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  1. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Pumpkin Spice Sanguinem Menstruum

    just did a decant of this and wanted to come here to note that it is ORANGE. like super duper milky cloudy orange. there was one of the 'Weenies that looked a lot like this. thankfully they smell really really different. i'm... coming down with something so my smeller's not smelling things very well but i do get that pumpkin spice* smell, with a little bit of something almost floral-y? don't really get any of the original SM though. * = i don't like that pumpkin spice thing. i love pumpkin, and pumpkin pie, and nutmeg, but whatever's in that "pumpkin spice" flavour/smell that took over this time of year, i don't like it. (i also don't drink coffee, use any kind of pepper, eat ketchup or mustard, but i love fruitcake and will happily drink straight Golden Grain)
  2. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Pumpkin Dust

    i'm from Georgia. and i adore peaches. fresh, canned, cobbler, however you wanna serve it up, i loves me some peaches. i also like pumpkin. not that "pumpkin spice" thing, but actual real pumpkin-flavoured-pumpkin. no spices needed. actually, i like most orange foods. except mangoes, and peppers. a few years back we had the Pie update and there was a Peach Cobbler scent that made me sad because it didn't really smell like peach cobbler to me. this, though? this smells like peach cobbler. not a fancy one, but the "dump" kind you make with canned peach and a cake mix. i've tested it about five times so far and i keep gettin' straight up peach cobbler. which i'm totally ok with.
  3. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Ghost Music

    most white musk goes straight to Tide / laundry detergent for me, and i just can't do it. too high-pitched and headachey. Neroli more often than not will smell like Fritos corn chips to my nose. i've had perfumes (not just BPAL, but commercial ones, too) that had violet root and violet leaves as a primary note and i've liked them, and i adore iris scents. honeysuckle, i like real ones - they're one of my favourite flowers - but in perfume it almost always has something not-quite-right about it. lavender i only go for if it is sweet like TKO or Lilith's Lavender. so, all that aside, this is really pretty. surprisingly pretty. it is soft and clean and kinda reminds me of some fabric softener i had a while back. i don't get any white musk or any Fritos. and the lavender, while not as sweet as TKO, isn't the medicinal/minty kind, either. so... yeah, kinda like getting a hug from a friend and they use a different kind of laundry soap/softener than you do. a snuggly, comfortable hug of a scent.
  4. TrailerTrashPrincess

    413 U.S. 15 / Miller Vs. California

    yesterday i opened one of my BPAL boxes and reached for something but... apparently i grabbed the bottle beside it instead of the one i meant to pick up. i was getting dressed in a hurry to go run errands so didn't think too much of it. anyhow, i got into the box again today to try and figure out what i wore, and picked this up and put it on again - that's what i wore yesterday. and after a couple hours i figured out what it reminded me of, so i got that bottle out and sprayed some on my other wrist. so i have this on my left, and a different scent on my right. and while they're not 100% identical, they're darn close. so. for any fans of Electric Youth, this might be a good substitute. eta: this is the newer version. i have both but the one i have on right now is the new one.
  5. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Hexennacht (2008)

    i loved this. i loved it SO much. i didn't much like the older one, but the '08 was just lovely. i went through... several bottles. now that i sold the last decant i had stashed away - 'cuz i knew i'd never use it - i figured i should jot down my thoughts. when it was fresher (oh, a decade ago) there was a bit more forest in there. woodsy-chilly-trees, deep in the woods where the sun never really hits. never got bonfire smoke, but there's a skin musk and the powdery amber. and the memory of trees. it is almost like the memory of a most excellent night, in a bottle. i hope we get this back again someday.
  6. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Eldritch Bloom

    Black plum, opium tar accord, black patchouli, white sage, ti leaf, and heady white orchid. the main image for this is... beautifully creepy. and that's also what my first thought was, upon sniffing this in the bottle. beautiful... and creepy. i love the BPAL orchid, and i think that's part of what's giving it the creepy~ness. i adored the long-discontinued Regan and this is just about the closest thing i've smelled to that in ages. this isn't as sweet, the plum and patchouli give it a warm purple-y depth, but there's still an orchid-y-ness to it. the patchouli doesn't stand out, though, so patchouli or sage haters don't necessarily fear this one. k? there's a hair gloss that this reminds me of, a teensy bit, but i've got the brain-fog and can't place it. i'll figure it out, though.... could it be wicked matriarch?? my nose isn't the best and my skin is weird... so hopefully other folks will post with better, more eloquent reviews. *** i was messaged by someone who wanted to know what the label art looks like, since i mention it is creepy. it is the main image from the Kickstarter for this scent, with the words at top/bottom cut off, but otherwise (as long as this link works) this: ...edited again because i was a 90s goth girl, but i'd never heard of Kambriel. i hadta look that one up.
  7. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Diabolical Fantasia

    Smoked agarwood, tobacco absolute, brittle white musk, King mandarin, and neroli. i don't wanna be first. i have whatever it is that makes neroli smell like fritos, so i'm always wary of neroli in things making it smell... snacky. but this doesn't have that problem. i also tend to register white musk as detergent, but again, not in this blend. there is something creamsicle~ish about it, but in a gorgeous, stylized way. this is gorgeous. seems incense-y and is really just lovely. i'm not getting a tobacco note, but i figure it is the smoked agarwood that's making me think incense because Aloeswood is my faaaaavourite incense scent. (more than nag champa, even). honestly i think if there was no white musk in this i'd be obsessing over it. as it is, i think it is gorgeous, though. *note: i'm on the verge of a migraine and my chemistry is doing some wonky stuff, and i'm not feeling 100%, so i might come back and update with a re-test on a more normal sort of day.
  8. TrailerTrashPrincess

    De Sade - Resurrected

    i still have an imp or two of the old, original one. i so wanted to like it because i love the smell of new, high-quality leather. (i don't buy new leather, only secondhand, but i don't begrudge anyone who does. because then i get to smell it!) ...but i never liked the original. i hoped, perhaps, this new version would be more what i was wanting it to be... but, sadly, it isn't. don't read the spoiler if you like this scent, or want to like it. ok? for folks who wanted a Dead Man's Hand or Quincy Morris type, sorry, this isn't it.
  9. TrailerTrashPrincess


    dry elm bark, amaranth, warrior’s musk, and Odin’s Nine Herbs of Power. in the imp and wet on my skin, this is so delicious. strangely like Miskatonic University, but minus the irish coffee. dry woodsy (but no cedar or pine or anything readily identifiable), and something like maybe a brown musk... and something that might be hay-ish. i could certainly envision a Viking smelling like this. a Viking fond of his soap. or maybe even the favourite soap of a Viking smelling like this. (did you know you can still buy the soap that George Washington used? And JFK for that matter. they didn't use the same soap, but the same company. That company - Caswell Massey sells a 3-bar box of those two, plus the one Eisenhower liked. i never much cared for Eisenhower's favourite, but George and JFK woulda been some fine-smellin' dudes. 'splains a lot about JFK in hindsight, i guess.) sadly after a couple of hours this turns into something that reminds me of Ivanushka. it goes very pickle-y.
  10. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Deadly Nightshade Honey Bonbon

    i held on to this bottle for ages, because it smells so nice in the bottle but just never worked on my skin. now that this bottle is going on to a better home, i figured i should share the notes i had in the box with it. something about this reminds me of a cologne my Daddy wore at some point. it doesn't really smell like chocolate, and it also doesn't really remind me at all of regular Deadly Nightshade Honey. this is kinda like a sweet cigar - unlit. but on my weird skin, the Lab's honey note dominates everything... and i can't stand it. i love honey, but apparently only east coast honey and not west coast honey. boo.
  11. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    i've got a little squatty bottle of this that i've had sitting on my desk for over a year. (a sale that fell through and i just never got around to dealing with moving it). and for some reason i opened it and put a drop on the top of my hand a little while ago. didn't really mean to, was thinkin' about trying one of the mainstream (non-BPAL) perfume samples i've gotten in the last week. anyhow, then i got wrapped up in other stuff and forgot. until i had my hand near my face and wondered when i'd put on Black Opal. which i do love Black Opal and i do still have some and could do a comparison, but somehow this year-and-a-bit aged Zorya P turns into something very much like Black Opal on my crazy skin. that is to say ... it is very like Ombre Rose (not BPAL, but also not hard to find).
  12. TrailerTrashPrincess


    i dunno if this was discontinued or if it is just out of stock. another one i held on to for years because it almost worked. but just not quite. on me it settles into something halfway between Penny Dreadful and "craft store" ... you know that kinda generic craft store smell, that's part unfinished wood, paper, artificial flowers, hints of potpourri, and whatever it is that makes those stores tend to smell faintly similar no matter if they're chain stores or not? it is a lot nicer than i'm probably making it out to be. a little warm, a lot like balsa wood, and something my brain wants to call sugared dirt, which might sound gross to you but it smells amazing to me.
  13. TrailerTrashPrincess

    The Night-Raven

    i've held onto this for years because it smells so amazing in the bottle. never seemed strong enough to wear in a locket, and just wasn't as good on my skin as i wanted it to be. not as much as it seems like it should have been pretty much everything except the jasmine is just the sort of thing i gravitate towards.... jasmine usually goes poo, or just wrong somehow. so i'm blaming jasmine for why this doesn't work on me. there's this deep plummy-purple (verging on Money House) incensey, patchouli-y deliciousness with the faintest wafts of the almost-rose that is geranium. but hinting around the edges of all of that is something poopish, or even almost the tiniest bit civet-y. finally posting my notes since this bottle is going on to a better home.
  14. TrailerTrashPrincess

    The Gold Room

    this is the third time i've worn this and my gut reaction each time is "Champagne Christmas" i adore the Lab's champagne note, but not the honey. tobacco flower is almost always amazing, and any apple that isn't sour-candy-apple is usually good by me. somehow something in this turns into a close approximation of that frankincense-and-myrrh scent that is the typical "Christmas" scent. but with fizzy champagne. ever been in one of those Christmas-all-year-round stores? the ones i've been to have that scent, with hints of hay and packaging materials. if someone handed me a flute of champagne while walking around one of those... that's the kinda vibe i get from this scent. can't 'splain it, but that's what it is. sadly while it is glorious and gorgeous, it is also headache-inducing for me. boo.
  15. TrailerTrashPrincess


    It smells like spiders getting drunk. It smells like Seabiscuit and your parents getting divorced. A scent for the consummate gentleman thrasher: Oiled black leather, grease paint, and aftershave. i'd been waiting for someone else to get this going, but i guess everyone else was doing the same thing? i suck at being the first, so forgive me. in the bottle and wet on my crazy skin, it smells like a cute boy who uses Irish Spring soap. which i love that scent, so i'm fine with that. after it settles in, and for about six hours after, it is a cute boy who's used Irish Spring soap, but now is wearing a heavy black leather motorcycle jacket. i can't say i got greasepaint, but that is a smell i know... maybe my brain's translating the greasepaint note into "cute boy" ? overall, i really like this... and it is yet another in my BPAL collection that is essentially a memory in a tiny bottle.