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  1. Leopard403

    Hard Candy Bath Oil

    Reminiscent of Fruitbat Fruit Bath BO from back in the day, this is a bag of translucent hard candies, mostly of the orange and yellow variety but with a couple reds and greens for good measure.
  2. Leopard403

    An Orchard in Spring

    The first whiff of this sent me to the internet in search of the apple blossom shampoo I used as a teen. (If there are any hints out there please PM me because I couldn’t find anything!) Wet on the skin, it’s still mostly that scent with a bit of a green grassy note behind it. Lavender often eats everything else on my skin, and one hour into a test wear and I don’t smell lavender *at all* nor do I get anything “crimson.” I can find a little lilac if I really search for it. Sadly, this seems to be fading rather quickly. It sits very close to the skin to begin with, with not a lot of sillage, and it definitely goes faint pretty rapidly. I’m going to try it in a locket to see if I can get more staying power, because I really do love the apple blossom scent.
  3. Leopard403

    Lemon Peel, Gardenia, and Carnation

    While this is not quite what I hoped it would be, I am in love with it! I’ve been on a mission for lemon-forward scents for some time and was excited when this was launched. Sniffing from the decant, I get a quick burst of a pithy (not juicy) lemon, and that lasts for a moment on the skin but then it’s gone. So that’s a bummer. However, the scent that lingers is really lovely. I’m a big fan of gardenia, so I’m aware of its tendency to screech that high-pitched floral and totally dominate a blend, but wow, it pairs with carnation in the most glorious way. Carnation tends to go spicy to me, almost clove-y if left uncontrolled, but it too is tempered by the other floral here. I’d almost call this “White Carnation.” It’s a little soapy, sure, but that’s not a bad thing here. Somehow it’s a clean floral with something ever-so-slightly aquatic, and not at all something where you’ll get the feedback that “you smell like flowers.” It’s quite a fantastically complicated smell given how straightforward it’s three notes can be! Moderate throw and long lasting, I think I’m going to grab a bottle.
  4. Leopard403

    Fairy Lobster Foam

    When sniffed from the decant, this is amazing. Real, actual maraschino cherry—not a whiff of cherry cough syrup to be found—and fresh bright fluffy marshmallow. The problem? Even with a good slather, this does not exist on my skin. It doesn’t fade, it’s like I never put it on in the first place.
  5. Leopard403

    Knave of Snowflakes

    I’m a bit crushed by this one. All I get is the minty version of Snow White. 😢
  6. Leopard403

    Easter Egging

    Sandalwood doesn’t play well on my skin or in my nostrils, but I was hoping PINK sandalwood would be a little different. But alas. I get the most gorgeous whiff of the other notes and then that damn sandalwood destroys everything in sight like Godzilla taking down Tokyo.
  7. Leopard403

    Final Girl

    Looks like I am having very different experience of Final Girl: On my skin it is aaaaaaaaaaaaaall clove, and slightly bitter at that.
  8. Leopard403

    Tahitian Landscape

    The coconut here is warm and slightly buttery, like in Obatala, and really helps keep those exotic florals in check. No screeching high white floral scents here, yet this is distinctly tropical, a nice blend of coconut and lush flowers with nary a suntan lotion smell to be found. Not an IN YOUR FACE tropical, either, so there is nothing about it that says “manufactured luau” like some candles I know; this baby knows how to be subtle. Also, it lasts FOREVER on my skin, which was a nice surprise! A sleeper hit that I hope more people try!
  9. Leopard403

    Young Pilgrim Girl

    I’m so shocked by this scent: It smells PURPLE. I didn’t review the notes before sniffing this and then skin-testing it, and for that time I basked in the purpleness, thinking “This is another great blackberry scent, the Lab is on a roll with that!” And then I looked at the notes. Quoi?? No blackberry? No berry at all? No grape or wine varietal that could mimic it? How it this possible? Is my decant mislabeled?? It must be the wildflower honey, I guess. No jasmine, no rose, nothing milky or creamy; nothing like laundry from the linen or earthiness from the silk, nothing vegetal from the abalone. Just PURPLE. AND I LOVE IT, but how weird is this experience?!?
  10. Leopard403

    Prospering In Golden Hope

    This is one of those scents that is so well-blended, I will suck at trying to describe it. I don’t know that I’ve ever tried “white peach” but I know it must be very different from other kinds of peach scents; all those others tend to be ZOMG PEEEEEEEEAAACHEEEEEEEESSSSS on me but this is so much more subtle. “Sparkling and effervescent” is absolutely apt. The frankincense and white amber are really mellow here as well; sometimes frankincense is too heavy on me and amber tends to screech, but not so in this case. It’s really a beautifully composed scent that doesn’t really smell “like” anything, and it smells expensive. I really love it.
  11. Leopard403

    Every Sweet Thing

    Lots of nutty, milky vanilla here. Identifiably foodie, slightly sweet. It sticks close to the skin and does not last very long on me.
  12. Leopard403

    From Whose Eyes As They Glance Flowed Love

    Sniffed straight from the decant I had a moment of HOLY $HIT LOVE’S BABY SOFT. Like, genuine flashback episode; I could feel the crimp in my hair. It was not as unpleasant as one might expect. Then on the skin this blossomed a little better, and it turned into a strong rosewater smell. Not old lady-like, though, and I think it’s probably that pale amber keeping it from creeping into Victoriana territory. The scent has heavy sillage at first as it dries down, but then sticks very close to the skin. It manages to be both a little girly and a bit sophisticated all at once. I like it.
  13. Leopard403

    Precious Beauty

    Yup, I can totally see this. I don’t find it to be an OMG FOODIE scent, but it’s delightfully warm and very comforting. I just wish it lasted longer on my skin.
  14. Leopard403

    White Fig, Coconut, and Cream

    This starts out as coconut husk and quickly morphs to suntan lotion. I don’t get the other notes at all.