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  1. dancingchair

    Cat Seen From Behind

    Wet, this smells medicinal to me. Luckily this stage doesn't last for very long. After this dries down, it reminds me of smooshing my face in my cat's fur while he's napping. Front and center is the toasted sandalwood. It's nowhere near as sharp as regular sandalwood tends to be on me. It's dry and roasty, but the rice milk and tonka give it a fuzzy sweetness. I also get some of the patchouli in the background, which seems like a more floral and less sweet and chewy variety? This isn't very sweet at all on the whole and I like the sandalwood note. This is something to wear when you want to go out on the town for the night and think about your cat at home the whole time.
  2. dancingchair

    Drag on a Slime

    Wet, this is overwhelmingly bubblegum, like opening an entire pack of Bubble Yum and shoving it into your mouth all at once. The bubblegum settles down pretty quickly, but it's still present. It becomes mostly about the milky mango juice. The mango is less milk and more juice, but it does have a kind of creaminess to it. It reminds me of Gentle Hands from this year's Shungas. The sugar syrup is also pretty strong, but I also don't think it makes this overwhelmingly sweet. The lime is more of a background player on me, but it adds a nice zing to everything. I smelled this in the bottle and got a little nervous because I wasn't sure I could handle the bubblegum, but it settles into something really fun and wearable. I liked Gentle Hands a lot and this is its fun-loving cousin.
  3. dancingchair

    Serving Gill

    I'm very here for all the aquatic notes. The combination of pine pitch with the other notes makes this one more atmospheric than I was expecting. With the bergamot and orchid, this becomes a very pretty aquatic. It's the ideal concept of a beach in a bottle, as seen on the Barbie movie: aqua ocean waves lapping at a stretch of pristine, pearlescent sand dotted with palm trees and sunbathers. This doesn't go into laundry territory on me, but I could see it happening for someone who's sensitive to it due to the bergamot.
  4. dancingchair

    Lycanthrope for Your Life

    Despite whiskey being the first note, this perfume isn't really boozy. I do get a spicy fuzz from the cardamom infusion, though. The fig cream is mostly a realistic fig scent, dark and sweet. The cream part is faint, but it is a bit reminiscent of the milk note from Snake Milk and Fairy Lobster Foam. I also get quite a bit of honey, but this is more of a musky honey with some funk rather than a floral honey. I don't get much of the marshmallow fluff at all, but it could be adding a candy sweetness to the whole thing. If you want a sweet fig perfume, this is for you.
  5. dancingchair

    Morello Cherry, Ginger Root, and Black Musk

    Seconding that this is a brighter Moon When the Cherries Turn Black. In the wet stage of this perfume, the ginger reads almost like peppery lime on me before it fades away. The ginger is still there, sweetening up the cherry, but not nearly as prominent as it was in the wet stage. The black musk is inky and dark, but it doesn't overwhelm the trio. I do really like the cherry note and I wish it stayed at the forefront for longer. Very nice, but not different enough from Moon When the Cherries Turn Black for me to seek out a bottle. Would be worth checking out if you missed that one.
  6. dancingchair

    Elf Mutiny

    This is very raspberry on me, which is a pleasant surprise! The raspberry oud is 99% raspberry on me, there's not much woodiness to it. The red labdanum is a strong second note, and it's quite fizzy. I usually hate fizzy notes, but this one doesn't make me queasy. I think I get some of the caramelly sweetness of the tobacco, but it doesn't come through very strong. I get the citrusy sap of benzoin, too. The only hint of carnation I get is a spicy heat lurking in the background of this perfume. This is like the perfume version of organic raspberry lemon-lime soda made with real sugar and fruit. It's got more going on than that but I think that's how I could best sum it up. I really like the subtle edge that the tobacco and carnation add to this one. These elves might seem sweet but they mean business.
  7. dancingchair

    The Cat

    Wet, this is heavy musk and sticky-sweet benzoin. The cedar is very resinous here. As it dries, the honey takes over. It's heavy, sultry, and still resinous. I can see how it could smell like baby wipes to someone, but it's too heavy and musky to quite get there for me. I've been curious about this one for a while so I'm glad I got to try it, but I'll be happy using up my decant.
  8. dancingchair

    Fleece Skeleton Onesie

    Does not go laundry on me at all, thankfully. The fleece is a light, fluffy vanilla. The mascara is actually the strongest note on me, though. It reads more like lipstick to me. It's got that mix of sticky, artificial fruitiness and light powdery floral that makes me think of a pastel pink tube of lipstick.
  9. dancingchair

    White Cat

    This is an airy cloud of vanilla and marshmallow with the slightest tinge of resinous lemon. The musk isn't something I can exactly pick out, but I think it adds a bit more depth to the vanilla and marshmallow fluff. I really like the way the marshmallow and vanilla soften the resins while the resin notes tone down the sweetness of the perfume. The end result is yummy and very wearable! It really does evoke the image of a fluffy white cat.
  10. dancingchair

    Mandarin, Black Vanilla, and Patchouli

    Wet, this is realistic mandarin zest, like the spritz of citrus you get when you peel an orange. The patchouli at this stage is really good to me. Combined with the black vanilla, it's sweet and more incense-heavy. As it dries, the mandarin fades and the patchouli takes the spotlight. It morphs into a lighter, more floral patchouli, which isn't really my jam. The black vanilla is light and a little powdery. In the end, it's more delicate than you would expect from the opening. Lightly floral patchouli enshrouded in a cloud of black vanilla powder, finished with a spritz of mandarin. I adore the wet stage of this perfume, but the dry stage sillage too pretty for me. I think I was hoping for a dirtier patchouli, like the patch in Schrödinger's Checkmark. If you prefer a more delicate and floral patchouli and you like citrus, this ménage is probably a good fit for you.
  11. dancingchair

    Bear Moon

    This is mostly a musky honey on me. I think I get the berries while the perfume is wet, but as it dries the honeyed musk takes over. The maple manifests more as maple syrup to me more than dead leaves. This is closer to Honey Taffy Smut than Bears of Berlin to me. This is not a delicate, powdery honey nor is it the honey you'd get from a plastic bear. The musk is a bit animalic, but I like it for that. I like this quite a bit and I'm glad I got to try it.
  12. dancingchair


    Wet, this is a blast of musk and opoponax. As it dries, the snake scales take over. The snake scale note is very leathery, like a black leather in particular. I was kind of expecting this to be wet and stony, but I don't really get much aquatic or stone from this. There is something a warm and spicy in here, but that might be the opoponax. I can't pick out the moonmilk in particular, but I think it's adding a smooth sweetness to the other notes. I think I'd sum this up as resinous and musky incense and leather. Not exactly my jam, but it was neat to try!
  13. dancingchair

    Sweet Amber, Praline, and Patchouli

    Echoing the other reviews to say that I also get mostly praline. On my skin, the gobs of brown sugar and pecans are overtaken by cinnamon, nutmeg, dusty clove. The patchouli is in the background, threading the sugar-coated spices with rich incense. This is a bit of a skin chemistry fail for me. I really amp baking spices and this is no exception. It was nice to try, though!
  14. dancingchair

    Almond Blossoms, Patchouli, and Sea Salt

    In the vial, I mostly get sugared, dark patchouli. On my skin, the patchouli is also the center of attention. The almond blossom is delicate, mostly only around to add a sheer nut tinge to the patchouli. After the perfume dries on my skin, I can smell the sea salt only if I sniff my skin up close. It's more like the salty aftermath of sweat dried on skin after a hard workout than salt from ocean spray.
  15. dancingchair

    Magic Macaroon

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, this is surprisingly fruity in a tropical way. I think there's coconut in there, but it's very green and fleshy. There's also loud notes of sugar and syrup that drown out the quiet coconut. Somewhere between the stages where this perfume is wet and has settled after drying, the weed note comes out. It's loud and grassy, but it doesn't stick around for very long. After drying, this perfume becomes a soft mango and coconut skin smell, intertwined with a delicate sugar note. Not at all what I was expecting. I thought I got a mislabeled decant at first because it's so fruity, but I think it might be how the oleaginous notes smell to me? It smells yummy, but it reminds me more of Gentle Hands than a coconut perfume.