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  1. BoneBone24

    Daddy by Effy Beard Oil

    (butt label) I got this for my boo about...2 years ago maybe? and am quite familiar with its scent both from nuzzling him and from having it on my hands (sometimes we make a little ritual of me applying and brushing it in for him). It leans masculine to me, but only slightly. It has a fair amount of sweetness, a hint of woodsiness, and these sort of ambient light coppery-brown-ish notes. It's hard to pick it apart, tbh, but I think what stands out most is the hay, the sweetness of the rum, and a musky warmth of someone who perhaps actually has been rolling around in a wrestling ring for a few minutes. It's cozy, distinctive, and has a fluid nature that I think would make it wearable for most personalities.
  2. BoneBone24

    Carnaval Diabolique

    Wet: Musky lemon and clean florals over something darker. Drydown & Dry: Dark musk peppered by hints of tropical creaminess, fruity florals, and smoke. It's understated and has this uncertain duality to it–like it could be laughing and handing out candy one second and scowling and lighting things on fire the next. It never does either of those things of course, but it feels like it might. Mysterious and light. 7 out of 10 bones
  3. BoneBone24

    Mari Lwyd

    Wet: Yellow cake and a touch of lavender. Quite sweet. Drydown: The cake note takes on a darker, deeper quality, more caramelized, honeyed, and buttery. This is quite a saccharin experience! The ale is definitely reading more boozey than hoppy. I would have guessed rum if the notes weren't listed. The lavender is barely there at this point, but there is a purple impression coming from a hint of gummy, dark fruit. Raisins perhaps. Dry: Buttery, buttery, sweet, sweet, syrupy cake, but make it purple. 6.5 out of 10 bones
  4. BoneBone24

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    Wet: Dark and herbal, dense and airy at the same time. Drydown: The opium and sage stand out the most, but they are by no means all that's going on here. There's a strange dichotomy of heaviness and weightlessness happening. Dark, dense, airy , black and green. Sweet, sharp, earthy, cool, and wispy. It's deviantly sexual and hard to pin down, like a flirty shadow. It makes me yearn to go frolicking through a field at night, hand-in-hand with this ghost, but then I realize that they can't leave the house and suddenly a sense of melancholy kicks in. It's wildly evocative. Dry: Funky, fresh, kinky, gothic–gah! this one's crazy ya'll, and I mean that in the best way. I think I'm in love. 😍 8.5 out of 10 bones
  5. BoneBone24

    Gingerbread and Leather

    Wet: Burnt gingerbread. Lots of char. Drydown: The gingerbread fluffs up, smelling more like a fresh cookie now. The darkness eases off a bit and starts to develop into a mix of smoke and sleek leather. The more it dries, the more distinguished the leather becomes. There's one moment towards the end of the drydown where it suddenly smells quite chocolatey, but it only lasts for a few minutes. Dry: Soot and spicecake. A mix of sweetness, spice, and bleak blackness. It smells sexy but emotionally jaded and unattainable, like the ultimate cool guy crush in high school. 8 out of 10 bones
  6. BoneBone24

    Masculine orris

    Depending on what your skin chemistry does with them, Dance of Death and Dragon’s Bone might be worth a shot.
  7. BoneBone24

    Horreur Citrouille

    Wet: Sweet purples and reds, gleaming honey, and smoke. Drydown: There's so much going on. I get the plum and blood musk strongest, with honey and something ozonic flanking it. There's a line of creamy tonka and tobacco under that. Sometimes I pick up on a sparkle of champagne, but mostly it stays hidden. A little spiciness as it reaches the end of the drydown. Dry: Wine, blood, plum, pumpkin spice, and dark, gnarly resins. Thick and enveloping. In two words? Vampire sex. 7 out of 10 bones
  8. BoneBone24


    Wet: A soft, honey-sweet amber. Lighter than expected. There's sort of a fuzzy, soft sweater element in there too. Drydown/Dry: This is a very cuddly scent. Not much morphing. It just sort of settles softly into the skin, with an ambery, soot-kissed warmth and a hint of flurries in the background. Understated for sure. 7.5 out of 10 bones
  9. BoneBone24

    Marshmallow Snow

    Wet: A sweetened and soft fir tree note. Like a Christmas tree dusted with confectioner's sugar. Drydown: Fir/evergreen stays as the primary note, but as it dries the marshmallow comes out more. It's definitely a plump and fluffy marshmallow - the kind that begs to be squished Dry: Really pretty. A gentle evergreen-laced snow note with soft, fluffy sweetness added. 8 out of 10 bones
  10. BoneBone24

    Our Little Crypt Ghoul

    Wet: Fresh apple crispness with something softer beneath it. Drydown: Apples and... soap? *checks note list* Ah! The grass I'm guessing. Apples, grass, and just a soft, general feeling of fuzziness. Dry: Darker once fully dry, with a bit of herbal sharpness. Still soapy and appley, but dry and earthy now too. 6 out of 10 bones
  11. BoneBone24

    The Air and the Ether

    Wet: Uplifting. Sweet, clean, and softly golden. Drydown: This is a pale, golden scent, like sunbeams through a window. Clean with an herbal sweetness. The lavender develops and steps forward more as it dries. Dry: A soft, misty burst of sunlit lavender. 8 out of 10 bones
  12. BoneBone24

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    Wet: The familiar lemony-tea-sugar of Dorian, with something tempering it slightly. Drydown: Sweet, creamy, and citrussy, like a very sophisticated lemon meringue pie. Bergamot, vanilla, and Dorian share the spotlight evenly, with lavender and oakmoss granting just enough of a nod to gentlemanly cologne to dial down the foodie factor and amp up the sexiness. Dry: It's basically Dorian reformulated to work on my skin the way it works on most everybody else. Soooo sexy and delicious. It's gorgeous! 9 out of 10 bones
  13. BoneBone24


    Wet: Cocoa...a wet and creamy cocoa, like melted chocolate ice cream or unfinished hot chocolate that has gone cold. There's a hint of something else in there too. Drydown: Aha! It's amber I think, or whatever's in Snake Oil that smells amberish. There's defnitely some shifting going on, as the notes battle it out for dominance. I'm mostly getting sweet cream (the rice milk and vanilla), a rotation of snake oil's secrets (amber one moment, spices the next, incense the next, ??musk after that??), and the original cocoa note, which has been fading its way out of the mix. Dry: The cocoa has become dry and regained some of its strength. Teakwood has saddled up next to it, lending an earthy, at-times-almost-coniferous, comforting woodiness to the blend. The snake oil has settled down into a musky support note. The most prominent note might actually be the rice milk, but it has such a gentle nature that it's not really obvious. The overall impression is dusty, resinous, soft, and milky. 8 out of 10 bones
  14. BoneBone24


    Wet: Dry patchouli, almost leathery. A soft red musk is present too. Drydown: Red, earthy, dry, and soft. It has a yearning, lusty feeling indeed. There's a little bit of sweetness to it that must be coming from the cinnamon, though I'm not really picking up on it directly. A touch of the floral aspect of dragon's blood is coming through too. Dry: Gah, I really like this, but it also really reminds me of my ex, who wore Dragon's Hide a lot. It's softer and prettier than Dragon's Hide (and quite sexy), but I can't get over the scent memory issue. A little too reminiscent, but an absolutely beautiful scent. 8 out of 10 bones
  15. BoneBone24


    Wet: Oh. My. God. This is pure actual brownie batter. How the heck did they fit that into this little tiny imp!!??? Drydown/Dry: It doesn't really morph, it just sort of settles into my skin to become a delicious brownie batter musk that brings out the fruitiness of my own natural skin chemistry. It's very wearable for a foodie scent. Oh-so-indulgent, without being in your face about it. (okay, maybe a little in your face, but you can get away with it! lol) 7.5 out of 10 bones