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  1. dancingchair

    Palo Santo & Sandalwood

    Very woody sandalwood wreathed in smoky Palo Santo. It's a meditative blend, both grounding and soothing. I like this quite a bit more than I was expecting because sandalwood is very hit or miss for me.
  2. dancingchair

    Lucy's Kiss

    A pretty rose with a hint of something indolic. I also get a bite from something peppery and spicy, but that component isn't very strong. It's nice but not really for me.
  3. dancingchair

    Pumpkin V (2009)

    Pumpkin, chocolate, coffee bean, vanilla bean, and hazelnut I was kindly gifted a testable sniffle of this. Wet, it's a very cinnamon-forward pumpkin, but there's a good chance that's just my skin. As it dries, the coffee and nuttiness come out a bit more. It ends up being a sweet and creamy hazelnut pumpkin spice latte. I don't get much of the vanilla or chocolate.
  4. dancingchair


    A very delicate honeyed lemon ginger tea scent. The ginger adds an edge to the soft tea and sweet lemon without turning things into lemon cleaner. This will be great for spring.
  5. Wet, this is a very tasty apple cinnamon smell. Unfortunately, my skin eats the pleasant apple portion of this perfume and amps the cinnamon. It does smell both like sweet potato pie and apples in the initial wet stage, I just wish it stayed like that.
  6. dancingchair


    This is a perfume I want to use but not really wear. It smells soapy and citrusy, a bit like a nice cleaner. It'd be great on clean sheets or to scent a scrubby soap. I should probably revisit this when it's not cold out because I don't really want a scent like this in January.
  7. dancingchair

    Dead Leaves, Tunisian Amber, and Smoked Balsam

    The dead leaves blend beautifully with the smoky balsam and the amber. I do get a bit of an aquatic note from the dead leaves, but I generally like aquatics so it works very well for me. It's a smoky cologne smell and I like it a lot more than I expected!
  8. dancingchair

    The Caterpillar

    Heavy incense notes waft lazily through a mix of carnation, jasmine, bergamot, and neroli over a lush bed of dark mosses, iris blossom, deep patchouli and indolent vetiver. A big, lush floral party. The jasmine was the most prominent and I wasn't really able to pick out any other individual floral notes. After the perfume dries, I do get a bit of incense. This is lovely but it's not for me.
  9. I am also in the cumin party group. I get some aldehydes a faint sweetness, too, but not enough to bring down the cumin party. For whatever reason, there is a soapiness to this perfume, too, but I'm not sure where that's coming from. I think I'd be down for the cumin party if the coconut and other spices were stronger. I will sit on this one and see if it mellows out after a while.
  10. dancingchair


    I got this as a frimp from the lab, and I'm not super familiar with most of the notes so I probably wouldn't have picked this up otherwise. I think the myrrh in this almost smells like ambergris to me? It has an aquatic vibe that I like but is borderline soapy. The balsam gives it a bit of a woodsy edge. Something is giving it a sweetness, which is probably the storax? It's not really incense-y to me, but it is nice. It's a clean aquatic/woods perfume. Not what I expected at all but I like it!
  11. dancingchair


    Wet, it's a pile of astringent herbs. Lavender is the strongest with rosemary a close second. As it dries, a lemony sweetness appears, the verbena? It transforms into an herbal sweet lemon scent, which is quite nice.
  12. dancingchair

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    Perfumed bitter dark chocolate. The heavy cream is, in fact, an undertone. It's not super prominent but I can catch hints of it adding sweetness and bringing down the bitterness of the chocolate.
  13. dancingchair

    Tiresias, the Androgyne

    2016 version On me, this is mostly a duel between patchouli/sandalwood and black current. Patchouli and sandalwood have teamed up to be a sharp floral, which isn't my favorite. Close to the skin, they both smell like a beautiful sparkling woody incense but in the waft it's definitely a sharp, pungent floral. The black currant is very strong and sweet, counterbalancing the sharp patchouli/sandalwood combo a bit. The cinnamon is also there in the background, adding a nice spice to the incensy patchouli/sandalwood. I was hoping for caramel and tobacco, but I don't really smell them at all. I have conflicting feelings about this one because I love how it smells on my skin but I don't like catching whiffs of it. I have a love/hate relationship with patchouli I guess.
  14. dancingchair

    Kobold Barista

    Opens with a lot of ginger and pepper. Settles into a great spice blend, but I don't get very much cream or coffee. @Little Bird mentioned that it smells like gingerbread spices and I agree, it's gingerbread spices without any of the sweetness. My skin amps cinnamon usually but the cinnamon in this is a supporting player. It's there but it doesn't smother everything else. I like this and I think it would be great for layering!
  15. dancingchair


    Strong cinnamon, and oddly smelled like hot sauce to me a bit? I had to scrub this one because it did not agree with my skin.