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  1. Fefi


    Got this as a frimp with one of my purchases. The oil is very dark its spooky cool, appropriate I feel for both its name and theme. As for the scent itself its an aquatic incense type scent. At first I was very confused because I had read the reviews where many folks said they got grapefruit from it and I personally get none from it. As I said its more of an aquatic incense scent for me. I'd definitely say it has Opium in it. I have an imp of Event Horizon and they both not only look equally dark (the oils appearance) but have the same sweet/bubblegummy type incense note in them that I feel is Opium. Apart from this I get a bit of salt and seaweed and maybe ozone or some sort of citrus but I am unsure of which so I can't say Its grapefruit. Out of the many aquatics I have tried its one of my favorites, and actually favor it over C'thulu.
  2. Fefi

    BPAL Scents Similar to Nefertiti?

    I have not! I will search for an imp to try it out thank you !
  3. Hello I wanted to ask if anyone has ever found a scent similar to BPALS, GC Nefertiti. I love that scent but unfortunately its discontinued now and have been unable to find a full size bottle. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help! Thank you!
  4. Fefi

    The Queen of May

    Ooh when they wrote "electric howl of dazzling spring blossoms" they weren't kidding! In the vial I get a sharp green scent, almost peppery. Something very reminiscent to one of the notes within Queen Mab's Lace and within the 2019 Pink Moon vial I have .Poppy perhaps? or maybe crushed grass or maybe its Carnation? Its hard to tell. The most prominent of the flower notes I get though is Lily, with Lilac and Freesia right along side it and the musk. On application its a very clean floral scent. I want to say its the musk that gives it this sense. A little goes a long way because its very potent fresh but it tends to fade rather quickly too unfortunately. When I compare the scent on my skin to that of the bottle wet its much more fresh and lush while on the skin it mellows down. I want to say there is Narcissus too that comes out as it dries and maybe perhaps a touch of Orris too? Its absolutely beautiful though and if you looking for a clean/ freshly out the shower type floral I recommend this!
  5. Fefi


    This was a frimp from the lab with one of my purchases. So glad I was sent it else I wouldn't have selected it for myself. I'm not very big on florals feeling that they're often too strong for my taste or find them too artificially smelling. With typically any jasmine note my nose perceiving it as astringent rather than pleasant sadly ­čśĽ . When I first tried Nyx this was the case too however after letting it age the jasmine began to get a bit more subtle, the rose began to show itself more with the touch of myrrh giving it just that little something to round off the entire scent. I can smell all three notes clearly with each scent coming in as layers, instead of combining.
  6. Fefi


    Oblivion. I love everything about this scent from its wicked green color, to its name and of course its scent. I don't like to gender scents but I know it helps a lot of folk when deciding whether they want to try a scent or not so with that said I would say this is more of a masculine scent than female. To start off, Oblivion was sent to me in a free imp with one of my orders and whoo am I glad that It was, had it not been for this I probably wouldn't have ever tried this scent. Sa´╗┐lvation found in darkness beyond darkness, the blessed sleep of nothing´╗┐ness. Dark musk, wood spice, labdanum, patchouli, dark African woods, and saffron. Its scent description really helps evoke the way this scent makes me feel when I wear it. Its a scent that gently envelopes you and in a strange way comforts you like a gentle hug. Its silage isn't very strong so it tends to keep closer to the skin with my body heat causing it to release its aroma in gentle waves I catch here and there as I go about my day. It also doesn't last a whole day either. Id say maybe 2-3 hours on me at the most unfortunately. I certainly get the dark musk right off the bat from a straight sniff from the bottle as well as a woody scent that I would say are the African woods. The patchouli is there too but its very minimal so if you dislike patchouli I wouldn't be too concerned because its just a slight hint to give depth and warmth to the scent. The saffron is also there, but it blends very well with the other notes that if your not a fan of it, I would say to again also not let that keep you from trying it out. I'm not sure what wood spice is but I speculate that it could be a sharp little something you get when you take a whiff straight from the vial a sharp peppery something though not spicy like cinnamon or clove. I don't get any labdanum in the bottle, however on application things change a little. Wet on the skin the scent stays pretty much the same, however as it dries everything begins to tone down and begins to get softer, slightly more powdery would be the best way I could describe it, though not powdery in a baby powder sense, just softer. The musk calms down as well as the spice and the labdanum comes out more and blends with the african woods that are ultimately what give the scent its body and depth. Not much saffron at this point. I love this scent it may very well become my signature scent. I could write a whole page about it, but I shall digress and instead say If you like woody, cologney musky type scents give this one a try. Its clean smelling doesn't morph like crazy, its only downside is it doesn't last too long but if you slather it on it tends to help with this.
  7. Fefi

    Sea of Grief

    Fresh in the bottle, its very herbal at first whiff with the scent I get the strongest being that of the carrot seed. I also get subtle hints of the Bergamot that come and go but the carrot seed scent is what is the most prominent for me. I agree with Threemoons, it smells very much like a dry tisane mix. On the skin wet however the lavender comes out more but it blends very well with the carrot seed. The vetiver is very subtle but its there, as well as the sweetness of the chamomile and something else I am not familiar with that I think may be the angelica. As it begins to dry the herbal smell from the start begins to morph into something more aquatic smelling that I think the neroli is contributing to. It begins to become almost a bit cologney maybe the musk is the one causing it. I really like this scent. Its very relaxing and calming and almost makes me feel comforted which I believe is its exact intended purpose as a "balm for grief". Very beautiful, very elegant in a sort of sad somber way.