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  1. follis


    I've tested Bliss in the imp soooo many times in the hopes it would work, because it's just so yummy, but like all of BPALs chocolate notes it can go sour or plastic on me. Wet: mix of dark and milk chocolate On: milk chocolate... So far on me. Drydown: sour milk chocolate It does have a short throw and life on me so the sour does go away and is tolerable, just not as lovely. I ended up buying a bottle anyway to use in my burner because, chocolate.
  2. follis

    Drops of of Amontillado

    Wet: grape, wine, something "fresh" in the back of my nose like mint... Just me? 🤔 On: very icy, cool smelling with a hint of wine. Drydown: can still smell grape, still seems icy but not as much. Short throw and life on me. Verdict: A nice simple boozy scent. Sweet grapes. I wish it would last longer because I could see myself using the imp very quickly in summer months. Might have to try this again and see if I'm still getting mint 🤔
  3. follis

    Snake Oil

    So I decided to bite the bullet and purchase an imp of Snake oil. This did nooot work for me I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one with the sour note! Like starryeyes just before me. Wet: warm sugar, almost cashew like. On: sour butter. Whyyy. Savoury foody but still sour. Dry down: warm florals, still sugar, less sour butter... A bit cashewy. Sort of caramel but not. Slight plastic smell coming through (urgh, I get that with chocolate scents). Musky. Not for me. I wore it for so long in the hopes it would work but nope.
  4. follis


    Wet: reminds me of that pungentness of rosemary maybe hemp. Tobacco. I'm also getting what I think is rosin but it smells too minty to me, but not leathery or hempy. It honestly doesn't smell leather to me. On: musky, minty. A bit sweet. Does not remind me of leather, it's not as warm, maybe because of the rosin / mint element. I hoped rosin (pine) would be less minty on me than other mints, because mints tend to over power on me, and unfortunately I was wrong.) Drydown: i think I would prefer this on me without the rosin. The leather appears to come out a bit, it's warmer, but the minty rosin doesn't work on me. It very lightly smells like hemp but rosin remains throughout the whole scent. Not for me.
  5. follis

    MVJBA: Spring Training 2008

    I am testing an aged bottle from 2008-- almost 11 years! It's aged well, surprisingly. Wet: caramel, butter. Dry: more of the same but not over powering. It does make me think of peanut but sweeter with butter and caramel. There is something that smells salty. This has a good throw! I think the age has helped the bottle I have. Later: hm, a touch of popcorn here right at the end. Not as much caramel and still butter. Very enjoyable. Good throw and long life I love the old butter notes and am so pleased to have another buttery bottle to go with my Bread and Butterfly.
  6. follis


    Testing 2017 decant in bottle. Wet: Chocolate and something a bit like musk-- marshmallowy maybe. Slightly Mint? Seems to smell cool to my nose. Dry: Damn, why do chocolate scents smell a little bit plastic on me? Sometimes not. Very much of the same. Still chocolatey in a way. Still has that chill to it. Later: Similar to Bliss chocolate, and a bit icy. Short life and throw. Chocolates seem to have such short throws on me and can go plasticy. I hoped this one would sit better. Overall I like it but more for sniffing than wearing, due to my skin chemistry.
  7. follis

    We Cared About Such Different Things

    I tested from a 2017 decant. Wet: leather, slightly sweet Dry: strawberries? Very lightly musk on me. I'm actually finding it quite sweet but not in a foodie way. Seems to be fading quickly Later: lightly sweet musk, short throw. I have to huff my wrist with the nose directly on it. Short life. Surprisingly not what I thought it would be, not overpowering and quite lovely.
  8. follis

    Kubla Khan

    I am using an aged imp, but I don't know how old it is unfortunately. The imp is dark in colour. Imp/wet: Musk, sweet in a slightly foodie way Dry down: smokey but not cigarettey, slightly floral but not girly if that makes sense... I can't make out individual flowers. Slightly sweet ginger. Later: zest, floral musk, good throw. I'm not usually interested in these sorts of scents but I quite like it. It has something in it that is also icy (Mint?) at the end for me. Could be a nice gender neutral scent too. Good throw long life
  9. follis

    The Lady of Shalott

    I am using an aged imp from 2017. Wet - floral, something swampy, it does have something that feels a bit icy but not minty like toothpaste. My partner says it initially smells like a masculine scent. Dry - warm florals, still getting that chilled feeling. Good throw. Maybe something akin to ginger in the background. Later: it's a soft warm floral on me now. I don't normally like florals but this one is quite nice.
  10. follis

    Bon Vivant

    I have a bunch of aged imps that I never reviewed initially that I'm now returning to, to see if I like them now. This is an imp from 2012. Wet - Smells fizzy! Smells boozy, champagne like, and hint of strawberries. Quite sharp and strong. Dry - slightly less boozy, more strawberries. Very good throw and long wear. I would say this one aged well for me as I recall not initially liking it from the imp.
  11. follis

    Blackcurrant Glogg

    Bottle: Like medicine... cough syrup. It does also make me think a little of mulled wine, but knowing how cherry and blueberry goes medicinal on me I hoped to the Blackcurrant gods were kind! ...And they were! Wet: Very quickly smelling more like fruit tingles on me so far which is a good thing! (For those not in the know, it's an Australian candy which is quite citrus and sherbet like). Dry: Blackcurrant, like sweet oranges and berries. Something in the background which actually makes me think of wine. Only a little bit boozy and not overpowering. Later: More of the above. It's very akin to a light mulled wine. It's a warm scent but not heavy. Overall: Blackcurrant Glogg is a fruity scent on me and I quite like it! It's actually Summer in Australia and I could see myself wearing it throughout these warmer months because of the fruit.
  12. follis


    The Brutal Ones: dark chocolate, black pepper, and green cardamom. I purchased a bottle of this on the whim that I had all three ingredients in my pantry and loved the smell of them together, haha! I tried it on both myself and my partner. Bottle: Pepper, cardamon, hint of dark chocolate Wet: Very black pepper and cardamom, but not really any dark chocolate that I can tell. I think this would make a good gender neutral scent. Dry: The spices are no longer over-powering and it mellows out quite nicely. It also smells sweet, but I don't really get any chocolate on me. Overall: Really quite like it once the spices mellow, but it's very strong initially. It seems to have a short life on me even after slathering it on, but spices tend to do this to me. A nice spice scent. Update: I tried it again just after posting this and lo and behold I got chocolate! It must have been the splash I put on initially because it's quite balanced and lovely now. On my partner: He got dark chocolate and cardamom, less pepper. It dries down to a nutty, almond dark chocolate and fades into a lightly sweet, very faintly cardamom scent. He also really likes it!
  13. follis


    I got this as an imp. Wet: Orange, sweet, very fruity. Maybe the kumquat? I'm a bit surprised with this one because I wasn't sure how the white pepper and white tea would go on me (black tea scents go a little weird). Surprisingly very nice so far, getting a bit of that pepper in the nose. Dry: Still orange, almost like Fanta. Not really for me but nice to have. I personally don't think I'll wear this one much as it seems to give me a headache, which happens a bit with white tea scents for some reason.. Later: Less orange, more warm, a bit like candy dissolving in the mouth. Less headache. Almost like strawberries... but then it dissipates and leaves a sort of resin-like smell. It's still nice, and I'm happy I have an imp for sniffing Very summery. I would recommend this for someone into fruity scents.
  14. follis

    Scorched Marshmallows

    Wow I wish I was getting the graham crackers chocolate everyone else is getting, because on me, to quote ramblingrambler, it also stinks :( I also tried it on my partner who it worked better for. Me: Bottle: Like sweet cigarette smoke... Sometimes I'll smell it and it has more smoke, other times it has more sweet. The undertone is sort of like the musk from marshmallows. Wet: All I get is smoke, but cigarette smoke and I don't like smelling like cigarettes :( I compared it to my liquid smoke for cooking, and Scorched Marshmallows smoke isn't as foody. Dry: A little less smoke but the sweet musk is now cloying. Very sad about this one, as I love tobacco smokes but whatever this smokey scent is it doesn't work on me. Later: Cloyingly sweet, a bit of smoke. Overall: It does make me think of burnt, extremely burnt marshmallows, but it's awful on me. Him: Wet: Initially seems kind of nutty on him, less smoke. The smoke is also more like liquid smoke, more foody. Dry: Smokey in a nutty, wood sort of way. Later: A little bit sweet, a bit citrus, still smoky though. Overall: Smokey but not in a cigarette way.. Did not get much marshmallow or chocolate on him at all. Regardless, he likes it! Generally, most of my sweet scents go off on him so it might work for you if you don't do sweet normally.
  15. follis


    In Bottle: Very wet and green. Sort of like the sea, a bit floral initially. On my partner: like disinfectant soap, that sort of smell... It mellows and becomes more floral. On me: Citrus, slightly sweet. It does make me think of soap but not as much as on my partner. 1 hour later on my partner: KFC disinfectant. Hmmmm. He said he would probably still wear it haha! 1 hour later on me: Much less soap, more like the ocean in terms to that salty air smell but sweet. It fades really quickly on me-- probably a good thing. I did get KFC wipes vibes for a bit too. I don't think I would ever wear it but my partner is happy about having the character scent around. We purchased both an imp and a bottle-- will see how the bottle ages.