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    I Like Stuff and Things.From what I've learned so far: Notes that are cool yo: fig, berries, rose, florals in general, patchouli, fougere, amber, Metallics, musky stuffI ardently dislike: vetiver, ALMOND, cherry, bergamotGenerally doesn't work on me: violet, lilac, tuberose'M afraid I get headaches of: saffron

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  1. Cali

    Pumpkin Spice Rum Hair Gloss

    Delicious!! A spicy latte - LOTS of pumpkin spice, very little rum, JUST enough to notice. Also reminds me a liiittle bit of ginger cookies. goodness this is AMAZING!!!
  2. Cali

    Pomegranate I

    Once again, I amp the jasmine, I only just put this on and it's already overpowering the rest of the notes; warm red pomegranate and strong benzoin. This is giving me a headache! :'D
  3. Cali

    Flor De Muerto

    Golden florals. I can't really add anything new, just agree with what's been said before. Flowers basking in warm beams of sunlight. Very light throw on me.
  4. Cali

    The Harlot's House

    Lovely. I understand where people are getting a rose note from this - I was fooled as well. It's got that same warmth and sweetness. It's floral, it's a little green due to the moss. I'm thinking a field of flowers in a forest, on a summer's day. Dry, on me, it gets a little whiter, not colder, as I'm guessing the "tea" in there keeps this a lil brewy.
  5. Cali


    Faint rose indeed! But it IS that lovely, sweet thick red rose BPAL does sooo well. The leather is minimal, but keeps this a little "cold".
  6. Cali


    It's the same insence as in hymn on me! Actually, it's that, without the strong white rose and something a little more dusty...maybe spicy? I should give this another try very soon, I've actually been quite stuffy for a few weeks, but I'm really intrigued. It's got something 1001 nights about it.
  7. Cali

    Black Lily

    Hmm, lovely. Soft, sweet and dark. It's just sultry enough, but still classy.
  8. Cali

    Winter Landscape

    Honestly, this smells like winter in woods right on application, goes into a little more talvikuu-territory a few seconds in, and goes into something similar to in winter in my room (must be the tonka) a little later. It's... strangely a good mix of all three on me. Really doesn't work on me, as much as I like the idea. Can pick out the notes easily as it's drying, and I can get behind the "chalky" here as well.
  9. Cali

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    Ahh, right from the get-go cherry candies. Actually, I can smell all the notes right off the bat and it works really well! Usually cherry is one of my no-no-notes, but I can live with it here. It's a lot though. It's quite zingy/sharp. Cherry is definately the dominating note.
  10. Cali

    Lavender Pumpkin Floss

    Oooh so this is orangy-purple. It's weird - sugary, with the warmth of pumpkin and the cold of the mint. Like a warm ice slushie. Makes no sense but the idea is nice. Very interesting. Wanna eat this!
  11. Cali

    Haute Macabre

    A SUPER herbal on me, sticky and green wet - however that vanilla comes out real soon on application, and there's something almond-y, but not too bad that it causes a death-note reaction in me, it's quite delicious, actually!
  12. Cali


    Glam - a thick mix of silver specks of bright lights swirling in fruity champange! On drydown this goes a little more goop-y, a little more wine on me. Dunno if I've just been unlucky with everything I've been trying this week, or whether my skin is being weird, but this also fades pretty quickly and I'm left with really mostly zesty lemon. Which is, nice and summery, but it's not alike what it's started off as.
  13. Cali


    Wet, this is all caramel 'n apple - I'd almost say halloweenie! On my skin the teak really comes out quickly, and so does that honey. To me, a very starberry-sugary, realistic honey. And after that, the cream comes in. I'm a little scared starting here, cream usually goes off on my skin. I'll let it sit for a bit... Aaand, a good amount of minutes later... nothing's changed! Lovely! A light, sexy scent!
  14. Cali


    a dark, fiery rage. This reminds me a little of Crimson, but a softer, less malevolent version. It's got that silver lining of softness in the amber, and the lavender and sage turning this slightly herbal on me. I don't hate this, but I don't know what to think of it!
  15. Cali

    Wings of Azrael

    Very strong herbal mix. It's like falling into a violet blended whirlwind powered by myrrh, lol. Strong greens, light and resiny. The flowery note goes bitter in less than five minutes. Not my thing at all.