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  1. monocainsheresy


    Notes from strongest to lightest: Honey, milk, buttercream, fig, and ambrette seed. Foody in a perfumey way. Surprisingly low throw.
  2. monocainsheresy


    In the bottle it's BIG on the cedar and frankincense, but when it hits the skin it turns into a lovely little parcel of clove, anise, cinnamon, and a wee bit of vanilla + saffron with the cedar + frank way in the background. I don't get any carnation or bergamot.
  3. monocainsheresy

    No DNA Test Required

    Slime Queen front and center with silvery sugar crystals, over Dorian with the proportion of tea to vanilla somehow flipped, with sweet honey Snake Oil dripping all over it - damn, I'm so mad I didn't go for a bottle of this when I had the chance!
  4. monocainsheresy


    Musky vegetable mush over soft leather over barely-there but depth-giving vetiver. Not what I expected - better than I expected - but quite nice.
  5. monocainsheresy

    The Crescent Moon

    Mostly juniper and sage with a strong amber layer. Cool and sleek with mild gritty herbs beneath. No copal for me. A Bath & Body Works type summer scent.
  6. monocainsheresy

    The Setting Sun

    Huh. Sniffed from the decant I expected this to be a poo oudh, and it does do that very briefly, but it quickly changes into a chilled, metallic, opium-reminiscent thing? This is a weird, cold, amber goop on a very soft bed of woody oudh.
  7. monocainsheresy


    Ahhhhh yes this is good - a dirt + moss combo exactly like in Druid, but cold and dry where Druid is warm and moist. Much more sleek and mainstream. There's also something creamy floral in here, I'm guessing from the "moonlit skies".
  8. monocainsheresy

    Leanan Sidhe

    Herbal-aquatic elmer's glue??? I mean that in the nicest way possible, but that's what I smell! I get mostly dew, with the herbs coming in second and the florals as an afterthought. Very pretty, elegant, and sleek.
  9. monocainsheresy


    Very wet, hot florals - I get mostly jasmine and carnation on that front - and tangerine juice over a powdery base of musk and amber.
  10. monocainsheresy

    Carnaval Rat

    Derived from the same pseudo-scientific process as last year’s LAB RAT blend, but constrained to the Lab’s Carnaval Diabolique collection. Each bottle contains a slosh of every Carnaval scent currently in stock. The result? An inhalation of the miasma hovering over the midway after a busy, near-endless night of debauchery. In the interest of peer review, here are our intern's notes from the blending process, tracking how the scent evolved as through the collection alphabetically. A-C: “Chocolate truffles filled with blood-creme, rolled in sawdust.” D-G. “Two… no, THREE corsaged puppeteers screwing in a hay bale.” H-L. “Rusty barber’s shears sterilizing overnight in a jar full of rum and rosewater.” M-P “This is eerily reminiscent of lightning striking a gondola full of off-duty showgirls.” O-Z “Luminous, opalescent bat wings serving as the bellows for a lunatic calliope, whooshing gusts of wind through blossoms on dying trees, the bark sticky with blood that is, for some mysterious reason, flowing upward. The music! can you hear the music?” [Sadly, we have been unable to elaborate on these findings as the intern in question abruptly left their post shortly thereafter.] Eau de Carnaval Diabolique. The cumulative weight of dozens of scents — a cacophony of carnies, haunts, snakes, grindhouse dancers, and other attractions, all simultaneously clamoring for your attention. Disclaimer: I have never in my life smelled any CD scents by themselves In the bottle: A muddled mix of vaguely musky herbs, dry flowers, vanilla, and resiny fruits, and a stable base of chocolate probably from The Candy Butcher. Wet: Starts with a strong blast of what I assume is Theodosius, because it reminds me strongly of Dorian, and Snake Oil. Calms down to herbs and flowers, with maybe 20 minutes of plum, then it turns to pure frankincense for another 20 minutes. Still chocolate in the background. Dry: Half faint, powdery chocolate and half herbs, vanilla, and musk. Conclusion: Definitely a morpher as it dries, but disappointingly flat when completely dry. Frustrated with the prominence of chocolate because I'm allergic and thus it is NOT a smell I enjoy. However, I loved the morphing phases, and I feel like this is a scent that will do wildly different things on different people.
  11. monocainsheresy

    The King of Hearts

    Oooh! Musky herbal lavender with a hint of juicy cherry + rose - not what I expected, but definitely wonderful!
  12. monocainsheresy

    The Robotic Scarab

    Mostly the lubricating oils and anise on me, with leather in the background. A spicy cologne scent.
  13. monocainsheresy

    Black Rose

    Powdery amber + rose. I don't get any musk. Weird cloying undertone that smells like lotion.
  14. monocainsheresy


    Sweet, sleek, almost citrusy musk, and something floral
  15. monocainsheresy

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    Honey that fades into musky beeswax dust