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  1. Cali

    Dark-Eyed, Delightful

    SUPER strong just... toastedness from the imp. Thank goodness it calms down as soon as i put it on. I also get molasses, super dark chocolate (too bitter to eat), toasted cardamom, a far away patchouli and I guess vanilla and benzoin (lol). I swear I've smelled something similar to this in the past (not a perfume) somewhere and if it ever hits me i'll update it here. It goes more sexy near drydown, but i wish my skin amped the vanilla here, because good lord it would've been good if it did that!! I see the vision, just can't reach it.
  2. Cali

    Australian Copperhead (2016)

    Woahwoah! The snake oil is there in the imp, but as i put this on, a strong, zingy sharp acai berry slaps me in the face - which is engulfed in a tiiny bit of cardemom and drenched in sandalwood. The smoke comes out by drydown, giving it a vetiver-esque edge. Herbal, earthy 'strange yellow gloppy tincture in a desert vibes'. It's almost a more feminine version of Seth - though this is more dried out and a liiitle more 'clean' than 'skin'.
  3. Cali

    Mrs. Valentine

    This reads very much as ye 'ol mme moriarty to me. Super sexy red musk, thick vanilla. On my skin it morphs quite fast into something almost cloyingly sweet - the mallow does what it does on my skin and takes over a great percentage of this, and pushes the rest aside. Here, i'm not sure if I find it works for me.
  4. Yeah, everything's there - strongest is the sweet brandy. On my skin the lemon juice amps and warms up (nooo..), and the sugar adds a fun fleckyness to this. Simple, fun, festive.
  5. Cali

    Horreur Citrouille

    Oooh! This is new! First things that really stick out are the wine and pumpkin. Thick and dark. Applied, it morphs directly and the champagne grapes, benzoin, sugar cane and tonka come out strong. The sugar is gritty and brown, the "colour" has turned to a more purply pink from the swirly maroon and orange it was. The grapes stand out here, it's squishy realistic deliciousness. The wine is vaguely there, in the background, my skin mostly ate the pumpkin. Interesting!
  6. In the bottle there's a note unknown to me that's a little unpleasant to me, though there's plenty of lesser strong notes in here i can already pick out that are very beautiful - natural greens, flora, amber, cotton... On application to my surprise it stays pretty much the same, lol! I'm guessing the unpleasant smell is some sort of mix of cotton, white florals, and maybe a strange mix of that lemon/everygreen far in the background of that weird mix. It's not by any means bad by the by, it's just... It doesn't work for me. It's soapy, but in an ancient old-dust kinda way. All the other pretty, fresh and more "natural" smelling notes dissapear after abt 10 minutes. Damn you skin chemistry!!
  7. Have been hoping to try this for a long time, and i finally got my hands on this - and it absolutely does not dissapoint. In the bottle it's a bit "scary", almost like there's a bottom layer of tiramisu drenched in rum-note in there (i am not a cake/dessert lover), but once applied I need not worry no more. It's absolutely the notes listed, but where the dead leaves note usually amps on me like a m***er, it stays juuust calm enough, and is nice and spicy - while the scorched pumpkin is also soft, but adds a lovely toastiness. Pumpkin usually dissapears on me, and it almost does here; but just enough stays around to add a layer of complexity I can't put into words.... It works wonders with that marshmallow in there though. It's the same gorgeous marshmallow note as always, soft, fluffy 'n dreamy. Before I got this in, I made label art to stick onto the cap, and added a little elf fellow on there, no reason other than I didn't know what else to use as a visual. It's by chance absolutely perfect, as there's a specific fairytale-esque quality to this. Everytime i sniff it i am reminded of a specific part of a specific themepark, and it's absolutely lovely. AHHh so happy this worked out so well as I'd hoped.
  8. Cali

    Halfway to Halloween

    Dear god, I knew this was going to be good, but not that it was going to be a keeper. Squishy, warm fig, soft spices, almond (that indeed reads more cherry), enhanced by golden glow and the essence of autumn. This would be lovely all year 'round, even though something in this just reads autumn, but i can't put my finger on it why, the leaves are not super noticeable (and I guess go more spicy on my in this), but there's just a general autumn "aesthetic" to this. It's got this sliiiight 'home candle' scent thing going on, but it's not to the point where it's distracting, nor is it neccesarily that, in a bad way. I can't stop sniffing my wrists with this on. Beautiful and absolutely approved.
  9. Cali

    Batty Snake Oil

    Snake oil combo with STRONG LEATHER and champaca, and perhaps something a little more dirty or gritty. Genuinely batty!
  10. A very soft scent on application - i'm mostly getting a sweet tea/incense mix which is quite gorgeous. The vanilla bean quickly starts to mix in and it's a slightly more gourmand vanilla in here. It takes the foreground and that's where it stays. Really pretty, wish my skin would have stayed at that application stage..
  11. Sugary mallow flower, thick vanilla and mild honeysuckle. Floofy, goopy/thick, pinkish yellow... It's a little too much for me but it's really pretty.
  12. Cali

    Die Jungfrau

    Hmmm. Strong lavender and chamomile, the sharp but sweet vine of thyme and very soft moss. The lemon balm is super quiet and adds a wonderful atmospheric ozoney feel to this, and the fig a warm, bubbly sweetness. The lavender and moss end up the strongest in the end, very, very beautiful.
  13. Cali


    A lost tiki scent? Strong orange cocktail with vodka, fizzy water, a stem of ginger (perhaps some cardamom and cinnamon?) and a tropical floral topper. I understand the soap note people are mentioning, it's out on drydown for me, but it just adds a very clenly bar to the picture in my head, lol. It's a lemony soap scent. The 'cocktail' and clean bar now both equally strong.
  14. Cali

    Berlin Girls

    Honestly, all the notes are there, and it's one sexy, sexy scent! Like standing outside of a sexy hellfire club with the door wide open. Realistic smoke around you, velvety dresses and drapes, a beautiful black leather, and sweet reds and pinks swirling enticingly into the night. The vetiver's a little too much on me unfortunately, but this is gorgeous!
  15. Cali


    I was a little hestitant to even try this from the description alone (but intrigued still), and this is surprisingly pretty. LavenderCoffee honestly described it better than i ever could. 'Ol Abelard... A true haunted gentleman doll's scent. It brings the image to my mind of one of those old goosebumps books with a ventriloquist doll in an attic. But Abelard is definitively kinder about things.