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  1. Laughing Seagull


    I ordered an imp of White Rider because of its simplicity and was hoping that this would be the case. I feared that Black Rider would end up being "syrupy." Everyone's unsexy suggestions have been noted. I personally find Ranger to be unsexy leather (falls into the "cozy" category imo).
  2. Laughing Seagull


    So this is subjective and also kind of silly, but I'm curious. Forumites, what do you consider to be the most unsexy leather blends? I don't necessarily mean the coziest (though that can qualify). They can be unsettling or weird or cozy or nice or any other descriptor you can think of, just NOT sexy.
  3. Laughing Seagull

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    I really wanted to like this, but the donut dough ends up smelling more like play doh once it touches my skin and the cranberry does an overwhelming hostile takeover. I don't have a good record with berries. It blows that something more or less universally loved doesn't work for me at all, but what can ya do? At least I didn't spring for a full bottle.
  4. Laughing Seagull

    Meigetsu Ya

    I don't have anything poetic to say about this one. Buddy, that's orange soda! Doesn't last long, also like orange soda.
  5. Laughing Seagull

    Winter Sunset

    Something in this goes unpleasantly bitter and waxy on me for a good while. I could swear that narcissus was here, though it isn't in the note list. Heck, there aren't ANY florals in the note list. I'm baffled. Maybe what everyone else is reading as "clay" I'm interpreting as "wax." The maybe-narcissus does taper off and is replaced with pretty much pure clove after a while, and I do like clove. There are other clove scents I like more though, where I don't have to sit through a waxy nightmare to get to the good stuff.
  6. Laughing Seagull

    Don’t Lick It

    Not much to say about this one. Yup, that's a candy cane! Lasts longer than expected. Sweet and refreshing. Love it.
  7. Laughing Seagull

    Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

    I enjoy everything about this except the carnation, which behaves obnoxiously and keeps injecting a bubblegumminess into this that I dislike. Underneath the annoying bubblegumminess, there's a delicate dry grassy smell with a hint of fruity musk that's pretty enjoyable. Especially with the overbearing carnation, though, it's a little too delicate for me. I prefer The Icebergs.
  8. Laughing Seagull

    Gingerbread Invisible Man

    The gingerbread... It's invisible!! I don't get the bready, molasses-y, lasts-forever-y gingerbread that I experienced with Gingerbread Zombie here. Instead, I get a fizzy lemon-ginger concoction. It's a nice smell in its own right, but where the f*** is my gingerbread?
  9. Laughing Seagull

    To a Wreath of Snow

    This is beautiful. I wasn't impressed with it in the vial (I smelled lavender and not much else), but putting it on my skin seems to "activate" it. Once it's warmed up on my skin, it reminds me of a professor I used to occasionally pass by when I was in college. I never took any of his classes, but he would stand around outside smoking a pipe with really good smelling tobacco in it. It has a sweet, vanilla-like quality. Overall this is a lot sweeter than I had anticipated. This is a good thing. It keeps the tobacco flower from going off the rails as it so often does. In fact, it strikes me as surprisingly edible-smelling - were it not for the tobacco, I might wonder if I accidentally got a decant of lavender and white chocolate madelines. I want to wallow in a bathtub full of it.
  10. Laughing Seagull


    Ranger is all cozy leather, pine sap, and woods to me. Fighter's leather gave a glossy black impression, whereas Ranger is a well-worn suede. It's lazy cuddles on a couch with a granny-square blanket draped over the back of it in a rustic little lake house. I wouldn't have known that patchouli was in this if it wasn't in the note list; I usually find patch "dirty" smelling, but Ranger doesn't strike me as dirty at all. In the last minutes before the scent fades, up-close I detect something vaguely citrusy that reminds me of black musk. I believe that this particular Ranger is more cuddly than deadly, at least to their party members. This is a snuggly, comforting scent. And much like snuggles, I wish it lasted longer.
  11. Laughing Seagull

    Seagull Scent Masterlist

    ESSENTIAL Cheshire Cat Bliss Twilight To a Wreath of Snow Jezebel Belle Epoque Xiuhtecuhtli Blood Pearl Blood Rose Thanatopsis Every gingerbread scent Torture Queen Pumpkin Queen Queen of Hearts TEMPTING Envy Cold Moon 2020 Lightning Ranger Don't Lick It Meigetsu Ya Nosferatu The Jersey Devil Carnal Candy Corn Smut Bleeding Walls Apple Spice Hard Candy Bon Vivant Hecate Bastet Vasilissa Chimera The Sea Foams Blood The Sea Foams Milk Dragon's Milk ACCEPTABLE Persephone Transeo Baobhan Sith The Icebergs Incubus Titania Kumiho Y’ha-nthlei Brisingamen Aglaea Haunted Wilde Soothing System Kumiho Pele Eat Me Smut Severin Tweedledee Kali TOLERABLE Shango Hell's Belle Gingerbread Invisible Man Winter Sunset Wheatstacks, Snow effect, Morning Fighter Sin Mad Hatter Peppermint and Pine Queen Block Buster Please Scream Inside Your Heart Kitsune-tsuki Perversion Coyote Tlazolteotl Verdandi Cozy Sweater and Apple Cider Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, Pistachio Cream Imp Great Sword of War Sed non Satiata WELL IT COULD BE WORSE Croquet Brimstone Antonio the Carny Talker Ouija Sjofn Night-Gaunt Maenad Juliet Fae Nyx Vice Hunger The Lights of Men's Lives Kabuki Anathema Obatala Dragon's Bone DISASTER Athens Darkness Pomegranate Sufganiyot Oberon Poisoned Apple Arcana Harlot Red Queen La Lethe Centzon Totochtin Namaste Candy Apple Smut High-Strung Daisies Zephyr Disembodied Malevolent Laughter Velvet Event Horizon The Forest Reverie Juke Joint Dana O'Shee Scherezade How Doth the Little Crocodile Plunder Jack Grave-Pig Apothecary Les Fleurs du Mal Arcana Psionicist ?????? I GOTTA RETRY THESE Snake Oil Tavern of Hell
  12. Laughing Seagull


    Straight up cinnamon incense. Woody, smoky, a little spicy, kind of dirty. Amber adds powdery sweetness once it dries. Not entirely unpleasant, but too dirty for my liking.
  13. Laughing Seagull


    I received this as a frimp and was afraid of it because I expected it to be exceptionally earthy and gritty - a relative of Burial, I thought, and Burial made me feel physically ill. When I popped open the Nosferatu imp I was delighted with a rich wine scent with an almost cherry-like twang to it. Sweet but not too sweet. Red. It makes me smile. There is an inexplicable coolness to it as well, but in my opinion it's not like "rotting things in a crypt." This vampire lives in a cold cave full of stalactites that drip icy water onto your scalp if you don't watch your step. You adjust to the dim light and you see an array of luxurious velvet pillows and a nice rug that contrast amusingly with the rough stone walls. Something metallic emerges eventually. Maybe you've had so much wine by this point that you've failed to notice that your companion is drinking something suspiciously more viscous. This is a vampire that makes you go, "Eh, it was worth it" as the light leaves your eyes. 10/10, exceeded my expectations in every way. I'm baffled by the wildly different reviews on this.
  14. Laughing Seagull


    This isn't exactly a "me" scent because it turns out to be very earthy (I think due to the sage mostly), but it isn't unpleasant. The caramel note is so subtle to my nose that I wouldn't know it was there if it wasn't for the notes list. Minty tobacco is at the forefront - an herbal mint such as the one in Envy, not a candylike mint. It fades away after a while, as mint tends to do. I smell the white musk more than the black musk. Despite containing caramel, it's not really sweet. Overall, white musk and tobacco seem to be the stars of the show here.
  15. Laughing Seagull


    Queen reminds me of Dragon's Milk but I like it less. It opens with something sharp and unpleasant. I had thought maybe it was labdanum or Bad Honey at first, but the consensus seems to be that it's vetiver. I think this has honey and amber in it and I could swear that I detect heliotrope lingering at the end. I'd rather just have Dragon's Milk, but this will do while the Ars Draconis collection is MIA.