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    I enjoy reading, & collecting horror books/manga, as well as doing creative hobbies, like drawing, painting, etc. I also enjoy collecting BPAL & essential oils. I like to experiment with making my own perfumes, & diffuser blends.


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    Evil; Coyote; Against Idleness & Mischief; I Wish I Were Your Mirror; Maenad; Tis' Not Madness; Hope & Faith; The Bow & Crown of Conquest; TKO; Hyakki Yagyo; Cock Stamen; The Black Tower; Nes Gadol Haya Sham; Fenris Wolf; Yorick; Tweedledee; Three Lovers; A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder; Luperci; A Basket of Abalone; I Was Put an Alien in Their World; Vasilissa; Shoggoth; Brown Jenkin; Tis the Voice of the Lobster; Hope/Auspicio; Thanatopsis


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  1. Rane.


    This is a strong one. I get jasmine & rose first, then followed by myrrh. It has a green smell to it as well. Think I'll wear this during late Summer or Fall.
  2. Rane.


    Fell in love with the imps so I got a full bottle. The opium tar, kush, & ambrette seed is what I get most. Such a delicate, yet imposing scent. I do feel like an evil Queen in a tower, or a witch from a fairy tale wearing this.
  3. Rane.

    #20 Love Oil

    Definitely herbal, & green. That is totally my thing. haha These kinds of scents tend to mellow out softly with my skin chemistry. I think I smell Lemongrass. & possibly ylang ylang. Not too sure on that, but that's what I get. It's bright, camphorous, & clean.
  4. Rane.

    All Night Long

    I get Red Hots candies right out of the bottle. So much so that I was afraid to put it on, also seeing someone said it irritated their skin. But it fairs well on me. Right before the cinnamon gets too strong it falls back, & I smell some kind of floral in there. An arousing scent for sure.
  5. Rane.


    I've not encountered this kind of rose before. Unlike "Faith" I'm not picking up much sugar. It is there but it is faint. This smells like a waxy kind of rose to me. I think I'll use this one for layering.
  6. Rane.


    Smells exactly like sugar coated violets. I see them in my head when I take a sniff; chunky sugar crystals on soft violet petals. The sugar note smells like delicious rock candy & that impresses me that scent can be captured.
  7. Rane.


    This one smells so mouthwatering. It's super sweet strawberry, orange blossom, & hibiscus at first. I think the black poppy is also giving it that uniqueness. Smells like those Easter Egg candies that are made practically of pure sugar. This should be an atmosphere spray!
  8. Rane.

    'Tis Not Madness

    This is such a lovely scent. Reminds me of something I've smelled at some point in childhood & it stuck with me. Maybe a perfume someone wore. I'm head over heels for this one. It's sweet, & slightly floral. Even my wife loves to wear it.
  9. Rane.


    Received as an imp. Super clean smelling green tea, with lemon verbena, & the lovely honeysuckle as a final impression. A unisex scent I think I would wear during the Summer.
  10. Rane.

    White Rabbit

    Received as an imp. It smells so yummy. At first I smell tea, but then it blossoms into vanilla, milk, ginger, & honey with crisp linen. Complex, delicate, a bit of heaven.
  11. Rane.

    The Jersey Devil

    Received as an imp. Woody & fruity. That is a really great combo. Smells like a candle I bought at some point in time. When it mellows it smells of cedarwood, & blackberry. The tomato leaf is something new to me. Gonna add this to my shopping list!
  12. Rane.

    Ode on Melancholy

    Received as an imp. I figured the ingredients would make this a floral, feminine smell. But it actually smells like a men's cologne. It has a clean green smell to it that is fresh & airy.
  13. Rane.


    Received as an imp. I compared this to "Nosferstu" by Black Baccara perfume oils. This one is a lot lighter, & I love the earth smell in it. The wine is just right, & the roses aren't deathly strong either. I prefer this blend, honestly. It's fun!
  14. Rane.

    Blood Amber

    Received as an imp. It has a spiciness to it that reminds me of cinnamon. When it mellows out it is a simple amber.
  15. Rane.


    Received as an imp. It smells soft, & girly on me. It's complex. In the bottle it is lemony. On my skin it turns into a gentle floral musk. Definitely a springtime scent.