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  1. dancingchair

    Snow White Rider

    Wet, this is all white florals on me. They're sweetened by the light and fluffy Snow White snow but it's still very floral. As it dries, I get more sandalwood from White Rider but it's still very floral. I get the barest whisper of leather, which is disappointing. This would probably delight the right person, but I am not that person.
  2. dancingchair

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    On me, the marshmallow is prominent and wonderfully floofy. I do get quite a bit of the sweet sugar plum, but it isn't cloying on me. The lavender is also pretty strong, balancing out the sweet notes. I originally got a decant of this because I wasn't sure if it would be a sugar plum bomb. I'm going to have to retest this and see how I feel about it. The marshmallow is really good.
  3. dancingchair

    The Unreturning

    Wet, I get an odd duality of two scents. One is an effervescent lemon-lime soda, similar to @MamaMoth. This is not my jam, but it's paired with the dark scent of an ancient forest. The frankincense smoke is curling through the branches of the trees, very heavy and mysterious at this phase. As it dries, it turns into a forest smell with that smell that spilled soda leaves behind, sticky and sweet. I'm not a fan of soda smells so I wasn't thrilled to be surprised by that here. I'm digging the spooky forest aspect of this perfume, though.
  4. dancingchair

    Thirteen (13): January 2023

    I find it so hard to pick most of the individual notes out on this one. My general impression of this perfume is a floaty chocolate-tinged cloud of the same jammy lavender in Lavender Buttercream swirling around bundles of herbs. The lavender, cacao, and rice milk are the strongest on me. Occasionally, I'll be able to pick out other individual notes, like the thyme and maybe a swirl of smoky tobacco or vetiver? This blend is sweet, but not cloyingly so. It smells like the Lab bottled the promise of spring and that's exactly what I need in January. I'm interested to see how this changes over time, maybe other notes will start to take over?
  5. dancingchair

    Blueberry, Tobacco, and Pink Pepper

    I wasn't sure what to expect with the three listed notes, but I like blueberry and tobacco so I had to try it. The blueberry is sweet and jammy, more like blueberry preserves than a fresh blueberry. During the wet stage, the pink pepper flares up like I struck a match against my wrist. The tobacco lends it a smoky impression at first, and then the pepper kicks up the heat. I'd describe it as blueberry jam on fire. I'm interested to see how this changes over time. It's a unique combo and I like it! Disclaimer: I just got this today so my impression of it may change.
  6. dancingchair

    Vanilla Bean, Pistachio, and Cacao

    This ménage features the foodie vanilla bean front and center. This is not the cherry pistachio of the Vanilla Cream, Pistachio, and Macadamia ménage, it's more true to life. It reminds me of the sweet pistachio in baklava. The dusty cacao rounds everything out. My general impression is that this smells like a chocolate-dipped pistachio cookie. Something about the vanilla makes it smell doughy and sweet. I'd say this leans closer to Pandemic Vanitas than the Vanilla Cream, Pistachio, and Macadamia ménage. There's something doughy about the vanilla. It's really yummy, though. Disclaimer: I just got this today so my impression of it may change.
  7. dancingchair

    Snow Snake

    I definitely get a floral red musk. I haven't smelled Snow White before so I'm not sure if some of the florals are from that? Wet, I get sweet white florals pushing up through the snow. As this dries, it becomes more musky. If I sniff really close to my wrist, I get a whiff of smoky incense. I can really see the comparison to Smut, there's a lot of musk here. Smut was more indolic to me than this is, but maybe the Snake Oil is tempering that. It reminds me more of The Red Ribbon from last year's Shungas because it has a similar sweet red musk without being indolic. Maybe as it ages the Snake will come out more? I was hoping for coconut and pine Snake Oil when I nabbed this and it's not that. I like it, though, and I'm interested to see how it ages.
  8. dancingchair

    Who’s Afraid

    Coconut and hazelnut are a great combo here. It's rich and nutty and smooth in all the ways I want a coconut perfume to be. The cocoa powder is the perfect addition, but it's blended nicely with the other notes so the whole thing is like coconut nutella. I don't get much spun sugar. I've been looking for a gourmand coconut perfume and this is it.
  9. dancingchair

    Blueberry Banana Cream Pie

    Wet, I get a burst of banana and blueberry backed by a graham cracker and oat crust. The fruity notes fade pretty fast and I'm left with the cream pie portion of the perfume. The cream is rich and sweet with a bit of vanilla. The crust does seem to have cinnamon in it, but it doesn't take over like it sometimes can. It's quite yummy, but I wish the fruits stuck around more.
  10. dancingchair


    An even softer and sweeter TKO. The fluffy vanilla from TKO and the coconutty vanilla from Snow White combine to make a cuddly pillow of vanilla goodness. The lavender is the herbaceous lavender from TKO, but the flowers from Snow White are softening it a bit. I will love any iteration of vanilla and lavender and this is no exception. Comparing this with Frostbitten TKO, this is more fluffy and soft. Frostbitten TKO has a pine or minty note that cuts the sweetness of the vanilla, but I don't get anything like that from TKSnow. I was worried they'd be too similar to warrant a bottle but I'm happy that I picked this up.
  11. dancingchair

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    Wet, there's an amazing buttery pastry note. It's mouth-wateringly good. As it dries, the Snake Oil takes over and it is musky. The sufganiyot notes go a bit play-doh at this stage, too. My skin chemistry is doing some weird stuff to this one. Still, I'm hoping some aging will bring the glorious initial pastry stage of this one out more and mellow out the Snake Oil.
  12. dancingchair

    Toddler Holster

    As you probably expect, the leather is the star here. It's smoky and polished brown leather, maybe the same leather that's in Sherlock Holmes. The leather works so well with the rich, bitter Belgian chocolate. Every now and then I get whiffs of the fir needle, but it's not super prominent. The amber casts a warm glow on the perfume, like the flickering light from a fireplace. I don't get a ton of the vanilla here. I liked Rogridiss last year, but this is less sweet overall. It's different enough that I'm happy to have both. I looove the chocolate/leather combo here. The art and concept is also quite funny.
  13. dancingchair

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    This is straightforward on me: thick, gooey caramel and a peppery patchouli. Maybe the patchouli is caramelizing the marshmallows? Either way, the combo is delightful.
  14. dancingchair

    Three Pairs of Shoes

    So much leather, but in a good way. Three pairs of well-worn leather shoes. The other notes only work to support the leather. I can't really pick them out. Something in here (the balsam, perhaps) is almost giving an aquatic effect? One of the pairs of shoes might be muddy. I also get shoe polish, especially during the wet phase. Atmospheric with lots of good, good leather.
  15. dancingchair


    Bitter unsweetened cocoa and rich sandalwood. The sandalwood almost smells like hazelnut to me. Maybe the vanilla is adding just enough sweetness and richness to make the sandalwood smell nutty. Straightforward but wonderful show of the lab's cocoa note.