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  1. Leopard403

    White Fig, Coconut, and Cream

    This starts out as coconut husk and quickly morphs to suntan lotion. I don’t get the other notes at all.
  2. Leopard403

    Why and What Art Thou Dreaming Here

    This is what I wanted Blackberry Moon to be! ♥️ Sniffing from the decant, I was worried about the lavender: At that stage it is ALL herbal lavender, and very overwhelming. But when the oil hits my skin, the lavender is suddenly gone and I get ripe juicy blackberry. Truly, it’s almost like a single note on me. And it lasts forever. Not what I was expecting (because I do love magnolia and wish I got more of that), but I love this blackberry so much I won’t complain.
  3. Leopard403

    Cottage Garden

    This really is a wild cottage garden in springtime, with hints of green and spicy wildflowers. Not at all a heady floral, this is a sweet breeze of scent. There’s never a moment of “I smell X” because it is beautifully layered and blended. It’s really lovely, and I could see myself wearing this deep into autumn.
  4. Leopard403

    Soft May the Worms About Her Creep

    I’m really fascinated by this. It’s very much like two of my favorite Lush scent lines are smooshed together. It’s the old Alkmaar/Silky Underwear jasmine, paired with that rock candy-pink Rockstar scent, but elevated in sophistication. I would never have guessed that these would work so well together but damn this is gorgeous. I’m going to purchase a bottle.
  5. Leopard403

    Snake Milk

    The OG SO is always a little aggressive and intimidating on me. Fresh or well-aged, I just don’t feel comfortable trying to pull it off. Snake Milk, on the other hand, is my kind of snek. The changes come across as only slightly sweet, and I don’t get anything overtly milky; in fact this smells downright nutty to me. Snek Nuts. I’m going to buy more.
  6. Leopard403

    Blackberry Moon 2022

    On me, this comes dangerously close to grape Hubba Bubba, so it reminds me of good times in my childhood. As that foremost blackberry scent settles, the other notes add a nice complexity to the scent. I really enjoy it, but that gum-like association will likely keep me from buying a whole bottle.
  7. Leopard403

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    It certainly is that. 😆 And then, addition of muguet to ANYTHING always makes things smell like a candle to my mind, so this is OMG LILAC CANDLE YOWZA. The lilac does settle a bit, but it is still very much the prominent note here. This is absolutely that Cassat painting experienced via the olfactory system!
  8. THIS. IS. GLORIOUS. And also hard to explain, LOL. This is one of the Lab scents that is just so exquisitely blended, no one note really stands out. To me it doesn’t smell “like rose” or “like honey” even though I tend to amp those notes. It isn’t even all that identifiably floral; there’s a bit of gourmand going on that reminds me a lot of mallow (not at all gourmand like “foodie-smelling,” though. You see how hard this is??). I need to test this side by side with The Heirophant and the Empress, because in my mind it reminds me quite a lot of the things I love about that blend. I could seriously see this becoming one of my signature scents. It’s just that good. It smells wonderful, and there is something about it that evokes joy. And don’t we all need a little more of that!
  9. Leopard403

    Almond Blossoms

    This smells exactly the way you expect it to when looking at the notes, and it’s a lovely blend of all almond all the time. (None of that cherry scent I sometimes get from almond, either.) It’s creamy more so than nutty. I wish it lasted longer on the skin, and I’m gonna try it in a scent locket next.
  10. Leopard403

    Honey Babka

    Surprisingly light given the description, but that might be my own weirdness: I am completely nose-blind to this when sniffing from the decant. On my skin, it’s a light honey blend. No real staying power.
  11. Leopard403


    I’ve only tried this on my skin so far, and it quickly turns to that salty peanut note I so often get from cream-like scents. BUT I HAVE MY FINGERS CROSSED that this will stay true in a scent locket, because the scent itself is the beautifully creamy lemon vanilla dessert scent I have been searching for.
  12. Leopard403

    Chasing Fireflies

    I got a lot of plum at first sniff, but then this turned into a pinkish aquatic. I like it, but a decant is enough.
  13. Leopard403

    Phallus Acrobatics

    Wet on my skin, I can smell every note and this is glorious and lord I want it all. But then it starts to dry, and it’s only dusty vanilla. It broke my heart.
  14. Leopard403

    Triumphant Vulva

    I was worried about amber—because, like… AMBER—but this is really well-grounded. Chewy lotus, a hint of rose when I really look for it, but otherwise a warm skin scent that manages to read as an all-weather mix. Beautifully blended. Might need a whole bottle.