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  1. Alisha_SBC

    I Will be Strange, Stout, in Yellow Stockings

    Oh wow. I smell like rice! Like steaming, fresh rice with the slightest touch of butter. Then, slowly, whiffs of champaca from a nearby flower drift by on a fragrant breeze, joined by the aroma of green tea scented with the barest hint of vanilla. This is nice. Not BU bottle worthy, I don't think, but quite enjoyable, fun, and different.
  2. Alisha_SBC

    Antique Lace

    2017 version This. Is. Stunning! This is the vanilla I've been searching for. It reminds me of something but I cannot for the life of me recall what. Maybe a little bit like VS's Vanilla Lace, which I used to love wearing during my Navy days. (I liked smelling nice on the ship around so much metal and stink, haha). On my skin this is vanilla and soft linen. I don't really get florals so much, which is fine with me. There's a softness that isn't powdery, thank goodness, but still snuggly. OH! I know what this reminds me of now. My beloved Two Goats and Two Sheep Resting Together in a Field, also from BPAL. It's the same snuggly vanilla but lighter without the wool and vetiver.
  3. Alisha_SBC

    The Great Virgo Baking Show

    I love pecan pie so I was really curious to try this one. Who doesn't wanna smell like a favorite dessert? On my this is just...sweet. I get honey and a touch of vanilla cream, and the nuttiness of pecans are there, but after an hour this just becomes sweetness on my skin. Not to say that's bad. It's very pretty in fact. But I don't get pecan pie, per say. I do, however, get a sweet and lovely whiff any time I lift my arms and move around, so there's that. I didn't put a ton on since it is a HOT day, so I'll add another swipe now that I'm back at the hotel and see if my opinion changes.
  4. Alisha_SBC

    Romans 13:8

    When I first put this on I was struck with a whiff or glorious marzipan almond and I was just like YES!!!! Alas, that almond blast was short lived, but no worries, because the scent left behind was absolutely stunning. Rose and I have a rocky relationship. I amp rose to cloying levels sometimes, but this remained restrained on my skin. A beautiful blend of soft rose petals and juicy fig. No poudh to be found, thankfully. The oudh here was barely noticeable to my nose and likely the slight, woody grounding scent I caught I the background. The almond, too, stayed in the background, more of a subtle nuttiness of almond skin than the sweet marzipan I loved while wet. The cardamom was just a hint of spiciness that kept this from being overly sweet. Lovely, for certain, and perfect for a hot summer day.
  5. Alisha_SBC

    Black Fig & Cherry

    This is a gorgeous scent, my only disappointment being that the cherry takes a seat way, way, waaaaaaaay in the back. Sadly, this was true for all the Cherry Bomb decants I tried. I guess my skin just eats that note up. Even so, the fig is stunning. It's lush and rich, and dark, yet it's not heavy and perfectly suited to a casual day out. I may need to see if I can still get a bottle.
  6. Alisha_SBC

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    I snagged a decant of this and knew I would have to get a bottle. To me, this is my skin but better, a close, intimate scent that is meant for me or those close to me, not for the room in general. The hay is sweet and doesn't make me sniffly in any way. I wouldn't actually have pegged this as a hay scent, I think it lends a golden warmth and a grounding note. The sugar has a faint, faint lemony tinge similar to 13 from March 2020, which I love. The rice milk lends this a soft creaminess. This is so lovely. A favorite for sure and something I see myself reaching for often when I want a low-key, comforting yet somehow still alluring, scent.
  7. Alisha_SBC

    Brown Butter Bourbon Cookie

    Mmmn. This is foodie heaven and I'm almost a little sad I didn't spring for a bottle. I get the bourbon vanilla and the richness of the browned butter with brown sugar, very much like what I smell/taste when I make up a batch of cookie dough and eat it raw. Unlike Eat Me, this doesn't at all make me think of B&BW vanilla and brown sugar. So not sure what it is about those that puts me off so much. If you like sweet and rich, this is for you.
  8. Alisha_SBC

    Snake's Kiss

    Not sure who sent me this freebie decant with an order but I'm excited to try this. As I recall, I wasn't in love with Snake Oil. (Gasp! I know!!!) It felt too heady for me, but my chemistry is wonky at the best of times.. This one is definitely strong, I only needed a swipe off the plastic applicator, and I get honey and vanilla, sticky and sweet. There's something in the background that's a touch spicy or musky, I'm not sure which. I think I like this. Its still headier than what I prefer but it's not delving into the headache realm for me. This would be great for a date night. I ventured outside for some errands and it is a HOT one folks. I kept getting this gorgeous, soft, vanilla waft and realized it was me!!!! Winner!!
  9. Alisha_SBC

    Vernal Equinox Full Moon

    This is one of my favorite BPALs and was the first scent I ordered a BU bottle of. To me, this is a nostalgic scent, reminding me of when I used to keep tulip petals in an old velvet heart valentines box so I could enjoy the spicy-sweet scent they have once dried. This scent is soft, sweet and spiced but not cinnamon or clove, just a floral spice. The amber isn't powdery in the slightest and gives a warmth to the blend. It's beautiful and calming. Serene.
  10. Alisha_SBC

    Eat Me

    Wet this is pretty but not wowing me. I get the impression of cake fur sure, vanilla that's warm but not the vanilla I love from other scents like Haute Macabre or Two Goats and Two Sheep. Must be the cake. I'm not sure I get any of the currants. As it dries, this reminds me somewhat of B&BW Brown Sugar Vanilla, which I did not like. Sadly, this one is edging on headache territory for me.
  11. Alisha_SBC


    Okay, who went and mixed up a batch of brownie batter, because it sure as heck wasn't me and now I am hungry. I chose this hoping it might curb my sudden craving for sweets. BACKFIRED! LOL Seriously though, this is straight up luscious brownie batter on my skin rather than, say, a melted chocolate bar. In a word, YUMMY.
  12. Alisha_SBC


    Oooh. This is a sexy one, exactly as a perfume named Siren should be. Its musky and warm, dark florals with sweetness underneath. I pick up the impression of ginger as a bite on the flowers and the apricot is there underneath it all. In my elbow it's sharper and a touch indolic but my wrist is super pretty.
  13. Alisha_SBC

    Pink Moon 2019

    Pink. This scent invokes the color, delicate and light. The sweetness is there but not candyish. Rather, this is a bunch of wildflowers smooshed together in a handpicked boquet handed to me by my smiling child. I wish I got the strawberry, but it's being shy. The vanilla is near imperceptible to my nose (and I love me some vanilla), more of a base to hold all the flowers together. As it begins to dry I get whiffs of pale green - almost like sap. I like this. I don't think I need a bottle since I have other floral/pink scents I enjoy, but I wouldn't pass up a bottle at a good deal.
  14. Alisha_SBC

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    I managed to get a hold of a bottle and boy am I glad I did! I love vanilla, but I wasn't certain what I was going to think about the grass. Even so, I took a risk to snag this limited edition beauty and it was well worth it. The vanilla is creamy and light and real, definitely makes me think of cutting open a vanilla bean, and the grass is just so pleasant. It reminds me of mowing day, with all the grass clippings scenting the cool air, or maybe lying down in lush grass as a kid. It's just enough to bring me back to pleasant memories without making me feel like I need to sneeze. This scent feels so much like spring to me, but would be a nice reminder in the winter as well of what is coming back in a few months.
  15. Alisha_SBC

    Winter Trees

    I am pretty sure zankoku_zen hit this spot on, especially with that final line - "Happy trees, as Bob Ross would say." This was very pleasant, all bright lemon and sunshine at the start. For me, this began as a daytime scene and softened to the liquid moonlight, leaving me with this peaceful quiet, sweet scent that was just a breath of florals against the quiet woods. The lemony verbena took a backseat to this softer, lovely scent that brought to mind my beloved Vernal Equinox Full Moon. I am definitely grabbing myself a full bottle.