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    On me: Kindly Moon, Laudanum, Mania, Thalia, Djinn, Antique Lace, Et Lux Fuit, Peony Moon, Spooky, Embalming Fluid, Safari, Blood Moon, Vixen, Manhattan, Madame Moriarty, Whitechapel, The Empress, Fruit Moon, Usher, Oblivion, Dee, Theodosius, Dorian Observations on scent notes: Love: Red Musk, Clove, Citrus, White Tea, Green Tea, Plum, Nutmeg, Wisteria, White Musk, Lilac, Peppermint, Cardamom Usually like: Pear, Leather, Cherry, Carnation, Dragon's Blood, Other Musks, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Linen, Cassia, Lavender, Smoke, Other Teas, Ozone, Rose, Sassafras, Honeysuckle, Parchment, Gardenia Not enthralled or repulsed by: Pumpkin, Ginger, Bergamot, Tuberose, Lotus, Vetiver, Amber, Rosewood, Cedar, Fig, Alcohol, Tobacco, other Florals Usually dislike: Apple, Peach, Almond, Herby, Pine, Cocoa, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Lily, Verbena, Butter, Anise Makes scents go hideous on me: Honey, Jasmine, Frankincense, Orris, Violet


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  1. storme

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    In the imp: hmm, this is quite faint, and sort of dark-green-ish to my nose. On me, wet: ....very very faint. whispers of oakmoss and that faint tinge of plasticky snake oil beneath it. On me, dry: nope, that plastic killed the rest of the notes. I can just about sense an aquatic note fighting madly underneath, but it's a losing battle. Verdict: Blech, no, alas. I wanted the mossiness and it never really came out to play.
  2. storme

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    In the imp: huh, berry-citrus drenched in honey. On me, wet: Very sickly-sweet but that sharp berry is cutting through it a fair amount, and the neroli is helping. On me, dry: hmm, there's the vanilla and amber, and those sharper notes have mostly faded. Verdict: Enh, this isn't doing much for me, to be honest.
  3. storme


    In the imp: augh strong dry patchouli by the shovelful. On me, wet: so so so much patchouli, with a sprinkling of coconut meat. Kind of sticky to my nose. On me, dry: okay, it's sweetened and smoothed out a little now - it's creamier and less dusty-dry. But it's still very patchouli-prominent. Verdict: Alas, no, I think not.
  4. storme

    Sunrise With Sea-Monsters

    Ocean mist, kelp, ambergris, amber, white pear, osmanthus, freesia, and seafoam accord. In the imp: wow, that's.. yeah, seafoam. and freesia. and that bamboo-ish wateriness. On me, wet: yup, still sea-spray - aquatics and slightly soap saltiness and lots of watery florals. On me, dry: mmmm. the pear is sweetening it, and the amber and ambergris are warming it, and while it teeters on the edge of ocean-themed-soap sometimes it doesn't ever topple. Verdict: I have a fondness for aquatics, though I rarely wear 'em, and this ticks all my buttons for a nice aquatic. The imp can certainly stay here.
  5. storme

    Kubla Khan

    In the imp: very thick and heady florals and incense with lots of soap. On me, wet: soapy incense - it's weird, sort of smoky-clean. On me, dry: soft floral soap. Sigh. Verdict: The chances of this working on my skin were miniscule given the note list, but I love the poem. Ah well. Swap pile anyway.
  6. storme

    Schrodinger's Cat

    In the imp: citrus and lavender, sweet and jammy and rather good. On me, wet: lots of sweet, sugared lavender and fizzy citrus. This is very chirpy as a scent - the cat is alive, and very very playful. On me, dry: This is quite light now, but still has that bright, sweet tangy citrus/lavender to the exclusion of all else. Verdict: Keeping the imp, certainly, and I see other folks get different reactions each time so I'm sure I'll be retrying it again.
  7. storme

    Crypt Queen

    In the imp: wow, fruitier than I expected, with a muskier warmth underneath. On me, wet: dark, rich fruits with a musky rich earthiness beaneath. Very delicious. On me, dry: everything seems to take a turn at centre stage before it all calms and merges into a rich, dark, floral-fruit-musk-earth. Verdict: mm, very nice, and the SO approves too - glad I managed to get a bottle of this!
  8. storme

    Green Tree Viper

    In the imp: peppermint creams. oh god, that's delicious. On me, wet: I'm not a big Snake Oil fan, but somehow with the mint - well, it's just drinkably gorgeous, a voluptuous, sinuous sweet mint slithering around my sinuses. On me, dry: the mint cools down a little and lets the citrus out to play a bit, but mostly it remains a brightly sweet mint sensation and the citrus is just a tinge of lightness. Verdict: I was longing to try this, since I'm a sucker for minty scents, and my instincts were correct - it's utterly ravishable. Mmmmm.
  9. storme

    Delousing Powder

    In the imp: wow, powdery lemon and - is that cotton blossom? very fetching. On me, wet: this is very like Enraged Bunny Musk, that pretty powder (I say as someone who hates powdery scents otherwise) and lemon and general flounciness. On me, dry: hmm, it's turned a little soapy on me, but that lemon and girly powder are stilll there being all cute and quietly feisty - they're just extra-well-washed now. Verdict: I'll keep my imp around, I guess, but I don't think it'll replace the Bunny for when I want this sort of frilly powder scent.
  10. storme


    In the imp: a fresh, bright, almost ozone-ish floral. On me, wet: yup, still bright and green and sort of ozone-y, with a breath of a soft musk. It's just verging on soapiness, though. On me, dry: this reminds me of a dry cleaning product, talc or soap powder or something, and very faint. Clean, I guess, but not much else. Verdict: Pass - not really what I want from a scent.
  11. storme


    Pale musk, green mandarin, neroli, benzoin, citrus peel, blue lavender, narcissus, stephanotis, crushed green stems, willow branch and cedar. In the imp: very green and herbal, with a jag of lavender and neroli too. On me, wet: oooh, that warmed up nicely on my skin, sweetening and softening and smoothing out to a beautiful creamy floral. Beautiful. On me, dry: Hmm, and the citrus and the woods have really come forward, but wit the greenery and floral it smells a bit.. false, I guess. Verdict: doesn't quite gel into a scent I'd wear, and the SO didn't like it either.
  12. storme


    In the imp: dark, boozy chocolate, very rich and heady. On me, wet: wait, where'd all that richness go? it's stripped right back to light, sweet perfumey florals on my skin. On me, dry: urgh. those sweet florals and a powdery honey note and some heavy booziness lurking beneath. Verdict: No, this is not good on me, I think I shall go scrub this off before the booze really turns my stomach.
  13. storme

    And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt

    In the imp: a sticky, dark, herbal resin blend. Hmm. On me, wet: a dark, spicy, herbal resin. It's sort of smoky and pungent, but in a sexy way. On me, dry: Ye gods this has quite the throw. A smooth, mellow, dark-wood-and resin blend with a touch of spice and musk and pepper around the edges. Verdict: This is lovely - but my SO probably won't go near the stuff, and it's a bit butch for me personally to wear.
  14. storme

    The Dodo

    In the imp: cassia and red musk swamping everything else - pleasing but hmmmm. On me, wet: red musk makes me giddy as a note, and cassia is good too, so this is all good, even if the other notes are more or less absent. On me, dry: ah, there's the lemon peel and mango, sort of cutting sharply through the haze of musk and spice. I'm not sure it works, though - I think I'd rather have the pure cassia/musk. Verdict: Hmm, I already have Blood Moon, and I think that's more what I would want from this sort of thing. If I didn't, though...
  15. storme

    Leanan Sidhe

    In the imp: fresh misty greenery and herbal notes. On me, wet: soapy wet greenery and shampoo-ish florals. Dammit. On me, dry: yup, all soap and shampoo - florals and herbs and aquatics, I guess, but my nose just reads it as soap. Verdict: I think I'll pass, probably unsurprisingly.