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  1. skyelyric

    13 Nights 2021

    8/8/21 Would you be interested in a cross stitched Halloween ornament? sure 8/11/21 Are there any collage artists in the mix? I would LOVE to curate one of spooky autumn goodness if my person were to be interested! While I think this is a super cool idea, I stink at things like collage/scrapbooking, so probably not for me Have you seen the Dragon con list? & would any of them appeal to you? Which Harry Potter house are you? Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw leanings, though I'm another one that doesn't do licensed merch at this point 8/12/21 Do you like any art from these two sellers? They are local artists and I will probably pick up some stuff for myself soon! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaitlinMcCarthyArt https://www.etsy.com/shop/BatinYourBelfry Very cool stuff but nothing I'd really display. I make beautiful and very lightweight yarn-and-ribbon hairfalls - would you like a set in the colors and length of your choice? If yes, name up to four colors and length in inches! Remember- this can be part of your Halloween costume! Would you appreciate a skein of handspun yarn? If yes, what weight? What colors? How do you feel about beads? Any allergies to typical fibers? LOVE. No allergies to speak of, and I work with everything from fingering to superbulky depending on the project. Colors are totally open, I use everything from undyed to super dark/bright, my only particular preference is non-scratchy. Do you like stickers? Patches? Buttons? Yes, but stickers tend to languish because I am terrible about committing to stick them somewhere. I do love adorning my knapsack with buttons/pins, and I will probably start doing that to my work satchel as well. Do you spend time in the outdoors? Yep. In my garden, on local park walks, occasional marked-trail hiking trips Do you enjoy cooking and/or baking? Both! 8/13/21 The Paintbox Soapworks Weenie collection went live today! Would you like anything? Hex on the Beach and Hiraeth I know I love, Nightwalker sounds interesting. Sugar scrubs and soap are most used, though I could probably use a lotion at work The Pickety Witch is taking pre-orders for their new Halloween pins (estimated ship date: early September). Have any caught your eye? OMG I love this stuff!!! Of the Weenie pins, the Trick or Treat Goat is adorable, but I'm also drooling over the Lughnasadh Wolf Moon and Brigid's Wolf Zeep's Spooky Collection drops some time next week. Here's the scent list. Would you like any wax melts, candles, whipped soaps, sugar whips (whipped soap/scrub hybrid), body butter sugar scrubs (moisturizing scrub), meringues (lotion), bath bombs, or bath rocks from Zeep? The Mockingbird Lane body butter scrub sounds nice, or Ghost Stories, Harvest Festival, Orchard Air, or Pep Rally sound interesting 8/14/21 Does anyone here like vintage halloween? Not really my thing It seems like a lot of shops’ Halloween lines have items related to the same standard fandoms, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Beetlejuice, Addams Family, etc. Do any of those (or other ones) particularly resonate with you? Not a fandom person for the most part How do you feel about atmospheric/novelty scents and novelty food items? Things like "new car candle" or "eyeball jawbreaker" or whatever. If you like tea, how do you want it delivered? Loose? Bags? Tiny little messenger pigeons (subject to availability)? Loose or bags is good Would you prefer to receive ONE HUGE (more expensive) GIFT and 12 inexpensive ones, a few more expensive, or all about the same price? I am totally fine with however my gifter wants to roll What are your fandoms, if any? Nothing I'm really actively involved with Do you collect things like tarot decks? If so do you have a wish list or a list of ones you already have? Would you like a silk tarot bag? So far I only have a miniature deck, which I think is delightful but I haven't really learned how to read anything. I do drool over some of the artwork out there, I just feel like I need to learn what to do with one first before I start collecting. Do you like rocks/crystals? What colors / kinds? Would you like them with holes drilled (either as a pendant - you'd need to stick a bale in, or a bead?) Yes, but mostly in a found-object sense, like if there's a cool rock from where you live or something. I do rocks more from a look-at-it perspective than any kind of ritual thing. Geology was one of my favorite classes. My mom has an etsy store - she makes bags. Do you love anything from it? We can also do box bags, draw string bags, dice bags, etc. and if you want a different type of material or a different fabric pattern, I'm open to links to specific things. (yes, we have harry potter things. We bought most of it before JKR showed herself to be a twat since we buy lots of bolts at the same time - yes, we have a whole room stuffed full of fabric.) Confession: I think I have three bags at this point--a little zippered Van Gogh Tardis, and two knit/crochet project bags, one in bare branches and crows, one with retro Daleks, and they are awesome. Let's say you want something knitted. What are you most interested in? (hat, fingerless mitts, scarf, shawl, cowl, infinity scarf, shawlette, gnome, doily, coffee mug cozy, talisman bag, dice bag, soap sack, washcloth (I have a pattern with the leviathan cross for bpal), amigurumi / toy, bracelet, cuff, necklace, other?) (Can you link to a photo of what you envision or a pattern on ravelry? Or put it on pinterest or something if you have that.) gnome, washcloth, fingerless mitts (I have a small collection of knitted things from bpalers and I adore and rotate through them all in cool weather) * What colors would you prefer said knitted object in? for wearables, darker colors, I don't have a particular preference within that. * Stripes, gradient, semi solid, variegated? Not a super huge stripe person, but otherwise I'm open * What type of yarn would you prefer? ("wool", BFL, merino, merino/silk, merino/silk/cashmere, merino/cashmere, just silk, just cashmere, tencel (non-animal, plant based), other? I also have non-dyed organic wool (mill spun) from our own sheep - finnsheep and shetland. The finnsheep is dark brown (sun bleached black sheep from Sarge and our two black ewes we can't tell apart so they're ewe 1 and ewe 2) or a lighter silvery beige (from freckles) and the shetland is white. (we just call her shetland. They're mom's sheep, she should have named them, lol.) Most of my stripy yarn is either merino or merino cashmere.) I think the unnamed sheep thing is hilarious, btw. And I have no preference. Are you interested in receiving any of the following homemade / home dried / home canned goodies? (just erase the ones you don't want when you answer to make it easy?) (see list in this post under spoiler because long) 8/15/21 How do you feel about oracle decks? Would you like witchy/ritual oils/sundries? Any limitations (e.g. deities you won't work with)? I'm such a total novice this is probably lost on me at the moment Is there anything you would like to try from the UK specifically? (e.g. Lush exclusives) Oh, and are you into astrology? minimally What size shoe do you wear (inc wide/narrow, etc)? 9 wide but I have seriously wonky-shaped feet so unless this is just for like stretchy house slippers, foot stuff is probably a no-go Do you like/would you want to receive comic books? Any favorite genres or characters? Would you like a palm stone, or anything else, from Haute Macabre? What's your favorite flower(s)? yes! seriously, I love flowers of any kind. If I had to pick favorites, zinnias, chrysanthemums, viola family What's you favorite woodland creature? small songbirds like chickadees and finches, for mammals probably foxes. I am equal opportunity as far as like critterart or whatever though. Do you prefer receiving a big box with all of your goodies, or is it okay if one or two things are shipped directly to you separately (with notice!!) for customs/shipping cost purposes (i.e. if there's something customs might not allow in from the States that can be shipped from within your country)? However it gets here is totally fine Would you like a fabric face mask? If so, do you prefer a dome shape or a pleated shape? My mom is a saint and sewed me a boatload of masks, so I'm good there. I have a literal stockpile of skincare products. Can I interest you in cleanser, sheet masks, moisturizer, sample things etc etc.? Or a general pampering package? What is your skin type? I am always down for moisturizers given I live in the land of no humidity, never tried sheet masks. My skin type is on the dry side of combination, and as dramatic as a damn teenager. Anything from here? ChocolateStorybook on Etsy I have been enjoying the incense from here hand-dipped incense sticks | Hexennacht and here Hand-dipped incense sticks | Mr. Hex (mr-hex.com) Any thing interesting from either site? Alas, incense is a no-go, since I can only really burn it outside due to highly senstitive cohabitants. 8/16/21 Would you like some delicious coffee? If so, do you prefer whole bean or ground? If ground, what grind? Also, light or dark roast? Flavor preferences? Whole or ground is fine (medium grind? mostly drip or chemex made coffee here), light to medium roast. We generally drink unflavored with the very rare vanilla/hazelnut/some spice flavor thrown in. 8/17/21 I may be going to the Renaissance Fair this weekend (if not this weekend then soon and multiple times), any Ren Faire goodies you may like? I always go to my town's local Farmer's Market and they have booths selling things like candles, Gourmet Pickles, Flavored Oils and Vinegars, dog treats (like bones and animal feet), honey, and bath products. Would you like any of these things? Local honeys are always fun Do you have a preference for numbered packages for each night of the swap vs randomly selecting from unlabeled goodies? I'm fine with either or a combination, ex. this is the first day, this is the last day/halloween specifically, everything else grab at random. If you didn't say much about your reading preferences in your survey but would be interested in receiving books, can you elaborate a bit? Are you interested in cocktails, be it recipes, infusion kits, tools, supplies, specialty bitters? 8/18/21 Is there something that you definitely prefer to not receive in any category (anything to avoid if you hadn't/forgotten to mention)? Are there patterns/prints (more guidance than general Halloween/Autumn) you like for things or are you open to whatever I may find that speaks to me? Pretty open Any significant other or other special person? Like if I wanted to send you specialty cocoa for a date night, would that be OK? I am making up the cocoa part, but you get my drift. I think this is delightful. Yes, there is a beloved, and there is also my mom who is my coffee/tea/crafting compatriot. I would love to request folks to to put their wish list in this thread and link in their signature. I would love to decant from my oils if I have any my person is looking for! If you happened to list some favorite fandoms earlier, would you also name your favorite character(s) from those fandoms? 8/19/21 Do you ha ve an Amazon link? Can you post it?? if you are a knitter/crocheter, are you over on Ravelry? If so, what’s your user name there?? I'm firechild on Ravelry, primarily crochet/tunisian crochet 8/20/21 I make homemade fire ciders, would that be of interest? Non-alcoholic and they are quite fiery. I am cautiously interested Are you interested in getting other BPAL items besides perfume, like hair gloss, bath oils or T-shirts? sure. there are a couple things in my w/l, mostly hair gloss and atmo 8/21/21 So partner, would you be interested in a Frankenbag done in Halloween prints? sure! Y'all with furbabies... Are there any food allergies/sensitivities or quirks to know about? The featherbeastie is just insane, but no allergies per se, she's just picky and weird. how do you feel about (ethically sourced) butterfly / moth art (in a jar or shadowbox) I think this is lovely as long as it's small enough I could display. But I'm fine with found former-critter...bones, butterflies, etc. I may have preemptively picked out 2 Halloween-themed mugs with cute matching spoons, before I knew who my match was going to be! So I leave it to you: Bat, or Cat? Bat 8/22/21 If you mentioned aversions to any common Halloween decor items (skeletons, witches, spiders, etc.), how encompassing is that? Specifically, is a "kid friendly" drawing of that same item on a piece of decor (like, a book cover or wrapping paper) still a preferred pass? My nopes are probably not kid-friendly-able, lol Would you be interested in receivin g a never-used eyeshadow palette from Nororiously Morbid (gothy colors) and/or a never-used eyeshadow palette from Pretty Vulgar (romantic neutrals)? I tend to use loose pigments more than pressed palettes 8/23/21 I live in Japan. Are you interested in anything specifically Japanese I could get for you here (doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween themed)? For example, are you a fan of the anime Demon Slayer and want merch? Are you interested in trying some fun kit-kat flavors? Do you need a new set of pretty chopsticks? there is an excellent chance teeturtle will have a sale in time for this swap: anything (particularly tshirts or socks) that appeal? Sizes? Haus of Gloi Fall Part 1 drops soon, anything here you like? https://www.hausofgloi.com/blogs/blog/fall-lineup-2021 8/24/21 Could you use a journal or sketchbook? I love them, but I do have a bunch. Do you need BPAL storage? Imps? Bottles? Think I'm set here Do you wear socks? What kind? No show, ankle, knee high, over the knee? Fibers? I only really wear socks in the winter, otherwise I'm barefoot or in little slip on shoes. generally ankle or crew, because I have really big calves and I like my circulation. As far as fibers as long as it's soft I'm happy. Do you have a favorite candy(ies) [or prepacked individual snacks] that you wouldn't mind filling up your box as packing material? Or teas/coffee blends you'd enjoy? If you prefer none of this, that's fine too! I'm fine with whatever. Herbal or black bagged tea for work or little packets of snack things, crackers, nuts or whatever. I'm going down the Shore for a few days! Any treats you'd like from a cute beach town- salt water taffy? Fudge? Wrist fans? Tie-dye beach dress...? Salt water taffy How do you feel about fancy marshmallows? I like them, and I occasionally get brave and make them, but haven't gotten much more adventurous than vanilla, and orange cream so far in my own candymaking. 8/25/21 We've asked about candy, but let's talk specifically about gummies. Do you like crazy shapes, sweet/sour? I love pretty much any gummies, sweet, sour, bears, bats, rings, whatever. Anything from these Etsy shops? Kodiak Sea Charms, Halloween Hill Studio, Grave Markings What about the Mutter Museum's gift shop? 8/27/21 I grow mugwort and it's harvest season. Would you like dried leaves for bathing or tea? Or a bound bundle for smoke cleansing? (Its said to be excellent for divination or lucid dreaming, but do not use if pregnant.) its also a digestive bitter and tastes great on chicken. I wouldn't mind a tiny bit to try, most likely for tea or seasoning I grow loads of other herbs and I'm drying them now. Any favorites you might like? Mint, basil, oregano, chives, lemon balm or others? my basil did not work out this year but I'm pretty set on other herbs I grew a huge load of onions and garlic. Any interest? ooo, garlic... Feathers? I have geese, ducks, peafowl, chickens and quail. So I collect their shed feathers and share them with people I like. I love interesting feathers I grew a boatload of Green Shiso this year and plan to make a shiso pesto with it. Would you like some? (Nut wise it has pistachios) No thank you I also plan to experiment with infusing it in vodka. I'm planning a plain shiso infusion and a shiso citrus infusion. If they turn out would you like some? shiso citrus sounds intriguing, so a tiny sample would be fun 8/28/21 Would you be interested in this hand sanitizer dispenser/keychain that doubles as a light (its eyes light up when you press between its eyes!)? (see photo here) while this is super fun I would probably not use it If you're into tabletop games, what games do you already own, and/or what type are you interested in? We play rummicub, boggle, and triominoes mostly, and I used to play a lot of backgammon with my grandmother. I like thinking and collaborative games more than just games of chance, and stuff like jigsaw puzzles. 8/29/21 DO YOU LIKE TRUE CRIME STORIES? Yes, but not in the OMG-must-listen-to-every-podcast type of way. DO YOU LIKE SEASONAL MAGAZINES ON BAKING AND DECORATING? Baking more than decorating If you are enthused by the idea of receiving coffee, do you want whole bean or ground? AND do you have flavors that you like (or definitely hate and never want again)? Can use either, and as far as flavors, I tend to lean toward the nuts, caramel, spices type of stuff as opposed to anything with fruit or baked goods. 8/30/21 Would you be interested in some very size-inclusive tights? There are Halloween patterns, but also most colours under the sun, and are very comfy. Sure! (if this is Snag, they are awesome. I haven't worn any tights yet but the chub rub shorts were wonderful this summer) What about indie chilli sauces/chutneys/jams? What type of chilli/spice level? I love those kind of things, I'm good to medium, my housemates though are of a lower tolerance so err on the side of mild with chiles and the like. In case anyone else shares a love for adorable tiny plushies, any interest in v soft and cute vegetable/fruit plushies? There are also small animals. Small critters are love, the fruit/veggies I'm not sure where I would display. The Polish Pickup/Indie Pickup is live for wishlisting, and will ship in time for this swap (this year). Anything strike your fancy? (It's not just nail polish...there's jewelry and bath scrubs and wax tarts and all manner of things. It's fun!) https://polishpickup.com/ Stella Chroma Harvest Moon and Sassy Cats Scary Meowster look really cool. 8/31/21 Anything here sound good to you? https://gryffonridge.com/ I could use some dried chiles, specifically ancho and guajillo, the elderberry syrup kit sounds interesting. could also use rose petals or hibiscus flowers. Hayden Evens Art has released some new Halloween and Disney-themed prints and stickers. Do any spark your interest? So would you hate or be into more miscreant Halloween vibe decor - like wholesome figurines repainted, creepy dolls, goats with horns, (fake) animal skeletons, things in jars? Is anything too dark, morbid, or recoil worthy? While this stuff is super cool to see in other places, it probably wouldn't be anything I could display. do you use any sorts of semipermanent dyes or do anything fun/wild to your hair? are there any hair products you like? My hair is permanently dyed with henna and indigo, and unfortunately 'unnatural colors' are banned at work. what about skincare? i am pretty into k beauty and am curious if others are interested in any aspects of this. I'm curious about this stuff, but also tend to be in the 5-minutes-or-less camp for skincare regines, and a lot of the things I've seen are like multistep processes 9/2/21 Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.'s Halloween & Fall collection is out (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com/collections/halloween-fall-collection😞 anything you might be interested in? 9/4/21 are you interested in eco-friendly menstrual products? There are some beautiful gothic print reuseable pads I'm looking at specifically. Actually yes. I'm very curious about these.
  2. skyelyric

    Cootie Q's (2020 SW)

    8/29/20 Does anything from Paintbox Soapworks catch your eye (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/)? I love Paintbox! The Nihilist Cream and Buttercup scrub are two of my favorites, and I like the soaps and body scrubs as well. Favorite scents include Blackbird, GTFO, The Englishman, Yuletide Mariner (winter LE), Gooseberry Beach, Sleepy Lagoon, Gardensong (summer scents) I lean toward the fresher or woodsier scents generally. I am curious about Demeter Forsaken and Hex on the Beach from the weenies. Does anything from the Trading Post's etsy page catch your eye (https://www.etsy.com/shop/bptradingpost)? Nothing currently but I'll update this if anything new goes up. 8/30/20 Is there anything you want from Japan? Current kit kat flavors are... Salty Lemon, Salty Lychee, Sweet Potato, Chestnut and possibly still some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream from summer. Other than that, anime goods, cute stationery, other Japanese snacks, lay it on me! Chestnut kit kats sound interesting. I love pretty stationery, fruity candies, black sesame, the glazed rice cracker mixes, stuff like that. What are your favorite self-care items or activities? I'm especially curious about things that you hesitate to do/get because they feel like frivolous luxuries. Most of my self-care stuff is more limited by time than anything. Like I love painting my nails but can't stay put long enough to let them dry properly, I have henna'd my hair I think once this year and I love my colored hair. I should take the time to take better care of my feet, they're usually cracked, and my arms are rough/bumpy but it's like they work just fine and don't hurt or anything so I don't take the time/expense to find something to fix it. 9/1/20 are you familiar with https://www.a-natural-alternative.com/ ? Take a peak & let me know if you might like to try something. The wool wash sounds interesting, and I use liquid handsoap in the kitchen all the time. The Cherry, or Oatmeal scents might be nice 9/2/20 Would you like a face mask from one of my favorite artists? https://akumuink.com/collections/facemasks good on masks since my mom sews them one of our fellow BPAL friends makes custom masks, Hakutaku Custom Masks on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HakutakuMasks/ ). Would anyone be interested in one of her masks? good on masks here 9/3/20 Would you like anything from here? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaterRoundsBeauty Oh good grief, I totally don't *need* anything, but I am still going to go nuts looking at the shadow pigments and come back to this... Blood Moon, Lucia or Redrum, Grape Soda, mashed banana, vintage peach Enchantress lipcolor 9/5/20 what are your feelings on home made/ home canned jams & pickles or syrups? I even make things with berries I grow in my garden. I make both brandied & bourbon cherries. Syrups good for cocktails, in lemonade or tea, flavors include Lavender, Lavender + Lemon, & Lavender + Vanilla. Interested? Brandied cherries, jams, pickles, all wonderful. I'm a huge fan of lavender in like everything but food though. Is there something that you're especially hoping to receive for this round? For example, a brand you've heard of that you're especially wanting to try, or a certain "thing" that you really want but just cant bring yourself to buy for yourself?? Would you rather receive supplies/tools for your own craft/hobby or receive something you can't make yourself? I love artsy things made for me, I love seeing people's talent. But I also do a lot of fiddling with crafts, so anything would be loved, really. (I should probalby say minimal yarn though, like if you handspin or dye I would be all over that, but I have totes of yarn waiting to be used. Is there anything you'd like from Penzeys (https://www.penzeys.com/)? bwahahahahahaha....half my spice cabinet is Penzeys at this point. 9/8/20 Art and artists - anyone dig any of this? https://www.studiodesade.com/ (They also do masks, see here.) If you knit/crochet/weave, would you like custom dyed yarn? And if so do you have preference on weight, fiber, colors? Colors probably no neons, otherwise I'm open, and as long as it's pleasant to the touch I'm not partial on fiber. I do prefer plied yarn to singles and don't work a whole lot with the super bulky side, but anything bulky to lace is wonderful. what is one fun/frivolous thing for $20 or less that you’d enjoy? Don't laugh, but just a stupid cheap jar of bubble stuff., just the plain old stuff we had growing up, no fancy wands, no scents, just the old plastic round wand and bubble liquid. If I sent you to a dollar store with $20, what would you walk out with? Candy, small hair scrunchies, probably cheap kitchen tools for yarn dyeing, mailing supplies, maybe garden stuff 9/9/20 would anybody like a small cross stitch thing, like a patch or pin? or cross stitching notions like handmade needle minders? notions would be lost on me, the cross stitch would be cool 9/11/20 Is there anything you'd like from the UK? Do you have a particular fandom you'd like stuff from? How do you feel about tea? Preferences? Would you want anything from David's Tea (https://www.davidstea.com/us_en/home/), Steepologie (https://www.steepologie.com/), Bird & Blend (https://birdandblendtea.com/us_en/), or do you have a favorite tea maker to suggest? What about tea tools or cups? I'd have to look at their stuff. My favorite tea shop is Happy Lucky's Tea Shop (happyluckys.com) which is local to me, and my favorites are the Russian Caravan, Black Currant, and their oolongs. I'm really up for trying anything except rooibos or anything with licorice root since I don't care for that weird sweet aftertaste. I'm pretty full up on mugs and accessories. How do you feel about fragrant things for the home like incense, candles, atmosphere spray? Don't use much since my housemates are very smell-sensitive. Do you share your home with any loved ones (human, feline, canine, etc.) who might enjoy a tiny treat too? Live with 2 peoples, and we tend to share the snack goodies, and a crazy macaw who likes tearing up bottle corks as a treat. 9/12/20 Does anyone like the prints or items from www.ElissaMarieCreative.com ? Cute but not really my style What about www.drawingsbynicole.com? Anything specific? nothing here thanks Does anything from www.vapidlacquer.com stick out to you? trying to pare down my nail polish since I don't use it very often I do pour painting/acrylic fluid art (with varying degrees of success, haha). Would you like a custom piece in colors of your choice (takes 3-4 weeks with curing, longer if you want it sealed, so it would arrive post-round if custom) or a piece already finished in my collection? I have mostly 12 x 12 and 10 x 10s right now. Pics available upon request! That would be cool, I love other people's art After enjoying looking at the links several others have put in the questions, I decided to add some of my own favorite independent artists who I enjoy supporting - so, what do you think of the goodies from these people? And specific items you love? Enjoy! all cool and talented, but nothing I can think to want besides maybe from thelatestkate 1) https://www.catcoven.com/ 2) https://www.mineralgypsy.com 3) https://www.redbubble.com/people/thelatestkate/shop I adore her stuff! Could do a notebook or sticker/magnet The otter 'you can be a mess today', The platypus 'my own kind of beautiful', the bat 'I don't care if my best sucks', sloth 'hold on to your weird' baby crow 'you will handle this' owl 'fucking delight', pegasus 'mostly fabulous', puppy 'it's ok to be a work in progress' puppy 'no one knows what they're doing', fox 'you're still nice to have around' 4) https://www.marikapaz.com/shop/ 5) https://www.faunwood.com 6) https://www.shannatrumbly.com/ 7) https://fiddlersgreenzine.com 8 ) https://www.hedgespokenpress.com One of the things I do is make nifty things from sweaters that I cut up & upcycle into things like super warm mittens, arm warmers, striped arm warmers, cowls, teapot cozies, & French press cozies. I don't have a slipper I love yet, but I'm working on it. So, which of these things might you like? Give me some thoughts on colors you like & if for a teapot or press, I need to know a size. arm warmers or mittens, I do have like a men's m/l hand/arm size I enjoy historical reproductions and am a fan of LBCC Historical Apothecary. Is there something in her store you might be interested in? the liquid lip stain type stuff, I already use cake mascara but still have plenty left. 9/13/20 Do you have a favorite art style/movement/artist? not really any favorites, I like impressionist art, modern fantasy artists like Aria Fawn, to give you an idea art around here involves Van Gogh prints, Jerry Uelsmann, AB Word, a print that looks like a petroglyph of running deer...it's a bit all over the place. Who is your fashion icon(s)? not applicable What is your favorite mythological creature? can't pick is there anything you want from Lush? not in particular Do you need any astrological work done, since thats one of my professions? Any particular areas you could utilize a consultation? I feel like right now I'm too scattered to make use of it How do you feel about the homemade fudge I sell in my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollysRainbow -particular preferences, flavors (consider I take special flavor requests all the time!)? Holly makes awesome fudge (presuming she's not my witch since we've swapped a ton over the years). How do you feel about keto or sugar-free, low carb baked goods or treats?? not dietarily necessary for any of us, but definitely would not be shunned. I am trying to get us to cut back on sugar around here 9/14/20 Anything you'd like from Future Primitive: https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk they sound nice but nothing specific Do you have an Etsy wishlist? I have a ton of favorites under skyelyric over there I wanted to share this link to a soapmaker I love and ask if y'all see anything you would like from them! https://www.herbneden.com/ the soaps sound interesting and not too heavily perfumed Nui Cobalt Designs perfumes...(just got her latest email): How about the scents being discontinued? The Critters? https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/collections/critters-2020?page=1 or other ones? Missed the critters, need to look at the rest 9/15/20 I have a friend who does pet caricatures. He's done ones for all of my pets. Is this something you would be interested of for your pet(s)? Bandit is her own caricature Do you decorate seasonally/for holidays? Is there anything in particular you would like to that end? I decorate for the seasons more than holidays, like I have a little bit of christmas and halloween stuff, but it's more generic winter or fall kind of things that I can just leave up. Would you like anything from House of Gloi, especially from their Autumn Update? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/fall-1) The old cider haus sounds good, but a lot of the other stuff is a bit foody for me. I know the tea question has been asked, but what, specifically, about Adagio teas? I've ordered from them before and enjoy their teas, so I'm happy to get from them within my preferences (no rooibos, no licorice root) What about anything tempting from Dandelion Chocolate? (https://store.dandelionchocolate.com/pages/home) I love chocolate but I'd be afraid the nuances of fancy chocolate would be lost on me. 9/16/20 Would you, my dear Witchee, like anything from April Gloom? https://www.etsy.com/shop/AprilGloom (this is our @spookygrrrly - switch witch code coming soon to a spreadsheet near you.) the skull in the jar pin is adorable How about from https://twinklentwilight.etsy.com ? (This shop belongs to @twilighteyes - we can maybe crochet some of the unicorns that are sold out...) I actually have a couple of her bags and I love them. Would you enjoy anything from my friend Brian's Etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrianSerwayArt? He reminds me of another of my favorite artists, Aria Fawn. I love the Petalbearer, Slimeglow, Honeyminer, Loner, Trance Crescent, and I have a soft spot for the Mail Kupo and Black Mage, because gaming nerd. Are you a sock person? If so what are your favourite kinds to wear? Do you have a sockdreams wishlist? I am quite honestly a barefoot all the time person. I like nice soft boot socks in the winter with my big clunky shoes and snowboots so my feet don't freeze, but I am not a socks for the sake of socks person. Also I have huge calves so cute socks are generally a no-go If you're not near one, is there anything from Trader Joe's you'd like? I live near one 😃 How do you feel about local items from my city, like spicy (think chili) things or local coffee? The coffee is not spicy lol. I love local stuff! It's fun to learn about my witch through stuff from their place in the world do you have good feelings about Funko Pop? I think they're adorable but don't have a ton of room to display stuff Candles! Anything from these places catch your fancy? https://cantripcandles.com/collections (restocks Friday 9/18 at 9:00 PST) https://miruscandles.com/collections https://briarwickcandles.com/collections 9/17/20 Is there something from your fandom that popped up in another country you'd be particularly interested in? What, and what store? I wouldn't know what, honestly. Would you be interested in some boozy chocolates (or anything else) from https://www.chocolatemoonshine.com/ ? generally interested in things like fudge, but nothing specifically from there, though their truffle bars are really pretty 9/18/20 Witchee, assuming you like home made/home canned condiment goodies, what is your spice level preference? If you mean heat-spicy, medium or lower is great. The milder it is, the more I can share it with the rest of the house. I like hot food, but since my household is really sensitive, I've learned to do flavorful without heat for the most part, alas. Would you be interested in anything from Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.? Soaps like Cannon Beach Daisy or Ginger Fizz 9/19/20 Lilith are up! Is there anything from the release that you want? Decant or full bottles? The Liliths are my favorite update, so I already jumped on a few decants and a blind bottle of Boop because I get the Lilith and puppydog every year. How would you feel about recipes? Love them! Send me your favorite recipes, chat about cooking with me, I love cooking/baking/candy witchery, you name it. Would anyone be interested in anything from Bucees?! It’s a magical giant beaver gas station/shop! It has spices, fudge, Knick knacks, all things Texas, candy, beef jerky, roasted nuts, and of course beavers! Most things like the fudge and nuts are made in house. This is hilarious. I collect pins to stick on my knapsack, so something like that would be fun, snacky stuff. 9/20/20 How do you guys store your decants so they are not a confused mess? If you've got a system, please share it. still working on this myself. My sale box is categorized in a bead box with each compartment for a different thing, like GCs A-C or whatever. My personal stuff is less organized, but all my bottles are in a wood box with labels on the tops. 9/21/20 I'm a knitter. I have some knitted washcloths done, and can knit up more. Would you like some? Also, if answered soon enough, I can maybe get a scarf done. Would you like one? What colors would you like? Thin or thick? With or without fringe? Are you allergic to any fibers - wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca? I have no allergies, and I love using and wearing other people's handywork. Witchee, darling, there's a *slight* chance I might be going on a trip next week and *might*, in the course of this trip, have access to Disneyworld goodies from Epcot and Magic Kingdom - any stuff you might desire? the aforementioned pin, either a generic park one (Epcot was always my favorite) or if characters, anything Winnie-the-Pooh family, or Wall-E, Stitch, etc. 9/22/20 Would you like any of Snag Tights’ Halloween offerings and if so, what size? since I'm not doing anything for halloween, probably not. Do you prefer getting one or two really nice/more expensive things or several smaller/less expensive little things? Or do you have no preferance? No preference. You're doing something thoughtful for me, so that is awesome no matter what form you choose. Witchee, do you like tea? If so, what kind? Love tea, black, green, oolong, herbal, loose or bagged. I don't care for rooibos or anything with licorice root but otherwise pretty much anything is fair game. Witchee, do you want anything? Shirts, mugs, postcards from Anarchist Seattle, Portland, or New York.... https://www.redbubble.com/people/litlnemo/shop?artistUserName=litlnemo While I think it's hilarious, I can't think of anyting I'd have a use for. Would you be interested in a gently-used tarot deck (or other oracle)? If so, toss out some styles you gravitate towards, cause I have SO MANY DECKS and I'd love to send one or more along! I wouldn't even know as far as styles, but I love the idea of this as it's something I've wanted to learn. Are you interested in receiving a burned CD of music? If so, name of genres, artists, styles that you are into or would like more of to explore. I just love the idea of a CD of my witch's favorites--introduce me to what you love! My only caveats would be no explicitly violent lyrics Do you have an Amazon wishlist? If you do and you're ok with getting stuff from it, please share the link! I do but it's a hot mess right now, will update if I go through it, mostly it's just miscellaneous art supplies and books, I'll try and make a list just of little things that would be helpful and then link it. Pumpkin/pumpkin spice – yay or nay? Yay in food/drinks but nay in other products (soaps, perfumes, etc.) or vice versa? What are your thoughts? I love the pumpkin food stuff, pumpkin bread, pie, etc, savory squash dishes...I'm not big on the pumpkin spice latte craze, I'd much rather do hot mulled cider or sweet chai for drinks. Foodie perfumes tend not to play super well on me, so I avoid that kind of thing in body products and perfumes. Candy corn – love it or loathe it? Or just don’t care much one way or another? I like it during the appropriate season, but I think the other holiday themed candy corn is silly. 9/23/20 https://www.poesieperfume.com/loose-leaf-tea <---- would you be interested in receiving tea and / or scents from Poesie? things that sound interesting: teas:Fancy a Cuppa and Albert+Victoria scents: Charm of Making, Artemis, Cathy, Pemberley, Oyster, Full Moon, Villa Diodati, Myself Invisible, Innocence I have been remiss--witchee (or anyone needing a minion), I am notorious for homemade caramels, shortbreads both savory and sweet, and catnip/catnip laced toys. I've also started playing with homemade marshmallows and fruit candies. Any interest? This was my question, but if my witch is the kitchen crafty type, I would love whatever homemade goodies. The catnip obviously is not relevant as I am the crazy catless lady. 9/25/20 I happen to live near this amazing place. Do you have any interest is anything that I could pick up there? The have hand made pottery, cookie molds, cookbooks with historical recipes all sorts of good stuff. https://www.gcv.org/shop/ I love historical cookbooks and pottery 10/1/20 Would you be interested in anything from KBShimmer's new Fall nail polish collection or their Falloween collection? The Creep It Together and Smashed are interesting, but I don't wear nail polish super often anymore.
  3. skyelyric

    SW 2019 Q's

    9/18/19 Would you like anything from Future Primitive? (It's fine to mention OOS things) https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/ I'd have to be careful here. I got a bar of Festival at one point which smelled amazing, but even the after-shower soap smell was so strong it made my super-sensitive boyfriend cough. That said, all of the spring scents sounded amazing, as well as things like Lime Cooler, Rook and Raven, Orange Mallow, OM Does anyone have a favorite horror movie that they love? Need a copy/DVD of? Don't do horror for the most part, the closest things to horror on my movie shelf are Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Sin City, and 13th Warrior Do you like smallish knitted stuff (hats, fingerless mittens, scarves, toys, etc. -- be specific!)? yes! all of it honestly, and a hat that covers ears without looking totally doofy would be awesome Do any of these knitted items appeal to you? all the ones left in the list. 😃 Easy Fingerless Mittens Pfeilraupe Asymmetrical Scarf Odyssey Shawl Rikke Slouch Hat How do you feel about thrift store finds (assuming they're in good condition and have been thoroughly cleaned before shipping)? bring 'em on! thrifted, re-homed, handmade, all of this is awesome. 9/20/19 I may have bought several full size Rituel de Fille makeup items in a frenzy over their whole vibe. If I tested something once or twice (and it can be sanitized), would you be interested? possibly? tested makeup is totally fine, I just don't know much about their stuff other than that people are nuts for them. when I wear makeup, it's mostly eyeshadow pigments (which get used as liner, I don't have separate eyeliners), and lipstick. I tend to gravitate toward warmer tones or bright colors for eye makeup, and lips can be either warm or cool toned reds, or more neutral tawny shades (like warm nudes, terra cotta, etc., but I can't wear pinks or peaches) I don't wear blush, and my foundation is custom concocted from like 3 different shades, so I'm a lost cause there. Are you interested in trying different skincare products from higher end, clean brands? As long as it's not some long complicated routine. I'm a 'remove makeup if I'm wearing any, wash face in the shower, slap on some moisturizer' type person. Any interest in anything from Torrid, noting their "fangirl" and Halloween collections are updated? The Pooh Bear raglan was kinda cute What on the following list would you like to receive something related to (or have something donated to in your and Joni's honor?) · animal rescue · pie · dogs · bears · turtles · inappropriate candies (either in shape or in contents—ex., boozy candies, creatively shaped peanut brittle…) Honestly, any...dogs and animal rescue are the things in that list closest to my own heart, but I think I know all the stories to appreciate any category. I'll be going to Seattle, London and Paris during this round- anything you'd love to have from any of these locations? I collect pins to stick on my knapsack, so ones from various places are awesome. Otherwise, dunno. I love good black tea, so that would be a London thing maybe? I know I drank a whole lot of tea when we did our England/Scotland/Ireland whirlwind a couple years ago. Is there anything you would particularly like from Japan? Stationary, bento supplies, a particular snack, etc. The fall flavors for kitkats this year are Chestnut, Sweet Potato and Apple Pie. I like pretty stationery, and black sesame stuff. 9/22/19 Thinking about really good natural food stores like Natural Grocers or Whole Foods, if you could have ANY bath and beauty or body care items, what would you love? Honestly, no idea. I wouldn't mind finding a good lip stain, but that's the only thing I know I could use. Also what kind of treats, snacks, foods, condiments, bulk items, teas, housewares from the same natural food stores would you love? gotta think on this and come back Also, are there any particular sustainable kitchen or household items you would love to receive? I love reusable food storage stuff, haven't gotten to try the reusable waxed wraps yet 9/23/19 Did anything catch your eye from the Liliths? I'd really like to try Boots, Bullseye, Health Goth, Lazy Daisy, Go Hawks, Social Justice Paladin, just in imp/tester form. I will be blind buying a bottle of Saturday Morning before they go just because I adore the Lilith and Pickle blends and get a bottle of whatever that year's is every year on principle. Would you like anything from Lush? not that I know of 9/26/19 Is there anything kind of weird and niche about which you feel this way, fellow witchees? As mentioned above, I love pins that I can stick on my knapsack. I also have a thing about found bits of places--a rock, a shell, a whatever from places I've been. Kickstarter (and similar): Any thoughts, witches? I'm kinda of two minds on Kickstarter? I love the idea and have funded things there and on Indiegogo, but since it recently came to light that they're anti-union, it's now kind of an 'eh' thing. Still supporting people and ideas that might be awesome, but a company shitting on its workers gets a cut of that...so. yeah, here we are. 9/28/19 Do you have an Etsy/Goodreads/Amazon or anything else wishlist you’d like to share? I have Amazon wishlists under my name, and on etsy my wishlist is under skyelyric, more to get an idea of my tastes than anything And what’s your preferred wrist/necklace size? necklace anything from choker to long is good, bracelets I like to be fairly close to wrist size so they don't flop about too much. I do like things like twisted wire cuff bracelets a lot Does anything from Bird & Blend take your fancy? The Elderflower Prosecco and Coconut Milk Oolongs, The Big Smoke Pu'erh, Smoky Russian or any of the plain black teas or earl grey blends. Honestly with tea, about the only thing I avoid is rooibos. Knitting questions have have been asked, but how about wash cloths, anyone need any? What colors?? I actually make a lot of crocheted washcloths myself, so this wouldn't be a need, per se, but I do use them. Colors probably blues or browns but not really particular. is there anything from World Market that tickles your fancy? I like the actual German Haribo gummies, and the halloween mix gummies they have are fun. Mostly we spend time in the foods, and tea...ooo, the Downton Abbey Rose tea is on my 'when they have a tea sale' list, it's like drinking Turkish Delight. Decoration-wise, dunno, it seems like they didn't have as much going on this year. I like little fall critters, and tend to do more low-key halloween decoration, more dark atmosphere than active halloween. 9/29/19 There's a special thing happening over at Rituel de Fille this weekend, where some gorgeous makeup items are coming back for just a couple of days. I'll be placing an order Sunday or Monday- anything that might strike your fancy, either from the special sale or from the site in general? (https://ritueldefille.com) The shiny stuff is interesting, but not something I actively need. How do you feel about tarot or oracle decks? Would you be interested in any (for artwork or for mystical purposes)? New or used? I love the idea, since I'd like to learn to read them at some point, and I do love some of the artwork (especially stuff like the crow deck or other animal/nature themed art). I have a miniature Ryder Waite deck, but I'm talking like 1" tall cards, so I've looked at them a bunch but not used them. Would pigment samples from companies like M.A.C. or Notoriously Morbid tickle your fancy? If so, what colors catch you eye? Sure and for colors as long as it's shiny, I don't do much with matte pigments. I did decide recently that I should have a bit of red eyeshadow in my arsenal. 9/30/19 do you have a favourite saying or quote? 'if you can't be a good example, be a dire warning,' 'as you slide down the banister of life, may all the splinters face in the right direction,' 'the miracle is not to walk on the water, or to fly in the sky, but to walk on the earth.' 'this, too, shall pass' How do you feel about spicy foods, and where on the Scoville scale do you hit your limit? I'm good with anything under 100k for the most part, I like hot food as long as it's flavorful. If it's something for me to cook though, I'm limited by the fact that my housemates are firmly below 50k. How do you feel about coloring books, especially those pertaining to a personal interest or fandom? Fun, I like to color once in a while to just chill out. 10/1/19 A few questions have been asked about knitted items--are crocheted equivalents acceptable? (crocheted fingerless gloves, shawls, etc.) Any fiber issues? I think 90% of things work just as well in knit or crochet, and I can be rather militant about that, lol. And no fiber issues, but I do like soft things. (and yes, if what you can afford to work with is acrylic, I LIKE ACRYLIC JUST FINE, seriously, I will never ever yarn shame anyone, and I'm pretty militant about that, too) About the Weenies: please list what you've bought or are definitely purchasing for yourself *as well as* what you would like to possibly receive from someone else! I caved and got some decants along with ones I ordered for my own witchee. The ones I'm interested in sniffing and didn't order are That 'Ere Wolf and the wilderness one, I did update my w/l accordingly. Dear Witchee, are you at all boozy? Anywhere between hard cider to straight whisk(e)y? And any interest in the "unusual" stuff? (unusual as in non-mainstream, local craft ciders or meads, regional fruit wines, experiments from local distilleries, etc) Why yes, yes I am, and I'm pretty varied in my tastes. I live in a pretty booze-happy location, hell, we're going to a 'Singing on Tap' event next week (the local chorale does them quarterly at various breweries and bars here). I like beer but tend toward the malty/grainy side rather than the hoppy, so no IPAs, etc. My favorites tend to be things like Belgian and Scottish style ales, fruity wheat beers, and the occasional stout or porter--one of our local places does a coffee stout, among their other excellent offerings, which is amazing (https://www.horseanddragonbrewing.com/). I like ciders, sweet stuff (fruit wines, mead, liqueuers (sp?)) in small doses, wine on occasion (but we're super classy and drink the boxed version mostly, because it tastes perfectly fine, and cheap), and for hard licquor, I mostly hang in the Irish whiskey and Scotch realm. Most of the rest only exists in mixed drinks. 10/2/19 Nail Polish: Do you need or want some? If so, what colors and brands are you interested in? This is definitely not a need, I just offloaded like 20 bottles for $2 at a yard sale to get rid of it. I like funky frosted or metallic colors, so if you see something really interesting, I'd probably love it. (some of my favorites are OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, BPTP October, and a few of the American Gods colors, just for reference) Does anyone else do nail wraps? never tried What about postcards? Love it Is anyone interested in anything from the Nocturne Alchemy Halloween release (or, presumably, anything else from the site)? How do you feel about salt? I don’t mean, like, salted nuts or potato chips. I mean straight-up salt, like alder-smoked finishing salt or Hana Flake sea salt. I love to cook and mess with food, so funky salts are awesome. 10/3/19 I am infamous for baking (shortbreads savory and sweet, poundcake, various cookies and bars), butter caramels (flavored or plain), and catnip. Are any of these relevant to you or your household? This was my question, but I'm up for any homemade goodies. 'Nip...I'm the crazy catless lady. I grow it and deal it. Do you like to cook and do you need/want any spices for such pursuits? Love to cook, but my spice drawer overfloweth. Would you wear any of these? Fern , Nuada, Manannan, Duleek Abbey or an infinity scarf or tube cowl tall enough for a hood (like this scarf or this cowl for shape example)? Hoods or things that cover my ears/neck are good. I do love shawls though I have a few (I just rotate). Do you have any utilitarian needs for everyday life? Things that would help or that you've been needing or wanting for work or whatever? contemplating What kind of vegan snacks do you like? And vegan chocolate...favorites? This probably doesn't apply to me since I mostly am finding vegan things for others.
  4. skyelyric

    No Coward Soul is Mine

    This is just incredibly beautiful. It starts off heavily lavender, but sadly my skin eats that pretty fast. What's left behind however does not disappoint, it's a gorgeous blend of soft wood and soft herby floral, neither camp is overpowering, and it hangs around in this state for quite a while. This really is a scent of gentle strength, it's not in your face, but comforting and fortifying. There's a little bit of something in the wood notes that reminds me of Lawful from the RPGs, as well.
  5. skyelyric

    Honey and White Carnation Bath Oil

    I'm really pretty delighted by this--If I smell deliberately for them, I get honey and carnation, but if I just sniff without thinking about it, you know that smell in springtime when all the neighborhood trees are in bloom and it's like sweet happy pollen and bees everywhere? This is exactly that scent to me.
  6. Green coconut, ti leaf, fir balsam, hyssop, and cypress. Oh wow, this is a morpher, but Twenty-Four Paragons is absolutely stunning. Seriously, skin test it before you consign it anywhere. In the decant and wet, the fir and cypress are at the forefront, clean and astringent but not overpowering, though it's hard to get much else underneath it. Over the course of the dry-down the evergreens fade, and I'd kind of forgotten I was wearing it until a billow of gorgeous creamy, slightly woody coconut showed up out of nowhere. On me this really bloomed when it hit the coconut state, and doesn't seem inclined to morph any further. I can't pick out individual notes, I'm guessing the woody/floral aspect is coming from the hyssop, and I'm not sure what ti leaf smells like to know what to attribute to it. Overall this is the surprise hit of the Lupers for me. Once it settles, I'd put this in the same family of scents as Intrigue, I think, with the woody coconut, but this is bright and creamy where I get a dark, slightly dusty feel from Intrigue. It reminds me a little of the coconut in Goldenrod Crab Spider, too, but without the tang of citrus from that blend. Overall impression, I cannot stop sniffing this. I liked the evergreen phase, I *adore* the coconut.
  7. skyelyric

    Thought Photography

    This is really quite lovely. When I first put it on I get the lavender, but it fades on me (and I don't know what palo santo should smell like), but I'm left with that elegant classic perfume kind of scent. Strangely it reminds me a fair bit of Seated Couple from the Lupers a couple years ago.
  8. skyelyric

    12 days swap 2017

    Are you coveting anything currently available from Haus of Gloi? Scrubs are always useful, and Snow Wolf, His Sweater, and Rosy Cheeked all sound nice, scent-wise Are you coveting anything from the Paintbox Soapworks update that just happened? Yuletide Mariner is one of my favorite scents from Paintbox Are you coveting anything from Cocoa Pink? never used anything from them How do you feel about pomanders? sure! How do you feel about savor soaps? scrubs or moisturizers in the non-foody range, like pipe smoke or the balsam and cedar, or something citrusy sounds good. Or Perfectly Posh? never heard of them, so no idea Favorite animals? all of them! dogs, foxes, dragons, frogs, little songbirds, hummingbirds, even the fuzzy wee beastie that ate all of my pea seedlings last spring (my neighbor has rabbits...like, ALL of them it seems). Weird question, but it's on my mind: Do you have a strong preference for consumables (soaps, candles, food, etc.) over other stuff? not a strong preference, but I like things I can use or things that have a purpose, and probably not a huge amount of soap-type stuff because I can only use so much. Would you be interested in one of the Colorpop pallets? Anything else from Colourpop? I have so. many. eyeshadows. probably set on the makeup front, though they look fun. Would you like any holiday music? if so, do you prefer a CD or MP3? either format is fine, and sure...holiday, non-holiday, quirky stuff you listen to because you hate holiday music, it's all good. Do you like toffee or fudge? love both Do you have feelings about fruitcake? We're talking whiskey soaked homemade fruitcake, not a brick in a festive tin. I've never had actual fruitcake, so I'd be down to try this. I am familiar with the old Claxton fruitbrick, and we make stollen every year and lebkuchen, which are sweet bread/cookie things with candied fruit (and I love both), but I've never actually had real fruitcake. Any strong nail polish and/or makeup preferences? I think I'm basically set on makeup, though I'm still hunting for a nice brick/tawny red family lip stain. Nail polish I don't wear often, but I love shimmery/metallic/etc., and kind of intrigued by mattes, but not a fan or cremes or anything with a lot of glitter. If I have to fight to get it off later, I won't generally wear it. Are you interested in anything from my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com...winklentwilight(bags, stuffies, hats, fingerless mitts, lefse cozies...) I love the knot bag style and that fox fabric is adorable. How do you feel about amigurumi (little crochet stuffies...animals, characters, ornaments, etc.)? love them, ornaments or stand-alone little things. If I were to crochet you something wearable, do you have any preferences? Do you like hats, scarves, gloves, other? And would you prefer something fun and whimsical (e.g. fox face hat or owl mittens), something delicate and pretty (e.g. lacy wraps or scalloped boot cuffs), or just something like a basic, no frills beanie or cowl? Do you have a Ravelry account and a list of favorite patterns? whimsical, pretty, basic, I love it all. Cowls, hoods, hats, handwarmers (just the tube with a thumbhole kind rather than the short finger version, I like my fingers free), or mittens, decorative scarf/shawlette type stuff that I can wear indoors as an accent rather than hidden under a heavy coat ...I'm not too picky and I LOVE wearing handmade things. on ravelry I'm firechild, I have favorites and a ginormous queue, some for me, some for other people/projects What kind of hot drinks do you like, and if tea or coffee or cocoa or cider or alcohol, give specifics? love any tea except rooibos, or anything with licorice root coffee, generally medium roast, no flavor or lightly flavored (though I can always mix in some plain) I like hot cocoa, generally not flavored though, just plain chocolate version. What kind of candles do you like, scent, etc? pine/christmas tree scents (like Yankee mistetoe for reference), clean or citrusy scents mostly, votive, tealight, little jars, wax melts, any are usable around here. Mixes or seasonings for the kitchen? I love to cook, so sure. About the only herbs I don't cook with much are rosemary, thyme, and tarragon, but anything not heavy on any of those is great. What is something new in your life that you wish you had more "things" for? other than knowledge/brainspace I wouldn't know how to answer this...patterns on ravelry? What are your top places to get a gift card from? amazon, joann fabrics are probably my most-used shops, penzey's spices Which holiday symbols/themes do you like the best (or least)? Such as Santas, snowflakes, reindeer, etc. My favorite winter visual themes are snow/ice, winter landscapes, winter plants (holly, spruce trees, etc.), animals Do you like puzzles? yes, both jigsaw type puzzles and brain teasers, especially word games.
  9. skyelyric


    Like everyone else, I get TKO on summer vacation. Daybreak starts with nearly straight up lavender, but as it dries, the coconut/vanilla softness makes an appearance. I have a smidge of TKO atmo left (never tried the actual oil), but I actually prefer Daybreak as a sleep scent. I confess I haven't worn it as a daytime scent for fear I'll just curl up in a snuggly ball somewhere and get nothing done.
  10. skyelyric


    Lizzie, I get the opposite reaction to you--when I smelled it in the bottle and wet on my skin, I was horrified at the chemistryfail, because it smelled like soured, rotting flowers, like when you leave something in the water in a vase too long. However, before it even dried down, I was surrounded in this beautiful, bright floral cloud...huffed my wrist, still not pleasant, but the throw was *completely* different. After drydown, what's left on my skin is a bright, almost fruity floral. I'll have to test this more with a more normal application than my suspicious tiny test.
  11. skyelyric

    Dead Leaves, Tomato Leaf, and Black Pepper

    Yay tomato leaf! I love that smell and I get it here, playing nicely with the sharp tang of the dead leaves (I always think of a pile of leaves after a fall rain, drenched, decaying a little, with a cold wind blowing the scent around)--basically this is my backyard right now...the end of my tomato plants with all the neighborhood leaves blown into my yard. On my skin, I don't get the black pepper, though I get some of it sniffing the bottle. Once it dried, I get a little bit of a powdery sweetness creeping in, but my skin tends to do that to a lot of notes, and it doesn't bother me. The scent in the air around me has that dry, crumbling vibe, but if I huff my wrist I still have the gorgeous tomato leaf hiding. Definitely a keeper for me.
  12. skyelyric

    Dead Leaves, Raw Leather, Bourbon Vanilla, and Clove

    While I can catch whiffs of the individual notes, on my skin this blends into a very nice overall haze of scent. The dead leaves in this blend don't have the tanginess that I expect with that note, they're gentled by the vanilla and clove into something almost reminiscent of scented tobacco to my nose. The leather is a soft, subtle one underpinning the rest of the scent. It's a littel sweet, but still unisex/masculine leaning. My overall impression is that of an older, scholarly gentleman's study with his pouch of pipe tobacco and well worn leather couches. I'm not super-enamoured of it to wear, but I would adore that vibe in an atmo. eta: my skin eats this. I'm not a slatherer by nature but if I use just my customary drop it's totally gone within half an hour, any throw or staying power requires a pretty heavy (to me) application.
  13. skyelyric

    SW '16 Q's

    9/19 Do you decorate for Halloween all year? If not, what level of decor do you have for Halloween? Hell no. I like the changing of the seasons and the different decorations that go with that, so my decorations rotate. Most of my decorating is more weather/season specific (but I do love christmas decorating), so at the beginning of November, the Weenie decorations go back away until next fall. =) I don't go all-out on Halloween decorating, it's more general fall and then some 'Ween decorations right around the holiday itself. Indoor/outdoor Halloween decorations? What do you do, and what would you prefer to receive? My outdoor stuff has to be a little bit restrained (townhouse), I put out a pumpkin and whatnot, but I can't go too nuts. I do a little indoor decorating, and I also decorate my cube at work, because hell, if I have to sit here 40 hours a week, it better have personality. What's your preferred Halloween decor style: classic/traditional (skulls, pumpkins, bats), kitchsy/cute, retro, elegant/Victorian, horror/macabre? I tend to go for mostly...nature themed? Bare branches, owls, moons, ravens, leaves, a little of the gothic/elegant thing, but a little more minimalist (like I have a couple of grey pumpkins with silhouettes on them, one a raven, one a spider). I don't really do kitsch (sp?) or horror and finally, What's your candy preference? fruit candies/gummies, caramel/toffee/honey candies, some chocolate (any shade of chocolate is fine, between the three of us we love it all), oh, and I do like licorice (sweet anyway, I was not a fan of salmiak when I tried it) 9/18/16 Fleece character hats? cute but not my thing, really...I tend to go more for knit hats and wacky colorful stuff. (and stuff that covers my poor ears) Some of my favorite hats with personality are a 'normal' knit hat with earflaps and little round ears on the top of the hat, a fleece hat with all sorts of multicolored strips of fleece tacked onto it to wave in the breeze, and a hat with fun fur in it that looks like I stuck my hand in a light socket. Who here is a Raging All THINGS HARRY POTTER fan? I’m not a raging collector of anything in particular, but I am quite fond of the HP world. (proud Hufflepuff fwiw) Do you like things with Pumpkin (or Pumpkin Spice?) I love pumpkin/squash food/baked goods, but I’m not overly fond of things that taste like pumpkin spice 9/17/16 Is there anything you would like to get from Japan? pretty stationery, the weird red-bean-mochi hard candies? virtual touristy stuff like a pin or postcard Would you object to re-using of clean mailing materials? re-use away! I love recycling sound packing materials, and would be happy if my witch did the same. 9/16/16 Is there anything you'd particularly like to get from the UK? touristy stuff, maybe a sweet? Oh, I love Fox's Glacier Mints and Fruits. World Market used to carry them here but haven't seen them in ages. Socks/sockdreams/etc: socks are good since winter is a thing here. crew or boot length would be most useful, and I do have large calves to contend with Anyone a nail polish fan? What colors interest you? I like it but I do have quite a bit. October from the Post is one I covet (it was on Etsy recently but I can’t justify the shipping for one nail polish). I definitely prefer shimmers and metallics, matte I’m on the fence about…don’t wear cremes or glitters (much as I love glitter, it’s so hard to get the polish off that I hate wearing it) 9/15/16 How do you feel about knitted stuff? love Fancy? Plain? any, I wear it all What types of things do you like to wear? that's terribly open-ended...in terms of jewelry, clothes, accessories??? I'm into beer. How 'bout you? yup Styles? not a huge fan of bitter stuff, most of what I drink tends to be belgian style ales and occasional weird stuff like prickly pear or grapefruit ales And booze? I enjoy Irish whiskey and Scotch, and occasional liqueuers to mix into coffee or mixed drinks. How do you feel about caramel? I love caramel. I make it also, but I wouldn’t say no to someone else’s. =) Salt or no? either With chocolate or without? without Would you be interested in home made food items? - garlic dill pickles - blackberry jam - dried honey crisp apples - applesauce (with or without red hots) - elderberry syrup (with honey and apple cider vinegar - great for immune boosting) - honey from our bees - rose petal liquor (made with our own rose petals and everclear but diluted down a bit so it doesn't knock you over) - baked goods of your choice, what do you like or dislike? I’d pass on applesauce since I do that myself, and probably minimal baked goods because of trying to minimize sugar, but anything else would be awesome. Would you be interested in project bags/pouches? I love bags and pouches, so sure. And to go along with the previous knitting question... Are you allergic to any fiber or do you know what kind of yarn you prefer? (merino, merino cashmere, merino cashmere silk, 100% silk, 100% cashmere, merino nylon, BFL, BFL silk, etc. Or do you like acrylic?) No allergies, and my preference is just for soft things. Acrylic is totally fine, doesn’t need to be fancy. (If you’re foisting yarn off upon me, I work with everything from thread/laceweight to bulky, and everything from bamboo/silk and alpaca to acrylic.) Would you want a quilted pot holder? Sure, I love handcrafted stuff. Do you have any prefered flavour of shortbread? plain or citrus 9/14/16: What are you interested in from the recent BPAL and BPTP updates? (Lilith, Lunacy, etc.) Think I have decants of everything I’m hoping to try…I think there was something in the first group of Weenies mentioned with leaves, leather and clove, and that sounds amazing. Would you like hibiscus seeds? I will take any seeds. I love growing stuff. Off-color needlepoint? sure…or snarky-but-work-appropriate
  14. skyelyric

    13days fall 16

    Anything here: http://paintboxsoapworks.com/ look like something you'd like to try (assuming that you're not already ordering it)? I love Paintbox in general…I did get several samples of Weenies so I can report back what is amazing to me. Do you like stuff related to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)? I do. My heritage is not Mexican, so I don’t want to do anything appropriative, but I’ve read a fair amount on the traditions, and I’ve always celebrated my family who have passed on, I still talk to them on a daily basis, etc., and I do set up a little altar for them for Dia de los Muertos. Knitted Items? sure! I love it all. Fandom/Specific Items? I don’t really fangirl over things, but my entertainment loves are Dr. Who, Inspector Morse and spinoffs, Welcome to Night Vale, World of Warcraft, old RPGs…specific items I magpie over are interesting rocks, pottery, pins for my knapsack. I also have a thing for Minions and various mashup shirts (I have Minion Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Firefly shirts, and I will someday get the Seagulls have the phone box shirt). Fall/Halloween Icons? ravens, owls, falling leaves, bare branches/trees, clouds over the moon, pumpkins, gourds (all those lovely atmospheric cliches, right? ) First, talk to me about soaps- do you like them, and what kinds of scents/lather/varieties do you like? I love soap: hot process, cold process, glycerin, hair shampoo bars…Scents pretty much follow my general scent likes—I lean kind of unisex/masculine in soap: green, herbal, woods, leather, some citrus and fruity things. I’m not a huge fan of scrubby soaps with bits of things that don’t dissolve or things like glitter in soap because they’re just scratchy to me. I’m a big fan of sugar scrubs for that particular need. Second, tell me about teas! Favorites? Anything you'd like to try? Favorite teas are generally black (flavored or plain) and herbal. I like green and white, also. I’m up for anything that isn’t rooibos or includes licorice root (the sweet aftertaste weirds me out). Some of my favorites are a rose mint white tea, Russian caravan, chai, and the cheapie herbal teas like Celestial Seasonings mandarin orange spice, lemon zinger, etc. I’m not a tea snob by any means. =) Lastly, I go to Renn Faire- is there anything from there you might like? no idea, I’m sure I’d love something, never been to a renn faire What Weenie of year's past are you seeking from the lab? I usually strike out on most Weenies because foodies don’t work on me, and I have a sensitivity to cinnamon. There are a few in my w/l from past Weenies that I never got to try…I wouldn’t mind tracking down a partial of 2012’s Autumn Coolness, or if that one ever comes back, the newer one…my favorite Weenie hands down is La Calavera Catrina. Are you a shawl wearer- and if you don't wear one now, would you? yes! love shawls, shawlettes, whatever. Tell me about LUSH- do you like them? If so, what are some of your favorite things from there? Particularly fond scents or products? Stuff you can't stand? I’m pretty much a Lush newbie…I know I had a little mini pot of lotion that I wasn’t super enthused with, it was cocoa butter I think and I didn’t like my hands smelling like tootsie rolls. I have a bath bomb from them that I haven’t had a chance to use yet. Japanese goodies? sure! stationery bits, treats…I like things like pocky because they’re not super sweet, gummy candies, and some lovely person once sent me a candy that was like a red bean mochi in candy form, and that was kind of awesome. I’d be interested in savory snacks, too. So, in this swap, you open a goodie every day. I have seen this gift direction done several different ways, but I am interested in which you are most keen to do. Would you rather: I’m happy with whatever…it’s kind of fun to have a specific goodie to open on special days (ex: getting a pair of halloween socks or something on the 30th to wear for Halloween), but however my scarecrow wants to organize is cool. The Witch is In/Out sign? I have that for my cube at work. Pumpkin Spice or No Pumpkin Spice? not so much with the pumpkin spice…I LOVE pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread…I don’t really want to be inundated with it in other things. Spice things that are not necessarily pumpkin are welcome, cinnamon tea, stuff like that. I’m not much on foodie scents though. Milk, white, and/or Dark Chocolate? white and dark are my preferences, but the beloved is a milk chocolate person, so anything is fair game, I’m happy to share treats Do you like Yankee Candle? Anything you want from there? honestly we don’t use a lot from them. mistletoe votives or tarts, or something more outdoorsy/clean Anything you have your eye on at BPTP? claw polishes like Le Lethe, Oneiroi, Temple of Dreams, Unseelie….if they come out with a Weenie polish in a shimmer or pearl warm brown, I would be all over that…I think there was one last year and I didn’t snag it Bath and Body Works - yay or nay? sadly, *hell* no. I don’t know what’s in their stuff, but it breaks me out terribly. Sock Dreams? I own precisely one thing from Sock Dreams: a pair of armsocks that I got in the spring cleaning swap and they’re awesome, I love them. I’m down for fun socks from there or otherwise with the caveat that I have big calves, so knee socks are maybe not a great plan.
  15. skyelyric

    Under the Mosquito Netting

    The lemon note is very clear on first application, but it very quickly fades on my skin, and unfortunately in the early drydown the very lovely incense note is marred by a tart citrus-y funk for the overall impression of citronella candle. The funk stage doesn't last long and turns back into faintly lemony incense; it's not offensive, but not quite my thing either. Pity since the incense note itself is lovely on me.