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  1. dancingchair

    The Man in Black

    2022 version Wet, this is strong black leather and cherry tobacco. The two are intoxicating together, sweetened just enough by the tonka. As it dries, the grassy vetiver comes out more. Eventually, the vetiver becomes the most prominent note, but I really enjoy the leather stage of this perfume. The vetiver has citrus and anise elements to it, and it's a bit bitter. I don't really get much of the dirt or ambrette seed, but maybe they're supporting the other notes. The early stage of this perfume is a dream. I love the blend of leather and tobacco, maybe age will help them stick around for longer? The throw is pretty strong, and the longevity seems great so far. Really glad I grabbed a bottle of this!
  2. This is quite lovely. The vanilla is rich and sweet. It threatens to go plastic on my skin but thankfully as the scent dries it loses that quality. The sandalwood comes out more the longer I wear this perfume. It's woody and dry, but it pairs well with the richness of the vanilla. This one is beautiful in its simplicity. It's very easy to wear and lovely.
  3. dancingchair

    Thirteen (13): May 2022

    On me, this starts off with the rose sugar being the strongest, then the molasses and date paste take over. The combo of notes almost smell like honeyed cinnamon or nutmeg. The cacao is there throughout, adding a bitterness that balances out the sweetness. It's very indulgent and richly sweet, but I like how complex it is.
  4. dancingchair

    Blacklight Reactive Alice Poster

    I decided to try this because it was such a wild blend of notes. Wet, I get a burst of grapefruit juice, tangy and bright. It calms down as the perfume dries and I get a lovely spread of florals and creamy fruit tarts. The florals aren't too overwhelming, and I'd say it's a bouquet of picture-perfect roses with a few carnations stuck in. The tarts are creamy and seem to be more of the red currant variety. Cutting through the florals and tarts is a heady swirl of opium and weed. It's not as sharp as the lab's opium notes can be and it plays very nicely with the rest of the perfume. The weed adds a green note that balances the sweetness of the other notes. It's not very dank or identifiable as weed unless you know what you're looking for, so I'd feel all right wearing this in public. My overall impression is that this smells like an afternoon tart break at a rose garden in Wonderland. The caterpillar is there and the garden is clouded with whatever fun concoction is packed in his hookah. It's sweet and fun, I'm glad I nabbed a decant.
  5. dancingchair

    Blacklight Reactive Wolf Poster

    Opens with tons of pine. It's backed by another green note, which I guess is the weed? It doesn't really read like weed or smoke to me, so if you're nervous about that it might be worth trying this one out. I think there's an aquatic sort of note here, which must be the mist? The aquatic mist note makes this smell very clean and a tiny bit soapy to me. I'm not entirely sure what brown musk smells like, but there is something furry in the misty woods. Overall, this is a wolf that showered before dashing through the woods. I don't mind the soapiness at all. I wear this when I want to smell clean and green. I like that it has a feral wolfy edge to it so it's more complex than my other pine-forward perfumes.
  6. dancingchair

    A Chocolate Cat

    This cat is made of very dark chocolate! There is a bit of honey in this, but it is not that sweet to my nose. The vetiver pairs wonderfully with the chocolate, making it a bit grassy and amplifying the bitterness. I love the lab's chocolate notes and I'm amazed that this one truly smells like dark chocolate. I'm not always in the mood for sweet perfumes and this is great for those moments.
  7. dancingchair

    Lupercalia Single Note: Riding Crop

    In the bottle, this is beautiful leather. It's smoky and snappy new, like it hasn't been broken in. On my skin, it goes a tiny bit BBQ. I think my skin chemistry must sweeten the perfume up just enough for this odd transformation, because it isn't overwhelmingly like glazed barbecue ribs or anything. It also doesn't ruin the perfume for me since I can usually still identify it as leather. It's still smoky, but it is more sweet now. I get an impression of something diabolical lurking under the surface from it, sweet black leather swirled with a haze of smoke. Layering this is heavenly. Some layering notes I've tried don't really mesh well with other perfumes as well as I'd like, but this blends very well. I'm very excited to come up with fun perfume combos. I do wish this lasted longer on me, since it fades away after a couple of hours. I really like it while it's around, though.
  8. dancingchair


    This is primarily a chewy tobacco and sweet tonka on me. I think I get some fruitiness from the chardonnay, but this perfume isn't that boozy to me. The rum isn't that prominent, but it's sweetening things up and adding a little bit of smoke. I don't really get leather. I can see why people say this is too much for them, it's quite sweet. I like it, but maybe not in warm summer weather.
  9. dancingchair


    Tons of black leather and grassy vetiver. It's a little bit smoky, too. There's a bitterness that reminds me of coffee or very dark chocolate. As it dries, it becomes more of a soft and cuddly leather, which I enjoy. Overall, I like it quite a bit!
  10. dancingchair

    Every Day is Halloween

    I took a chance on this before it went down and I'm glad I did. The sandalwood isn't really perfumy, it's very woody and there's a bit of something like lemon in it. Wet, I get a lot of a pumpkin spice blend, but as it dries it melds with the sandalwood. There is a toasty vegetal note in here, which must be the pumpkin. The sandalwood is the real star of the show, though.
  11. dancingchair

    A Wet Moon, Putney Road

    The amber in this also reminds me of beeswax. It's a touch sweet without being cloying, but it's also smooth and creamy. It's a little dusty, not in a sour way, though. The amber is wonderfully balanced by the rain-slicked aquatic note and the moss. I don't know what gaslight smells like, but here it me think of the smoldering remains of a fire. I love how this comes together, it's such a good rainy day perfume.
  12. dancingchair

    Honey Taffy Smut

    Dank, musky honey. It's sultry and caramelized. I don't necessarily identify it as taffy but it is heavy on the honey. Some honeys are light and floral, but this one is downright filthy. I'm a big fan!
  13. dancingchair

    Snake Oil

    2022 version I also have an imp of unknown age that I've tested and that was very strong on the patchouli. This version of Snake Oil is vanilla-forward on me, which is great because the vanilla is stunning. As of right now, the vanilla doesn't go too powdery on me. I'm not great at telling different types of vanilla apart, but this vanilla is frosting-sweet with a hint of a caramel note. I get a swirl of the patchouli and musks, but they're playing a supporting role to the vanilla. Overall, I'm very happy I nabbed a bottle of this. It's really nice!
  14. dancingchair


    Lots of the lab's dusty dark chocolate note here. The teakwood blends in with the dark chocolate very well. The rice milk is keeping things from being too bitter. I don't get more than a whisper of Snake Oil vanilla, but the musks and patchouli from Snake Oil are definitely present and adding an interesting layer of complexity. I love the lab's chocolate notes so this is a winner for me!
  15. dancingchair

    Snake Milk

    This is sweet, but it doesn't make me think of caramelized sugar. I am getting a lot of frothy steamed milk and it is very realistic. It blends wonderfully with the musks and patchouli from Snake Oil. This is basically a Snake Oil steamer. I like it!