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  1. sailthetethys

    The Crescent Moon

    I keep rediscovering and re-falling in love with this scent. It goes on very clean, almost powdery/soapy, to the point that I feel a tinge of apprehension (juniprehension?) and regret (ambregret? ...I’ll stop) whenever I first swipe it on my wrist. It mellows immediately into something sweet and inoffensive and I go about my day. The real magic comes once it settles a bit. The copal bumps up the resinous aspect of the amber, the juniper warms into something nearly cedaresque, and the sage does whatever sage does. It’s very smooth and well-blended, and is an excellent compromise between woodsy and office safe. It’s like what the village witch would wear to her court date. Enchanting but approachable.
  2. sailthetethys

    Magnificent Autumn

    Hi there, 2014 version. I hated you from the moment I bought you 4 years ago up until literally today. Today, for whatever reason, you really do smell magnificent. This has always been too cologny for me in years past, due in part to the Dead Leaves aspect (a note which, incidentally, I also didnt like until literally today). Now its a gentle, spicy floral with some fall fruits and leaves in the background - and yes, it does morph and become decidedly less green as it progresses into a more golden scent. It feels very autumnal in the same way that Samhain does, but gentler. If Samhain is a rowdy fall festival, this is a quiet walk in an autumn wood. (Incidentally, I hated Samhain as well until all of a sudden I loved it. And yall wonder why I never get rid of anything.)
  3. sailthetethys

    Scorched Marshmallows

    This isnt the foodie scent that I expected. I get a less-Christmassy version of Hearths fireplace smoke mixed with a creamy sweet note makes me think of Boo. No chocolate that I can discern, although the graham cracker may be contributing to the spiciness that makes me think of Hearth. And if you combine Boo and Hearth, you get Boarth, which sounds kinda like Birth and now Im 100% convinced this is all an elaborate scent-pun, so don't try to tell me otherwise. I will accept my reward for cracking the code in the form of free oils (and also maybe some wand caps). Anyway, I love it more than I would a straight-up smores scent. This is more like marshmallow incense, or maybe a sugared campfire. Either way, Im here for it.
  4. sailthetethys


    Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood, the warm, worn leather of an easy chair and a pleasant, subtle waft of fireplace smoke. Id like to know how the hell Beth managed to bottle the exact smell of the living room of my childhood home at Christmastime. Im genuinely in tears. I cant even begin to describe how this smells in any sort of way thats meaningful to the rest of you, unless you know what opening the big green tub and seeing all your favorite ornaments for the first time in a year and playing with the nativity figures on the stone hearth behind the tree and snow-diffused morning light streaming through the windows onto the toy soldiers on the mantle smell like. Because thats what this smells like. Its so deeply personal and evocative of my own ghosts of Christmas past. Thank you so much, Beth.
  5. sailthetethys

    Honey Snowballs

    Lord, it’s like Venus Verticordia and Snow White had a baby and it’s the sweetest goddamn baby you ever smelled. The honey note is, as others have pointed out, of the wildflower and dandelion variety (my favorite!!) and it really amps up the sweetness of the Snow White snow note. It’s definitely more floral than foodie. Not what I expected but right up my alley.
  6. sailthetethys

    Canis Major

    To me this is the tame, cuddly companion to the ethereal forest being that is Buck Moon. Same crystalline sparkle, same sweet skin musk, but the fur is fuzzier and sweeter, and the forest has been replaced by a warm bed of hay. Im in love.
  7. sailthetethys

    I Suppose You Are a Princess Hair Gloss

    Sweet pea and sugar cane. I blind bottled this as soon as I saw the sweet pea and sugar because I'm still suffering from the Great Reflected Vulva Heartbreak of 2014. After painfully doling out a teensy drop from what's left of my decant to compare, I can say that at least to me it's very close. Even though Princess doesn't have the cream note, it still smells soft and creamy to me. This is so sweet and girlish and precious that it should come with a free tiara, and yet it's not overwhelming and cloying. It's absolutely lovely and now I can finally stop pining for the Luper that got away. You're damn right I'm a motherfucking princess and now I smell like one too.
  8. sailthetethys


    [No additional description provided.] I haven't the faintest clue what a bluebonnet is supposed to smell like, so I can't tell you if this actually smells like a bluebonnet or not. To me this smells similar to the woodland phlox that used to grow in the forest near my childhood home, but with a note of fresh-cut grass. It's sweet and green and makes me think of picking wildflowers in late spring. I love it.
  9. sailthetethys


    That first review is spot on. First impression smelled like what mango candy tastes like: not really mango but more of a super sweet interpretation of mango (think watermelon jolly ranchers vs actual watermelon). Then a sharp, not-quite-ripe piney mango. And now it's creamy mango sunscreen and yeah, Animal Kingdom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is really yummy and has a lot going on for a single note. Definitely has a floral aspect to it. I don't know that I'd layer this one; it's complex enough to wear on its own.
  10. sailthetethys

    Sturgeon Moon 2017

    A month of bounty, when the fish are plentiful and the corn grows high. This is the scent of breezes passing over the Great Lakes, mingling gently with traditional lunar herbs. Sandy shores and sweet fresh water, lichen, green algae, and whitestem pondweed, with benzoin, hay, cyclamen, moonlit musk, cucumber, blue poppy, driftwood, and agave. This is a very clean ( almost detergent-like) scent. Drying down, it becomes more watery and cucumber-y. It's very fresh and aquatic without being too murky or heavy.
  11. sailthetethys

    Sweet Orange

    Fan of the Body Shop's Satsuma? This is that, only better and more BPAL-y. Lasts a decent while for a citrus single note too. I was about to give up on SNs til this little beauty came along.
  12. sailthetethys

    Buck Moon 2017

    Oh my god. Someone described the old Buck Moon as Summer Faunalia, and I can get on board with that. This smells less like a forest and more like a mystical forest being in the same way that Faunalia does thanks to the skin musk and the sparkling note. I don't get much pine, just sweet warm woods and soft musk. There is a creamy spiciness that reminds me of a lighter Samhain. This is pure forest magic in a bottle. It's absolutely gorgeous.
  13. sailthetethys

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, Honey, and Goat’s Milk

    Winner of the Great No-Sail-You-Cannot-Buy-All-The-Chocolates-Get-Your-Shit-Together-And-Pick-One Throwdown of 2017. This is glorious and creamy-sweet without being too cloying or going sour from the milk. The chocolate doesn't necessarily seem white to me, just chocolate. And it's not too buttery either, which was an issue I ran into with Ivory Vulva making me crave popcorn. Probably one of my favorite milk and chocolate scents. The deciding factor, however, was that none of the notes bothered me after drying down. After an hour, Ceylon Cinnamon and Coffee's coffee absolute note reminded me too much of early morning exam cramming and Whiskey and Cardamom's whisky note reminded me too much of early morning puking. As I haven't done anything regrettable regarding marshmallow or goat's milk yet, this one gets to come home with me.
  14. sailthetethys

    Snake Skin

    This one took a minute to appreciate. Actually, it took a full 30 minutes. When first applied, this was a blast of harsh, chemically leather with faint wafts of very fresh Snake Oil. And the two didn't mingle very well together. I'm not a big fan of fresh Snake Oil - in fact, I've never bought a big bottle for this reason and have gotten my fix entirely on aged imps. Just too impatient. But now it's pretty delicious. The leather has calmed tf down considerably and is now the warm, dusty leather note that I love. And the Snake Oil is now mostly soft, rich vanilla. This makes me think of Outlaw with Snakey sweetness instead of root beer. The Snake Oil is still a bit too fresh for my tastes, but even my impatient ass thinks this is worth snagging a bottle to age because it's going to be glorious. One Year Later Update: yep, its fucking glorious.
  15. sailthetethys

    Cave of Treasures

    Ok, Beth. I get it. I don't hate florals after all. This really REALLY wanted to go soapy on me, possibly because I fully expected it to. In fact, I attempted to scrub it off. But 20 minutes later, it's a lush creamy lilac with just a touch of spicy cardamom. And it's lovely. This is so annoying. I'd already crossed it off the list and everything. Now I have to make a new list. Maybe I'll hate it in an hour.