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    I enjoy reading, & collecting horror books/manga, & occult literature, as well as doing creative hobbies, like drawing, painting, etc. I also enjoy collecting BPAL & essential oils. I like to experiment with making my own perfumes, & diffuser blends.


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    Auxilium; Black Satin Sheet Ghost; Vanitas with Playing Cards; Alischeresasha; Woman as Dragon; Osmanthus & Honey Bell; Pale Student of Unhallowed Arts; A Karasu Tengu Copulating with the Knot-Hole of a Pine Tree; Death & Life Completed; Anne Bonny; Krampus; In Night When All Colors to Black are Cast; Butterfly Dancer; Dragon, Rabbit, & Snake; Darkness; La Petite Mort; Black Amber, Oakmoss, & Terebinth; Midnight Mass; Oblivion; The Madam; Niji; Evil; Mama Gein; The Forest Reverie; Alecchina; Coyote; Sweet Patchouli, Labdanum, & Ylang-Ylang; Against Idleness & Mischief; I Wish I Were Your Mirror; Maenad; Tis' Not Madness; The Bow & Crown of Conquest; TKO; Hyakki Yagyo; Cock Stamen; The Black Tower; Nes Gadol Haya Sham; Fenris Wolf; Yorick; Tweedledee; Three Lovers; A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder; Luperci; A Basket of Abalone; I Was Put an Alien in Their World; Vasilissa; Shoggoth; Brown Jenkin; Tis' the Voice of the Lobster; Hope/Auspicio; Thanatopsis; Gargoyle Junk; Snow Moon


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  1. Rane.

    High-Strung Daisies

    Such a lovely, & gentle smell. I mostly get daisies, but there's some warm carnation hiding in there. The sugar & peppercorn really complete the scent!
  2. Rane.

    Mama Gein

    Coming back to this 3 years since purchase. I don't come to this often because one day my skin had a reaction, but it was only that one day. When I wear this now I get up front babys breath, & it's lovely, light, & delicate. I've smelled the real thing & the flowers do not compare to this beauty. Next I get powder, not just baby's powder, but cosmetics pressed powder. I imagine someone using a puffball to put it on their face, some flowers on the table nearby. This scent leans a bit more femme, but I still wear it as a male on special occasions. Plus talking to friends about the story behind the scent too gets them thoroughly intrigued! Has low throw, short wear length, but nice to sniff on the wrist. I think this would make a wonderful fabric spray.
  3. Coming back to this now that the bottle has aged a year. It's a favorite gentleman's cologne scent I go for. I like to pair it with a light floral single note or a rich patchouli. But this scent alone is remarkable. I like to think it adds an air of class, sophistication & mystery to me when I wear it. It's rich, warm, deep, slightly resinous, yet comforting & makes you wanna get close or be pulled close to someone wearing it. Goodness I wanna spray this all over my pillows & sheets! The blue tansy has really went into hiding. It's a note I wanted to experience more of. The person above me mentioned the scent took on a bubblegum scent, & that I can attribute to the olibanum/frankincense. I had a limited edition of a bottle from BPAL & Century Guild that had frankincense as the main note & it gave me herbal bubblegum scent.
  4. Rane.

    Kubla Khan

    I've a few imp ears of this. Plan to get a full bottle sometime in the future. I get the smell of a flat coke, but in a good way, with all sorts of fragrances. I cannot pinpoint it, but this is an impressive list of notes! Very strong, but has medium throw.
  5. Rane.

    Black Lily

    Had to come back. I've not reached for this bottle in at least a year. Today I put some on. It has gone into a delicate petal but powdery so beautiful & fragrant. Has some good throw to it too. Overall the impression I get is wet, dewy Black Lily petals that have been torn. I can almost smell the pollen! Thank you for such a gorgeous experience.
  6. Rane.

    Lightning Strikes the Future

    I am so in love with this scent that I bought 2 bottles!! It's floral, kinda sweet, & sharp too. I get a headful of flowers, & a clear, clean smell. It's hard to put into words this one!!
  7. Rane.

    At the Tea Drinking

    Absolutely beautiful tea & floral scent. Refreshing, but kinda heavy, long wear time too. Scent is close a vintage Lily of the Valley by Avon to me!
  8. Bought this for my partner in memory of my first Shunga/BPAL purchase in 2018. I bought her Cat Chasing Butterflies, so I assumed this would be close. Here's our review! It smells like candy peaches to her, sweet, & just can't get enough. She doesn't know what else to say. Haha For me, the experience is soft, peachy-plum petals, light skin musk, warmed up with carnation petals. The labdanum is sweet & adds a sweet "wake up" note Very good throw, & tame too.
  9. Rane.

    The Necromancer

    Interesting, & will age nicely. Right now it's too young, but overall impressions are a smell similar to herbal with candle wax, slight floral, airy, & a little sweet like candy. Dusty, light, I get the faintness of the rosewater & lilac cologne. I also get a similar smell to opoponax. The herbalness is definitely galangal root, which smells amazing as an incense btw!! So seeing that in this bottle made me buy fast!
  10. Rane.

    Robin Goodfellow

    Obtained 2 bottles by accident, but that's awesome cuz this one will be amazing aged. It smells like powdered woods, sweet & airy, but something golden & warm about it grounds it too. That's probably the sage. It's gentle & comforting. I'd love to smell this on someone else when hugging them! Might have to turn some into a spray for my pillows.
  11. Rane.

    Fenris Wolf

    I think I bought my bottle in 2019. Put some on tonight. Thought I had reviewed this one! Anyways. It's aged to a nice, syrupy, sweet, red musk, & sandalwood. The Rosewood is so lovely too. & the Amber lends just enough warmth. This is very sweet & herbal, with the faintness of Rosewood, which is a unique scent itself, making this one of the BPAL's I crave sometimes, but only wear on special occasions. This is my go to for elegance, all black, or Fall weather mood. So much of this scent as a whole is similar to the Lab's dark vegetal musk note. I think I'd put it in my list of top 10.
  12. Rane.


    I get compliments on this one all the time! When I first smelled it I said, "this is hippie headshop, a witchcraft store!" & I let my mom smell, she agreed. One day I was walking thru the store & the manager stopped me & said, "what is that you're wearing? You always smell so good when you come in here!" Of course, I cannot pronounce this blend's name & I couldn't remember, but I name dropped Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Even the last manager of the same store would compliment me. & I even gave her some free imp ears! I hope I get y'all more customers. I'm glad to have 2 bottles cuz my first is half used already! It's my go to. Smells like incense without the smoke, floral just enough, rich, toasty, spiced, & Magickal. πŸ’–
  13. Rane.

    Cock Stamen

    My favorite #1 BPAL. I was explaining orchids to my kids & told them about my favorite BPAL. Didn't mention the name tho. Lol I put a cap dab on my 7 year old & he loves it. My 5 year old can't stop sniffing & giggling! Even now at bedtime he is still laughing & loving it!
  14. Rane.


    This smells rich & luxurious, like an expensive bath wash or spray. Impressions of a powder room where the ladies have been using powder-puffs for make-up, & spraying perfumes around. The myrrh here isn't resinous, but powdery & airy. The vetiver gives it a fresh green, slight wood scent. Combined with the myrrh, this will definitely age nicely & get syrupy. After it has faded, the vetiver retreats, & I'm left with powdery myrrh again. Delightful. ☺️
  15. Rane.

    The Snow-Woman

    Ah yes, just as listed, I smell it all. Fresh pine needles, not too strong yet boozy sake, & that interesting melting snow note. How do they do it? I guess we'll never know. 😜 Smells the same wet, & dry. Dominate pine blending well with sake, & wet ("minty" I guess?) snow. This will be a summer favorite!