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    Disrespect For Established Authority, Libertine, Spinning On Graves, Bloodlust, Old Scratch, Lawful, Bram Stoker, Pale Student Of Unhallowed Arts, Psalm 82:2-4, Forgive Us Our Virtues Forgive Us, Harlot, Penny Dreadful, Eve, Juke Joint, Black Pearl, The Emperor's Rams

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  1. monocainsheresy

    Cheshire Cat

    Lavender + grapefruit, a little bit of musk. This is going to sound super bizarre but I've always felt this smells like the waiting room at the veterinarian's office.
  2. monocainsheresy


    A comforting foodie scent. A bundle of spices with gooey pumpkin and bright peach. Hooray for Halloween season in a bottle!
  3. monocainsheresy


    Starts strong with a blast of crystallized coconut, lime, and amber! A strange, citrusy, fuzzy scent. Reminds me of the wet stage of Fake News.
  4. monocainsheresy


    I concur with the traditional men's cologne vibe other people are getting. On me this is mostly bergamot and moss. Not my thing.
  5. monocainsheresy


    Simple pink/white rose. Not getting the "wickedness". Low throw and wear length.
  6. monocainsheresy


    I used to love this one but we are not friends anymore - the "wet" part of the leather note combines in a nasty way with the vetiver. Smells like cat food to me.
  7. monocainsheresy


    This one's a bit much for me. Very intense soapy opium - a sickly purple scent. I don't get any myrrh but I do smell a bit of the narcissus.
  8. monocainsheresy

    Oleander Honey

    Extremely sharp honey - amps on my skin to the point of smelling like cat pee
  9. monocainsheresy

    Embalming Fluid

    In the wet and early dry stages this is lemon-scented bathroom cleaner. After about an hour the lemon calms down and the white musk and green tea start to come out. Very low throw.
  10. monocainsheresy


    Dusty rose weighted by old dry woods. Brings to mind lace doilies and antique teacups. Not something I'd expect to like but that I actually really do!
  11. monocainsheresy


    Mmmm! Beeeeeautiful, creamy, warm cinnamon rose. One of my favorites.
  12. monocainsheresy

    Old Scratch

    Villain bundled up in woodsy resins. I can't really give much more detail than that because it is so superbly blended. Old Scratch is a mysterious man, unmistakably refined but not exactly trustworthy. Warm and welcoming, but perhaps dangerous if crossed. Very Victorian. Very dapper. Very spooky. 10/10
  13. monocainsheresy


    Shmexy vanilla tea. Sugar, a dapper fougere. Dare I say a hint of musk? Age a bit and the tea will give this a little bit of a yummy green edge.
  14. monocainsheresy


    I love this stuff SO. MUCH. One of my first full bottles and my 2nd favorite dragon's blood scent (beaten only by The Emperor's Rams) This scent is warm and spicy and oh so smooooth - a thick blanket of red musk livened by sparking, sparkling cinnamon and DB, a hint of patchouli, and a shot of vetiver. Heady and sexy and intense. I'd recommend not approaching this if you a) have super sensitive skin or b) are wary of vetiver. It's one of the dominant notes but it is balanced a bit by the others. The vetiver comes out more as it ages. This is 1000% my jam and if you love dragon's blood you'll probably love this
  15. monocainsheresy


    OAK, which develops into a smoky, glittering combo of woods, fig, and strawberry rhubarb