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  1. Rane.

    Tricuspid Valve

    Mine has aged a bit. Still pretty stout in the bottle, but the Patchouli is blooming nicely. Put a drop on at bedtime, & it mellowed so well I plan to wear it more often. It shifted from dirty & raw to smelling like a mellow, dried out patchouli plant in a wide, empty & dusty room to me. Not bad at all now. Keep on aging, lovely.
  2. Rane.

    Schrodinger's Cat

    I was a little shocked when I read this fruity scent had chocolate peppermint in it. Instantly fell in love because I had a chocolate peppermint plant at one point. It smells mostly fruity, & of Zdravetz (a Geranium species). Going to have to add this to my long list of collects. Recieved as an Imp, & turned some into a hand lotion for my wife. She loves it, too!
  3. Rane.

    Lovers with Tortoiseshell Harigata Atmosphere Spray

    I can't get enough. Deep, musky, raw; a great combo that I don't think I'll ever experience anywhere. Patchouli, Ambrette Seed, & White Sandalwood being the biggest notes I smell. Wish it was a perfume. I can't describe it besides post-coital, & laying about in hedonistic nudity. A first atmosphere spray for me, & has me wanting more. MOAR!! I feel a little sad that every spray brings me towards an empty bottle.
  4. Rane.

    Mischievous Cat Hair Gloss

    Oh-hoo-hoo!! This product reminds me I'm helplessly addicted to BPAL. Haha! I bought this one for my wife, but she forgets about it, however I'm using it often. To me the scent is very uplifting, & comforting, as well as elegant, posh, & everything I cannot describe. Visions of falling into piles of silk, flowers, & golden beads of Amber. This & Peepshow are the only hair glosses I own, but I definitely want more. Thanks to BP Trading Post Etsy page for the special finds.
  5. Rane.

    Daddy by EFFY

    I smell bay rum at first then it fades to hay & incense. Has some green notes to it that makes it slightly powdery. Reminds me faintly of Exhausted Sailors, & Black Forest. *It's a shifter! Smells completely different now, like fruit or a lovely body wash?? The hay note is still there. Perhaps it's the fougere playing around. Swoon!
  6. Rane.

    Horreur Sympathique

    This one is a rare one for me to wear. The dryness of the champagne grapes combined with plum makes it a bit much for me. But some days this one hits my mood just right. Like now. It sings sweet, soft, & lingers in the air. A touch of honey that reminds me of Deadly Nightshade Honey. & the plum makes this scent a bit like Bette Noir. I've had this full bottle for a year now. Aged nicely so far. I bought a full bottle after my Imp became syrupy, floral, & sweet. Oh goodness so so sweet. The bottle is slowly taking on those properties. I reserve this one for wearing in late Summer or early fall. Thanks BPAL for the little pleasures in life. 💕
  7. Rane.

    I Was Put an Alien in Their World

    I find myself craving this scent almost daily for a while now. Snake Oil itself I don't wear much because of the toasty-warm smell, but this blend is mouth watering to me. On wet the herbs are upfront, give me warm, toasty, golden brown impressions. Then the Mimosa, floral Neroli, & then a sharp hit of Star Jasmine cuts thru. A sweetness is there too, like a baked good covered in sugar crystals surrounded by petals. I can't get enough! Dry down it mostly smells like a floral, with a ghostly, faint toasty background; A complete switch from initial application. I think this, & Hyakki Yagyo, are now tied for #1 favorites in my BPAL list/signature scent.
  8. Bought this Feb. 2018. When I first opened & applied it I became overwhelmed with a tobacco smell. That is not an ingredient tho! It had a papery, dried tobacco, or papyrus smell. Wasn't bad, but I couldn't figure out when I'd be comfortable wearing it. Cpuldn't pick up other notes. So I put it in a dark chest to age, darling! Aug, 4 2019: It smells heavenly. I'll describe it as a creamy, lightly spiced, wooden, dried paper, sage man-musk, with a delicate sweetness. I feel like the vetiver, balsam, & sage give it the chocolate-like impression I keep noting. As it dries out on the skin I'm left with more spicy musk notes like cedar, sage, with a light myrrh floating around. A complex one, & kinda special/magickal to me! Makes me think of friendship, late nights with a book, & warm hugs!
  9. Rane.

    A Chance Meeting in Springtime

    In the bottle I smell peach cream. It's love/dislike for me on that. This one I have to apply to fully enjoy. Kind of makes me think of it as the sister of Body, Remember. Once I apply it tho, oh goodness I could easily melt: Soft peachy cream, delightful fig. I think the sandalwood is giving it that creamy smell.
  10. Rane.


    I own the 2019, never smelled any other version. One reason I bought this was the combo of scents I've never encountered before. It smells like baby powder in the bottle & upon applying, but it starts to open up into a mature sexy, herbal, Earthy smell. Patchouli stands out to me most, as that scent I'm more familiar with. This is my go to scent for days I feel manly. haha! Also a favorite to put on after a shower, right before bedtime.
  11. Rane.

    Three Lovers

    So lovely. I like wearing it, tho it gives me super feminine vibes. Fine with me! I mostly smell roses & silk, a hint of cedarwood. Overall I get an impression of dhoop sticks & Ivory soap bars.
  12. Rane.

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    I was gonna suggest that [Body, Remember 2019]. My wife loves it. Wasn't too fond at first, but it aged a few months since I bought it. Now we both wear it & can't get enough. It's a lovely sweet coconut smell. Usually those are too much for me.
  13. Rane.


    This one is a sexy red dress smell on me. In the bottle it had a rubbery note to it that was strange. But once I smeared some on it turned into a sweet, Indian incense, smoke, & musk smell. Galangal & opoponax have to be what creates that sultry scent. My favorite thing about this is my wife said she didn't like the bottle smell, but she couldn't stop smelling me after I put some on! 💖
  14. Rane.

    Tricuspid Valve

    I feel so sad that I don't like this. I had to wipe it off cuz it smelled like I hadn't bathed in weeks, & I bathe maybe 1 to 3 times a day... & I love dirty hippy, incense smells, but this one was a nasty no no. Maybe it was my chemistry that day not working well with something in the blend. However, like with An Excerpt... from Luper 2018, it aged amazingly. Perhaps this one will too. I smelled it again, two days after first application, & I can tell it is starting to blend together. I think this just needs to age in the dark in my box. Love you, BPAL!!
  15. Rane.

    Caressing the Gilded Lily

    Glad to own a second lily of the valley perfume in my life. First one was a vintage Avon bottle. This smells so exotic, like a spring floral with a crisp melon blossom, & tea. Those stand out most to me.