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BPAL Madness!


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A shot of pure, self-indulgent euphoria! A scent that is very, very wicked in its own way: the serotonin-slathered scent of pure milk chocolate.

Yep, milk chocolate. Cadbury's, past its sell-by date. I can understand why some people enjoy this, especially when their skin chemistry makes it seem creamy and not stale, but this is not for me.


ETA scent description. I did it!

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Bliss was one of the scents I tried pretty early in my discovery of BPAL, and for some reason, I never reviewed it!


In the bottle: Brownies!


Wet: It goes from warm brownies, fresh from the oven, to brownie batter. Browniiiies.


Dry: It's creamy milk chocolate now, although there are still moments when I sniff it can only think BROWNIEEEEES, and other moments where I feel like I'm smelling cocoa powder before pouring it into some warm, creamy milk to make some hot chocolate. In any case, this scent is making me hungry. :P


Verdict: I really enjoy Bliss! I always feel like I have too many chocolate scents that I don't reach for often enough, but I feel the need to keep some of this on hand anyway, because it's a very nice chocolate scent. I just wish it didn't make me feel like I need to eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE.

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Hoooo boy. I received this vial as a free sample. Not knowing what to expect, I opened it and got punched in the face by milk chocolate. Looked it up and sure enough, straight chocolate. Went to pour a little on my wrist and OOPS HAHA SPILLED IT ALL DOWN MY ARM now I smell like a sugar ants wet dream. Even hours later, if this was a scent I really liked, I would have to dilute it some. Still pretty strong and still very, very chocolatey.


Chocolate lovers, get your calorie-free fix.

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Not sure why I've never tested this, as I like the milk chocolate note in the Lupers' Box of Chocolates subsets. But w/ Bliss in the Snowdrift subset, I thought I'd better look into the matter. Luckily, I have a fresh imp from the Lab.


In the imp, wet on my wrist, and through the dry-down, this is lovely milk chocolate. Not a morpher. :)

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Expectations: Milk chocolate, pretty straightforward. 


In the imp: Definitely milk chocolate. There's a quality to the scent that suggests chocolate in liquid form to me, like hot cocoa or brownie batter or the chocolate square of a melted s'more. 


On my skin: 


Wet on my skin, the scent actually becomes a bit drier than it feels in the bottle, like dry cocoa powder. It reminds me of the cocoa note in Gelt. 


At least in the initial phase, this has considerably more throw than I'm used to chocolate notes having. 


By the 15 minute mark, however, the throw has settled down to be very close to the skin, which is more typical of chocolate and me. 


And it becomes rapidly fainter from there. A little more than a half hour after application, and it's barely detectable. 


It's a nice scent while it lasts, but it doesn't last long enough to be a reasonable perfume choice for me. 

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I've tested Bliss in the imp soooo many times in the hopes it would work, because it's just so yummy, but like all of BPALs chocolate notes it can go sour or plastic on me. 


Wet: mix of dark and milk chocolate 
On: milk chocolate... So far on me. 
Drydown: sour milk chocolate :(

It does have a short throw and life on me so the sour does go away and is tolerable, just not as lovely. 


I ended up buying a bottle anyway to use in my burner because, chocolate. 

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