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  1. Alisha_SBC

    Winter Trees

    I am pretty sure zankoku_zen hit this spot on, especially with that final line - "Happy trees, as Bob Ross would say." This was very pleasant, all bright lemon and sunshine at the start. For me, this began as a daytime scene and softened to the liquid moonlight, leaving me with this peaceful quiet, sweet scent that was just a breath of florals against the quiet woods. The lemony verbena took a backseat to this softer, lovely scent that brought to mind my beloved Vernal Equinox Full Moon. I am definitely grabbing myself a full bottle.
  2. Oh noooo. In the bottle I get poopy oudh even though I don't see it listed. Upon first application I get that same whiff of poopiness and now I am scared. On my wrists, after a brief minute or two, the poopy fades and the lilac comes out more - thank goodness. It lasts a minute longer in my elbow but then also fades. Phew! Saved! Now that this is beginning to dry down I can appreciate it. The scent is delicate yet present. Lilacs that are tames down by everything else so they aren't absurdly overwhelming.This is very pretty now, and I could see this being the scent of a unicorn as it rushes past, leaving the scent of flowers, meadows, forest glades, and clear waters in its wake. The only downside is that this fades fast on me, and due to the initial unpleasantness I'm afraid to slather on more from teh get-go. I'll have to play with this one a little to see how much is too much.
  3. Alisha_SBC

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    Got ahold of this through a forum/FB seller. Thanks @Upstart Crow!!!! This is pretty. Perfumy and sophisticated is what I get. There is lavender for sure, backed by a splash of tea and whiffs of soft vanilla linen. Not entirely sure what pink pepper smells liek but it could be the slight bitterness I get when I put my nose to my wrist. Overall a enjoyable scent I could see appropriate for a date or the office. As it dries I get more of a peppery bite that I really like. In my elbow this is lavender and so pretty. On my wrists this has gone tea, tea, tea. Which isn't necessarily bad but it it isn't exactly what I wanna smell like all the time. It's bright with a hint of vanilla beneath and a mere whisper of peppery bite. My elbow is completely different and a lovely subdued lavender linen. After this is fully dry (about an hour or two) it is the prettiest vanilla on my wrists. Still more lavender in my elbow but much softer now. I think I am really going to enjoy this bottle. While the tea phase isn't my favorite, it's still pretty. Now that I get this vanilla, I really want to try and find myself a bottle of Antique Lace.
  4. Alisha_SBC

    Under the Maple Boughs in Summer Hair Gloss

    This is so gorgeous. I feel this scent perfectly encapsulates an autumn day when the leaves are turning and drifting on the wind. There's that soft musky sweetness I remember from my childhood when we'd jump in leaf piles. The maple is subdued and mellow, not syrupy. This is true maple and its lending a warm...almost nuttiness? It's hard to explain. But this is my favorite HG yet and I am desperately going to need to find more. I'm at the 7-8 hour mark and I still smell this in my long hair, with only 3 spritzes. I snagged my bottle via Ebay and now I am desperate to find more. I feel like this is my holy grail of hair scents and I want to wear this every day.
  5. Alisha_SBC

    Edith Awakes

    Jasmine and maybe an oudh? Upon initial application I get the barest whiff of that poopiness that oudh can sometimes do. Thankfully this fades away fast. As it dries I get the jasmine up front and center. If I put my nose to my wrist I get a faint touch of smoke, but not sure if I'm picking up either candle wax or blood. Overall a pretty scent that is good for when you want your perfume noticed, a she throw is pretty decent with a small application. A little bit goes a long way with this one.
  6. Alisha_SBC

    Van Van

    This is nice. I am not expert enough to pick out scents but I get a soft sweetness from this—almost like a whiff of buttery caramel or something when I put my nose right up there and sniff deep. Maybe a hint of lemon? But this isn't foodie at all so I'm probably describing it wrong, haha. There's some powderiness—yup, like baby powder—but it isn't taking over. In my elbow I get a slightly more herbal, dare I say smoky, note. Like sage smudging almost. The citrusy backnote is definitely there but hard to identify. Lemon peel maybe, or possibly a lemony flower? I keep getting an edge of a floral but can't identify. I can see why people say this is a calming scent. It is, but it's not wowing me enough to want a full bottle. I take solace in the fact that despite being powdery, its not giving me a headache at all. Edit to add: Ok, as this dries down I get a soft rose. I see why people compare this to lemon sugar cookies somewhat. It's not foodie by any means but I get the impression of rose petals sprinkled atop vanilla-lemon shortbread. The smokiness in my elbow is gone. This really morphed into something quite lovely and I may need to reasses getting a full size now.
  7. Alisha_SBC

    Solstice Lace

    Upon receipt I had to try this right away. - Upon application I get tobacco with hints of vanilla and the barest whisper of smoke. No apple at all, leaving me disappointed. I will let this settle a few days and retest. *** Ok, waited a week or so and am retesting. This is MUCH better. Now I get the soft hint of apples and a woodsy note that I don't recognize straight off. I'm reminded of visiting an apple orchard in the Fall, while somewhere nearby there's a bonfire going. I like this but I don't love it. Still, a nice scent for cool weather and will be a good addition to my Fall scents. Has a decent throw to it. I'm only wearing on one wrist with a dab in the elbow and I get whiffs while typing. Nice, but I wouldn't be compelled to track down a second bottle.
  8. Alisha_SBC

    Mata Hari

    Received an imp, which thrilled me since I'd been wanting to try this one. This is lovely. In the imp I worried it might be too floral or too bitter, not quite certain what I was picking up scent wise. On my skin this is a soft, pretty jasmine that is keeping itself mellow rather than screamingly announcing its presence. The rose is also subdued here and not too heady. The coffee I think I pick up, if I put my nose to my wrist. A slight slight bitterness that's probably keeping this blend grounded.
  9. Alisha_SBC

    Becoming Thunder

    A storm in a bottle. Before I even put this on, I catch a scent that reminds me of the sky before a storm. It's light yet sharp, almost reminiscent of bitter citus. On my skin, it maintains its lightness, in that it doesn't explode in my face. It's subtle yet powerful, and the ozone notes become more apparent. The storm is brewing. This is clean without being soapy and brings to mind hot rain, lightning charged clouds, and somethig sexy that must be the skin musk. It's very unisex, not too feminine but not too masculine either. I love this scent and was thrilled with my first blind purchase. (and a LONG overdue review, haha. Purchased in Feb 2018)
  10. Alisha_SBC

    Cold Moon

    I have the 2017 version. Oh wow. This is cool and refreshing. Herbs and soft mint with the barest breath of floral in the background. I envision a snow covered field on the edge of a forest. I'd call this unisex for certain. This is what I wanted when I ordered Take the Moon. I'm not sure what lunar oils entail, but this is lovely. As it dries further it gets an edge of...not soapiness exactly, but a crispness that makes me think clean. I think this is the aquatic people mentioned - it makes me think of a cold brook babbling over mossy stones. Still lovely. I want to try this one on my husband. Maybe my son for a special occasion.
  11. Alisha_SBC

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    Today I'm wearing Eve and Eve/wSage side by side. Fuckups are so lovely!! This still smells like Eve, but a little less sweet, a little more.. not smoky but gritty? That soft fuzziness of sage. Perfect when I'm not in a floral mood but still want that sexy, timeless scent. I feel like this one is a little stronger smelling, or maybe I just dabbed more on, I'm not sure. Either way, it's still under control and gives me beautiful wafts of fragrance as I move my arms around. I'm sooo glad I managed to get my hand on a bottle because this will see lots of use.
  12. Alisha_SBC

    Sea of Glass

    To me this smells clean. It borders on soapy for me, but in a good way, being more fresh than powdery. Light and airy, I am reminded of the sea, but also of flowers, as though I were standing on a grassy knoll surrounded by wildflowers overlooking the ocean on a misty morning. This is pleasant and delicate, appropriate for work or a day out.
  13. Alisha_SBC

    Thieves' Rosin

    I love this and I'm so sad there are no notes listed!!! So let me attampt to pick out what I smell. This is almost like Christmas. The spice blends with what comes across to me as a vanilla scented beeswax candle. There's something waxy/creamy there that I really like that keeps the cinnamon/clove from coming across as too strong. I also get something a little earthy, leather maybe? Musk? Whatever the scents, this is just so soft and golden and mysterious. A perfect scent for a thief sneaking through dark rooms lit only by candlelight. I need to get myself a bottle soon.
  14. Alisha_SBC


    In the imp I'm not sure about this, afraid it may be too masculine. That all changes once applied. This is a warm scent, golden brown. Earthy without being heavy and a hint of sweetness that keeps it from being overly masculine. Its comforting and makes me think of days spent in the woods as a kid, playing in the sunshine and not afraid of getting in the dirt. I need to grab myself a bottle soon, as I think this will be lovely for the Fall and Winter.
  15. Alisha_SBC


    In many ways, this reminds me of Morocco. Warm, floral but not headache enduringly so. I'm still trying to pick out individual notes, but I get the sense of wood and a touch of dark vanilla. It's sweet, but not cloying. The jasmine is playing nice but is definitely the starring note here, vying for the spotlight above everything else. I'm not sure I get the honey, at least not yet, but it's also a scent I've never thought to get to know before. It could be the something I can only describe as golden I catch when I put my nose to my wrist. Lovely scent that I think I'll hold onto for cooler weather. I'll keep hold of this to see how it ages, but as of now, I wouldn't be compelled to grab a back-up.