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  1. Laughing Seagull

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Guess I'll give this a crack as well since I'm on the lookout for new things to try. As I've said elsewhere, I'm a 30 year old news reporter. I cover many things, including handling obituaries for our publication. People often ask if handling obituaries daily upsets or scares me. Not really. I mostly view it as a necessary public service. I think that as an entity, Death probably feels that way about their job, too. I like cold things, and I hate hot things. I don't like hot weather or hot drinks or hot showers, and I prefer just-kinda-warm food over hot food. Big fan of rainy weather. Allegedly I am blunt. Equally allegedly I have a good sense of humor. I have a short temper and neither forgive nor forget, but I'm easily amused and assume the best of people unless they give me a reason not to. I'm quiet, but I "secretly" like listening to other people's gossip and drama. I get excited about things easily - for example, I once contacted a toothbrush manufacturer to tell them how amazing the toothbrush I bought was. My fashion sense is "plain clothes, lots of jewelry." I have 15 piercings. Asexual. Can't hold still worth a damn. Being a sleepy bitch is a personality trait. My cat's name is Romeow, which seems worth mentioning. Favorite things: Activities: macro photography (plants/bugs mostly), inadvisably picking up random animals, cross stitch, naps, picnics, reading sappy fanfiction. Foods: pea soup, cabbage dumplings, drunken noodles, vanilla yogurt, egg yolks, red/black grapes, pomegranate, beans in general. Drinks: iced black, green, red, kukicha, or hibiscus tea, iced coffee with a lot of milk, Thai iced tea, passionfruit seltzer, water with crunchy ice. Flowers: lungwort, blackberry lily, forget-me-not, adenium, hoya, daisies (all types). Colors: yellow, pink, dark red, cobalt, mint green. Mythical creatures: Minotaur, kraken, oni, mothman, gorgons. Dislikes: cumin, hyacinths, red meat, hippos (they're scary!), the comments sections on my workplace's website, loud noises, when people are like "can you do me a favor" and expect you to agree to it before telling you what the favor is. That's a lot... Whoops.
  2. Laughing Seagull

    What should I try next?: An inevitable thread

    Will def. be picking some of these up while I order an industrial-sized barrel of Cheshire Cat later - I'm particularly interested in Aglea, I just hope it doesn't end up being too sweet. Night-Gaunt had been on my radar for a while but most of the rest of these suggestions I hadn't thought about! I think I'll try Snake Oil on its own first before I spring for a Snake Pit bottle. It'll probably be totally fine, but you never know. Since I've had so many scents turn overly sweet when I put them on I'm reluctant to trust O, but I may try La Petite Mort and/or Sed non Satiata, which I've heard are similar but more complex. Feel free to keep the suggestions flowing!
  3. It's that time. I'm 40-some scents in and I am not sure how to tell what I like or how to figure out how to figure out what I like... haha. I have sorted the scents that I've tried into several categories to try and puzzle it out. Any tips/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer suggestions that aren't difficult to acquire. I'm cool with suggestions of things like Carnaval scents even though they are unimpable. As well as suggestions of things that I might like, I am also open to suggestions of "try this to determine whether you like (a key note that is in many things)." I know patchouli is one that I will need to figure out. Here are lists. I would wear this any/every day: The paragons of scent. These perfumes are ones that never get overpowering, too sweet, get a strange funk to them, etc. At worst, some fade a little faster than I'd like. Cheshire Cat Hell's Belle Bastet Blood Pearl (I think this is discontinued?) Queen of Hearts Vasilissa Chimera Bliss Lightning The Sea Foams Milk "Similar but inferior": Scents with a similar alternative that I think is better. Drink Me < Perversion Obatala < Sea Foams Milk Kali < Bastet Black Lotus < Bastet Titania < Kitsune-tsuki Dragon's Bone < Blood Pearl Eat Me < Chimera Velvet: so inferior to Bliss that it feels unfair to even compare them Special occasions only/minor problems: These are nice to wear sometimes, but not every day. Some of these are too strong/sweet to wear for a long time, or have one stage in which they get a strange/unpleasant funk. Persephone (burnt hair smell when wet on skin; nice otherwise) Titania (too sweet) Kitsune-tsuki (less sweet than Titania but still too sweet to tolerate all day) Croquet (fades too quickly) Soothing System (could use a floral or something to cut through the wine) Perversion (too sweet) Kumiho (fades quickly, would like more ginger) Eat Me (borderline too sweet, I have to be in the right mood) Severin (fades too quickly, discontinued) Nocnitsa (moss brings it down a bit, discontinued) Tweedledee (fades too quickly) Not bad but not great either: meh Brimstone (I would not wear this on its own but it's not unpleasant) Kali (Like black lotus and Bastet, but not as good) Major problems: I cannot with these Dragon's Milk (TOO SWEET) Dragon's Bone (morphs into something sharp and unpleasant) How Doth the Little Crocodile (oakmoss ruins everything) Maenad (TOO SWEET, might try layering with brimstone?) Plunder (just generally extremely unpleasant) Jack (generally unpleasant) Grave-Pig (moss nightmare, too masculine) Apothecary (moss nightmare, too masculine) Velvet (chocolate pencil shavings) Zephyr (vanilla pencil shavings) Dana O'Shee (baby oil and cardboard) Les Fleurs du Mal (makes my allergies go nuts) Nyx (Too Much Jasmine) Arcana (I don't like rosemary that much) Kabuki (strikes me as masculine, reminds me of a bad date I went on) Psionicist (100% men's shaving cream) Obatala (too sweet) Sjöfn (reminds me of a bathroom spray my dad used to use) Based on the above information, I believe that my NOPE notes thus far are oakmoss, honey, frankincense, sandalwood, and anise. My YEAH notes are, uh... musks and amber maybe? I like lotus but I think I have enough lotus scents.
  4. Laughing Seagull


    I received this as a lab frimp, and I never would have purchased it on my own. When I first put this on, it smelled primarily like ash and I was tempted to wash it off right then and there. After a few minutes, it's actually kind of good? It's smoky, leathery, maybe a bit metallic, and somewhat on the masculine side. I don't think I'd want to wear it on its own, but I think that it would be good to layer on scents that are too light or sweet.
  5. Laughing Seagull


    I purchased this as a fresh lab imp. My first impression is that this smells exactly like citrus flavored gummy candies. A whiff of fresh grass adds a certain freshness to it. This is very nice, for a few minutes. In about 20 minutes all the other notes leave the party, the lone survivor a fading remnant of rose. This is a good candidate for a locket scent.
  6. Laughing Seagull


    I purchased this as a fresh imp. I feel that the previous poster's comparison to Dragon's Milk is somewhat apt. I found Dragon's Milk to be offensively sweet until it dried. Chimera is like the dry phase of Dragon's Milk, skipping over the offensively sweet period entirely. Excellent. This has a bready undertone to it that makes it seem extremely edible. In fact, I would say that Chimera and Bliss are the most edible-smelling BPAL scents I've tried. The scent didn't really morph at all and lasted for an average amount of time (3-4 hours).
  7. Laughing Seagull


    I purchased a fresh imp of this from the lab. I was concerned about trying this at first because sandalwood tends to destroy everything around it when I wear it. When I put this on, I primarily smell amber and... Other stuff. I can't pick out any other individual notes. This is a good thing. Vasilissa doesn't really do much of any morphing, essentially remaining "amber and other stuff" for its duration. I agree with all of the comments saying that this gives off a "pink" vibe. It's like the fluffiest, softest pink bathrobe you can possibly imagine. Overall, this is a very pleasant scent. It is somewhat short-lived (about 2 hours).
  8. Laughing Seagull


    I purchased a fresh imp of this from the lab to try. My first impression in the vial was that this was pure daffodil, which is a bad thing. I enjoy looking at daffodils but have always found their smell to be overwhelming. After putting it on my wrist, however, the plum comes to the rescue and beats back the daffodil with a stick. The daffodil does not go away entirely, but it is tame now. Thank you plum!! After the plum tames the florals, the scent of Kitsune-tsuki reminds me of, appropriately, the plum-flavored "Flower's Kiss" candies that I used to buy sometimes before the local store stopped carrying them. I would call this too strong and sweet to be an everyday kind of scent, but I can see myself reaching for it on special occasions.
  9. Laughing Seagull

    Drink Me

    My test is with a new imp from the lab. To my nose, this is 100% buttered rum. In the vial, wet, dry, hours later, it's just buttered rum. I hope that this one changes as it ages, because right now it's like a PG-rated adaptation of Perversion.
  10. Laughing Seagull

    Cheshire Cat

    I purchased a fresh imp of this from the lab. Both in the imp and on my skin initially, it is most certainly juicy grapefruit and lavender! Though the grapefruit is mostly sweet, there is a twang of sourness just on the edge of my sense of smell that I can detect if I shove my nose directly onto my wrist. The chamomile peeks out to soften things up a little as it dries, providing Cheshire Cat with a somewhat "creamy" aspect. The delphinium, I assume, emerges after the drydown and adds a light floral overlay to the other scents. After an hour or so, I am left with the most wonderful musk with a whisper of citrus. I am in love with this scent! My only wish is that it lasted longer, which seems to be a recurring problem I (and many others) have with citrusy scents.
  11. Laughing Seagull

    Hell's Belle

    I purchased this as a fresh lab imp and it is amazing. It's an orange cream soda whose sweetness is tempered perfectly by lovely blossoms. Somehow, this belle has managed to dodge all of the gripes I tend to have about perfumes: not too sweet, not too incense-y, doesn't get violently taken over by a note that I dislike, not powdery, not so strong that I get sick of it, my skin doesn't instantly obliterate the citrus note, doesn't go through any horrifying intermediate phases, etc. The "spices," whatever they are, gently breeze in after the drydown, darkening the orange just a touch. The scent reminds me of allspice. The only downside is that this one fades relatively quickly (about 2 hours).
  12. Laughing Seagull


    Bought a fresh lab imp. In the vial this is a punch to the face with musk. After putting it on, vanilla and sandalwood appear. I detect no lemon. Then, when it dries, sandalwood beats every other note to death, turning it into pencil shavings haunted by the ghost of vanilla. It smells exactly like Velvet did on me. Sandalwood always does this on my skin.
  13. Laughing Seagull


    I received this as a lab frimp. In the vial, Nyx smells like JASMINE. In all caps. Wet on skin, I detect jasmine still and I could swear that there's some kind of citrus fruit far in the background? This may just be an aspect of jasmine. Hours later, it turns into pure incense. Rose never showed up. This oil lasts forever. I don't think it's very "me," however I got a bit of it on my sweater and find that it smells nicer on the sweater than it does on my skin. This to me suggests that it is probably better as a locket scent.
  14. Laughing Seagull


    I purchased this as a fresh lab imp. In the vial, I primarily get rose with a very, very deep red fruit, the way a pomegranate should smell. Beautiful. Immediately after applying it to my skin, it smells EXACTLY like burnt hair. It's absolutely incredible, in a bad way. How did this happen? Fortunately after drying down, she goes right back to being lovely, tart pomegranate and rose. Outside of the burnt hair phase (must be the trip through the underworld), this is a beautiful scent. Hopefully the burnt hair thing will go away with age or something. This scent doesn't last very long (like, an hour and a half).
  15. Laughing Seagull

    Dana O'Shee

    I purchased a fresh imp of this to try, reluctantly. I do not get along with honey scents and only bought this because it was highly recommended by many, many people. In the vial, it smelled very much like almond extract. I liked that. I love almond smell! Immediately upon coming into contact with my skin, it turned into pure baby oil smell. Argh!! The drydown smells like a combination of baby oil and wet cardboard and once again affirms that honey scents do terrible, terrible things on my skin. I was really hoping that this would approach "oatmeal cookie smell" but it never made it there before the honey note ruined everything as usual. I think it would work well in a scent locket or as a room scent, where my skin can't ruin it.