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  1. We're in the midst of moving. Will only have net access via cell phone by the weekend.

    1. twilighteyes


      where are you?  are you ok?  COME BACK WE MISS YOU

    2. thekittenkat


      had to move. no money for fun    .am ok.

    3. twilighteyes
  2. WB, Vikitty! Look for the newer Strawberry Moons. The Lab goes to Dragoncon in GA in recent yrs, so many peach scents to be had.
  3. thekittenkat

    Your most evocative Halloween/Autumn scents 🎃

    Samhain is lovely, and it's a little different from year to year. Honey Apple (?) is a great Halloweenie. And Horse Chestnut Honey was in the GC, but was disconed, sadly. The original Falling Leaf Moon is great to layer.
  4. Where are you? We're worried!

    1. Gwydion


      I'm fine.  I think something went wrong with notifications and i got distracted.

    2. thekittenkat


      Good to hear. BTW, sunshinedaisybliss is back. :)

  5. thekittenkat

    Snow Scents!

    Snow White, Fern Frost, Moon of Ice, are a few.
  6. thekittenkat

    scents for teen boy

    Does he use any aftershave or scented body wash or stuff like the Axe sprays? If so, that might give you some tips. If Bpal is still offering GC decants, or sets of them, having a selection to try might be good. HTH! ETA: what about Dorian?
  7. thekittenkat

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Just a little bump! I will rec Samhain.
  8. thekittenkat

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    This is an excellent beeswax scent!
  9. thekittenkat

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    I like Candles Moon from a few yrs ago.
  10. thekittenkat

    Looking for Autumn/Fall scent recommendations

    Here's a good thread for that: I did a search to locate this. Don't forget that the Halloweenies will be out soonish and Harvest Moon is live right now!
  11. What scent is this? Looks interesting!
  12. thekittenkat

    Strawberry Moon 2019

    [in the bottle]: The grass and the dandelion sap are both giving the wild strawberries a green fresh-from-the-garden scent. [wet]: The benzoin seems to be deepening the strawberries to a darker, less fresh feeling. [the dry-down]: Last night, when I tested this, it was all strawberry candy of some sort. Today's dry-down is more pleasant. All the notes have now mixed together in a lovely blending. The sugar is sweetening the strawberries, the green notes are keeping it somewhat fresh, and the benzoin is grounding the overall scent. The strawberry note floats along on the top, making this a great summer moon scent!
  13. thekittenkat

    Dead Leaves, White Sage, and Apples Atmosphere Spray

    The white sage is the most prominent note, but it's not foodie, more like that of a smudging stick. I suspect this is because of the dead leaves' autumnal note holding the sage in check. The apple note is crisp, not tart yet not really sweet, and only just noticeable. I sprayed it around the living room for testing; for me, it's a pleasant scent to carry over from late summer harvest into early autumn.
  14. thekittenkat

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    My favs include Lay Una, Tiki Princess, the Strawberry Moons, Planting Moon, Hay Moon, and Mead Moon. I also like the ice and snow scents on very hot days.
  15. thekittenkat

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Necro-bumping! Any suggestions?