk

    This is definitely the same goat’s milk from impromptu goat yoga, with the vanilla-cashmere-honey-marshmallow aspects all blending underneath. And the goat’s milk is not aggressive like White Larry, mind you. Even though there is no gingerbread listed in this, I get a very light whiff of that as well. Toward the end of the day when it had faded, there was something almost reminiscent of a Lace note in it. I think that might be the Cashmere part. I love it. ETA: Wearing this again today and I firmly love it. The notes are all blended so well...nothing is too much, too strong, or too overpowering. I maintain too that if you like Laces, you will like this! ETA #2: a month later and I need to let the BPAL world know that not only do I love this, I love this HARD. I've already bought a backup and it may wind up being one of my rare 2-bottle-backup scents.
  10. frizzlechicken

    Amber & Cardamom

    mmmmm this is complex and beautiful. Let it settle when you first get it...after its trip from sunny CA to the frigid east coast, it was all dryer sheets when I first cracked open the bottle. Two days of settling and the Cardamom emerged. It is stunning on. The Amber is soft and lovely, the cardamom blending in beautifully. It's not foody, and neither note dominates. Also, there's a gorgeous almost "smoky" aspect to it...like the smell of a fire in very cold winter air. I think this will age beautifully. Three days in and I already love it.
  11. frizzlechicken

    Gingerbread Mummy

    This is delicious. It's strong Gingerbread with lovely vanilla and marshmallow. I didn't detect the Sandalwood personally, but I love the lab's Gingerbread blends and this is no exception. If you like any of the notes mentioned, try it!
  12. frizzlechicken

    Candy Corn Smut

    I love it. As many others have noted, it's the same Candy Corn note from last year's Candy Corn Snake Oil, only swap in Smutty Smut Smut for the Snake Oil. It's delicious.
  13. frizzlechicken


    I just received a bottle of the 2019 version and I absolutely love it. You know what it reminds me of? Soft woolen chocolate intertwined with notes from Rendezvous with Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws...perhaps the Hay or the Rice Milk, or both? The slight wax is a gentle component as well. The scent is not overpowering, it's library-esque and comforting. I'm curious now about the 2016 version!
  14. frizzlechicken

    Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch

    I love this because the Pumpkin note isn't spiced, it's a really beautiful pure pumpkin that smells like the actual fruit. Add to that the delicious funnel cake note that I love from the PSIYH series; and what's this? On my skin it dries down similarly to Pumpkin Tobacco. This...might be backup worthy.
  15. frizzlechicken

    Endless Corridors

    Mmmmm. Smells just like that puff of smoke and wax when you extinguish a candle using a candle snuffer, with a very very light honey undertone. So like...imagine you snuffed out a honey candle. If you don't like the smell of smoke or band-aids, this won't be for you, but wow I love it. Ugh I keep smelling where it is on my wrist.