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  1. Fefi

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    I really enjoy this. Its not a scent I would have gotten a sample for myself, so I am glad it was tossed in with one of my orders. I agree with what everyone else has said about it smelling like wax, and wax candles but I also detect something else in there almost sort of woody like/ cedar like I can't quite pin point what it is, maybe its an amber of some type because I strongly feel there is one unlisted. I also feel there could be a hint of a flower in there as well. It doesn't have much of a throw for me, its a very close to the skin type scent, and overall I am really glad I was able to try it.
  2. Fefi


    Oh I absolutely love this scent. Its dark and spooky with little hints of sweetness here and there. I can pick up on almost all of the notes except the Labdanum but it doesn't really matter. The Patchouli here is wonderful, the likes from which can be found in Silky Bat so you can get an idea of how it plays. It has an almost smoky like background note I don't really know what to attribute to, maybe its the patchouli? maybe the opium tar ? I feel its more the opium tar. This scent is super rich and gorgeous. It feels luxuriously gothy. I hope this scent is always available because its one of my candidates to be my forever signature scent.
  3. Fefi

    Queen Mab's Lace

    This was my very first BPAL scent and its the one that got me hooked forevermore >:D I love all things fairy ( but spooky scary fairies) so this was a must when I saw it. It is absolutely gorgeous and I hoard my precious bottle like a dragon. Its beautifully floral and green. While it has vanilla its toned down and I only get hints of it here and there. What i get strongest are all the flowers, poppy, honeysuckle, jasmine. I dont get too much lilac but get plenty of the grasses and tobacco. The cognac is very toned down and tends to come out later in the scent as it dries. It lasts a good while too and I would say it has a medium throw. I will be truly sad when I run out of this scent and hope I can find something similar to it.
  4. Fefi


    This scent makes me feel like a murky mermaid/siren lurking in deep dark ocean depths. Out of all the BPAL aquatics I've tried it's by far the darkest one. It's what I thought Cthullu would be like heh. It certainly fits the description completely. The strongest notes I get would have to be the ambergris, squid ink, and benzoins with the musks in the background. I don't get much kelp, sea salt, violet leaf, davana or opoponax . This is a perfume that for me really benefited from a long rest. When I first got it, it was very much dryer sheet like others have mentioned but with aging this toned down and everything else blended much more and it grew in depth. It's also got a killer lasting power I can smell it on my clothes days later and strangely enough get the kelp and sea salt much more strongly there than wet on my skin.
  5. Fefi


    Oo! This is really nice. I bought this along with Parthenope to try out the mermaid like lady scents from the grind house. This scent in the vial smells strongly of the Pear and absinthe and moss to me. On the skin its the same however as time passes the labdanum comes out and finally what Im guessing is the crushed coral note. The crushed coral note to me is aquatic/ a bit soapy ( not in a bad way) its a note Ive noticed in other BPAL aquatics like Ryleh and Thalassa. Im really really enjoying this scent and I feel it might be full size worthy.
  6. Fefi

    Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace

    This scent is very sweet and bubble gummy to me. I like it but its not the kind of scent I usually go for nor reach for very often. I still enjoy it though and keep it for this reason. What I get the most of is the Lotus and marshmallow and cream. I get little whiffs here and there of the lotus root which is sort of earthy and well.. rooty smelling which I feel helps keep this scent from becoming too sweet.
  7. Fefi

    To a Wreath of Snow

    Ohh I love this. I sought this out after I read reviews stating it was similar to Zorya P. Which I love. This is certainly very similar but much darker and richer, less ethereal. Lavender is the strongest note I get that combines lovely with the ambergris and the tobacco flower giving the scent a sort of creaminess. To me it's very much a unisex type of scent thanks to the lavender and the oud which I feel helps round off the entire scent. I really like this and I wish I could get my hands on more of it because I love to wear it in cold weather, and has easily become one of my most used scents since I purchased it.
  8. Fefi


    When I got my imp to try this scent, I instantly fell in love with it. It was ethereal and lovely. I decided it was full size worthy and went ahead and purchased the bottle. Sadly, when I received my bottle, it was very different to what my imp smelled like. I want to blame that on that perhaps my imp was aged and thus it had become milder and that the bottle was new and fresh and thus still sharp as a consequence. In the bottle all I get is pine. pine. as it dries down however the other notes start to pop out like the violet, and berries but sadly overall it all gets overpowered by the strong astringent pine. I'm going to keep my bottle however in hoped that if I let it age more it may hopefully in time become milder and match my imp. My imp was berries with a hint of moss, a slight bit of sweetness and creaminess from the honeycomb, dappled with flowers with the pine at the back seat enveloping everything else but not overpowering them.
  9. Fefi

    The Shell Box

    When I first got this scent it smelled much more potent than what I liked, about a year later its mellowed out more and I really enjoy it more. I can't really smell the Blue Lotus note on me, but in the bottle I do. Its one of the main reasons I purchased this scent, its one of my favorite notes. The main notes I get are the sandalwood and Champaka, but its really the sandalwood that takes the most control with the Champaka and the motia (jasmine) taking the back seat. This was the biggest change however from when I first got the scent to now, a year later. Upon first receiving the scent the Champaka was super strong as was the jasmine too much I couldn't really wear the scent because it was too overpowering. Now everything blends much nice. I can't really say anything about the Abalone Accord, because Im not sure what it smells liked and sadly was what I was most curious about since I love abalones. I do agree with other reviewers commenting the scent smells a bit like soap. At first it did for me too and I kind of liked that, it was just too strong now that its mellowed out I dont get such a soapy like scent as I did in the beginning but I do get occasional whiffs of its here and there.
  10. Fefi

    Civil Twilight

    I bought this hoping it would be a more peach forward or amber scent but its much more lemon blossom on me. I like it, but the lemon I feel overpowers the other notes which makes me sad. It is a lovely spring even summer scent however, and I think I will use it more during those seasons than for daily wear. With that said though its a citrusy floral scent thats fresh and "clean" smelling. Very bright, a little sharp, and happy.
  11. Fefi


    Oo I really like Lyonnese. Its a full size candidate for sure. While it has vanilla its not a strong vanilla, its only giving it a soft warmness to the scent. Its also not a foody vanilla, being more of the floral type in my opinion. The lilies are prominent and pretty but in the first imp I bought they were a bit too much, however in a second imp I received they were more toned down (may be it was older?) and I got more of the moss and ambergris which are two of my favorite notes ever. I don't feel like this is a very aquatic scent, I find it more of a mossy almost cologney type scent.
  12. Fefi


    Wicked reminds me a lot of Poinsettia gown minus the cream. This scent also has the same exact notes as Nyx. Nyx however is "darker", my guess is it has a higher Myrrh content than Wicked which I feel has a very minimal amount. While Nyx is dark, Wicked is lighter and powderier, more of what an older refined lady would wear ( just like an elegant but wicked step mother or wicked queen like the one in snow white.) For those not a big fan of Jasmine I would recommend staying away from this one. Its the strong shrieking kind. The rose kind of softens it but not by much.
  13. Fefi

    Radiation Fog

    This is a nice cool scent. Its most definitely an aquatic, but its a sharp kelpy kind of aquatic with hints of something citrusy. While this doesn't have Moonflower as a listed note it reminds me of other perfumes I've smelled that carry a lemony like moonflower note. I can smell the amber and I feel this is what gives a sort of warmth to the otherwise cool scent. I will be wearing this more for the spring and summer months for the coolness the scent carries.
  14. Fefi

    Sea Smoke

    This smells sharp to my nose. Its been resting for a week now and its still as sharp as it was since I received it. Maybe the sharpness will lessen as time goes by but for now unfortunately its too sharp smelling for me for daily wear. It is most certainly an aquatic, and I definitely get the kelp, it vaguely reminds me of Thalassa the Galapagos Mermaid if you've smelled that it has the same kelp note. Ambergris is a note I usually love and can smell in blends but in this blend I don't get it at all. To me this scent smells somewhat citrusy like ozone? and something maybe piney? Cypress? Its hard to describe. Its very cool too in how smells just like you imagine fog being.
  15. Fefi


    On me, Kitsune- Tsuki is a fruity floral. The strongest notes I get are plum (which before looking at the notes thought could be cherry or cherry blossom), the orchid which smells slightly green with floral hints, and the Jasmine and Musk. The jasmine is however very toned down Jasmine its not sharp at all. I am not familiar with Daffodill as a note so I can't really say whether I do smell it or not, but everything comes together in a lovely fruity floral scent that reminds me alot of Titania. It has medium silage I'd say, and the lasting power isn't too long on me. I'd say about 2-3 hours. It's really pretty, girly and totally different than what I usually select to try out so I'm very happy this was sent as a sample in a purchase of mines.