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    Two words: eccentric gourmand Favorite Blends: GC: Antikythera Mechanism, Bastet, Blood Amber, Blood Kiss, Blood Pearl, Brisingamen, Dana O'Shee, Dance of Death, Defututa, Depraved, Dragon's Bone/Heart/Milk/Musk, Eat Me, Elegba, Event Horizon, Fae, Fuck You Said the Raven, GOBLIN, Hecate, Helle's Belle, Hetairae, Kali, Le Lethe, The LIGHTS of MEN'S LIVES, Lurid, Lyoneese, Medea, Morocco, Mouse's Long Sad Tale, O, Old Demons of the First Class, Penitence, Penny Dreadful, The Phantom Wooer (on the rare occasion I want an airy floral), Red Queen, The Rose, Scherezade, Shub-Niggurath, Spellbound, SNAKE OIL, Qandisa, Tezcatlipoca, Tobacco Honey, Velvet, Vixen, White Rabbit, White Rider, Y'ha-Nthlei (crazy, right! the rare citrus)GC Unimpables: The Best Lies, THE BOOK, THE CAT, Fuck You Said the Raven, Dawn:Mother, Hippie Ghost, Door, The Other Miss Forcible, VILF, The Witch QueenLE: Achluophobia, All Souls, the Arbor, Bezoar, Blood Popsicle, Bloody Banister, Cherry Sugar Cookie, Dragon Smooched Snake Oil, The Elephant's Leash, Gingerbread Snake, Go To Sleep Darlings, Hallow-e'en 1914, Hesiod's Phoenix, Ill Omen, Ivory Vulva, Krampus, Mariposita(It was a hearfelt gift the first time I met Beth! Sniff!), Not So Penitent Mini Magdalene, My Little Grotesque, Now Winter Nights Enlarge, O Love and Time and Sin, Picture Books in Winter, Pink Snowballs, Pomegranate V , Premature Burial, Raspberry Sufganiyot, Svarta Fönix Bókaflóð, Stekkjarstaur, Samhainophobia, Sleeping Nymphs and Satyrs, Some Strangeness in the Proportion, Snakes in the Pumpkin Patch, Snow White, Stekkjarstaur, SUGAR COOKIE, Sugar Skull, This Wan White Humming Hive, Tarantula Fascinator (I think I influenced the name, which is a happy thought!), Third Charm, Monster Bait: Underpants, Whoopie Cushion Lunacy: Honey Moon, Raven MoonSN: Golgothan Myrrh, Siberian Musk, White MuskCarnival: Bezor, Hand of Glory, Inez, Mme Moriarty OGExclusives: Banshee Beat, Bat of Good Death, Black Lace, Haloes, Peach IV, Psychological Horror, Raspberry Sufganiyot, Storyville, So Below, Ü Mütter MuseumDC: Antique Lace, Black Opal, Black Dahlia, Ekhidna, March Hare, Whoso List to HuntTrading Post: Down the Rabbit Hole, The Hall of Forgotten Gods, Tricksy, Reverent Rhythm, The PORTAL OF DEATH, Marshmallow Cookie Pie, October Dusk, the Sharing of The Cake Between the Lion and the UnicornOn The Man: Bezoar, Blood Kiss, Bow and Crown of Conquest, Debauchery, Mars Altor, Old Demons of the First Class, On Darkness, Scales of Deprivation, Tezcatlipoca, UFavorite Notes: White, Siberian, Skin, Black, Red, Egyptian, Brown, MUSK, MUSK, MUSK, MUSK!!!!, BEESWAX!, AMBER (esp Egyptian), BOOKS, SWEET PATCHOULI, MYRRH esp OPOPONAX, powdery notes, sweet things like vanilla, sugar, marshmallow, cake, cookie, almond, raspberry, pomegranate, cherry, plum, currant, apricot, peach, sometimes strawberry, coconut, sometimes orange blossom, orris, carnation, sometimes tuberose, daemonorops/dragon's blood, copal, labdanum, cream notes, spices like ginger/pepper/cardamom/saffron, teak, sandalwood, oudh, bits of leather, castoreum, civit, ambergris, paper, dust, moss, Is it dark, heavy, chewy, incensey, sweet, disturbing somehow, STRONG, or a sticky skin scent? Does it smell like a church, an occult/antique/book shop, inguens, a head, a witch, a hippie, or an "old lady"? Is it rich and golden? REALLY musky, animalic, indolic, even bordering on ass? Tooooo sexy? I'll probably like it!I tend to stay away from "super florals" (ungrounded ones), citrus, heavy cinnamon (I love it but it makes my skin red), soapy, bready, nutty, buttery, light, or aquatic scents. I really can't do grape, but I can do wine sometimes. Orange amps on me, big time. Of course, though, I also love to break the rules and BPAL surprises me all the time!Non BPAL loves: Solstice Scents: Nag Champa, Black Forest, Conjure, FoxcroftChanel: Egoiste, #5, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle; Shalimar, Angel, Jovan's White Musk, Serge Lutens anything (no, really, but esp Bois de Violette, Fumerie Turque, and Muscs Koublai Khan), Khiel's Musk, Tom Ford's White Patchouli, Prada Candy, Atelier Cologne's Vanille InsenseeScent siblings with boomtownrat, OctoberGwen, joyfulgirl, Andalei, cfrancesca, Erinofhere, jenpo, euterpe414, paperbacknovel, ariansdreams, subtlesiren, marzstar, sunshinedaisybliss, Herb Girl, and Ella La RoseFirst BPAL: White RabbitFirst Bottle: FreakshowLongest Loves: Antique Lace/Snake Oil/Blood Kiss/White Rabbit/Dragon's Milk

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    perfumery, fighting cancer, intactivism, unschooling/attachment parenting, sandplay, green/home funerals/burial, feather, fan and tattoo collecting, mothering, rational mysticism, hooping, yoga, heavy lifting, the occult, water/tea/wine/coffee sipping, cat and dog musings, living art, contemplating, ranting and raving, harp playing, knitting, scattering seeds, vampires, Alice in Wonderland/Harry Potter everything, sexuality, psychopathology, long hair, make up, dark humor, corsets, symbology, path walking, veganism, sleeping to dream, hiding in libraries
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  1. lookingglass

    Dead Leaves and Kettle Corn Hair Gloss

    Why have I not reviewed this?! I got a bottle back in the day and sometimes just CRAVE it! It smells like the fall of my childhood...piles of leaves, smokey, crisp air, sweets, and salty popcorn. It's SO good! I'm almost out, so I hope we get something similar in 2021!!!
  2. 💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛

    1. lookingglass


      Hey there sunshine sister! I hope you're well!:hippie:

  3. lookingglass

    Unsettling Portraits

    As an artist and lover of bpal spooky concept and dusty scents, I just had to try this. It's terpenic, yes, but tries out to be a very wearable, balsamic amber, quite different from others in the catalog-not nearly as sweet. There is a bit of dusty/powderyness with the lampblack and fabric notes on the drydown, and a creaminess reminicent of the texture of oiil paints mixed with cold wax medium. I can easily imagine many seipia tinged, cracking colors. It wears close to the skin and I'd say it leans masculine in that the resins smell quite fresh and sharp. Definately an interesting and evocative blend!
  4. lookingglass

    Toy-Strewn Attic

    I am in love with this one and may just need to hoard it. It is so evocative of my neo- Victorian childhood, quite like Picture Books in Winter in composition: sweet and dusty with a lacey bit of whimsical lift. I know it's a Ween I wore Toy-Stewen Attic while I was preparing for Christmas and it was just perfect...romantic Nightmare Before Christmas vibes...spooky yet unobtrusive...a scent of memories. Wet, I get an almondey leather note...a bit like As Above at first. Then, a hint of dusty florals, like the tea rose bath cubes my grandmother always seemed to have on hand, slightly amplified by a metalic twang...not too much metal, and I'm glad of it, but it does make it more masculine smelling, I'd say, compared to Picture Books in Winter...a bit more like a cologne, which may also be from the very dry wood notes, which are not overly dominant. There is a slight vanillic scent of old paper, but with the faded florals also really smells like fabric...all dry and white...yellowed and sepia tinged with age. A sweet, waxy, white greasepaint note in the drydown holds it close to, and melds with the leathery note and my skin. Everything is covered in dust. It's just brilliant...really smells like antique toys without being too musty... Toy Strewn Attic is absolutely BPAL magic...the kind of unique blend that really sets the brand apart. A true gothic romance of a scent, it's more of a mood than even a smell. It could be worn anywhere but gives a tone of being well kept but slightly forelorn. A thousand times...love.
  5. lookingglass

    Chocolate Smooch Smut

    Hillarious, really, how this smells like melty fudge and Smut. It's a really fun version. So chocolately, especially right out of the bottle. Usually the red musk and booze of the Smut plows through but the chocolate is really the star of the show here. It's warm and milky for quite a while...undeniably chocolate. Drying down the chocolate gets a bit dustier but Smut's musks keep it nice and round. Super cozy! It makes me want to eat my favorite chocolate cake all snuggled up with my partner!
  6. lookingglass

    Honey Taffy Smut

    Daaamn. This is Ah-maaa-zing... I think my favorite of the Smuts this season, too (that Candy Corn Smut though...!). The honey note right out of the bottle is downright bawdy; bright, liquid gold, flowing out of the comb...nearly an indolic floral but undeniably honey, especially with the extra musk & booze from the Smut. How can this be more honey-ish than even O or Womb Fury?! It quickly darkens a bit, but only down to a honey whiskey, with the addition of a bit of smoke along with a dense chewiness from sugary taffy. Dare I say this is even smuttier than the origional Smut? It's brighter, has more sillage, and the golden warmth of it dries down to a honeycomb skin scent. Divine!
  7. lookingglass

    Candy Corn Smut

    I haven't smelled BPAL's candy corn note before...that I know of or remember...but I DO LOVE candy corn, especially the harvest corn variety which this REEEALLY reminds me of. I could not be happier!!! Harvest corn has been increasingly hard for me to find, but it's honey and chocolate flavored candy corn. I begin to hoard & snack on it every year (particularly yummy mixed w/peanuts). Mixed with Smut ... it just makes me smile! The red musk and booze gives a zingy little lift out of the bottle, but there is dark, yes, mocha like note (especially when compared to Chocolate Smut) that dims it down. It's sweet...oh, yeah...super sweet, and kind of gummy, but with a earthy, roasted kind of depth. It lasts and lasts on my skin, which is always a plus. It's SO GOOD! Sexy candy corn!
  8. lookingglass

    Bookcase Passage

    The Book from the Paranorman GC collection is my all time favorite book scent (soft leather bindings, dry, sweet vanillic pages...so realistic...deep & swoonworthy). I get a similar sense in the drydown here, with a bit more dust and polish. Initally, this has a bright lift from the lemony polish note, which reminds me of a beeswax wood cleaner. The wood notes here are also freshly cut, giving the scent a more masculine vibe. I gave it to my husband who found it invigorating, and said that it would be nice to wear at a fine art and craft fair, where he would want to smell clean but like he'd been involved in important endevors; I agree!
  9. lookingglass

    Midnight Bonfire Ween

    Wet, I get sweet yellow jasmine and smoke, quite strong and realistic, like walking past a bonfire in a blooming southern garden. The tea and leaf note add a twang together like the night air, the smoke quickly softening in the background. I love the patchouli and sage drydown...it somehow reminds me of a dark cousin of Fae...sitting close and creamy, yet fresh on the skin. It's a lovely floriental, perfect for the end of summer when it's hot and I want to keep that just-out-of-the-shower feeling but also want something kind of spooky... or when I want a temporay lift from the gooey depths I do so generally love in perfume!
  10. lookingglass

    Aoede, Melete, Mneme

    In the bottle I smell a very faint milky sweetness, like when making carmel but it hasn't come to a full boil. On the skin, I smell a ghost of Milk Moon, which is the happiest way cream could go for me; the flecks of caramel together with vanilla husks may be playing the role of dates here, and the white sandalwood is light and fresh, adding almost a crisp note to the cream. On the dry down I get a note that reminds me of the popcorn note that used to be in Miss Dior Chere before it was reformulated; it's a subtle, buttery, toastiness that makes me want to layer this with strawberries, which MDC also has. It's a soft, dreamy skin scent, like the memory of rocking happy babies to sleep.
  11. lookingglass

    Baby’s First Ballista

    Another gourmond for the win! Wet, I don't think "sugar cookies"; I wouldn't say this is "foody", though I do love BPAL's sugar cookie note. I'm reminded more both of AntiMech, as mentioned, (but much gentler), and Halos (without the fruit, but just as resonate). It's a soft, yet freshly cut woodiness that dries down warmly sweet. It just glows on the skin. I imagine it is exactly what one's hands might smell like after both eating sugar cookies and shooting off a ballista! Delightful, evocative, and oh, so wearable! 💘
  12. lookingglass

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Sniffing this I immediately smiled; my inner child absolutely loves it, and the sentiment is darling. I imagine this is what a spice cake scented My Little Pony might smell like. It reminds me of a more playful version of the beloved (Not So) Penitent (Mini) Mag; there's a crystaline sugary opening with a sepia tinged, slightly waxy drydown. It's a delicious gourmond, wearing close to the skin and sure to be a crowd pleaser.
  13. lookingglass

    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

    I thought that this was going to be a darker, goth club rose, but it's a darling baby bat 👶 🦇 of a fragrance, which makes sense, cuz it's a Lil! Wet, the roses flash like a pair of red patent leather Doc Martins, and there is an equal shock of snapped green stems, full of life and vigor; that kind of floral is, indeed, "sword sharp" to my nose, but I don't get a sense of thorns, which I expected to be woodier. Drying down, it calms, the roses blushing pink with just a touch of a blood note. It ends up soft and jammy, wearing close to the skin.
  14. lookingglass

    Snow Scents!

    I usually like dark, sweet orientals but I also adore Snow White and Pink Snowballs for their coziness.
  15. lookingglass

    What should I try next?: An inevitable thread

    I'd recommend O, Defututa, Fae, and Inez.