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  1. Cali

    Spicebush Swallowtail

    In the bottle this is straight up sharp clove, gets more depth on the skin. The sugar, although not in the foreground, grounds this. And the plum/sassafras give this a wild, feral edge.
  2. Cali

    Mare Vaporum

    I'm not sure why my skin is doing this to me, but i'm getting laundry detergent. Gotta wash this off!! 😭
  3. Cali

    Unicorn Hunt

    Ugh I HATE this in the bottle, it's a horribly strong sticky note of wine and amber, yuck! Thank goodness it morphs on my skin to something velvety vetiver, cassis beries, and fruity floral undertones. Still don't love it, but i have to admit that it has some sort of cornucopia-esque quality.
  4. Cali

    Mr. Croup

    I was surprised to learn i like this; it's dark, evil and in your face, but it's got a sweetness from the tonka and geranium that I don't remember smelling before from the lab. It's lightly dirt-y and has a bit of a straight up alcohol-y alcohol note. Just interesting enough not to run away from!
  5. Cali

    And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt

    This reminds me of those honey cereals, it's almost creepy how much it smells like that on me. It's sliiightly reddish, the honey, saffron and cardamom make this foody on me i'm guessing.
  6. Cali

    Antimony v9

    Wax? A sharp wax and a soft, green sandalwood.
  7. Sweet goat milk with a soft bourbon and patchouli. Perfumy- not gourmand on me.
  8. Cali

    In Night When Colors All to Black Are Cast

    Agree with Patina, same plum as a shadow in the elevator - paired with an inky musk, a surprisingly soft opoponax, and the labdanum and honey giving this a herbal quality.
  9. Cali

    Mars Corotiacus

    Reminds me vaguely of Elf, It's got the same wild berries on me, a soft white sage and a smooth dark undertone. Masculine and fresh.
  10. Cali

    Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight

    Just a deep, dark incense on me, with a hint of the opalescent vanilla. Very pretty though I wish it brought out more of the notes on me..
  11. Cali


    A fresh, sensual mix of florals and sandalwood. The honey is slightly waxy on me, and the sandalwood is "red" on me.
  12. Cali

    The Haunted Beach

    There's nothing beach about this on me! I'm guessing the ambergris morphs on me into something sweet, there's that moonlit musk - alltogether it becomes like something that reminds me of some nights in my childhood, outside on the open field near the forest. Odd.
  13. Cali


    A slightly spicy(?) lilac with a milky tea softening this up. Simple yet so interesting!
  14. Cali

    Dinnertime at the Diviner’s Hut

    Agree with everyone aforementioned, a lovely frankincense with a slightly herbal tomato leaf. Prettyyyy.
  15. Cali

    Little Sister is Watching You

    Don't know if I smelled cherry blossom before, so I can't really reference it to anything, but this is a blueish pink floral, it's got the same 'electric' note in it as midnight on the midway.