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  1. Laughing Seagull

    RPG Combos

    Giving Chaotic Good Bard a shot today based on a novel character (going for A-Tai from Tianbao Fuyao Lu vibes). The combination is a wonderful spiced honey scent dripping over a light metal. It's a fun and playful combination that makes me smile, which is exactly what I was hoping for. The honey isn't sharp or overbearing and the heliotrope is light enough that it doesn't go powdery. Pretty good throw and longevity, probably thanks to the musks in Chaotic. I like it!
  2. Laughing Seagull

    Rice Milk & Mango

    Expectation: Mango sticky rice. Reality: Vaguely coconutty rice bordering on sunscreen. Someone who ate a mango a while ago has breathed in my general direction. The mango breath is fleeting, leaving me with sunscreen.
  3. Laughing Seagull


    There aren't many scents that make me immediately go to the site and slam that mf "add to cart" button, but Bengal is one of them. I received it as a frimp with my last order and as soon as I put a dab of it on my skin I became completely enchanted by it. It's smooth, sweet, and VERY spicy. Cinnamon is the dominant note and it's a very true cinnamon BARK scent rather than a powder or candy. After some time, it further smooths out and reminds me of a mousse or other light, creamy dessert rather than the aggressive chai blast at the start. It's still spiced, but not as much. Just be careful if your skin is sensitive to spices.
  4. Laughing Seagull


    I never would've tried this had I not received it as a frimp. I don't really consider myself a "dark scent" person, though I do like smoky wood smells from time to time. Incantation is well-balanced and surprisingly fresh. My first impression is wet grass/moss with a wisp of wood smoke in the background, and this doesn't change much as it sits on my skin. It gets a little more woody, but for the most part it's that fresh wet grass/moss and wood smoke. I can see how it may seem soapy to some people, but I don't immediately get "soap" out of it. I don't know if I'm ready to commit to a bottle of it yet, but I'll definitely be testing it more times.
  5. Laughing Seagull

    Under the Foot Warmer

    I tested this right out of the mailbox after @ supreme_c0rt raved about it. In my opinion, this is the most wearable Luper I've tried this year (I still have a few more to try though) and deserves to be a sleeper hit. I wasn't sure about this one because I usually do fruity florals, woods are hit-or-miss, ambers are hit-or-miss, red musk is hit-or-miss, and pepper can turn into barbecue real quick, but I love leather so I decided to gamble on it. A gamble worth taking. My initial impression is "soft woods" with red musk. I specify "soft woods" because this is smooth and unobtrusive rather than a cedar bonk on the head. The drydown brings sweet and toasty aspects out. Genmaicha is a good comparison; I can imagine toasty rice pieces being involved in this. If I shove my nose right up into it, I get a VERY subtle leather and something reminds me of cola or root beer in the back of my nose. Like someone spilled cola on a suede jacket and wiped it off, but there's a little of the scent still hanging around After about an hour my impression is "like Tombstone, but nicer."
  6. Laughing Seagull

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    This one HATES my skin. It smells absolutely lovely in the bottle, but when I put it on it becomes an indolic disaster. It's not even recognizable as a floral scent anymore. What the hell? I thought this one would be a sure bet; I'm clearly not a good gambler.
  7. Laughing Seagull

    Cacao, Sandalwood, Clove, and Hemp

    This smells wonderful but I believe I may be allergic to it. Before I got all sneezy and congested, I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh this smells. I consider sandalwood and hemp to be very "dry," so I thought that this might end up being dusty smelling. I believe, though, that the hemp imparts it with a grassiness that strikes me as fresh. It may also impart it with allergens. The clove is extremely aggressive in this one. I'm not sure if this is what's causing my issue, since I've never had an issue with clove before but I've also never tried anything that was this loudly CLOVE. It makes my nose physically feel weird if I sniff it up close.
  8. Laughing Seagull

    Honey, Black Lilies, and Gardenia Petals

    I'd describe this as fresh, juicy lily glittering with light honeyed dewdrops. The gardenia and lily intermingle so well that I can't really differentiate between the two in this fragrance. There's a sort of fae, aloof quality to this that makes me prefer it to the more approachable and cuddly Honey, Tuberose, and Vanilla Sugar. The honey in this is light and thin as opposed to the thick, "chewy" sort or the sharp kind that punches you in the face, hence my description of it as "dewdrops." As Moonbell above mentioned, it does have a buttery quality to it. Actually, this reminds me of a fancy afternoon tea/brunch thing that me and my sister went to once. As for the Vampire Mommy comparison, I can sort of see it but sort of not. I'd say it does capture the opulence of the Dimitrescu mansion and making people horny by stepping on them, and I could certainly see the association with a vamp in a big floppy sun hat (particularly with the afternoon tea memory). I wouldn't say that this covers the more unhinged side of her, though. This is Lady Dimitrescu in polite company. The buttery, honey dewdrops linger longer than the flowers. Very nice.
  9. Laughing Seagull

    Honey, Tuberose, and Vanilla Sugar

    This was a lot foodier than I had expected. It's like a chewy, sticky, luxurious dessert that you can only eat a little bite of because it's so rich. It's what I had thought Dana O'Shee would smell like (Dana O'Shee turned into weak, wet cardboard on me). It's fairly strong but not overbearing. It makes me feel huggable and disarming. If I had kids, I'd probably want them to associate me with this scent. Though lovely, for me it falls into the "This smells nice, but I don't know if I want to smell like it" category. I don't want to be huggable and disarming. I prefer Honey, Black Lilies, and Gardenia because I have an affinity for more floral-leaning scents, but if you want to smell like some amazing baklava you might want to check this one out.
  10. Laughing Seagull

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    Based on Pomegranate Suf and Please Scream Inside Your Heart, dough scents seem to go directly to hell on my skin... But not this one. Maybe it's only fried dough that causes problems. Unsubtle Euphemism is exactly what I wanted it to be. On initial application, it smells exactly like the fresh, soft milk bread rolls that my sister makes for special occasions (How do they turn that into an oil!?) After it dries, it does exactly what I had hoped it would do: the anise very gently kicks in and reminds me of the pan de muerto that I used to have when I was a kid. The cardamom is detectible but inoffensive. I don't get a whole lot of almond. For something called "Unsubtle Euphemism," this is strangely sentimental and nostalgic to me and I'm extremely impressed by its realism. I have no idea if I actually want to smell like it, but it would 100% make a banger room or bedtime scent.
  11. Laughing Seagull

    Chocolate Smooch Smut

    It's a smutty chocolate martini, and I'm licking the decorative drizzle of dark chocolate syrup off the inside of the glass because I'm classy like that. This is definitely the sweetest Smut I've tried (compared to regular smut and candy corn smut). It's playful, but not childish. The musks give it staying power and make it less powdery than Bliss sometimes gets. It is a delight. I don't regret blind bottling it.
  12. Laughing Seagull

    The White Rider

    This is perhaps extremely off the wall, but when it's wet the scent of White Rider really, really reminds me of the smell of fresh water. It also reminds me of my aunt's house, with all her handmade quilts and cute little country-timey decorations. This is probably the least helpful review ever. White Rider confuses me, but I like it!
  13. Laughing Seagull

    Gingerbread Mummy

    I blind bottled this because of the reviews saying it's the gingerbreadiest gingerbread monster, and I am not disappointed. I want to eat myself. It's like a sandwich made from two spiced molasses cookies and marshmallow creme. Now that said, I do very slightly prefer Gingerbread Zombie because I'm not wild about sandalwood (the sandalwood isn't noticeable until late in the game).
  14. Laughing Seagull

    Lemongrass & Coconut

    No surprises here. It's lemongrass and coconut. Out of the gate the lemongrass is dominant, but it balances out with the coconut as it dries. The coconut note is similar to the scent of Ahava Dead Sea Essentials coconut moisturizer. This is good because I used to get tons of compliments about how nice I smelled when I used that moisturizer. It won't blow your mind with its originality (I hope you weren't expecting it to), but it's a nice, straightforward duet that I can't imagine offending anyone.
  15. Laughing Seagull

    Gardenia & Clove

    I blind bottled this one because I figured that since I love both gardenia and clove, nothing could possibly go wrong. I was correct. My initial test of this yielded exactly the results I expected. BPAL's gardenia always strikes me as a bit "green" and "nectar-like" and it is very forward initially, as gardenia usually is. It may strike some people as soapy. The clove takes a while to kick in, which I wholly expected since that's what it does in Twelve Tastes in the Classification of Passion (mandarin, carnation, and clove). As always, the clove is woodsy, spicy, and pleasant. At this point gardenia hangs in the background, adding a very subtle floral backdrop to the clove. The clove note is tenacious, and if you like clove you'll likely catch whiffs of it all day and wonder what smells nice (it's you!). Nectary gardenia will occasionally peek out to remind you that it's there. It may be more appropriate to call this "Gardenia, then clove" because it has two very distinct stages. I don't know if this will change as it ages. This duet is a good, simple fragrance to wear on its own. I imagine it might layer well with something fruity or cakey.