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  1. despite_the_faerie

    Current Wishlist

    Want to try: Colder and Colder, Lick It Discreetly, A Dense and Frightful Darkness, The Most Magnificent Christmas Tree, Pale Student of Unhallowed Arts.
  2. despite_the_faerie

    The Black Apple Of Saturn

    The only thing I can think of when I smell this is Undertow, which I do like. That's my review. I'm very helpful, I know.
  3. despite_the_faerie


    I'm not very good at reviews, but I'm going to give this my best shot, so forgive me if it sucks! Out of the bottle, Sprinklecake is a delicious, frosted cake. Once I put it on and it starts to dry, I start getting more and more butter, kind of how Jack turns into buttery pumpkin instead of just pumpkin. I can't say I'm crazy about that phase. Once the butter leaves, however, it's a nice, sweet scent very reminiscent of childhood birthday parties, yummy cake, and what I imagine a Sprinklecake would smell like! Warning: It *will* cause sugary cravings. At least in me it did.
  4. despite_the_faerie

    Please recommend powdery blends

    I agree on O. I find it to be pretty powdery, too. In a good way though.
  5. I just want to keep a list of all of the scents I have tried so I don't get confused in the future. This seemed like a good place to do that. Alphabetical and completely out of order as far as GCs/LEs/etc. Most of them have just been sniffed. Just looking at the clusterf**k of a list is already driving me crazy. I'll be organizing it soon when I'm not so sleepy. 51 #20 Love Oil A Game Called Yes and No A Howl in the Darkness Ahathoor Aizen-Myoo All Night Long Anne Beany Anne Bonny Arachnina, the Spider Girl Aremata-Popoa Aries 2007 Arkham Atlas Moth Autumn Cider Azathoth Baku Banshee Beat Baron Samedi Bat's Blood Bensiabel Bette Noir Bewitched Black Annis Black Butterfly Moon Black Death Black Heart Black Lace Black Lotus Black Pearl Blood Amber Blood Kiss Blood Lotus Blood Pearl Blood Bloodlust Blue Morpho Bonfire Night Boo Brahmin Moth Brimstone Brood XIX Burning Vulva Cake Smash Chaos Theory V Snake Oil (dunno which one) Chuparosa Clio Come to Me Coyote Creepy Danse Macabre Ded Moroz Depraved Desdemona Devil's Night 2009 Devil's Night (?) Dionysia Dirty Djinn Doc Constantine Dorian Dorian CTVI (dunno which one) Dove's Heart Dragon's Blood Dragon's Musk Dragon's Tears Drink Me El Dia De Los Reyes Endymion Enraged Groundhog Musk Epitaph Eris Ether Fallen Feeding the Dead Fire of Love Fledgling Raptor Moon Fortunato Geek Geek.Goth Ghosts in love Goblin Goliath Birdwing Golletes Gomorrah Grog Halloween in Las Vegas Halloween in San Francisco Has No Hanna Hellfire Hemlock Honey Hexxenacht 2005 Hexxenacht 2008 Hollywood Babylon How Doth the Little Crocodile Hunger Hurricane Hypothermia Inferno IO Moth Jack Jailbait Jazz Funeral Jezirat al Tennyn Johnathan Harker Juliet Kabuki Kathmandu Kroenen Kyoto La Befana La Belle Dame Sans Merci Lady Macbeth La Mano del Destino Lawn Gnome Lenore Les Bijoux Les Infortunes De La Vertu Licorice Bats Liz Lolita Love Me Lunar Eclipse Lune Noir Lurid Lust Machu Picchu Mad Hatter Madrid Maenad Malignant Dreams of Cthulu in Love Mata Hari Mictecacihuatl 2011 Midnight Kiss Miskatonic University Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller Monster Bait: Bloody Mary Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp Montresor Moscow Mother Ginger Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf Mourning Cloak Mouse's Long and Sad Tale Muse Namaste Nightmare No. 93 Engine Nocnitsa Nosferatu Nothing but Death O October 2007 October 2010 Ode on Melancholy Odin Ogun Old Scratch Oneiroi Ophelia Osun Pa-Pow Paladin Pannychis Penny Dreadful Phantasm Poisoned Apple Purple Spotted Swallowtail Pussy Moth Queen Queen of Sheba Red Devil Red Lace Regina Erebi Robin Goodfellow Romanti.Goth Rose Red 2007 Rose Red 2010 Samhain 2011 Samhain 2011 (TAL) Samhainophobia Santa Eularia Des Riu Santa Muerte Scherezade Schrodinger's Cat Shadow Shanghai Shango Sin Slaugh Smokestack Smut Snake Oil Snap-Dragon-Fly Snow Blind (Revisited) Snow White 2009 Sonnet D'Automne Spanked (Revisited) Spirits of the Dead Sprinklecake Steam.Goth Sundew Symmakhia Szepasszony Tattered Lace Thalia Thanatopsis The Black Apple of Saturn The Death of Autumn The Forest Reverie The Hell-Gate of Ireland The Kingdom of Sweets The Lion The Masque The Premature Burial The Reaper and the Flowers The Sea Foams Milk The Spell of Amorous Love The Tell-Tale Heart The Vampire Bride The Wild Swans at Coole The Witching Time of Night The Witch's Garden The Zieba Tree Thunder Moon To a Woman Tombeur Tombstone Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat Two, Five, & Seven Undertow Vampire Tears Veil Velvet Velvet Nudie Velvet Unicorn Vicomte de Valmont VILF Villain Voodoo Wanda Werepuppy White Rabbit WILF Womb Furie 2010 Womb Furie 2011 Worm Moon Yemaya Yerevan Zarita, the Doll Girl Zombi #occupywallstreet
  6. despite_the_faerie

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I haven't tried too many BPAL oils yet and I don't know Happy, but Night-Gaunt and Aizen-Myoo are two I have that she might like, based on the description. They both start out with strong citrus (grapefruit or yuzu) and fade to a floral: more of a pure floral (I smell gardenia) for Night-Gaunt, a mixed fruity one for Aizen-Myoo. Thanks for the recs! I happen to have an imp of Aizen-Myoo, so I'll have to get that out and see what I think. I haven't smelled Happy in forever since she moved, but maybe I'll make a trip to the mall or something and see if I can smell it. And I'll definitely have to check out X......whatever... It's been on my wishlist anyway, so I wouldn't feel weird tracking down an imp. Thanks again! You guys rock!
  7. despite_the_faerie

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My friend's birthday is next month, and I want to get her into the world of BPAL. I don't know much about her likes and dislikes when it comes to scents, but I do know that she adores Clinique Happy. So I was wondering if any of you lovely people knew of any GC oils that were like Clinique Happy. They don't have to be exact or anything- even just recommendations in the same family. Clinique Happy - Notes: Ruby Red Grapefruit, Boysenberry Bush Flower, Hawaiian Wedding Flower A hint of citrus. A wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions. Clinique's best-selling women's fragrance interplays fresh, vibrant notes—ruby red grapefruit, bergamot—with soft, sensual ones—Hawaiian wedding flower, spring mimosa. Wear it and be happy. TIA! You guys are the best!