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  1. spookyumbrella

    The Blue Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    I get a musky blueberry with a wee bit of chamomile - very fruity and pretty!
  2. spookyumbrella

    Dance of Death

    This stuff is powdery. Very, very powdery - so much so that it reminds me of a spray on deodorant I used to use. Not that powdery deodorant is a bad smell, y'know.
  3. spookyumbrella

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    At first its 95% chocolate mint, 5% cedar. Then it warms up and the mintiness fades quite a bit, letting pistachio and oakmoss appear and the cedar blooms, leaving us with the most unique chocolatey, nutty, mossy, cedary goodness! Try this. It's too unique not to!
  4. spookyumbrella


    Very fresh and soapy - also super strong! This turns into pure laundry freshness on me and I love it! This is one of the few "clean" scents I've ever tried that i like!
  5. spookyumbrella


    This smells like harsh chemicals - the kind you dont want to breathe in, let alone smell. I get nothing but nose-searing chemicals. Had to wash this off!
  6. spookyumbrella

    Santo Domingo

    I think it's just a matter of skin chemistry, but this is extremely masculine and bitter on me. No florals and not a bit of sweetness. I wish I smelled what others smell.
  7. spookyumbrella

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    This is a pretty one - and I can smell every note! The plush rose, the bright musk, the delicate orris and the tiny tinge of creamy coconut. Overall, I'd call this scent "round" if that makes any sense - there nothing sharp about it - all rounded and smooth. If you like rose at all, give this one a try. Its unique, well blended and very pretty.
  8. spookyumbrella


    Pure vetiver and cedar - extremely masculine. Not much else to say because that's all I get out of it.
  9. spookyumbrella


    Like cutting strawberries while soothing incense burns in the next room - wonderful! This is equal parts relaxing and delicious!
  10. spookyumbrella


    Freshly applied: delicious almond with cinnamon After 5 minutes: pure cinnamon 20 minutes in: still just pure cinnamon, not complaining, it's just how it is. My skin tingled quite a bit where I placed this on my arm - use with caution!
  11. spookyumbrella


    I get no carnation, and that's just fine, because this is beautiful without it! First applied, it was 50% white tea, 50% rose, and as it dried down the tea kept amping up and the rose kept calming down. It seems to have decided on being 70% tea to 30% rose. Maiden is a fresh, clean, pretty floral made for wearing in early spring.
  12. spookyumbrella


    On me, this is dragons blood and apple blossom, nothing else. If either of those are your thing you should be happy. A warning, though - this has very low throw, at least in my experience.
  13. spookyumbrella

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    Once it's on for half an hour or so, it's a barely there woody musk. But that first half hour...whoo boy. It is terrible. The woods are sour, the tobacco is dusty, and the vanilla is nonexistent. For me, the end result just isnt worth it.
  14. spookyumbrella


    Fizzy lemon soda and smoke. This is the only BPAL I've ever smelled that made me legit sick to my stomach.
  15. spookyumbrella

    Mag Mell

    On me, this is pure lemon and grass, with the teeniest bit of aquatic. It's very fresh and happy-smelling. Normally fresh scents bore me, but I find myself really enjoying this!