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  1. Cali

    The Music of Erich Zahn

    Oh this is not what I expected at all! There's a tiiiny bit of vetiver on application (thank god) and little of the black musk and oppoponax, just enough to give this a slightly dark lace edge. There's an almost sugary, fizzy sweetness to this, lemony and a 'lil goopy. Actually quite lovely!!
  2. Cali

    Whiskey & Apple

    Listen, whiskey is one of the few things that one night went bad for me, so i'm a little hestitant putting this on.... But honestly - this is not bad at all. The sharpness of the whiskey is not there, it's more of a general autumnal whiskey scent, as if it's spiked with spices. But, soft. The apple kinda swirls and swooshes around it. Happy cozy scent.
  3. Cali

    The Little Wooden Doll

    Honestly, pretty similar at first and when wet compared to Harper that I just tried. Or rather, this could be the wooden sister of Harper. But! This is a strong resinous-y wood, a soft rose in the background and a strong amber alit with golden specs of sandalwood.
  4. Cali

    Brown Jenkin

    Strong coconut husk and sandalwood on me! This has something sugary and almost "funny" about it. There's a tinge of darkness in that has similar vibes to benzoin to me, and the incense here is very faint and far away, but perhaps adds that sugary element to it.
  5. Cali

    Lick It

    Bwoahh! A blast of minty cold air! Definately that American candy-mint, perhaps mixed with a more "realistic" mint wayyy in the background. The sweet note in here does what it did to me in Pink & Blue Candy Canes, it turns slightly plasticy. Not as much as in there though - more bearable here. But this barely changes, i'd say this goes slightly sweeter and besides my skin being a bastard, this is delightful!!
  6. Cali

    Good Ship Venus

    Oh this is very interesting. This almost smells like sharing a memory from some seafaring lad in the past. In the bottle this was almost a little too in my face; but on application it quickly calms down; there's almost... There's a few images going through my head here; one of a crowded old bar where beer bottles clank, one of a rainy day on board a ship, one of... Perhaps a dark knight where boots clank on cobbled streets, and someone is doing the last bit of cleaning of a building before they turn in for the day. A soft salty sea spray, well worn wood, a warm and molass-y sweetness added by the cardamom, patchouli and tonka bean; and the other notes that add just a touch of depth to all of this. Really quite gorgeous.
  7. Cali


    I had been hoping to try this for a while! This is interesting though, the first thing that hits me on application is that this is very cocoa-y on me. Cocoa and "dust". There's a soft rose in the background and a milkyness swirling in the background. In a few minutes, it dries down and hasn't changed much besides that that beautiful incense now came up to the front while the rest has softened a bit. Beautiful.
  8. Cali

    A Winter's Evening

    Okay, first off, this is like. I'm not. I don't know how Beth does it, but it's easy to imagine the beautiful painting with this scent. This is sliiiightly soapy. A soft snow, paired with a strong dollop of what i can only describe as 'the amber blocks you find in those home good stores' type of amber. Unfortunately, I really kind of hate THAT type of amber scent, though in this it completely works, and it's doable for me here (and there again, is for sure something beautiful happening here), but it reminds me just a little too much of those big 'ole amber blocks.
  9. Cali

    Kiss of Frogs

    Beautiful wet, strong cherry, sappy greenery and a soft strawberry. Same cherry as in Moon when the cherries turn black (feel like i should mention cause i felt this one was a softer and somehow less "almondy" version aka one i can stand), and greenery similar to The ghastly garden (if I recall correctly) and Cottage garden. There's a strong cherrberry-hard candy vibe to this as well. Hmmm...
  10. Cali

    Snooty Bat

    Oh, this is delightful. This is very leather-heavy in the bottle, with something sharp that reminds me of the leather in toddler holster. Applied, this turns into a sultry, sexy soft leather, a soft sugared patchouli (the sugar here gives it this fuzzy almost edible edge), and strongest are the nag champa and clove. And that's where it stays. Absolutely lovely!!
  11. Cali

    Ghost Dragon’s Mama

    There's a general resinousness in this, that's vaguely heavy and dark, red. It's not overly strong, and while this is ofcourse partly the dragon's blood, there's something else here that must be a mix of the benzoin and one of the florals that elevate it to a type of red i haven't sniffed before, and it's gorgeous. Here's the thing, the cream in here is slightly sour- it comes in wafts (as if it JUST over date), and it's not bad, but a little distracting. It keeps me from loving this. That said, i can't seem to stop sniffing my wrists when wearing this, so i can't claim this to be a bad experience at all, it's just..... weird. There's a certain foodiness to this, just ever so slightly. My skin also eats this quite quickly.
  12. Cali

    An Introduction to Illustrious Kabuki Actors

    Whoa!! This is REALLY strong and almost sickeningly sweet from the bottle. Not bad at all there's some interesting and pretty notes in there, but enough to be hestitant to put it on. However, that screaming aspect of it directly morphs on my skin to something more soft, velvety. Then at this point i am able to pick out the notes listed. I am getting the same chalky buttercream as in clown footstool, but there's something here that keeps it from going too dry. The fig here is not as purple as other figgy 'fumes i've tried before, this is almost peachy and more squishy - but the overall sense of this is more fuzzy than wet. This sandalwood is just delicious, and plays off SO well of that froth and cream. I don't know if it's quite for me, but this is very different, and very beautiful!!
  13. Cali

    Illuni Nocte

    Ugh, this is gorgeous! Honestly, Aeris above here basically noted what i might've said- this is such a soft, deeply rosy blend. Nothing stands out it's all mixed to perfection. Works for warm wintery nights, clenly crisp spring mornings, a rainy autumn afternoon, a romantic dinner date... This is a swiss army perfume for comfortably cozy moments in time.
  14. A beautiful deep, bourbon vanilla and strong (though not overpowering) velvety red rose, barely-there patchouli and something somewhat... spicy or herbal. Fades on my skin but this is very pretty!
  15. Cali


    SUPER strong smoky vetiver with a stcky sweet red fruit note. That's a scrubber-offer for me!!