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    good luck charms, old photographs, bright beaches, gramaphones, recipes books, picnics, ahi poki, salt water, hippopotami, small dogs, fireplaces, autumn leaves, sugar cane, ocean breezes, and the eldritch extra-galactic horror that lies sleeping
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    NOTES: apple, chocolate, cinnamon, clove, coconut, currant, fig, dried leaves, ginger, honey, ocean water, pepper (black, pink, etc), red musk, tea (black), woodsmoke BLENDS: Manila, Halloween: New Orleans, Snake Oil, Samhain, Death of Autumn, Tiki King, Te Po, The Soldier, WILF


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  1. lamenteuse

    scents for teen boy

    RPG is a good start because they are very basic scents that can kind of be a gateway to layering/exploring perfume. I would also recommend Cyborg from the Grendel series: leather, metal, and bay rum, or maybe a few from the Illyria would work. Titus, and Anthony come to mind.
  2. an NYCC LE I love which totally smells like a wonderful forest is Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Roads.
  3. lamenteuse

    Yule Buddies

    On my skin, this is pure tobacco. Sweet and tangy, but def smells like the inside of an unlit pipe. On my hair, the gingerbread comes out, and it becomes a spicey sweet mix. Hoping the fruitcake will show a bit more with age, but right now it's amazing! These are buds I want to hang out with.
  4. lamenteuse

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    I wore this one for Halloween night because it went well with my costume. I was in full Victorian Gothic with very pale makeup, a black veil over my hair, and dead flowers. My husband called the costume "widow's weeds" so I figured this scent would go well with the look. Now, it worked perfectly with the look of my costume, but it is not a smell I would normally wear. I got a lot of dirt, old green leaves, and traces of something dark and dusty. It was a perfectly spooky dirt scent, but normally I am not one for that. I'll keep the imp for when I need it in costumes, but all that dirt was too much for me,
  5. lamenteuse

    The Bear in the Cellar

    Tried this on my husband because it smelt a bit too masculine in the bottle for me. It's AMAZING on him. Warm leathery-tobaccoy with a sweet undercurrent, totally sexy. And according to him, it smells like "leather, wet grass, and sweet corn."
  6. lamenteuse


    Paladin V3 is my favorite leather scent, but it is hard to find now. I think Adam from OLLA is also leathery?
  7. lamenteuse

    Devils Night Wedding 2016

    I second the Death of Autumn (it is AMAZING), and would also suggest Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Roads (LE from NYCC 2010). Personally, I find MMaSHR a very green, but Death o Autumn is the perfect autumnal scent. Lots of smokey leafy goodness.
  8. lamenteuse

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Another vote for Pumpkin Latte, and Halloween at Miskatonic University is also warm with coffee and pumpkin.
  9. lamenteuse

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Kanashisa Brienne is also my favorite! I have two suggestions for you: Embalming Fluid: A light, pure scent: white musk, green tea, aloe and lemon. (a bit of a no-nonsense scent. Crisp, sharp, and interesting) Pandy: Fresh white musk, honeycomb, sweet apricot, elemi, orange blossom, and mischievous pink pepper. (A scent based on somebody who wants to travel and have adventures. Fresh, sweet, but with a hint of spice)
  10. lamenteuse

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Acid, first off, a huge internet hug for coping with your illness. I too have depression and anxiety, and when that stuff gets the better of me, I am a shell of what I normally am. I completely understand, and I hope you can get through the foggy days (that's what I call my off days). Now, for something a little more on the fun side of things, a scent rec! Personally, I think that Hand of Glory would be great for you. Beeswax, dry leather, black pepper, saltpeter, nutmeg, Mysore sandalwood, and oak bark. It's dark and a bit brooding, but with the beeswax and spices, there is an under current of sweet lightness about it. A little mysterious, and it'll catch people off guard when they ask what are you wearing, and you get to reply with Hand of Glory.
  11. For me it's The Decrepit House. It seems to just be a warm woodsy sent, but it's got a dark, brooding background.
  12. lamenteuse


    Sweet hemp and rosin, with a tiny bit of leather. Thankfully no cinnamon that sometimes accompanies the BPAL leather notes. A sweet, slightly herbal (but not green) scent with OK staying power, but not enough to make it last all day. Comparing this to my leather heavy scents (Paladin V3 and Eldritich Dark), I get very very little leather. That being said, it's still an amazing scent and pairs really well with Chaotic and Dwarf. If you're a leather lover (hehe), I wouldn't consider this strong enough for you. But if you're a leather newb, it's a good introduction to the wonderful world that is the BPAL leather scents.
  13. lamenteuse

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Gommorah layered with Manila has always reminded me of Hawaii. I also asked this myself a few years ago, so the recommendations on this post might help you out.
  14. lamenteuse


    2013: Smells GREAT in the bottle, woodsy and smokey. Totally what I wanted. On me? All I get is cider. I kind of smell like my guinea pig's pen from when I was young, and I do not like it. I wanted leaves and woods and smoke, but just get Piglet the guinea pig.
  15. lamenteuse


    On me, this is wet dirt and moss. Not just, "Oh, I can picture some dirt and it might smell a little green," this is really just the smell of dirt. I'm wearing it right now and it smells like I rolled around in the dirt prior to going to work. Personally, this is not my kind of sent; I was really hoping for some lovely stony scent like Dungeon Crawl, but this just dirt and moss. Wear it if you love dirt, but not if you want stone.