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  1. Cali


    Thank you for the surprising frimp! ❤️ I hadn't even heard of this one, so i'm excited to give it a try. This is a herby floral; soft florals (strongest being the lavender and the black rose), softer spices and maybe... dirt? Nothing too pervasive or distracting about that dirt, it blends well and adds a lovely depth. I imagine some kind of ancient kitchen with dried herbs and spices.. It's lovely!
  2. Cali

    Lavender Buttercream

    This is a LOT like TKO on me. I'm not getting much of that buttercream period, it's TKO without that "sugary/tingly" (oddly enough) note. Maybe it's there, but just a touch in the background, slightly creamier. Just a beautiful sweet lavender perfume. Doesn't amp on me like TKO does unfortunately but this is lovely!
  3. Cali


    Ooof! From the bottle this is SO in your face kinda strong!! And it's that way on the skin too; to me it's this very expensive, very sugary sweet thick, but fluffy cookie? Maybe with some pink sprinkles on top. Agreeing with the corn cereal mentioned a few times before, but it's one of those American cereals, like. SUPER sweet. I personally don't want to smell like this, but i sure want to eat it!!
  4. Cali


    Delicious, spicy cookie goodness! Sickeningly sweet, though my teeth are more of the salt-lubber-kind. Still, hunger-inducing realistic cookies, gingerbread-ish. I'd say that, but make it slightly toasted with perhaps another red spice in there, the vanilla and cinnamon tying it together beautifully.
  5. Cali

    Merry Owls on Velocipedes and Tricycles

    The art/inspiration for this alone is SO cute, i had to try this. This is a soft mix of fluffy florals, and somehow they've almost cracked how feathers can smell sometimes. Well, the feathers on my 'lil bird, my mom's bird smells quite different, but feathers do have a specific... feather-smell. I don't wanna say dirt- or patchouli-ish, but whatever it is that's close. The rose is at first there, but gets eaten on my skin. There's a snowy soft cypress in the background.
  6. Cali

    Who’s Afraid

    Stronggg hazelnut, soft coconut-cocoa that reminds me of a bounty bar. No spun sugar for me. :c
  7. Cali

    This is the Day When Old Friends Meet

    Definately Figgy puddin' in there, beautifully blended with the rest of the notes. All there. The vetiver (usually death note for me) is here juuuuust enough and adds a lovely velvety depth, with the other notes softening, even slightly powdering up into a sweet nostalgic christmassy mix.
  8. Cali

    Black Julbocken Alchemy Lab

    A veil of furry musk (wilf anyone?) over strong herbs, berries and mosses; toppled with a dusting of sugary sweet snow. Real fun for drawing inspiration, or perhaps writing, if you write anything more than bpal reviews heh.
  9. Cali

    Up the Stairs We’ll Dance the Tango

    Trying a lot of boozy, and cherry scents tonight, so i may be going a bit blind to it, but this is a darker cherry, purpled nurpled by the fig, dribbled- nay, gooped in honey, sexied up by the red musk. There is indeed a slight spice to it, adding to the ...lustness of this 'fume.
  10. Cali

    Red Velvet Tuxedo

    I'm getting cherry booze on first application - then it goes to something more... crumbly. It really goes to a more realistic cake like in A very pink surprise cake, though this time not a vanilla lemon- but straight-up red velvet sugary cake. The crumblyness then does fade a bit, and makes room for a slightly stronger buttercream and that boozy-cologne thing it's got going on.
  11. Cali

    Elf Mutiny

    Smells like a alcohol-based perfume i've smelled before; no idea what perfume that was, but this is very similar. Woodsy labdanum enveloped in boozy/tobacco red-raspberry-goodness, the benzoin rounding this up in a warm sweet squishy coccoon!
  12. Cali

    Mary Shelley

    Oooohhhh. Moody, feminine, victorian. Sooooft absinthe, ozone and dark gloom, with a herbal-floral perfume wayyy in the background.
  13. Cali


    Suuuper strong cherry on a velvety dark cholocate bed. The orange blossom actually makes this really stand out, soft floral leaves that to me, makes this almost honey-like.
  14. Cali

    Row Bullies Row

    Ooooh dear. I wanted to like this very much, but the strength of the almond caught me by surprise, never a fan of this note though it has it's benefits. Gets less harsh on drydown though, thank goodness, and there's this beautiful goopy honey-rum there that's absolutely delightful. Definately something somewhat fruity in there - and that phosphorous note adds just enough of a tinge of 'bleh' to me; it's a little too sweet and uhhh i'm gonna call it metallic for lack of a better word here. If you looooove raisins and maybe also the smell of... whatever that smell that hangs around in bars when it's late in whafts is, this may be up your alley? Wanna have a sip of that rum though...
  15. Cali


    Sexy lilac fougere. A ever-so slightly lighter, more sweeter, sparkly purple version of Sir Thomas Sharpe, dare I say. And yes, also similar to Dorian.. Won't need this but it's been lovely to finally give this a try!! 💜