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  1. Amoraexcena

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    I couldn't put my finger on what this reminded me of at first. Then I was reading a bit about Only Lovers Left Alive (as I ordered some Ava/Eve), and vampires... And it hit me. It's The Girl! I had a bottle of The Girl that I let go of. Something about that scent curdled on my skin, and I sadly couldn't wear it. Best for someone who could give it the love it deserves, right? Zorya is a version of The Girl that I can wear. It's definitely a cool, ethereal floral-vanillic-amber-musk. More similar to the original Antique Lace than the most recent reincarnation of AL, which I find much sweeter and almost-foody vanilla. This is much more crystalline and certainly not edible, but I find it very wearable. So does my boyfriend. On him, it's a little more musk-forward. Just ordered another bottle to tag along with Ava and Eve. If you ever need a The Girl replacement, this is definitely along those lines. It works way better than TG on my skin so big winner for me. Top 5 maybe. So glad it's not an LE!!!
  2. Amoraexcena

    Kamisuki Hair Gloss

    So I tore myself away from Moon Reflected for a brief moment to try using this, and it's gorgeous. Agree with all the reviewers - it's refreshing white tea and cherry blossom, with strawberry adding sweet fruitiness, making the blend gourmand, not floral. In my hair, it's more than a drop of strawberry - I'd say it's equal parts strawberry, cherry blossom, and white tea. It screams sunny, breezy spring day to me, so I'll go back to Moon Reflected and IBT while the temperatures are still in the single digits here, but I imagine this will be my go-to soon. I really wish Ted would sell soap/shampoo/co-wash/conditioner with this scent. They would be marvelous.
  3. Tonka absolute, ylang ylang, benzoin, and smoked vanilla musk. This is an extremely richly sweet scent. I was hoping for something a little more mild, but this is full-on, BPAL-strength smoke-heavy vanilla-musk and ylang ylang. It's sexy and sultry and bordering on cloying. Subtlety isn't the specialty here. It's kind of what I imagine Ted and Beth's bedroom to smell like, actually... If it had a bit more dark incense or something. If you like "classic" BPAL heavy-sweet vanilla, don't let this pass you by. If you want anything lighter, this is not for you.
  4. Amoraexcena

    The Moon Reflected in Every Rice Paddy Hair Gloss

    A similar rice note to Boomslang, but for me it's better without the cocoa - it blends perfectly with the vanilla and musk. I can't tell what iris root smells like, but I imagine something grounding it. For me the scent is quite strong - I applied after blowdrying my hair. It's lasted 8 hours and is still going strong. It smells sticky-sweet yet refined and comes in lovely wafts when my hair moves or when I run my fingers through it. Love. I'd want this in perfume form too.
  5. Amoraexcena

    De Vos’ Unicorn

    To me, this is a lovechild of Sugar Plum Fairy and TKO. Gorgeous, sweet, vanilla-marshmallow-peony with a soft, calming dusting of lavender. I don't get any rose, and I usually amp that note to the high heavens. It's my favourite peony scent by BPAL for sure, and my favourite BPAL scent this year. I got one for one of my best guy friends and he's also obsessed. It's stunning. I think I need another bottle or two of this!!! Edit to add that the drydown of this is similar enough to Antique Lace that I'm probably going to hoard this like crazy. The throw isn't as much, but it waffles and lingers in much the same way, too. LOVE this, going to get at least three more... Get this if you like sugary florals like Mouse's LST, Antique Lace, Sugar Plum Fairy, TKO, Butterflies Flowers and Jewels Attending, and Hope & Faith!
  6. Amoraexcena

    Implacable Beautiful Tyrant Hair Gloss

    This is perhaps my favorite scent since Antique Lace. It's a gorgeous sweet resin-centered blend, with oudh adding depth while ginger gives it a slightly airy top note. In its golden feel it reminds me of Haloes, Morocco, and Lyonesse. The throw works a lot like Haloes too. It doesn't really smother you in scent like some BPALs do, but more of a wafter - you won't smell it all the time (and thus desensitizing you), but will waft when you move. I only used 2 squirts though, so if you wanted to be enveloped in this, I'm sure you could use more. Brilliant, 10/10. A must-try for anyone who likes sweet amber. I got a bunch of Silkybat as well this order, and I had overinflated expectations for that one and IBT. The former was nice and I'll definitely use my bottle, but IBT exceeded my high expectations. THANK-YOU PUDDIN' for making this a GC, because I'm sure I'll get one with every post order from now on.
  7. Amoraexcena

    Snow Scents!

    Awesome list I'm not usually a huge fan of snow (the only one I wear regularly is Snow Moon '05) but I can't wait to try Go to Sleep, Darlings. It sounds too lovely.
  8. Amoraexcena

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I can't wait to try Hesoid's Phoenix. Looks like a great amber-vanilla...
  9. Amoraexcena

    Aromatherapy recs for NaNoWriMo

    IBT hair gloss. And while you're at it, you can add a description of the smell of your character's hair somewhere.
  10. Amoraexcena


    Interesting. This is much less sweet, especially just out of the box, than I was expecting. It's got a slightly medicinal sharpness that reminds me of fresh Snake Oil. SO takes three years of aging before I can wear it... I wonder if this is going to take as long? That said, this isn't unpleasant as is, not at all. I would just love if it were a little sweeter. It layers well with Banshee Beat so that's how I'll be using it for now!
  11. Amoraexcena

    Mrs. Palmer's Establishment Atmosphere Spray

    Mrs. Palmer's Establishment is a little sweeter than I anticipated. It definitely has a cherry pipe tobacco vibe to it, but thankfully the leather, patchouli and vanilla counterbalances it. It works really well with Mahogany Hall - especially when I'm not in the mood for too much sweetness in the room, I spray Mrs. P once and MH twice. Great combination
  12. Sugar Plum Fairy!!!! watermelony goodness for the summer The Wiley Grasser Snow Moon 2005 Tamamo no mae Sibyl Dorian Banshee Beat
  13. Amoraexcena


    Definitely honeydew juice concentrate in an imp. On my skin, Yemaya became significantly more complex. It reminded me of Titania a bit - icy cool, fresh and fruity, pale mint/blue in feel. There's definitely some lily in there - I amp lily, and I have a feeling that on someone else this could be a lot fruitier. On me, it's about half floral, half fruit. Maybe a smidge of darker green moss in there, but barely detectable. Quite nice! I don't usually like lily of the valley perfume but this has enough honeydewy sweetness to temper the screaming white floral.
  14. Amoraexcena

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Lyonesse burns my skin in its pure form, which is SAD because I love the scent However, I've found that dilution - specifically, making it into a solid perfume - has worked wonders. No more burning!
  15. Amoraexcena

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I love Liz... so glad to see it get some love