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  1. follis

    Vampire Tarot: The Fool

    Wet: Fresh dirt. Mint. Sweetness from some apple blossom On: So much dirt. The mint and apple blossom has blended with the dirt to make it a slightly nicer smelling... Dirt haha. Hint of sandalwood peeking through. Dry down: More of the same. Overall I think this has been blended well. I thought I could smell some all-spice but it really does complement the dirt haha. The mint is not overbearing and although I won't wear this personally it definitely was interesting.
  2. follis

    French Vanilla

    Wet: slight medicinal like vanilla essence On: Yep pure French Vanilla, the medicinal note has receded. Low throw. Dry down: yuuum this gets better over time. French Vanilla but from proper vanilla beans and creamy. The throw is better here, I'd say medium. Forgot to add- it is really good for layering!
  3. follis

    Rum-Soaked French Tonka

    Wet: Sweet tonka On: Rum without the spices (I didn't get the clove interestingly), oh so slightly plastic note (unsure if tonka or the rum itself). It's not too boozy, low throw. Dry down: Rum and tonka and plastic. Sigh. I suppose other blends mask the plastic more, so I wouldn't wear this alone. It also has a short wear on me.
  4. follis

    Mouse's Long & Sad Tale v5

    Decant from someone who has labelled this as version 4. There isn't a thread for 4 so I assume she had incorrectly labelled this? Smells almost foody initialy. Something lemon/orange and sugar. The released version didn't work for me so I'm excited to try this one. I'm guessing a hint of amber in this and maybe sandalwood (based off the original). As it dries it becomes a little powdery. Much later it morphs again and it's like the blend has become something new and complete. It's creamier here, resinous, and slightly fruity almost in a currant way. Still not love but I do much prefer this to the original. Low throw.
  5. follis

    The Dodo

    Frimp of unknown age Wet: like a fruity but red grape wine. The sandalwood is making me think it has that red wine quality I think. If I read the notes I pick the mango but I originally thought it was currants. The mango and red musk is prominent as it dries with cassia notes giving this a powdery and slightly spiced feel (definitely not cinnamon hot). The lemon peel and sugar cane lends some subtle sweetness to this blend without it being foody. It's rather lovely, like a mulled wine. Sadly the throw is a little low on me.
  6. follis

    Abe Sapien

    I tested this on both myself and my partner who has different skin chem to me. Wet this is very green and floral aquatic with a hint of musk. Very bright and soapy on me. As it dries it becomes much less soap but still quite soapy. To be fair I'm not good at reviewing aquatics. They always seem to smell the same with my skin chem. On my partner: citrus soft cologne with a darker musk. Strangely, as it dries, it actually became brighter and soapier to smelling like what it was on me at the start. It's a shame as it was quite nice at the start for him.
  7. follis

    Snooty Rose

    Red rose, oud, plum, bergamot, and red sandalwood. I could have sworn I reviewed this, but apparently not! I am testing both an aged imp (darker in colour, at least 5 years) and a fresher imp (lighter in colour, of unknown age). Fresh: Mainly rose, with wood notes and bergamot as it dries. After a little longer something else suddenly emerges (something very citrus and tart) which makes me think it could be plum or even more bergamot trailing behind. It's highlighted the rose here. This Snooty Rose is now a fruitier more "floral" rose which has seemingly left some of the earlier woodier notes behind. Aged: This still smells of roses but is a little greener/woodier, with a stronger throw. The bergamot and plum are darker, and less bright. It is a warmer scent compared to fresh, and honestly, is lovely and my preferred of the two. I generally don't love florals, but aged, Snooty Rose takes on a different feel. The complement of the aged oud/sandalwood is wonderful and warms the rose in it beautifully. Verdict: Fresh from the lab, Snooty Rose is brighter, fruitier and more traditionally floral. Aged, Snooty Rose is warmer and accentuated by woody notes. The aged one reminds me a bit of Between Your Heart and Mine without the vanilla.
  8. follis

    White Larry

    White Larry starts off buttery, creamy, sweet, goat milk. As it dries it becomes too sweet for me - I generally love sweet scents but this is actually too much. It doesn't morph much but I guess I don't like goats milk on me. Good throw and wear.
  9. follis


    Aged imp from 2017. This starts off like a sassafrass incense and wood, quite strong, before mellowing a bit revealing bark and spices... maybe fenugreek, cumin, tumeric... After an hour the bark is still prominent with a spiced woodiness and a very, very low hint of lotus. This is definitely not for me but I feel like it has quite a "masculine" quality to it that would work for someone else.
  10. follis


    Gnome is a green blend on my skin with a hint of spices mellowing throughout. It's not bad but it's more green and less smoky than what I would like.
  11. follis

    The Hag

    I am reviewing an aged 2010 bottle. Wet: Smokey and sweet, I initially smelt tobacco in this. Dry: Less smoke as it dries— I can smell bay leaf, galangal, rum and spices initially, but as it settles it becomes a rum note with vetiver/grass on the edge. Dry down: The other notes disappear and I'm left with a musky bay rum. Long wear, short to medium throw.
  12. follis

    Figgy Puddin'

    I uh... spontaneously bought this thinking it would be delicious, but I forget cognac is not a smell I am a fan of, nor too much clove. Wet: Something medicinal and alcoholic, very cognac, slight fig Dry: Ginger, cinnamon, clove… all the spices and that cognac accord really seems to be highlighted on my skin, that or aging has really amp'd the spices and alcohol over the fruits. It doesn’t remind me too much of pudding though at all. It's also rather “cold” and fresh rather than “warm” fig pudding. Sadly, the fig is not prominent on me either. Dry down: Perfumey cognac and slightly plastic... ahh that dreaded plastic note. Strong throw and long wear, but not for me.
  13. follis

    Between Your Heart And Mine

    For someone who personally doesn't love the smell of roses on myself, this is a lovely looooovely rose. I received a free-cant (free decant :P) from a lovely bpaler. I would never have picked this up otherwise and now I am HOOKED and off finding bottles to buy 😍 The Bois de Rose / rosewood is a perfect complement to the rose, especially with the vanilla. Instead of making this an overly floral perfume, it turns into a delightful rose oil tea scent. It reminds me perfectly of a Rose with French Vanilla Black Tea I really enjoy. I smell the tea and then this scent and for me, this is the perfect rose scent. Delicious.❤️
  14. follis


    Testing a large splash aged in cobalt bottle. I have tested O fresh and I did not love it (I frimped it immediately), but aged, it's so different-- dark, resiny, golden and quite like honey. It's a little bit floral still but in a definitely honey way, like how certain bees make certain tasting honey. I completely agree with h_yeti on the transformation. I would never have tried it again if I had not been gifted a golden freebie from a bPal Looking forward to seeing how the honey ages in other scents now too. The amber on this is more prominent during the dry down. I probably won't buy my own bottle to age as I am not a fan of the amber, but it was nice to know the honey is not ruined on me. Verdict: Age your O! Aging brings out it's honey golden loveliness!
  15. follis


    What a great freakin' word. BPAL LOVES TEH SMUT! Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes. Large splash at the bottom of a sniffer bottle from 2019 and I am testing fresh. My Smut also does not have a year on it, but it has the crumpled brown paper as the label picture. It's resiny musk, sweet, some kind of alcohol, and actually quite light despite the large splash I accidentally put on without realizing it was so large haha. This is not boozy at all on me. I do agree it is a bit root-beerish. I am generally not a fan of musks (I did not love snake oil but that may be due to the other ingredients) but this is quite kind to my skin, quite "natural" smelling and slightly sweet complementing it. This does not morph much and is actually really light. After an hour it's still there but as a skin close musk, slightly resiny, slightly sweet, not over powering at all but definitely sensual.