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    I Like Stuff and Things.From what I've learned so far: Notes that are cool yo: fig, berries, rose, florals in general, patchouli, fougere, amber, Metallics, musky stuffI ardently dislike: vetiver, ALMOND, cherry, bergamotGenerally doesn't work on me: violet, lilac, tuberose'M afraid I get headaches of: saffron

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  1. Cali

    Haute Macabre

    A SUPER herbal on me, sticky and green wet - however that vanilla comes out real soon on application, and there's something almond-y, but not too bad that it causes a death-note reaction in me, it's quite delicious, actually!
  2. Cali


    Glam - a thick mix of silver specks of bright lights swirling in fruity champange! On drydown this goes a little more goop-y, a little more wine on me. Dunno if I've just been unlucky with everything I've been trying this week, or whether my skin is being weird, but this also fades pretty quickly and I'm left with really mostly zesty lemon. Which is, nice and summery, but it's not alike what it's started off as.
  3. Cali


    Wet, this is all caramel 'n apple - I'd almost say halloweenie! On my skin the teak really comes out quickly, and so does that honey. To me, a very starberry-sugary, realistic honey. And after that, the cream comes in. I'm a little scared starting here, cream usually goes off on my skin. I'll let it sit for a bit... Aaand, a good amount of minutes later... nothing's changed! Lovely! A light, sexy scent!
  4. Cali


    a dark, fiery rage. This reminds me a little of Crimson, but a softer, less malevolent version. It's got that silver lining of softness in the amber, and the lavender and sage turning this slightly herbal on me. I don't hate this, but I don't know what to think of it!
  5. Cali

    Wings of Azrael

    Very strong herbal mix. It's like falling into a violet blended whirlwind powered by myrrh, lol. Strong greens, light and resiny. The flowery note goes bitter in less than five minutes. Not my thing at all.
  6. Cali


    Ahh yes, vetiver. A whole whaft of it right as I open the imp - let's let this settle for a bit - but so far I'm getting that, and the olive leaf coming in strongly. The woodyness comes in after 10 minutes and then it..... fades. Left with the slightest bit of olive scent, but otherwise... nada. Huh.
  7. Cali

    The Jersey Devil

    Hmmm. I want to eat this, and I'm pretty sure that's weird. A beautiful, soft, christmassy pine, with berries strewn over dusted with sugar, on a wooden cutting board. Not super strong on me, but lovely sweet goodness.
  8. Cali

    Fifth Lash

    Heavy red musk , a hint of lovely leather, coupled with something fresh and a good 'ole (smoky) plum. Idk if it's just my skin being weird today but it seems to fade a lot and I'm left with just a vague impression. Sad, it's lovely.
  9. Cali


    The radiant amber in here is somewhat spicy on me, which goes a little sweeter on me on drydown. There's something ...soapy in here, maybe it's the rose. It strangely reminds me of Between your heart and mine, but far more subtle, herbal and woody. It's got a musky, hairy something in there, I feel like my bunny could smell like this? Anyway, everything I like about it kinda fades away within ten minutes and I'm left with mostly amber. aw.
  10. Cali


    Oooohohhh loovely. Wet, this is a soft, berry wine, with a lil bit of spice. As it dries down, I DO see how people drag black moths into this. This one could be it's "softer" cousin. Really lovely, though the wine note - (could be helped by the oudh, judging by how that used to go on my skin), goes a little sour on me.
  11. Cali


    That really tipical BPAL mint-note, the one that's in snow white and woods in winter. There's gotta be some vanilla in there (it's slightly foody on me, wet it's a liiiiittle bit like tokyo stomp without the cake/HYPER=foody aspect), and it's somewhat lemon-y. Not a fizzy, or zesty one, but a soft one like restaurant hand wipes. Somewhat fruity - possibly a berry note? It's nice, but really faint on me, my skin doesn't pick up on this when dry. :c
  12. Cali


    Just a nice, woody masculine smell of a man who spent a day hiking in the woods. It's that, but less ...dirty. More fresh. It's also got this thing that I can only describe as "morning dew" in there.
  13. Cali


    Sharp, green and red frosted berries. It's a sharp, herbs kinda green, with a good layer of frankincense and myrrh in the background, giving this something "holy" (or, holly, ah ah ah). I reallly like it and would love to find a drink that tastes like this...
  14. Cali

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    Beckons all giant creatures from gargantuan reptiles and humongous moths! These babies are sure to crush everything from dollhouses to shopping malls! Can even be used to summon colossal robots in a pinch! A sweet and crisp vanilla mint! Hmmmm, delicious vanilla mint muffins! Finally a foody that works on me, and, finally a hit to add to my collection again!! The throw is not huge on me, just enough, and it doesn't last too long on my skin, stays about 1,5hrs at most, but I'll learn to live with it. Does not go plasticy on me like other foodies. It's smooth, delicious and minty. What more could ya want?!
  15. Cali

    Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand

    Oooh I'm really enjoying this. Soft, colourful, sexy vanilla covered in a blanket of gentle tobacco and cognac. The sharp reflection of moonlight on a silver mirror on an autumn night.