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  1. follis

    Patchouli & Tobacco

    Mmm this has that usual BPAL chewy tobacco note with a hint of patch. BPAL's patch actually works quite well on me despite not loving regular patchouli. This is an earthy cousin to French Tobacco, that gets sweeter on me as it dries down. It's still dirty tobacco but it's really nice.
  2. follis

    Black Pepper and Sandalwood

    Yeeep as described. I was super curious about this one because I enjoy both notes but wonder how it would be to wear alone. It started off really strong but mellows out. I definitely think this would be lovely to layer under something. It's a pepper sandalwood, lasts 3 or so hours but no more on me.
  3. follis


    This gives me an initial vibe of dirt and black musk, but once on, the orange, myrrh, spices and wood emerges but in the form of a blend. I can see how the fig accord comes about in this but it's not a prevalent fig. If anything, it leans more towards the citrus. I didn't think I'd actually fall for this scent but oh my gosh. I was worried about the amber being heady, but this scent is actually a really lovely bright scent. It has a nice throw to it. Unfortunately something is veering slightly bitter on me, so while on it's lovely, it also has something that stops me from 100% being in love. Perhaps the tarragon-- I love anise though so I'm not sure. It seems to disappear during the dry down. I'm really glad I tried this and I'll have to try it again. It's a lovely radiant scent, and I have to say it seems to layer nicely with Nocturne Alchemy's Bastet Amber.
  4. follis

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Wet: I'm not too familiar with Chrysanthemum smell but I definitely get carnations, that lovely peppery "floral" over tart plums. On: Ooooh the plums sweetens up on me! It does remind me of their grape note but more deep. The peppery carnation mellows out here . There's something else that's almost... Cottony? In feeling rather than smell. Musty almost. Maybe it's the Chrysanthemum. It gives this scent a wholesome solidness to it. Dry down: Similar grape vibe still. Slightly peppery still. I think my skin is absorbing this a lot so I might need to put on more if I plan to wear it. 3+ hours: It's still there but it's a soft grape/vanilla. The spice seems to have disappeared on me. If I breathe deeply I get a whiff of herb/green. 4 hours: Ahh now it's basically gone. Low throw overall so although it lasted a while I feel I may have to slather this one to wear it. This is more of a foody scent than a floral one. I don't like traditional florals and this is not one of those. Really lovely overall.
  5. follis

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    I am testing an aged 2018 imp that came directly from the lab. Either the imp was only partially filled or the oil had condensed over time (none has spilled or been used) as it appeared to be quite low in fill. Bottle: This, smells, yum! Very syrupy. Wet: I am really liking this fresh. It did seem to lift my mood but perhaps simply to the candy content. I can see why people are saying strawberry bubblegum or mixed candies! It's fruity and I hope this doesn't go medicinal on me. On: This is quite a creamy feeling scent. I am getting a touch of a medicine note I often get with cherry or raspberry but it's not awful and not overriding the rest of the scent. Dry Down: Ok so that medicinal note never stayed. The throw on this is quite strong and lovely. It's French Vanilla with strawberry fruit notes, and ice creamy vibes. Yum! I'm definitely keeping my imp and am now considering a bottle for my already too large collection haha! Hours later: I still had a whiff of this, mainly as a very slightly fruitier French Vanilla.
  6. follis


    (Resurrected) Wet: ...Sweet plastic. How. Maybe it's the salt water taffy. Based on other reviews I'm glad to know it's not just me. On: As it dries the plastic disappears (thankfully) but so did the rest of the scent. I don't know what happened but my skin just ate this up, so I layered it with some more. This time I can smell the caramel, cotton candy and apple emerging. As it morphs more, a hint of cake and vanilla (the way BPAL Single Note Vanilla gets that beautiful perfume vibe on me). It's a really enjoyable and a quite lovely foodie. Initially low throw but as it dries the throw improves too and becomes quite strong. I however, unfortunately still get a sinister hint of plastic in the background, sadly (although at this point it even gives me salt vibes). Dry down: Lovely French Vanilla with caramel. I can still smell it a few hours later. The plastic seems to have mostly dissipated. I still smell Midway a few hours later close to my skin. I don't think I can get over the initial weird chem going on at the start though, so it's love but ill-fated 💔
  7. follis

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    I am reviewing a decant that is not labelled with a date, and based on how it smells I assume it is the updated release. Wet: Chocolate, cream, hint of medicinal cherry for some reason. (Other people mentioned lillies but in any case it's a dislike). On: Similar to wet but less foody. My skin chemistry is not as kind to this blend, especially the chocolate which was better wet. Drydown: urgh more cherry. Hint of milk chocolate. This unfortunately ended up plastic.
  8. follis

    Egg Nog

    (2007) Wet: Hmm I can't pick it. Interesting. Gingerbread spice-ish and cookie-ish with something underlying. I'm guessing it must be the nutmeg. On: Ick this is a bit gross and plastic. It doesn't really smell like any of the notes specifically. Perhaps it hasn't aged as well or I don't like the smell of egg nog? I will say I can't quite remember egg nog but in any case this scent is not boding well on me. I'm going to wait for drydown to review this properly... Oh wait nevermind it's just too much. Washing off it goes... (A lot of food scents actually work well on me... This one did not )
  9. follis

    Dragon's Bone(r)

    Woooah heady resin. I'm not a huge fan of Dragons resin in general to be fair. Just testing this because I was generously frottled this and will be giving it to a friend. I can tell there's honey in this but yes it's less "golden" interestingly. As it warms the pear blossom emerges. It does feel like a creamier scent but it's not really gourmand. Definitely still too heady for me but settles nicely in the dry down. The only similarity to Dragon's Bone is the blood resin and even then I find it very different. For some reason the other notes amped the resin in this on me.
  10. follis

    Queen Alice

    Unknown imp age, peachy in colour. Wet: treacly florals, slightly alcoholic On: Such a strange mix... I don't really know what to say to this. Ok so my partner just said it smells like the burning plastic hair from a doll. I agree. Yes we know what that smells like haha! I was going to wait and see for dry down but urgh couldn't stand the plastic. Gotta wash it off.
  11. follis

    Leo 2016

    Turns out I really like Egyptian amber! It has that resin tone to it without being overly heady. The florals in this are edgy without being girly and I love the hint of spice. That saffron is reminding me a lot of that dark/warm edge that Gingerbread and More Ginger gives me which I love. Slightly carnation dry down (peppery).
  12. follis

    Lawn Gnome

    Wet: Vanilla and... Grass? Maybe meant to be moss. Red currant. On: Mmm. Creamy vanilla, red currant and patchouli with a hint of moss (vetiver?) This is a lovely blend. Dry down: Unfortunately red currant never lasts as fruity and well as it does fresh on me (can turn slightly plasticy). I can smell the moss and patchouli (not the marijuana type, one of my favourite things about BPALs patchouli) and maybe a hint of dark bitter sweetness from molasses. It lasts a while and every now and then I get a whiff of the fresher red currant note on me. I'm pretty certain I'm going to need a bottle to at least wear in a locket. It's gourmandy but not overly sweet. Beautiful.
  13. follis

    The Fool’s Tranquility

    Wet: Vanilla musk base? Not the usual honey note I expected (which I don't always like). Quite yum and creamy. Tiny hint of pepper. On: This is a bit more of the familiar honey, but with the "pink pepper" it actually has a sweetness and creaminess I mentioned before, that I really like. The pepper isn't overbearing but gives the scent a bit of a spice feel. Dry down: Ahh. Back to the usual honey note with a hint of that pink pepper, but then after a longer period I'm getting the usual playdoh note on me I'd love to see how this ages over the years though (should help with the playdoh being less prominent), especially with the honey, so I'll probably try it again and update this at some point. It's definitely a more interesting honey scent.
  14. follis

    Fate's Jester

    Wet: Red currant and lemon peel stands out the most. On: This is a lovely fruity and sweet scent over patchouli. It has creamy feel to the scent. Some slight bitterness from the lemon peel. Good throw. Dry down: Some remaining zest and patchouli. Unfortunately low throw from here. Next day: So I had some accidentally smeared on my sleeve and when I wore my jumper the next day I could still smell it. This would be lovely in a scent locket! It smells more like what it was when "on"-- beautiful.
  15. follis

    Question Mark

    Wet: hmm definitely a mix, I can't pick anything standing out more than the others yet On: This is nice. Hint of orange and tobacco leaf. Cinnamon just in the background but not overpowering. Definitely a blackened vanilla. I'm not familiar with myrrh as a single note so I can't speak for it. It's a little low throw. Dry down: It didn't really morph much on me. The blackened vanilla and tobacco, cinnamon hangs around at the end with some slight orange in the background. It's not love but I'm glad I tried it.