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  1. Alisha_SBC

    Thieves' Rosin

    I love this and I'm so sad there are no notes listed!!! So let me attampt to pick out what I smell. This is almost like Christmas. The spice blends with what comes across to me as a vanilla scented beeswax candle. There's something waxy/creamy there that I really like that keeps the cinnamon/clove from coming across as too strong. I also get something a little earthy, leather maybe? Musk? Whatever the scents, this is just so soft and golden and mysterious. A perfect scent for a thief sneaking through dark rooms lit only by candlelight. I need to get myself a bottle soon.
  2. Alisha_SBC


    In the imp I'm not sure about this, afraid it may be too masculine. That all changes once applied. This is a warm scent, golden brown. Earthy without being heavy and a hint of sweetness that keeps it from being overly masculine. Its comforting and makes me think of days spent in the woods as a kid, playing in the sunshine and not afraid of getting in the dirt. I need to grab myself a bottle soon, as I think this will be lovely for the Fall and Winter.
  3. Alisha_SBC


    In many ways, this reminds me of Morocco. Warm, floral but not headache enduringly so. I'm still trying to pick out individual notes, but I get the sense of wood and a touch of dark vanilla. It's sweet, but not cloying. The jasmine is playing nice but is definitely the starring note here, vying for the spotlight above everything else. I'm not sure I get the honey, at least not yet, but it's also a scent I've never thought to get to know before. It could be the something I can only describe as golden I catch when I put my nose to my wrist. Lovely scent that I think I'll hold onto for cooler weather. I'll keep hold of this to see how it ages, but as of now, I wouldn't be compelled to grab a back-up.
  4. Alisha_SBC

    Palo Santo and Frankincense

    Beautiful. My order just arrived and I couldn't wait to try this one out. In the bottle I thought I smelled maybe a touch of licorice, but it doesn't carry over onto my skin at all. Instead, I get this beautiful scent that is somehow both cool and warm. Dry. There's something almost...sparkly? It's super subtle and at the top notes, and after reading the above reviews I can definitely liken this to This perfume is mellow and calming. Truly lovely. I cannot wait to see how it last through the day and how it transforms after some aging.
  5. Alisha_SBC

    Death on a Pale Horse

    Not sure when I received this frimp, so I cannot attest to it's age. My daughter was having a sleepover last night with her bff so I decided we'd have a sniff party with the two girls and I came across this hidden gem. Wet, I smell lime and something sweet. Almost nutty. Every so often I get the merest whisper of mint, but it's super soft, and not sharp like peppermint. This actually reminds me more of the candy mint or even the stevia plants I can buy at our local farmer's market. If Im getting patchouli it's subtle and not at all like walking into a New Age shop burning too much incense. As this begins to dry down the sweetness remains and the lime continues to play through with gentle notes that are just bright enough to keep this from going to powder on my skin. It's beautiful, like a haunting melody or a gentle lullaby meant to soothe your fears and keep you calm. People tend to fear death, and the reaper is cast in a dark, horrifying visage, but maybe he's simply there to calm us and lead us kindly onward to the next life. That's the Pale Rider I'd like to meet, but not just yet. Unless this goes completely awful on me in a few hours, a full size of Death on a Pale Horse will be in my next order. I think it's going to be perfect for the Spring.
  6. Alisha_SBC

    Midwinter's Eve

    2018 Version, my first of this Yuletide scent. Berries, dark and ripe and luscious. I get the plum, and maybe a touch of blackberry? There's a mellowness backing this scent that keeps it from becoming cloying. I get the faintest whispered of spice and whispered of the floral notes, which I can't pin down. Maybe the merest whispers of rose. It's beautiful so far, so I'll edit as it wears through the day if anything changes.
  7. Alisha_SBC

    A Spirit, Katie

    Delicate is the first word that comes to mind with this scent. It's sweet, but not cloying. Floral, but not heady. The rosewater is such a gentle note, present when first applied but tempered by the others scents. I had no idea what to expect from green cognac. It's definitely not boozy, but I think it lends this perfume a perfect mellowness. The bergamot isn't sharp, instead it's a twist of citrus but doesn't take over. Overall I love this. It seems to keep close to my skin and would make a gorgeous Springtime scent. It's also very nice at bedtime for just relaxing. Edit: The rose really came out to play after about an hour or two on my skin. It was rose and lemon for awhile, but still not overpowering. I prefer the scent I get when I very first apply, but the dry down is still wearable and great for Spring and early Summer, imho.
  8. Alisha_SBC

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    My first review! In the bottle, this is vanilla, pure and sweet and wonderful. But I have to admit, I was afraid that it might go to powder on my wonky body chemistry. Thankfully, the perfume gods have declared that worry null and void, because this is just lovely and soft. What I thought at first was musk is likely the vetiver—it's sort of smoky and keeps the vanilla from being overly cloying. All in all, this blend makes me think of being tucked in a wool blanket near the fireplace at my grandmother's on a cold night eating sugar cookies. There's something very comforting about this scent. Personal. I keep smelling my wrist and smiling, so this is a definite win.