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  1. spaghettysburg

    Nimue the Blood Queen

    Starts off with what smells to me like fruit-y honey, then dries to a semi-sweet, semi-dry plummy incense. I don't pick up much oudh, but it's likely hanging out in the background adding to the sweet roundness of the scent.
  2. spaghettysburg


    The "teenybopper perfume" accord must have violet in it, because this is all violet-flavored bubble gum on me. Sweet, floral, and distinctly purple-y pink. I don't get any of the tanning lotion, although I suppose it could be adding to the background sweetness.
  3. spaghettysburg

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    There is a fleeting moment of promising, sweet violet in the beginning, but unfortunately it gets quickly overpowered by the gardenia and vanilla. The lab's white florals tend to be indolic on me, and this is no exception. The vanilla also has a tinge of that "generic bakery note" that I usually get from foody blends. Soooo bathroom-y gardenia + musty bakery smell- not great. The violet comes out a little more as it dries, but it's not enough to save this one for me.
  4. spaghettysburg


    In the vial: Powdered hot chocolate mix Immediately on my skin: Chocolate, but with a sharp, kind of acidic note under it. After a few minutes: Luckily the weird sharpness disappears within a few minutes and I'm left smelling like hot chocolate mix, sweet and kinda powdery but not overbearing. I'm not usually into foody scents, but this is surprisingly pleasant and it stays close enough to the skin that I don't feel like I'm a walking, talking chocolate bar. As it dries down it smells less edible and more like cocoa butter- creamy with just a hint of powdery chocolate.
  5. spaghettysburg


    Weirdly smells like a Home Goods store during the holidays. That kinda spiced berry smell that lingers in the air. Not what I was expecting but actually works better for me since I usually can’t do anything leather. Has a bit of a medicinal quality as it dries, I can see the comparison to Tiger Balm.
  6. spaghettysburg

    Bitches Love Unicorns

    Lime skittles with a kind of wine-y undercurrent (maybe the black currant?). It's a little less sugary than I expected, kind of more of a grown up candy scent.
  7. spaghettysburg

    Strawberry Dragon

    Seems I'm the only one picking up on the pepper in this one! It starts off as all strawberry candy which I love, but the pepper note wins out in the dry-down. It's not unpleasant, just not what I was hoping for based on previous descriptions
  8. spaghettysburg


    On me, this one smells exactly like those strawberry-scented baby dolls with a veeery slight undercurrent of something dirty that kinda reminds me old fryer grease. I'm blaming the black poppy for that since it's the only scent I can't recognize. I like the top notes but unfortunately that greasy/dirty smell is making me feel kinda sick the longer I have it on.
  9. spaghettysburg

    Spontaneous Argumentation

    Upon application, this one smelled exactly like a grape tootsie roll. After a few minutes it settled into plasticky grape/chocolate concoction, but the opening was fun!