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  1. BoneBone24

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    I've had such a hankering for tropical scents lately, but I don't have anything in my collection that fits the bill. I'm talking more of the fruity/creamy -type tropical (coconut, mango, ginger, key lime, pineapple), not so much the aquatic/beachy or floral-green type. Tiki bar drinks basically (alas, I came to BPAL after the tikis went away). Are there any good GC's or non-LE's like that?
  2. BoneBone24

    Shuttered Asylum Atmosphere Spray

    Smells strongly of leather and metallic oils (I'm reminded of the kind of oils/grease used to lubricate the tuning slide of a brass instrument) in the bottle. In the air, those two notes remain, but are joined by a slightly sweet blood note and an absolute cacophony of construction-type materials... dry wall crumbles, rubber hoses, electrical wires, glue, solvents, lubricants, chalk dust, copper, machinery, linoleum, packing paper. It reminds me of walking through an industrial print shop. Mood-wise, it's the scent of gritty demolition and cleaning, but never actually getting clean. It's the process, not the outcome. A bit off-putting, but also nostalgic for hands-on hard work.
  3. Oh boy, there are so many great ones for these notes. I'll try to stick to ones that stay solidly in that woodsy-minty-earthy-tea world. Let's see... For mint, Mad Hatter (A gentlemen’s lavender-citron cologne unhinged by the feral pungence of black musk and a paroxysm of pennyroyal) immediately sprung to mind. If you don't mind dark and smoky, Dracul (Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom.) is a great one too. For cedar, Azathoth (tangerine, saffron, vetiver, black amber and cedarwood) is a good one, and Tombstone (vanilla, balsam and sassafras layered over Virginia cedar) as well if you don't mind a little vanilla and sassafras thrown in. For wood in general, Dee (English leather, rosewood and tonka with a hint of incense, parchment and soft woods) is a crowd favorite. For woods, Black Forest (Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress) and Ranger (Terebinth pine, Russian birch, black ironwood, elder bark, hay, armoise, juniper, patchouli, galangal root, Spanish moss, and cabreuva) are about as straight-up forest as it gets. For earthy, Penny Dreadful (Soft perfume evocative of noir heroines over rich red grave loam) is my favorite. For tea, Dorian (A Victorian fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea.) is most people's favorite, but I much more prefer Theodosius (Earl Grey tea leaves, a white fougere, jasmine leaf, pearlescent white musk, and vanilla bean). And while they don't have any of your listed notes, I think both Highwayman (Vetiver with gardenia, blood red rose, night-blooming jasmine, a dash of cinnamon and a faint hint of leather) and Arcana (Frankincense, rosemary, lavender, neroli, and verbena) might be pleasing to your nose. If you get a chance, I'd definitely recommend trying out a bay rum blend. It behaves differently on different people, but for me it's very much in that woodsy-minty realm.
  4. Oh, man, that does sound perfect! So many smellies I've never tried! Maybe I'll get something perfect in my frimps today too (squee, I have an order Out for Delivery)! ETA: Oh my, what about Tyrannophobia? It has the advantage of me already having it, and it's mostly raspberry (i.e. pink) but also has tea and also is sinister! She's certainly tyrannical in her little fiefdom... That sounds PERFECT!
  5. There's some good recs in here: http://www.bpal.org/topic/78155-art-supplies/
  6. Don't worry, there are scents for you here, my friend! My skin was turning everything sweet when I first got into BPAL, so I feel your pain. It still does, I suppose, but it's either lessened somewhat, or my nose has gotten used to sweet, or some combination of the two. It's taken me a while to figure out which flowers are actually ok on me, vs all of the horrible ones, too. Here are my resistant-to-sweetness enhancing/creating-skin chemistry recs: (all GC) Anne Bonny Black Forest Cathode Cayote Dee Djinn Dwarf Fighter Iago Incantation Omen R'Lyeh Rogue The Red Rider The Robotic Scarab Feel free to stalk my reviews – I always mention when the slightest hint of sweetness pops up, especially when there are no sweet notes to explain it.
  7. BoneBone24


    Expectation: Incensey Aquatic Pear First Sniff: Wow, ok, so I caught an initial whiff of what can only be described as a sour pungency, then that went away, leaving a far mellower essence of... jungle? Yeah, it basically smells like jungle. It seems like this one’s gonna be a wild morpher and I'm curious to see where it goes. Wet on Skin: Yeep. There’s that intense note again. At first I think dill pickle, then I realize it’s olive juice. Just as I figure that out (within the first 5 seconds) it calms down a bit and a cleaner, sweeter aquatic note presents itself. Drydown: I get an ‘aha!’ moment and realize that it basically smells like a dirty martini. For the first 15 minutes or so it continues in that vein, becoming cleaner and crisper as it dries. Finally the olive turns to salty brine, and the rest of the blend sweetens up, settling into a wearable, yet complex aquatic. Dry: A deep, briney aquatic with a hint incense and pear. I’d classify it as a gender-neutral all-year-round scent. I have to say, the transformation from first sniff to the dry stage is pretty incredible. My advice is to bear with this one, because the endgame is worth it. 9 out of 10 bones
  8. BoneBone24

    Stormclouds Over The Midway

    (2017) Expectation: Dark Smoky Rain Wet: Sweet ozone that's dusty at the edges. There's a hint of a sticky purple fruit that right now is reading as grape. Drydown thru Dry: Soft, almost powdered plum, kissed by ozone. There’s just the barest hint of opium smoke, which is floral-leaning when paired with the plum. I’m not really getting any incense, but I imagine it’s responsible for softening the plum. And I'm not noticing any wormwood either. Overall, this is a very wearable scent. I’m a little disappointed that it’s not as atmospheric or unique as I was expecting, but at the same time it’s nice that it’s a scent that I can wear to work. 7.5 out of 10 bones
  9. BoneBone24

    The Torture Queen

    (2017) Expectation: Sexy Metallic Gardenia First Sniff: It smells fancy. Clean, but sophisticated. Bright, but not sharp. I'm intrigued… Wet: Sweet, warm, and clean. The ambergris mixes with the vanilla musk, creating a shimmering impression, like white flecked with gold and even brighter white. Drydown: Beachy, sultry, fancy, and bright. I’m getting everything but the chrome, and the mix is glorious. It smells very expensive – wearing it makes me imagine that I’m some beautiful executive lounging near the ocean while sporting expensive sunglasses and a perfect manicure. The white tea and gardenia are partnered up, bringing the clean, almost lemony vibe, the amber is tucked in beneath that to provide an undeniable sexiness, while the ambergris and vanilla musk continue to work together to add a shimmery, sweet slightly-beachy quality. Dry: More of the same, but stronger! Which is great, because my skin eats, or at least holds very close, most BPALs, so sometimes I want something that actually gets noticed. And this is a wonderful scent for getting noticed! It’s clean and inoffensive, yet alluring, delicious, and smart. A perfect first impression scent for damn-near any occasion. 9 out of 10 bones
  10. BoneBone24

    Scents for late summer into autumn

    The Dodo is my go-to for this time of year. I actually think of it as my Renn Faire scent because faire season is late summer into fall around here. I don't wear a lot of apple scents because the note tends to either amp or vanish on me, but I image most apple scents would make a lot of sense to wear this time of year too.
  11. Seconding Defututa, and adding Morocco, All Night Long, Wolf's Heart, and Fenris Wolf to list of possible imps to try out.
  12. BoneBone24


    Expectation: Smoky Spicy Clove Tea First Sniff: It smells like candle magic and chai tea. It's soft, earthy, and wonderfully familiar. On Skin: Clove city! Warm, savory, enticing clove, backed by the tart brightness of tea. Lurking in the shadows is something dry and crumbly. It’s not quite ashy, but certainly smells burnt. But mostly, this is beautiful, beautiful clove. (note: this one’s a non-morpher) 8.5 out of 10 bones
  13. BoneBone24


    (2017) Expectation: Sexy Smoky Cocktail Wet: Sinister with a wink. I literally just said “OHooooooooh” out loud. And that's the throaty, deep-voiced kind of oooh, not that high-pitched shit used for pandering. Hold on, please. I need a minute with this one… okay. Whew. This is all black, ashy shadows splashed with gin. I'm definitely gonna enjoy this dance. Drydown: The greenness comes out, but it’s shrouded in darkness. Lime sweetened by orange blossom, then tobacco. The lime is sweet, almost candied, and the tobacco curls into the black musk to form a beautiful, shadowy cloud. I’m catching just a hint of gin at the edges, giving it a dry, dangerous bite. Dry: Each note is present and balanced. Black musk takes the lead, fusing with smoky, sinister tobacco. Sweet lime and orange blossom hover at the sides, adding just enough brightness to drive the blend forward. The gin hangs back, waiting to bite when you’re least expecting it. And the bay rum, all tingly and delicious, stands in the center, hiding beneath the shroud of shadow, holding the blend together. 8.5 out of 10 bones
  14. BoneBone24

    Any scents involving rose and mint

    It doesn't have a note list, but Black Cat is usually interpreted as mainly mint and rose, although the reviews are a bit all over the place. You can read them here: http://www.bpal.org/topic/4935-black-cat/page-1
  15. BoneBone24


    Expectation: Ghostly Frozen Apple Wet: A great big juicy apple, that’s a touch frozen in the center. I think I recognize a cold note from Blood Popsicle, and something wistfully romantic that reminds me Lady Amalthea. Drydown: The apple becomes less distinct and the rosewood steps up. It becomes a sweet, creamy floral blend that is somehow both juicy and powdery at the same time. By the end of the drydown it’s become so creamy that I actually had to check the note list several times to look for tonka, or milk, or vanilla. Is it the snow? I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but I like it. Dry: A creamy, ethereal blend of rosewood and osmanthus with a hint of frozen apple in the background. It’s a strange and beautiful scent that I can see myself reaching for often. 8.5 out of 10 bones