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  1. spookyumbrella

    Black Putrescence

    Pretty much all blackcurrant and pomegranate on me. Very deep purple and fruity. I dont know what motor oil smells like, but I dont pick up on anything oily or mechanical at all - just fruit!
  2. spookyumbrella

    Dreadful Snowglobe

    This goes through two phases for me: Phase 1 - a pretty, creamy grapefruit. Very "pink" and dainty smelling. Lasts about half an hour Phase 2 - clovey muskiness. Very "red" smelling, with a teeny bit of sweetness lingering from earlier. Luckily for me I like both sides of this scent, just be aware that it's quite a morpher!
  3. spookyumbrella

    Scent Boom

    In a word: tropical. I get a lot of mango and citrus. if you're worried about the napalm/gunpowder thing, dont worry - I think all the fruits drown it out.
  4. spookyumbrella

    Foolish Wooden Cucumber

    This one starts out so unusual in the best way. You really smell oak, vanilla and cucumber in equal measure! The scent wants to be warm and cool at the same time, which was a wild experience for me. After about half an hour the cucumber dies down and leaves you with an elegant, warm woody vanilla that lasts for a long time. Definitely bottle worthy!
  5. spookyumbrella

    Blood and the Lemon

    On me, this is very straightforward: the labs dragon's blood (which has always come across as somewhat salty to me) and lemon. So, salty, dragons bloody lemon. I dont get any of the copper that donkehpoo mentions, but maybe my saltiness and her copperiness are the same thing. It's an unusual scent to be sure, which is appropriate given the collection it's in.
  6. spookyumbrella


    Juicy, bright, cheerful mandarin with a bit of fig in the background. Nice and strong too! If you like scents to be potent, you'll be over the moon!
  7. spookyumbrella


    No mosses or incense or herbs for me. Just a little bit of flowers choked by dirt. The dirt note just gets crazy and smothers everything else.
  8. spookyumbrella


    I couldn't identify crocus or snowdrop to save my life, but I do know lilies, and this is a nice, non dusty lily. Mixed with, and bear with me now, high-end shampoo. I was a hairdresser for a few years so I know the smell of fancy hair stuff lol. Perhaps crocus and/or snowdrop smells like expensive hair stuff?
  9. spookyumbrella

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Everybody says this smells like creamy root beer. Everybody's right. One word - delicious.
  10. spookyumbrella

    Rose Cross

    Slightly dusty roses - nice and simple. Smells a lot like Cleric from the RPG series.
  11. spookyumbrella


    Smells a lot like Rose Cross - slightly dusty roses. If you like Rose Cross even a little, seek this out.
  12. spookyumbrella


    Not what I was expecting at all. No skin musk for me, but a faint fruit - melon, perhaps? Melon mixed with high-end hairspray.
  13. spookyumbrella

    Dwarven Ale

    I hate to go against the crowd, but this was awful to me. Everyone talks about how it smells liked spiced cookies or oatmeal or other delightful things, and to an extent that's true. But it smells like those things dipped in dirt and garbage juice to me. Maybe it's the fermented mushrooms that I dont get along with - i dunno. I just wish I got what everyone else does.
  14. spookyumbrella


    This has so many notes and I only got one - wine. Maybe a teeny floral wisp if I focus really hard (or maybe its just my imagination, im not sure!). Pretty much a wine single note for me.
  15. spookyumbrella


    All coconut and rum - this is a vacation in a bottle. I personally didn't notice any tobacco, just coconutty boozy sweetness.