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  1. monocainsheresy

    Liquid Gold is in the Air

    APPLE, oud, a touch of cedar, and a hint of honey. Much more appley than expected, but I love apple so I don't mind. Not as warm and resinous as I had hoped, and it doesn't stand out compared to other LE apple scents, but I'll definitely hang on to my decant.
  2. monocainsheresy


    What it says on the tin. Dry, powdery, a little lemony. The frankincense is stronger than the myrrh on me. This would probably be very good layered with something else, but by itself it's not as pretty and complex as other bpal frank/myrrh blends.
  3. monocainsheresy


    Well this is quite simply the best nag champa-type perfume I have ever smelled. Smoky and sweet. Excellent powdery dragon's blood, a bit of the sharpness of the amber and frankincense, whiffs of Villain-type lavender, and a generous squeeze of blood orange juice. No cocoa, which I am very happy about as I am allergic and every other part of this scent sounded perfect. And it is!
  4. monocainsheresy

    As Above

    Smoked leather, OAK, patchouli, wisps of vanilla/almond, and a veil of jasmine. Oak is my favorite wood note and it is definitely the star here, so I enjoy this, though it is lighter than what I normally go for. I was expecting more almond given that it smelled like straight almond extract in the decant, but alas. Nevertheless, this is very pretty gender neutral scent that I think could work in any season.
  5. monocainsheresy

    So Below

    UGH this is so good Meaty, vanillic coconut and chewy patchouli drenched, dripping, in liquid resins and golden musk. No cardamom. Cozy yet tropical, and intensely nostalgic.
  6. monocainsheresy


    Aromatic patchouli-oudh. Green, blue, and shadowy. For some reason I do not get "grown-up" vibes from this - I get incense in the woods while teenagers bounce around eating blue Fun Dip! Somehow my skin chemistry is throwing a tablespoon of bright blue sugar on top!
  7. monocainsheresy

    Please Scream Inside Your Haunted House

    Dry and sweet cedar sawdust and cinnamon. I agree with @crisz- definitely Penzey's Vietnamese cinnamon! Like a very subtle, toned-down Tombstone. Quite pretty, but it reminds me of hamsters! Hamsters in a Penzey's box
  8. monocainsheresy

    Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch

    Pure, unspiced pumpkin goo, some green-ness from the hay and nuttiness from the pumpkin seeds, and powdered sugar. From a distance this smells like the pumpkin goo + brown sugar, or pumpkin cake. Simple but super fun!
  9. monocainsheresy

    The Witch/Strega

    Mostly the patch and labdanum on me, with hints of rose, balsam, and beeswax. A quiet scent, sweeter and lighter than I expected given the contents. Like Practical Occultism without the wine.
  10. monocainsheresy

    Two Frames

    Mmm! Rich vanilla buttercream frosting and fresh, herbal lavender. Exactly what it says on the tin, and exactly as delightful as one would expect!
  11. monocainsheresy


    Warm bread and butter with rosemary and salt. Definitely rye bread. I don't know what caraway smells like alone, but according to google it's an herbal scent with berry undertones, which I'm guessing is why I got a whiff of Alice off this! I hope bread scents become a Lilith tradition - this and Bread Lumps are so fun and realistic!
  12. monocainsheresy

    Come to Me

    ...moss-scented dryer sheets? Soft, soapy, clean, powdery. Vaguely green. Nice but nothing special for me.
  13. monocainsheresy


    This just smells like soap suds If you get reeeeally close you get hint of ambergris, but overall this is just "washing dishes" vibes.
  14. monocainsheresy

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    PINK! Glittering white musk and very decidedly pink roses. I don't get any lavender and can't smell the saffron out right, but I can feel it scratching at the back of my nose. The vanilla comes out as it dries down and the rose becomes a bit less intense, but the sparkle doesn't go away. Very spa-day, B&BW spring/summer collection type scent. I'm glad I tried this but I don't think I'll get a bottle.
  15. monocainsheresy

    You Are Not Alone

    This is the lovechild of Villain and Spinning On Graves. If you like either of those, you'll probably love this. It's got that exact beauuuuutiful lavender from Villain, fresh cotton, and a wee bit of book-paper acidic mustiness. Warm and cozy but still bright. This ticks every box for my favorite kind of lavender scent and I'm definitely gonna go for a bottle! I don't get much book-ness from it atm but I think it'll come forward with aging. This is the Lilith I was most excited for this round and I'm so happy with it!