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    I enjoy reading, & collecting horror books/manga, & occult literature, as well as doing creative hobbies, like drawing, painting, etc. I also enjoy collecting BPAL & essential oils. I like to experiment with making my own perfumes, & diffuser blends.


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    Osmanthus & Honey Bell; Pale Student of Unhallowed Arts; Death & Life Completed; Krampus; In Night When All Colors to Black are Cast; Butterfly Dancer; Dragon, Rabbit, & Snake; Darkness; La Petite Mort; Black Amber, Oakmoss, & Terebinth; Midnight Mass; Oblivion; The Madam; Niji; Evil; Mama Gein; The Forest Reverie; Alecchina; Coyote; Sweet Patchouli, Labdanum, & Ylang-Ylang; Against Idleness & Mischief; I Wish I Were Your Mirror; Maenad; Tis' Not Madness; The Bow & Crown of Conquest; TKO; Hyakki Yagyo; Cock Stamen; The Black Tower; Nes Gadol Haya Sham; Fenris Wolf; Yorick; Tweedledee; Three Lovers; A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder; Luperci; A Basket of Abalone; I Was Put an Alien in Their World; Vasilissa; Shoggoth; Brown Jenkin; Tis' the Voice of the Lobster; Hope/Auspicio; Thanatopsis; Gargoyle Junk; Snow Moon


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  1. Rane.


    Bought a bottle. Smells like grapes at first, but then the patchouli comes out smokey. It's a mature grape, not like kool-aid. I get the faint Nag Champa, but later it amps up. THen it does a switch, I get grapes with a nice strong smokey patchouli. It smells like a hippie shop. I love it!
  2. Rane.

    Black Lily

    In the bottle I barely smell anything. But applied it smells like fresh cut lilies, the black ones I'd assume. It's a unique lily. A fresh cut green grass-like quality, with a wet floral, like freshly cut stems, & stamens weeping with pollen . It's gentle, & low throw. Perhaps aging will make this beauty sing deeper.
  3. Rane.

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    Received as an imp. My wife really enjoys this, & I plan to get her a bottle. It smells like warm candles. I want to say there is a touch of vanilla in there. But it's all wax, & it's not bad at all.
  4. Rane.


    I've had this bottle since 2019. After getting an imp in an order I had to buy it. One problem tho. It is so faint I barely smell it. The imp was a blast, but this bottle is too quiet for my enjoyment. Maybe aging longer will make it sing louder. That being said, I do love the scent. It is a spicy incense in a bottle. Soft, gentle smoke of incense floating on the air.
  5. Rane.


    I have an imp of this. It's juicy, warm, leathery, minty, fruity/citrus, & grounded with kush & tea. The orchid & tea starts to blossom & mix with the citrus notes really well. This is a night out perfume. Gotta have a bottle!
  6. Rane.


    I have a couple of imps of this. The first impressions are lotus & sandalwood. It smells like a necco wafer kind of. Cedar, saffron & then spiced bark follows. It's an interesting scent & I would probably buy a bottle.
  7. Rane.


    I definitely get the patchouli, & copal first. Afterwards I get heliotrope, & Oakmoss. Smells like cologne. I think I would buy a bottle. It's different from my usual tastes
  8. Rane.

    Death on a Pale Horse

    Received as an imp recently. Smells foodie like baked goods. But as it dries out I start to get florals. Patchouli & vetiver slowly come out.lavemder, yuzu, especially lime at the very end.
  9. Rane.


    Received as an imp today. The vial is dark, deep brown. I can tell this packs a hit before applying. Very manly, & wild. Musky, resinous, & invigorating. Like someone else said, I think I smell cinnamon or clove too. I'd buy a bottle just to enjoy it aging.
  10. Rane.

    Osmanthus & Honey Bells

    I love it. Reminds me of the fuzzy pink flowers growing on trees where I lived as a kid. Smells the same too. Sweet, floral, & simple. It smells like I imagined. Honey bells smelling like a toned down honeysuckle, while the osmanthus has a fuzzy pink warm but sweet play going on. I had to look up what these flowers look like, & I was wrong. I pictured pink puffballs for osmanthus, but no it's clusters of white flowers. Honey bells look like cigars.
  11. Rane.

    The Black Tower

    I've had this bottle since 2018. I love it. It was my venture into something darker & mysterious. It has those qualities too. It's rich, sweet, airy & a little wine smelling. I wore this to work one day, but stopped for an energy drink. The guy behind me in line kept taking deep breaths & moaning. I dunno if that was me that did that to him, but it was very creepy. Anyways...
  12. Rane.


    I've had my bottle since 2018. It smells like a bright, juicy citrus with a crystal-like crispness. That's best I can explain. It really rounds out to be more fruity as it fades. I would order a 2nd bottle of this.
  13. Rane.


    I have 2 reviews. *This review is for my 2018 bottle. It is powdery, soft, slightly sweet, all skin musk on me. Coming back to this now, & studying the notes again, I'm surprised at what this has. The Star Jasmine is very faint. The myrrh & sandalwood are the beautiful stars in this. Combined with the creamy skin musk this is a very intimate scent. **This review is for my 2021 bottle. It has that heady quality in it from the skin musk. I get zero star jasmine. Some pink musk is there. Dried I smell the sandalwood, & creamy musk. Will have to age more.
  14. Rane.

    In Dubiis Libertas

    Amber with sweet vanilla, sugary. There is something else in there grounding this. But it sings high & sweetly. I think I smell mallow just faintly there.
  15. Rane.

    504 Gateway Time-out

    I love this special little imp. Smells like something bright, something that clears the sinuses. I want to say eucalyptus is in this, but I am not good at spotting individual notes. It's minty, clean, & fresh.