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  1. monocainsheresy

    The Witch/Strega

    Mostly the patch and labdanum on me, with hints of rose, balsam, and beeswax. A quiet scent, sweeter and lighter than I expected given the contents. Like Practical Occultism without the wine.
  2. monocainsheresy

    Two Frames

    Mmm! Rich vanilla buttercream frosting and fresh, herbal lavender. Exactly what it says on the tin, and exactly as delightful as one would expect!
  3. monocainsheresy


    Warm bread and butter with rosemary and salt. Definitely rye bread. I don't know what caraway smells like alone, but according to google it's an herbal scent with berry undertones, which I'm guessing is why I got a whiff of Alice off this! I hope bread scents become a Lilith tradition - this and Bread Lumps are so fun and realistic!
  4. monocainsheresy

    Come to Me

    ...moss-scented dryer sheets? Soft, soapy, clean, powdery. Vaguely green. Nice but nothing special for me.
  5. monocainsheresy


    This just smells like soap suds If you get reeeeally close you get hint of ambergris, but overall this is just "washing dishes" vibes.
  6. monocainsheresy

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    PINK! Glittering white musk and very decidedly pink roses. I don't get any lavender and can't smell the saffron out right, but I can feel it scratching at the back of my nose. The vanilla comes out as it dries down and the rose becomes a bit less intense, but the sparkle doesn't go away. Very spa-day, B&BW spring/summer collection type scent. I'm glad I tried this but I don't think I'll get a bottle.
  7. monocainsheresy

    You Are Not Alone

    This is the lovechild of Villain and Spinning On Graves. If you like either of those, you'll probably love this. It's got that exact beauuuuutiful lavender from Villain, fresh cotton, and a wee bit of book-paper acidic mustiness. Warm and cozy but still bright. This ticks every box for my favorite kind of lavender scent and I'm definitely gonna go for a bottle! I don't get much book-ness from it atm but I think it'll come forward with aging. This is the Lilith I was most excited for this round and I'm so happy with it!
  8. monocainsheresy

    The Forest Reverie

    Grape vines, roses, and smoke in equal measure, and the thought of a lily. Woodsy, green, and moody - takes me back to having my first order of samples smeared all over my arms! This one has that lovely classic BPAL-ness about it. Up close it smells kind of like paint, so.... I guess I would describe this as a BPAL stand in a Home Depot.
  9. monocainsheresy


    Sweet, tart apples and powdery apple blossom. I can't smell the birch outright but I think it's doing something to ground this otherwise very bright and light scent. Mostly that beautiful, juice-dripping-down-your-chin apple note the lab does so well! Update 10 minutes later: Woah! Morph alert! Crayons? Pink erasers?? There's the birch, and it smells like pencils!
  10. monocainsheresy


    Red musk, dragon's blood, cinnamon, patchouli, and the faintest, faintest hint of evergreen. If you like Sin or Bloodlust, you'll like this. Almost a dead ringer for both of those.
  11. monocainsheresy

    Bread Lumps

    The bread note smells exactly like leftover toast crusts and I am both astounded and delighted. The honey is sweet and almost ambery, and vanillic in a way that evokes Ü. Headier than I expected, but still very fun!
  12. monocainsheresy

    Jolly Roger

    Well-worn leather, a hint of rum, and the smooth, salt-worn planks of a ship's deck. Very clean.
  13. monocainsheresy

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    Scratchy tobacco and polished woods - more teak than oak. I can't smell the vanilla so much as feel it - it makes this scent smooth and warm. A traditionally masculine scent that isn't boozy or herbal - huzzah! An antique wooden box lined in gold and the dust of tobacco leaves...
  14. monocainsheresy


    Oooh - the vetiver and lemon rind combo is very reminiscent of Bram Stoker, and the woods are somehow lending this a strong licorice note! No smoke on me. Bram Stoker's fun sister.
  15. monocainsheresy


    Lilies and coconut. Tropical, but not like sunscreen. Very pleasant, but fleeting and not terribly interesting.