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  1. storme


    Why I got this: shakespeare nerdery, plus clove and tea! Wet: clovey and sweet. Dry: warm, dry, sweet cloves, a very blended scent that feels comforting. Very nice!
  2. storme

    Großvater Tanz

    Why I got this: sounds like it might smell rice pudding-y? I hope? Wet: CAKEY Dry: rice pudding with a sort of spicy warmth to it and the merest hint of fruit in the background. Exactly what I'd hoped for, if a bit faint.
  3. storme

    The Fruit of Paradise

    Why I bought this: lab freebie Wet: VERY STRONG SWEET JAMMY FRUIT. I'm not sure I'd peg this smell as pomegranate exactly. I don't know that I have a strong scent association for pomegranate, but if I do, I think of it as less sweet than this. Dry: This is a single-note of whatever sweet fruit this is. I can't say it's a scent I need to hold onto, but I'm glad I tried it. Update: My wife hated the lingering traces of this, which lasted ages. It went a bit sour. Oh well.
  4. storme


    Why I bought this: almost entirely for the name (any variant of Kit/Kitt is meaningful for me) but also the notes sounded decent enough. Wet: a barely-there sandalwood. I went and applied more and it's just... really faint. Dry: Still super faint, though I can also detect a sort of cottony tinge. I think it'll go into my aging box.
  5. storme

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    Why I bought this: rose is a toss-up with my chemistry but the rest sounds like it could be divine. Lavender and saffron and white musk are all scents that work well on me. Wet: Rose! A very perfumey, nearly-soapy rose. Dry: Soapy rose, very sugary-sweet and drowning out anything else. Alas.
  6. storme

    Gingerbread Zombie

    Why I bought this: I love gingerbread, and I love peppermint. Wet: raw gingerbread dough with a faint hint of mint. Dry: SPICY. The other notes sort of take a backseat to strong gingerbread but that mint chocolate is still hazing on the horizon. I think it's a keeper for me.
  7. storme

    Dead Leaves on Fire

    I was actually hoping this would be MORE bonfire-ish! It's not that it doesn't evoke that, it's just that there's this peppery-sweet tinge to the smoke edge that makes me think of cloves or vetiver or something, more like a really good candle scent than a bonfire.
  8. storme

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    This is warm vanilla and amber sweetness with just a tinge of the cognac giving it a tiny, gentle kick (more like a nudge?). If you find Laces don't work well on you except for Antique Lace (that's my situation!) then this one also works nicely, and is very reminiscent of that.
  9. storme


    Yum yum yum, once dried this is basically the scent of my favourite vanilla tobacco blend from when I used to roll my own cigarettes, with a hint of coffee and shortbread. It reminds me of a winter's morning in my late teens. I... didn't know I missed this scent. What a lovely thing.
  10. storme

    The Witch/Strega

    This went on sort of woodsy and leathery, and then vanished completely for about an hour, and then blossomed again into a warm, skin-hugging beeswax-smoke-and-leather scent with the faintest tinge of rose in the background, not enough to sweeten it much but still just there. I like it but it's a 'jam your nose in my wrist or you can't smell it' sort of affair.
  11. storme

    Pumpkin Booze

    I was expecting this to be punchier with the booze or the spices swamping it, but nope: this stays a really *blended* scent all the way through, no one note dominating. It's buttery, sweet, has the subtlest warm tinge, and surprisingly light!
  12. storme

    Please Scream Inside Your Haunted House

    In the bottle: cedar, PSIYH's funnel cakes, and a sort of boozy background tinge? On wet: cedar, cedar, FRESH-CUT CEDARWOOD, then a surge of sweetness so it's sugar-dusted cedar, VERY strong. Yikes. Dry: Oh thank god, the cedar has faded down. It's like an old, well-worn piece of furniture filled with churros now. I can still detect the cedar but it's much, much fainter. The most prominent note on me now is cinnamon-sugar.
  13. storme

    Cozy Pumpkin Sweater

    I was gifted an empty bottle of this as a sniffie, and have tracked down a full bottle and it's yum. BPAL's wooly note (in here, and in Cafe Au Lait And A Woollen Blanket, for instance) is really soothing to smell on my skin, sort of a warm linen-tined vanilla-y feel, and I'm always about buttery pumpkin and pumpkin-spice-mix. It's a definite comfort scent.
  14. storme

    Banana Bread

    This smells so warm-banana-y when you open it! Like fresh-baked bananas splitting out of their skins in the oven. The rest of the bready scent comes through soon afterwards. and it's sticky, sugary, flavorful goodness. Yum!
  15. storme


    Lots of cookies, a sprinkling of leathery goodness, and lots of warmth and cosiness. Like clean, spicy, slight floral leather. I really like it!