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  1. Laughing Seagull

    Rose Petals, Marshmallows, and Afterglow Hair Gloss

    Fun, playful, sugar-coated pink rose! It's fairly strong and makes me smile. Goes flawlessly with a goat milk moisturizer I use sometimes called "Victorian Rose." This is my favorite HG so far (I haven't tried many yet, but still, it's my favorite!). Hopefully I'll have some pocket change available to get some backup bottles before the Lupers go.
  2. Laughing Seagull

    Bastet Hair Gloss

    Just a preliminary note that when I tried this immediately out of the mailbox, it went straight marzipan and cardamom. I had to let it sit around for couple days to make that not happen. After letting it rest, the Bastet hair gloss is resinous and rich, a little sweet with a high-class vibe just like the perfume oil. Myrrh, amber, and cardamom are on top here with gentle almond creating a nice background. I've tried putting it on wet hair and dry hair to see if there's any noticeable difference in things like throw (there isn't). For better or worse depending on what you're going for, this HG is very subtle. Unlike the Mischief HG, I don't get a blast of perfume every time I move my head. I can't even really smell it unless I move some of my hair right under my nose. Overall: This is a surprisingly passive iteration of Bastet. I put some lotion (HoG Mango Sticky Rice specifically) on my hands and later when I picked up some strands of hair for a Bastet sniff, the lotion smell had completely overtaken it.
  3. Laughing Seagull

    Couple in a Bathhouse With a Go Board

    I agree with doomsday_disco, I am being utterly blasted with honey scent. I think it's the honey note from Jezebel, which is more pleasant than other honey notes but is also very, very strong. All I've been smelling for the last 12 hours is the honey from Jezebel with a different floral twang. Yes, 12 hours. The couple with the go board has a lot of stamina. They're still going at it.
  4. Laughing Seagull

    Collapsing Mosquito Netting

    Wet greenery with lilac and what I'm pegging as moonflower but it's probably the Morning Glory part. The Morning Glory/Moonflower component smells a little bit fruity and sweet, providing whimsy to what would have otherwise been a straightforward lilac plus ivy. This is the very definition of a springtime perfume. The lilac and greenery are in a little tug-of-war with each other and that's the extent of the morphing that I detect (I have thankfully been spared the french fry experience). Absolute BANGER. Surprisingly strong, too!
  5. Laughing Seagull

    White Chocolate and Taro Cream

    Strangely, this reminds me of a donut. A fresh, yummy donut filled with sweet coconut cream and dipped in chocolate glaze. I don't know how the taro became a donut, but I'm here for it. It makes me smile. Extremely edible, as everyone else has already said, with a medium throw and good longevity. An all-around winner. The box of chocolates seems to be exceptional this year!
  6. Laughing Seagull

    Snow Lotus

    Snow Lotus is definitely worthy of being associated with Black Lotus, which is one of my all-time favorite scents. A compelling argument in favor of remixes, to be sure. Like Black Lotus, this is dominated by genuine sugary bubblegum-floral lotus. Unlike Black Lotus, this has the addition of what I think is some kind of evergreen. Maybe fir? The possibly-fir adds a refreshing frosty chill to an otherwise warm fragrance. There's something mildly aquatic about this one that wasn't present in the original Black Lotus. Also my cat likes this one for some reason. 10/10, a definite win for us lotus fans (and my cat, for some reason).
  7. Laughing Seagull

    Hallway of a Train Station

    Something has gone very wrong in this train station. In the container I got a nice plum scent, which could not prepare me for what happened after putting this on my skin. Initially my impression was vetiver and effervescent plum (makes me think of the limited edition summer plum La Croix). Unfortunately, it morphs into olfactory horrors beyond my comprehension. I think it might be the "hot iron" note doing something terrible because it resembles the smell of something burning, and not in a good way. I did end up with a residue of lilac-infused tea after ineffectually trying to rub it off. Maybe letting the oil rest and/or age will help.
  8. Laughing Seagull


    This smells exactly how I expected it to: sweet, syrupy opium brightened by dewy rose. My first thought was of a kinder, gentler, and much simpler Event Horizon. There's not a lot to say here. Poppies is simple and pretty. No surprises here. The fragrance faithfully sticks around over a long period with a medium throw.
  9. Laughing Seagull

    Mischief Hair Gloss

    I received a decant of this from paperflowers as a bonus gift in this year's Luper decant circle. Apparently I had a weird skin reaction to a hair gloss before (I don't remember but left myself a note about it), but I'm giving it another go. Since I've completely forgotten about the previous hair gloss I tried, this will be my "first." It's surprising! I thought this would smell like cherries and cotton candy, but it's actually quite spicy. As others have said, allspice is the main vibe I get from this. I like throwing allspice corns(? Is that what you call pieces of allspice? Like a peppercorn?) in rice sometimes and this smells just like popping open the tin of allspice corns. Something in it also reminds me of Under the Foot Warmer from the 2021 Shungas. I'm guessing it's red musk. As for its performance as a hair gloss, just a few spritzes from the spray bottle and a run with a wide-tooth comb helps make my hair look smooth with defined curls instead of frizzy, and the scent is long lasting. If my skin doesn't do anything bad this time, I might try another HG because I like the way it makes my hair look/feel. I'd pick another scent though. Probably Razors in a Doll's House.
  10. Laughing Seagull

    Lychee Vulva

    Reminds me a lot of Flowering Peonies from the 2021 Shunga set, which was another lychee/peony scent. And like Flowering Peonies, it leaves me wishing it was fruitier or at least that the florals would settle down a little. This is a lone fruit in a room full of giant waxy flowers.
  11. Laughing Seagull

    Chestnut Vulva

    Roasty chestnuts and toasty spices! I would've guessed this was a Yule if I didn't know better because it reminds me of Christmas markets. Even though it's sweet chestnut with caramel, it's not a sugar bomb. It's just a little bit sweet. I agree with the "cardamom roll filling" description from OxfordComma. Occasionally hits close to Chimera. It's quite long lasting and becomes just slightly sweeter as time passes, but never loses sight of its toasty spice base. Verdict: A cozy, low-key wintertime scent. Nice non-cinnamon spice.
  12. Laughing Seagull

    Ruby Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Rose Petals

    It smells like raspberries and cake batter, holy shit ETA: Rose petals come out later, they're pink and sugary smelling. I was so excited about the raspberry cake batter that it skipped my mind. The rose makes it even more luxurious. ETA again: It is VERY strong and lasts for a very long time. Perfect scent (unless you think it's too sweet, which is extremely possible)
  13. Laughing Seagull

    Encounter with a Female Ghost

    I'm trying this directly out of the mail, so impressions are subject to change. In the vial, I get a whiff of straight up sweet, cherry-like dragon's blood. This changes immediately to become cypress-dominant (fortunately it's piney cypress instead of cat pee cypress, if you know you know) upon application and gradually balances out as the perfume dries. Over time, the cypress becomes fruitier and fruitier and a backdrop of chrysanthemum develops. I recognize this chrysanthemum from Calavera Catrina. Chrysanthemum isn't in the notes list but it's what I'm detecting - maybe the immortelle note is similar. What remains after everything seems to have settled down is a sizable cloud of purple fruit mist, slightly embittered by chrysanthemums. "Cloud" because it seems to have a relatively large throw but isn't overpowering. I suspect this may have a very different progression on different people, but for me it was 100% dragon's blood in decant vial - 100% cypress immediately after applying to skin - cypress and plums as it dries - cypress, plums, and chrysanthemums later as it dries - plums and chrysanthemums - amber? Verdict: Neat! Not really "me," but an enjoyable experience nonetheless.
  14. Laughing Seagull


    Testing a 3 yr old imp. My impression of Pele is white flowers on a rainy day. I think that muguet is responsible for the rainy day imagery since I'm used to associating it with watery scents. Gentle and benign are accurate. These florals are as fresh and inoffensive as florals get. There's nothing funky, aggressive, or ominous going on here, just a peaceful drizzle over pretty white blooms. She's a beauty, but a bit of a demure one. The scent is modest and seemingly in a hurry to leave.
  15. Laughing Seagull

    Against Idleness and Mischief

    Testing a relatively fresh imp (about 4 months old). I wanted to try a perfume with hyssop in it because I visited a garden shop that had pots and pots of blooming hyssop and it smelled amazing. Unfortunately, Against Idleness and Mischief isn't the right one for me. It's dominated by razor sharp honey with the florals completely buried. It sticks close to the skin for its whole (relatively short) duration and I can only faintly detect a flower or two behind the honey waterfall when I sniff right on my skin after 3 hours or so. Needless to say, I didn't get along with this one... Which I suppose makes sense, since I'm pretty in favor of idleness and mischief.