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  1. FebruaryOwen


    Just got an imp of this via a swap. I've been interested in BPAL's chocolate scents for a while now, so I'm interested to see how this goes! In bottle: CHERRY On skin: dry cherry, with a hint of cocoa in the background. After a few hours: has become more nutty with a hint of cherry and orange.
  2. FebruaryOwen


    Just got an imp in a swap! I LOVE lavender, lilac, and citrus, so fingers crossed for this one. In bottle: summer sunscreen and oh my goodness I'm in love. I hope it stays well on my skin. On skin: the lavender comes forward a lot After a few hours: I really love this. Gives some bug spray / sunscreen vibes that, as someone who likes to scramble around outside in the summer all day everyday and is currently stuck indoors in the New England winter, I ADORE. Definitely keeping the imp, and want to buy a bottle.
  3. FebruaryOwen


    Just received this decant through a swap! I'm excited to try this on myself, and if I don't care for it, I have a friend who loves the smell of gasoline who may be interested. In bottle: Gasoline, and a bit of cherry cough syrup? On skin: Oh, yum. Still got that nice hint of gasoline, but has a lovely smell of wood. Reminds me of outdoor flea markets! After a few hours: It smells mostly like wood now! I like this; I'll definitely share it with my friend as he likes some of the more "masculine" scents the lab offers.
  4. FebruaryOwen


    Received this imp through a swap! Really excited to see what the ambers do on my skin. In bottle: Amber, and a hint of medicinal. On skin: Still the same on my skin! After a few hours: It's calmed down, mostly woody and a bit sweet. I think this scent unfortunately doesn't work super well on me, but I can tell it has lots of potential.
  5. FebruaryOwen


    Just got this imp from a swap. I love the smell of dirt, and I'm very into forests and light florals, so I'm interested to see how this one turns out! In bottle: In the bottle, this smells very Vix-y to me. On skin: It definitely still has that menthol feel to it, but calmer and a bit tempered by.... what, I can't tell. After a few hours: Unfortunately, this keeps up a pretty strong menthol smell on me without much else.
  6. FebruaryOwen

    Deep in Earth

    I received this imp in a swap recently, and am excited to try it out. In bottle: Oh, I love this! Plants, plants, plants. A hint of flowers. On skin: Still very green and watery. I'm loving this, and hoping it doesn't turn on me! After a few hours: The florals became stronger on me after some time. I do like this scent quite a lot. I will keep the imp for sure, and might consider a full bottle.
  7. FebruaryOwen


    Imp from 2011ish. Very excited for this! In bottle: super fresh and citrusy. On skin: starting to get more florals, with something warm in the background. After a few hours: this has become a lot more floral. I hoped the citrus would stick around, but that's okay. I like this scent a lot; keeping the imp, and hopefully will track down a bottle.
  8. FebruaryOwen


    Imp from around 2011. I love rosemary, lavender, and lemon verbena, so this should be nice! In bottle: lavender, lavender, lavender On skin: starting to get the rosemary; reminds me of a living history museum I used to work at when we would distill the oils from the herbs. After a few hours: woody and lavender scent. A bit like summer sunscreen. One of my favorites, for sure! Hoping to snag a bottle someday.
  9. FebruaryOwen

    Cheshire Cat

    Full bottle from around 2011! I remember really liking this, but haven't worn it in a while. In bottle: mostly grapefruit. On skin: for some reason a hint of mint is showing up? After a few hours: warm grapefruit; lavender is coming through nicely I love this scent a lot. It's light and beautiful!
  10. FebruaryOwen

    Snake Oil

    By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla. I think this came as a frimp in an order in 2011ish. In bottle: smells like patchouli and vanilla, a bit smokey. On skin: the vanilla is really showing up. After a few hours: really strong vanilla I will probably offer this up for a swap, as vanilla is a scent I really dislike in scented products.
  11. FebruaryOwen


    A frimp from 2011 or about that time. In bottle: really medicinal On skin: herby and still medicinal. After a few hours: this has turned vaguely floral on me; it smells like my aunt's house, weirdly. I probably won't keep this.
  12. FebruaryOwen

    The Grave-Pig

    I think this imp is from 2011, it was a frimp if I recall correctly. In bottle: mushrooms! Very earthy. On skin: this smells kind of like a basement, but not in an unpleasant way? Still very earthy. After a few hours: earthy and warm. I probably will offer this up for a swap.
  13. FebruaryOwen


    This is an old imp, possibly from 2011. In bottle: very strong minty menthol scent; smells like vix or eucalyptus. On skin: not much changes, but I can smell the lime more. After a few hours: this has faded Will probably offer this up for a swap.
  14. FebruaryOwen

    'Tis The Voice Of The Lobster

    An imp from around 2011. This sounds like something I will like. In bottle: strawberry bubblegum. On skin: even stronger; still smells like strawberry bubblegum. After a few hours: the strawberry bubblegum scent is pretty much all I can smell. I like it in theory; it's a nice smell (I like strawberry bubblegum!), but it's not one that I personally want to smell like. Probably will not be keeping this imp.
  15. FebruaryOwen

    Horn of Plenty

    An imp from 2011 I believe. In bottle: cherry cough syrup... I don't like it very much but maybe my skin will change it. On skin: still cough syrup. After a few hours: Can't get it to really smell like anything OTHER than cherry sough syrup. I'll be swapping this imp; it doesn't really work for me.