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  1. Honestly, after applying it once and not getting much, i slathered it... Still, not getting much?? It IS beautiful though, straight out of the bottle - there's this soft smoke with a hint of that dark sandalwood, and a lovely bourbon vanilla. Now that The Slathering seems to have dried down, it's a heady, musky, dark, soft masculine gothy scent. With a sweet goldengreen edge to it. I have to get REALLY close to it to smell anything though, which is too bad, it's beautiful and if only it would amp it's mysterious goodness!! I should add: reminds me a liiittle bit of The laughter of Loki!
  2. Cali

    Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch

    Ah. Yes, i forgot that this is how vetiver smells (thank goodness, it is my #1 death note), but that makes sense. I hate this. xD But anyway, i figured i'd try a skin test anyway, to be fair. I'm getting quite a bit of oudh besides vetiver being SO SO strong here, it does calm down a tiiiny bit on drydown. i am getting a reddish note (which would be the tea, though i'm not picking it us as being tea), and only vaguely getting the incense. ....Not at all for me, clearly, but someone would love this.
  3. Cali


    Oooooh, very very pretty. Directly understanding that comparison to TKO Zankoku_zen mentioned. Honestly all the notes mentioned are there; it makes for a minty sweet cloud of a dream, with that (very light) patchouli and lavender grounding it somewhat, and i don't know if i'm too familiar with carnation, but i do believe that's quite strong in here, though not out of balance with the rest of the notes. I don't know if i love this on my skin (it's a bit plasticy now that it's drying down, UGH!!) but it's SUCH a sweet lil character, this little guy. 🥺
  4. Cali

    Lawn Gnome

    This is pretty much exactly what i was hoping for. A small creature on a dirty walk through the woods in autumn after rainfall, accompanied by an oversized wicker basket of red berries. It's cozy, gritty, dark, molass-y ('sugary' ain't the right word here). Sweater weather type scent, image evoking. LOVE!!
  5. Cali

    Snake Charmer

    Was able to snatch a bottle of resurrected, and it's always a scent that intrigued me, though i never thought i'd actually ever find a bottle of it. That said, just like the other review i just did, this bottle just got in, and i can tell it needs some settling. And if that means that this may get a bit stronger, o LORDY does that make me a happy girl!!! Honestly, i haven't sniffed or tried snake oil in years (and mean to in the future), but this is what i had hoped from that. It's complex in it's notes and they all blend together harmoneously. It's sweet, spicy, sticky... sexy... A keeper!
  6. Cali

    The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love

    I was SO curious about this one when i learned it excisted, and went for it, and it's surprisingly lovely. In the bottle it's quite unpleasant, a strong chocolate and seaweed and something dusty. On the skin, it's a soft aquatic, i swear i'm getting a lush rose, and a creamy chocolate. It's almost edible-ish (I mean, besides there being a chocolate note) and i see incense being mentioned above.. I think i'm getting that too, kinda of nag champa-y. It definately doesn't sound romantic but boy is this lovely. I JUST got this in though, so i'm testing knowing this'll need a few days to settle, I think this along with the other bottles i got in need some time, but i was just so curious. Will come back to this if anything changes, but so far, so good!
  7. Cali


    I concur with biggnerd above me; a dry, soapy rose and something slightly herby. Nice, but wayyy too light for my taste.
  8. Cali


    I'm getting fresh, juicy chunky coconut pieces??? I don't know how old this imp is, but i don't get much leather - maybe just the slightest suggestion. Otherwise this really is just coconut on me...
  9. Cali


    Complex, sultry, soft. I'm not getting foody even though the chocolate is definately there. I find this one hard to describe, though the notes work beautifully together. It's got a dark, lush quality to it.
  10. Cali

    Christmas Rose

    Aha! It's the lab's soapy snow-note. Not a bad thing though, in my opinion. On my skin it directly starts morphing to something more greenish blue, still soapy. It's lovely, though not very strong, and unfortunately something in this is giving me a slight headache Too bad, because though it's very pretty!
  11. Cali

    The Fairy Lovers

    A fiery, fresh love, perfectly fitting fae-like creatures. Very pretty, though I must admit there's something that reminds me a liiittle bit of ...cat pee? But that may just be me. I know this comes off of a floral note, i'm just not sure which one. It's not too distracting either. But! This is lovely, a beautiful ethereal pinky bouquet scent - I agree with the comparison to cottonmouth above me here. Put this on, and i swear, enjoyed it very much for about half an hour, and all of a sudden - completely gone! Huh?!
  12. Cali

    Dyan Moon

    Oooh, i left this alone for a little while, to let it settle for a bit and it was worth it! It's a dusty white floral that's to me in the same ballpark as Lucille Sharpe. It's not neccesarily similar, but there's something equal that has this darkness to it yet a sweet light feel, and an "antiquated" feel. I guess that's it. It's complex and sexy. The rose on me is powdery and strong, there's a herby quality to it with the chamomile. The label art is adorable and screams 20's/flapper chic, and i can imagine this is a perfume that a lady from that time would wear. There's actually something in here that reminds me of the lab's champagne note, which gives it a prickly/bubbly feel, fitting that imagery. It's a rosegold coloured scent. Lovely!!
  13. Cali

    Poolside Perfume

    Very strong jasmine, but definately getting the setting this is going for. The rest of the notes compliment it nicely with a blue tinge. The jasmine amps on me as usual though, so it feels more like a single note on my skin, but it is very pretty.
  14. Cali

    Lady MacBeth

    Squiiiishy, thick purpley goodness!! To me it's plummy, maybe even figgy? But man how beautiful. Not super picking up the wine, and only slightly getting the thyme, which i think makes it slightly more sappy. Gonna need a bottle!
  15. Cali

    Cerise Fog

    Oh man, it is absolutely gorgeous. A strange thing happens on my skin; it stays close to the scent in the bottle, with strong swirls of foggy tangerine and raspberry, and the amber compliments it beautifully, and kind of grounds the scent, gives it this golden and sparkly silver atmosphere. But, my skin also makes the amber a bit dusty, maybe i need to use the word stuffy here. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at all, but it's the weirdest thing, it brings me right back to a very specific workplace from ages ago. I can promise you that place did not smell that good, but every time i take a heave i'm transported back. Bah. If it wasn't for this it would be hoard-worthy!!