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  1. TrailerTrashPrincess

    502: BAD GATEWAY v1

    admittedly it has been a whole lotta years since i last tried Ü (the Mutter Museum scent) but once this settles onto my skin, that's what it reminds me of. a touch less dry and a teensy bit maybe something like brown sugar in there? maybe it is the patchouli making me think something brown-sweet, though. i'd say this is on the masculine side of unisex, and could also make a nice room scent if you wanted a resin-y sort of scent that didn't lean towards cedar or frankincense/myrrh. i admit i bought this for the name, because the Error 502 is one of the most frustrating things to try and resolve from the tech back-end perspective.
  2. I tried to send you a message about my missing order and it's saying you can't receive messages. What's up? Are you ok?

  3. I sent you a pm about my order, please read & respond! 

  4. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Snakes in the Last Snows of Winter

    i couldn't tell you how many times i've been to the beach in Florida/Georgia/Alabama/Carolina. usually too hot, stinky, sandy beachy. i happened to be in Florida one year when it snowed and seeing snow on the sand was kooky, but i still didn't care for the beach even then. i don't like the ocean. but the beaches i've seen from TV shows from the UK are so different. like pebbles instead of the yellow sand, and often it just looks too cold to be in anything but a coat. my real visual is this, i admit: i haven't left the US, so if i'm totally wrong, well, forgive me, i mean no insults. probably doesn't smell any better there, but the visual is just so different! anyhow, to me this isn't Snake Oil and anything snow-y. not really. it is more like Snakes Join The Doctor and Romana, in the Leisure Hive episode, and hang out on a beach like that one. cold and pebble-y. it smells cold, and ocean-y. like maybe Snakes smell different when they're all bundled up for the winter? it reminds me of a scent from one of the older Lilith updates - i'll need to get them out to figure out which one. Like maybe Yaksh or Humpback Whale? whichever one it is i'm thinking of, it reminded me of the way our hotel room at Ballys smelled when we went there for our wedding.
  5. Hey!

    I’ve been trying to contact you for a month now. Please reply!


  6. Hi, any update on the Luper circle? It looks like some people have gotten their shipments while a lot of us are still waiting for them to be shipped (and also to try to give you more of our money for stuff you're trying to get rid of)!

  7. Hello!!!!


    I was hoping you still had Samhainophobia 2013 and Witchblade? 


    Thank you!



  8. I’ve been trying to pm you, have you gotten them? 

  9. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Bears of Berlin

    this could very well have been called Gingerbread Herr Drosselmeyer '05. i don't like rum. or the rum note in scents. but Butter Rum is one of my favourite candy flavours... i've never actually had buttered rum in real life but the recipes i've seen for it sound tasty. i don't wanna make a batch of it just for one sip to see if i like it, though. i don't get anything Grog-y or really even anything at all booze-y out of this. it is vaguely foody, in a late-December-holiday kind of way.
  10. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Galerie des Glaces

    Lilith in the Hall of Mirrors: marble and gilded bronze, Venetian mirrors and a drop of poison.  Galerie des Glaces is, like, somebody took all the glass from House of Mirrors and put it all in really over-the-top ornate gilded frames. i should mention that i adore House of Mirrors (not the HG version, just the perfume oil version). so, in the bottle and wet before it really settles into my skin, it is very House of Mirrors~ish, but with something warmer and maybe peach/apricot~ier around the edges. but after an hour or so it morphs almost exactly into Casmir but without that Chopard back-note. i also like Casmir and have many variants of it, just FYI. based on the notes, i think a lot of folks who might really like this might've skipped it so i wanted to post my thoughts even if they're not so much a review as a babbling stream of comparisons. amber-y (but not powdery), glass, almost ozone but without the high-pitched headacheyness, almost white musk without the detergent-y-ness. petrichor in a warm fuzzy sweater, and something peach-ish hovering in there somewhere. such a pretty poison.
  11. TrailerTrashPrincess

    The Ghost of a Ghost’s Ghost

    this smelled so familiar when i was decanting it, and i've narrowed it down to that it reminds me of an old* Lush product. (*i love the smell of a lot of Lush stuff, i was a loyal fax-and-mail-order customer of The Body Shop, ordering overseas from their UK office, starting way back in the late 80s, then followed through the various incarnations. up until a couple of years ago when i just couldn't justify the expense anymore. still love the smells. still using up stuff from my ancient stash. haven't bought anything new from them in 2+ years now, though, and still have never set foot inside a Lush store. maybe someday! even though there's [at least] one in Atlanta now!) whatever it was that i think this reminds me of was yellow, with either dandelions or chamomile or tiny yellow flowers of some sort embedded on the top. i think it was a hair product. but i didn't use it as shampoo or conditioner as it was intended, i used it as either soap or a lotion block. probably why i can't remember what it was called. i tested this tonight and i'd have sworn this was some sort of chamomile, white tea, maybe tonka, kinda thing. i never in a zillion years would have guessed this was oakmoss, lavender, aloeswood, patchouli & rockrose. i do adore aloeswood, though. and patchouli. if the idea of a light, clean/crisp/refreshing sort of could-be-soap smell, that's chamomile-y, slightly astringent without being bitter, and yet just a little bit earthy sounds good - don't be afraid of giving this one a try. if you're not a fan of oakmoss or patchouli don't let that scare you off. i like both and still never would have guessed they were in this.
  12. TrailerTrashPrincess

    The Gibbous Moon

    while decanting this, probably a week ago, i spilled a little (horrors!) and tonight i found the yarn i used to sop it up and wondered why it smelled so good. after a week of chilling on some (acrylic) yarn, it was like honeysuckle and moonflower. maybe a touch of orris, but no moss and no cucumber. i always expect white ginger to smell like my college roommate Rebekah's awapuhi shampoo (which smelled good on her, but i hated it on me, and out of the bottle). overall, a beautiful soft floral but leaning towards being high pitched and likely way too floral for most.
  13. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Frostbitten Jack

    almost exactly Snow White. i don't understand it, it shouldn't be, but it is. i buy Snow White because it smells like a certain memory. i can't wear it, it goes funky on me, but this - on my skin, smells the way Snow White does in the bottle. maybe just a little warmer (might be the pumpkin [not pumpkie pie, just real, straight pumpkin], and i do love pumpkin!).
  14. TrailerTrashPrincess

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    the Strawberry Sufganiyot is one of my top 50 BPAL scents, ever. might be top 25. fresh blueberries are ok but in muffins and baked goods, so yum! (and, to be honest, even artificially blueberry flavoured things like cereal and instant oatmeal are fine by me, too) i had braces for 9 years, and had it drilled into me to not chew gum, so i never was much of a gum chewer. it hurts now, and i wasn't supposed to then. but boy did i love the smell of it, back in high school. and this, on me, smells like sun-warmed grape bubblegum, leaning towards the Blueberry Muffin doll from my Strawberry Shortcake collection. so a little bit grape bubblegum, and a little bit plastic doll-head, with eau de faux blueberry. i might just like it more because of that, than if it had actually smelled like blueberry pastry on me.