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    I Like Stuff and Things.From what I've learned so far: Notes that are cool yo: fig, berries, rose, florals in general, patchouli, fougere, amber, Metallics, musky stuffI ardently dislike: vetiver, ALMOND, cherry, bergamotGenerally doesn't work on me: violet, lilac, tuberose'M afraid I get headaches of: saffron

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  1. Cali


    I like it, but unfortunately this is one of those blends where the jasmine is overpowering. I like it, but just not enough to keep the imp!
  2. Cali


    Just getting something you'd get at an apothecary, a grim mixture. It goes a little sweeter on me as I wear it, but I can't really pick out notes. Maybe the myrrh? That tends to amp on me anyway. Somewhat sweet liquorice? idk. Weird, not for me.
  3. Cali

    Black Annis

    And here I thought I had reviewed this before! Well, the notes certainly scared me, but it sure isn't as frightening as I had anticipated. Expect strong vetiver in this though, that's for sure. The anise reminds me of what we used to put in our warm milk before we went to bed sometimes. Gotta be honest, got over that pretty quickly, but it sure didn't help I was actually super lactose intolerant. Anyway, to me this is somewhat "cozy". A dark, winter night, maybe with dark intentions...? Hm. Masculine, but soft. Sweet, but with this underlying murkiness.
  4. Cali

    Queen of Sheba

    Almonds, one of my enemies! Wet it's just all almond! Strong and super sweet! almost bearable for someone with it as a death note, bahah. On drydown it actually reminds me of Edith Cushing somewhat, just with "more almond". Is there coconut in here? It's not bad. Not for me, but not bad!
  5. Cali

    Van Van

    Hmm. Herbs, linen, something slightly sappy green/yellow (lime?) and something strong, sour and musky. ...Agreeing with the Clint Eastwood comment above. I can't pinpoint exactly what's in here. Doesn't work for me!
  6. Cali

    Mead Moon

    in the imp: golden honey mead! Simple and true! Dry: Same! But stronger. It's super nice and reminds me of some good days roaming around the ren faires! Dissapears within ten minutes and I am frustrated.
  7. Cali


    I really wanted to try this, so it's MY fault that I now have to sit through a whaft of vetiver! 😂 It's the same soft pachouli as in reptoid dominion and the laughter of loki, but from the get-go it's mostly vetiver! Drying, it morphs to something softer and the vetiver goes a lil creamier (thank goodness). and there's something super sweet almost hiding behind a couple of bushes from afar, perhaps a lil scared ghoul. Which, I'm guessing is a mix of oakmoss (which is always kinda sweet on me), geranium and clove. In the end, it's a lot like Samhain on me. Which I... wasn't expecting from where it started! Samhain, but a lil darker. Perhaps the horror-genre version of Samhain. It's lovely, but I like Samhain a lil better.
  8. Cali

    E Pluribus Unum

    Wet: YES! The lovely flowers that remind me of hymn, but more varied and not as in-your-face-screamy-floral! Aaaand it's practically gone with about five minutes. Damn it. I like in-your-face floral when it WORKS on me, and so far, in the BPAL world I've barely had luck. This is lovely though, just not worth the infinity war conclusion from my skin...
  9. Cali


    Oh man I have been waiting so long to try this!! On me, pepper is childlike mischievousness and. Spunky, but nothing too childlike or candy. It starts out pepper and rose-heavy (lovely!), but balances out later, with a lil more berries, blood orange and pine. Unfortunately there's something in here when dry that's not mixing well with my chemistry. Somewhat plasticy on me at least; I can't figure out which note it is, but it's one step away from being a perfect blend for me. Sad, but very glad to have tried it, it's lovely!
  10. Cali

    Penis Admiration

    Wet; sweet as candy, light frothy vanilla/caramel milkshake. It morphs quickly though, and on me the lilac comes out in a matter of seconds and then, there's the tonka. Really like it on drydown!! There's the smoky note and wood (which is green-y on me somehow) that come in on drydown. Now it's more like a freshly cleaned furniture store, lol! Doesn't morph from there. I like it, but I can't shake the furniture store outta my head!
  11. Hi! Sorry that this is a lil weird, posting here; it won't let me send you a PM! So lemme try this way~
    I was wondering whether you'd either be interested in a swap (after all I do have half a decant of Plastic pink flamingo, and can offer anything else from my list at  https://www.bpal.org/topic/89138-✫・。~-calis-cabinet-of-wonders-red-lantern-mary-celeste-v4-deux-61/ ) 


    I'd be interested in your following imps/decants;




    Before the Snowy Window

    Velvet Clown


    Anyway let me know if anything interests you; if not, let me know, I'd still be interested! Have a good day! :rofl:

  12. Cali

    Ho Ho Ho

    Soft, troubled apple cider. Wet fruits. Pretty sure there's gotta be SOME apple in there, but I definately get more "general fruit" than just apple. Tiny bit of spice in the background. Getting a liitle bit of pine too, which gives it a nice edge to it. Dissapears FAR too quickly on my skin!! Shame cause it's lovely.
  13. Cali


    Very very strong vetiver with a touch of ice cold violet. Vetiver is my death note unfortunately, so if that's the opposite for you, go try this!
  14. Cali


    I'm getting some buttery, creamy red current? Idk if it's just me, but there is a certain "milky" quality to it as in Alice. It's only red wine to me after I got here and read up on the notes. I guess the myrrh is the strongest on me, which it does tend to do. Not for me, but I'm sure someone will love this!
  15. Cali

    The Hare

    Soft fur, sappy sharp greens, a touch of honeysuckle. Soft musk. Sweet and lovely for summer!