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    I enjoy reading, & collecting horror books/manga, as well as doing creative hobbies, like drawing, painting, etc. I also enjoy collecting BPAL & essential oils. I like to experiment with making my own perfumes, & diffuser blends.


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    BPAL: The Bow & Crown of Conquest; Hyakki Yagyo; Cock Stamen; The Black Tower; Nes Gadol Haya Sham; Fenris Wolf; Yorick; Tweedledee; Three Lovers; A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder; Luperci; A Basket of Abalone; I Was Put an Alien in Their World; Vasilissa; Shoggoth; Brown Jenkin; Tis the Voice of the Lobster; Hope/Auspicio


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  1. Rane.

    Ehon Karanishiki

    First impressions for me are strawberry & Amber. They go so well together. Then I get morning glory enveloping them, followed by the other florals. The vanilla is very faint, but adds to the depth. This will be a Spring favorite for me.
  2. Rane.

    Sed Non Satiata

    Such a sensual scent. Perfect for bedtime or after a shower. Smells sweet, warm, a little boozy. I get honey + cognac first with faint patchouli following, & the rest I really can't detect. This one I know will smell amazing after it ages a little more. I dream of this one all syrupy & rich. Reminds me of the warm, yummy smell of Mouse's Long & Sad Tale.
  3. Rane.

    The Challenge of the Ascetic

    It's a unique one I will probably layer with. Smells like fragrant air, if that makes sense. Probably the Ti & Frankincense. Light, uplifting, kinda green. Very different from what I'm used to in a good way.
  4. Rane.


    This smell is something else. The Mandarin, Currant & Lavender take you up high, & doesn't come back down. haha The silk white musk envelops it all & gives it a richer depth. I really can't explain this one, it is so unique.
  5. A nice floral, with the faintest hit of spice from the black pepper. Sweet, delicate, reminds me of an expensive designer perfume. Loving the White Gardenia. She seems to carry the other notes.
  6. Rane.

    Morning Glories Bath Oil

    This one is super green, with a little floral. I smell freshly cut grass & the amber adds some strength to it. Morning Glory is in there lightly, comes out at the end. Refreshing!
  7. Rane.

    Cherry Blossoms in a Waterfall

    Agreed, it is sheer, not aquatic. Gentle, floral, feminine, all sorts of pink colors come to mind. Can't stop sniffing. My wife loves it!
  8. Rane.

    The Madam

    This one has great throw, & smells like a spicy rose, yet it also has that light baby powder smell too. Floating up to my nose it smells like an exotic incense, I smell the rose sandalwood most. Reminds me a lot of Japanese incenses made/blended with sandalwood.
  9. Rane.

    Old Buddhist Monk Penetrating a Rapturous Skeleton

    It has almost a licorice smell to it. But after fade it smells like warm man skin & bones! Ooo la la! A slight sweetness to the warmth of it.
  10. Rane.

    Fae Forest Atmosphere Spray

    This is so lush, & floral, with light woods. After it settles in the room I get the impression of Fruity Pebbles. Sprayed some on the bed before putting my kid down. He fell asleep within minutes. That is rare. lol
  11. Rane.

    Unspeakably Evil Temple Atmosphere Spray

    Sprayed some on a favorite blanket. First smells of opoponax & the delightful resins, & a bit of that lovely galangal root that smells just like this incense I like to buy. Frankincense, Myrrh, & Copal carrying everything gently. I feel like it might be the wormwood coming thru at the end of a sniff. If this is what evil smells like then count me in!
  12. Rane.

    The Embodiment of Funeral Gloom

    I'm loving the dirt & agarwood smell. The lavender is like a final note being sung before disappearing. Has a bit of a spicey note along with the faint myrrh. As it dries the dirtiness mellows & I smell woods. Thanks, BPAL!
  13. Rane.

    Black Haus

    This is so cozy & sleepy. A nice, lush lavender with powerful green notes & faint woods. I can get the leather & oudh notes at the end of a good sniff. As it fades the ectoplasm & cologne comes forward, but the lavender is still on top. I plan to wear this at night or after bath time.
  14. Rane.


    I bought this because it contains some of the same notes as LE Cock Stamen. I am not disappointed! Smells like a lavender version. The cacao lends some warmth, & the lavender has a touch of spice. Loving the dragon's blood & incense notes. Plan to make this a night time scent.
  15. Rane.


    Had this scent since 2018. I prefer wearing it during the Summer. Makes me think of hot nights cooled down by midnight showers. Even smells like the morning dew/fresh morning air to me. It's a bright, bubbly, & shiny smell. I get the lemongrass first, then peony, & coconut. The rest comes out after it dries.