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  1. storme

    Pumpkin Smut

    Wet: Oo. Oooooo. Pumpkin spicy, dark musky. Dry: A really nice pumpkin spice blend with a hint of honey and musk! I have similar things, but mostly I am vershocked. Smut historically does bad things on me! Maybe I need to give it more of a chance.
  2. storme


    Wet: a boozy, vanilla-ed patchouli, very warm. Dry: a strong patchouli and woods, softened and sweetened because of vanilla or rum or something along those lines underneath.
  3. storme


    Wet: dry, earthy patchouli, with a herbal note. Dry: Hnngh. I mean this is basically a dry patchouli single note now, but it's a feral, herbal, sexy kind of patchouli. Keeping even if I don't know when'where I could wear it.
  4. storme


    Wet: a very warm, dry patchouli with sweetness underneath. Dry: Lovely, soft honeysuckle-and-warm-base-notes blend. Cosy, somehow?
  5. storme

    Gingerbread, Tobacco, & Tonka

    Wet: oh, Oh. Rich sweet gingerbread with a very grounded tobacco making it even warmer and delicious. Dry: Hngh. This is so good. It's a rich, really *good* gingerbread-flavoured tobacco, fresh from the shop and making you wanna huff the container.it came in. I am utterly in love. Yum.
  6. storme


    Wet: ssssspices, in a good, warming way, like everything for chai kept in one drawer. Dry: a glorious melange of warm, sweet spices. Smells like there's honey in this even though there can't be or it'd explode on me. Beautiful.
  7. storme

    Dreams Shape the World

    I had to get this, as it's Morpheus from the Sandman. Even if I don't like this, I'm keeping the bottle. Wet: medicinal sharp lavender cut with warm amber and musk. Gosh. This is very nice. Dry: A slightly unsettling lavender and warm musk and maybe some floral oudh, never quite evening out. Has a hint of something like carrot seed in it, too. Reminds me of something else I've tried recently but I can't bring to mind what it is. Anyway, very good, honestly, I love the slightly acrid lavender tone over that warm deep background.
  8. storme

    Et Lux Fuit

    The lab sent me this as a frottle! I actually used to own a bottle of this but it got sold in the Great De-bottling. I remember liking it back in the day, we'll see how it's aged. Wet: sweet orange-and-yellow florals with a tinge of citrus! Oh, this is pretty. Dry: Bright, sweet honeyed florals with a strong yellow/orange trend. Very feminine, somehow, but not girly--womanly, rich and unctuous. I can tell why I sold my previous bottle, given how femme this is, but I like it and I'm glad to have another shot at it.
  9. storme

    Lil' Menes' Feline Entertainments

    Wet: soft woods, strong animalistic musk. Dry: herbs, woods, powdery musk? A vague sense of rain-sodden undergrowth at the back of the scent, too. It's a really interesting scent.
  10. storme

    Amour Fou

    Wet: moss and cologne and citrus? Dry: a very nice cologne, with the moss and leather and vetiver blending into a warm even tone beneath the chypre. Has a very smart and slightly old-fashioned masculinity, in a classy, three-piece-suit-and-ascot way.
  11. storme

    The Shell Box

    Wet: shimmering is right! Sandalwood with salt and bright sparkling flashes of floral. Drydown: This smells like it might go a bit too lily-ish, which is worrying. Dry: Soap, but the nicest possible sort of soap? This smells really fresh and clean and the sandalwood gives it a woody tone.
  12. storme

    Gingerbread and Leather

    I've never reviewed this? This is one of the most delicious gingerbreads I have, up there with Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla and Gingerbread, Patchouli, Leather and Dark Musk. The gingerbread just blends beautifully with the leather and clove and tobacco to make this smell, frankly, drinkable. It's so gorgeous.
  13. storme

    Surprise Ejaculation

    Wet: Bubblegum. Very pink. Dry: Very pink, very pretty, very--alas--faint. I bet this rocks on people who don't apparently absorb some perfume entirely. If bubblegum pink and floral sounds good, you'll enjoy this!
  14. storme

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    Wet: mostly orange blossom, with a spicy twinge. Dry: The neroli has all the throw but up close this is spicy/clove and lovely. Hm. I can't tell if I like it or not! I think I err on the side of liking it but mostly because clove makes me happy.
  15. storme

    To a Wreath of Snow

    Wet: lavender with warm, slightly smoky florals and resin in the background. Dry: Yum! I expected this to be more lavender-centric somehow, but it's a gorgeous sophisticated floral/resin blend. Very very pretty indeed. I can't stop sniffing my wrist!