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  1. dancingchair

    Final Girl

    Soft vanilla and clove are the strongest notes on me. I also get a powdery cloud of gentle honey and occasional whiffs of the fruity currants. It's sweet but balanced by the spicy clove. Generally, it reminds me of Snake's Kiss, but with clove instead of the Snake Oil patchouli and spices.
  2. dancingchair

    This More Than Bloody Deed

    Wet, the labdanum makes this a little bit sour and dusty. It's a resinous sour and oozing honey at this stage. As it dries, the labdanum warms up into a deep red wood, almost like rooibos. It's strong, spicy, and musky. The honey fades into the background and becomes a supporting player, adding more funk to the labdanum. The vanilla doesn't really make an appearance. Maybe it will show up after some aging?
  3. dancingchair

    Crane Moon 2022

    This is complex and very nice. The collective impression I get from all the notes is a woody and spicy non-gourmand vanilla. The cedar plays off the sandalwood well, making the wood notes both delicate but also robust. The cardamom isn't super strong on me, but it's there enough to add a lovely spicy element. I really like the cacao here. It's just a light dusting but it deepens the other notes. The ambergris is definitely there, giving an aquatic feel to the entire thing that I really enjoy. Crane Moon feels elegant and atmospheric. I can smell it and imagine a crane standing in a secluded lake.
  4. dancingchair


    Wet, this is a big dollop of dark chocolate and hazelnut. As it dries, the chocolate fades and the fig takes over. After the chocolate makes its exit, Juicebox smells like hazelnut and fig drizzled lightly with honey. The wet stage is divine, but the throw is pretty low after the perfume dries. After about an hour I could only smell it faintly. My skin might be eating it, though.
  5. dancingchair

    Last Day of Summer Froyo

    I get a lot of gummy bears. They lean citrus, but I get other fruity flavors mixed in. I also get a wonderful chilly frozen yogurt note. I don't know how something can smell cold but this does. The froyo note is not funky and sour like yogurt, but it's not as rich as you would expect ice cream to be either. It's creamy and sweet, I don't know that it really reads as cake batter flavor. I find a lot of fruit candy gourmands to be too sweet but this is just right for my tastes. Fun and yummy, would be nice for hot summer months.
  6. dancingchair


    I love a cashmere note, but unfortunately it doesn't really make an appearance here. I mostly only get heliotrope. I get some of the balsam in the bottle, but it also vanishes on my skin. The sweet amber also makes an appearance, turning this into a lightly sweet floral.
  7. dancingchair


    2022 I am also getting big LUSH Tramp vibes from this. Lots of oakmoss, lots of patchouli, lots of musk. The honey and beeswax keep everything from being too pungent to me. The balsam is adding more woody texture to the scent that I really like. It smells like a witch's hut in a dark forest. This has strong throw so a little goes a long way.
  8. dancingchair

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    The lemon is sweet and creamy, kind of like lemon curd. The amber makes this into more of a lemon candy perfume on me. It's adding a resinous dimension that makes me think of lemon drops. Straightforward but nice!
  9. dancingchair


    Fizzy bergamot. As it dries, it gets more aquatic with the ambergris taking over. There's a coolness to this perfume that must be the eucalyptus. Starts in fizzy lemon/lime soda territory and ends smelling like nice soap. Definitely a clean scent.
  10. dancingchair

    Summer Rain

    After I first got this, it seemed like a different herb took the spotlight. Summer Rain seems to have settled on lemongrass. It's bright and citrusy, springing up through a crack in pavement wet with a surprise afternoon shower. The other herbs are floral and grassy, not easily identifiable to me. The lavender is more subtle, like a sweet floral haze in the air. The coconut milk also doesn't read as coconut to me here, it's adding a creamy sweetness that brings it all together. I like this quite a bit. It's definitely atmospheric. I think Summer Rain is more of a spring/summer Lilith, so it's going to hibernate for a while.
  11. dancingchair

    High School Orientation Day Glamour

    Lots of gardenia here. It is a little bit indolic to me. There is some sweetness to this perfume that might be the coconut milk, but I don't get anything identifiable as coconut. The lavender occasionally peeks through the gardenia cloud. After this perfume dries, I can sort of sniff out the tea and sandalwood. I don't really like gardenia, and it is not as sheer as I'd hoped. I catch glimpses of the notes I wanted, but not enough to outmatch the gardenia. This could be a perfume for you if you like the idea of gardenia and lavender together.
  12. dancingchair

    Burnt Sugar, Cream, and Strawberries

    The strawberry note is the loudest on me. It's a cooked strawberry note, not jammy but more like the sliced strawberries in pie filling. The burnt sugar note in this is very good. It's like a wispy curl of sugared incense smoke. The cream isn't very prominent to me. This reminds me of instant strawberries and cream oatmeal. I do hope that burnt sugar note comes back in more perfumes.
  13. dancingchair

    The Red Rider

    The red moss here also reminds me of red musk more than moss. I get smoky, musky red leather. The balsam note is a tiny bit sour to my nose, but it fades away after an hour or two of wear. I feel lucky to be so spoiled for choice with BPAL's leather perfumes. The leather note in this is nice, but there are other leather perfumes I prefer since I'm not the biggest red musk fan. I do like how powerful the leather note is. Most leather perfumes fade away after an hour or so on my skin, but The Red Rider sticks around.
  14. dancingchair

    Peach Glazed Donut with Mango Chunks

    I had a similar experience to @doomsday_disco but the cardamom pods and cumin are more balanced with the fruit notes on my skin. Wet, the spices are very strong and bitter, overwhelming everything else. Thankfully, this evens out as the perfume dries and I end up with a cumin and cardamom-spiced mango donut. There's something crispy and fried in here that makes it read as donut and not mango curry. The peach doesn't really make an appearance, but it could pretty easily blend in with the mango. I had a similar experience with Cafe de Olla Fried Ice Cream Jammed into a Coconut Cream Pie, which ended up being a cumin party. The spices are behaving themselves here and it's an interesting effect. I might have to wear this more to decide how I feel about it.
  15. dancingchair

    στοργή (Storge)

    I get all of the notes in this one. It's a bit reminiscent of my bottle of 2010 Womb Furie, since it has the same ooey gooey honey. The Snake Oil component is also a bit powdery to me, which I don't mind at all. The lavender and rosewater are like a floral blanket wrapping around the honey and Snake Oil. I get both of them fairy prominently but one doesn't overpower the other. The one note I don't get a ton of after the perfume has dried is the cotton candy. It's very prominent at first, sugary sweet with the florals. This is very soothing and sweet. It's like getting a comforting hug from Snake Oil.