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    Two words: eccentric gourmand Favorite Blends: GC: Antikythera Mechanism, Bastet, Blood Amber, Blood Kiss, Blood Pearl, Brisingamen, Dana O'Shee, Dance of Death, Defututa, Depraved, Dragon's Bone/Heart/Milk/Musk, Eat Me, Elegba, Event Horizon, Fae, Fuck You Said the Raven, GOBLIN, Hecate, Helle's Belle, Hetairae, Kali, Le Lethe, The LIGHTS of MEN'S LIVES, Lurid, Lyoneese, Medea, Morocco, Mouse's Long Sad Tale, O, Old Demons of the First Class, Penitence, Penny Dreadful, The Phantom Wooer (on the rare occasion I want an airy floral), Red Queen, The Rose, Scherezade, Shub-Niggurath, Spellbound, SNAKE OIL, Qandisa, Tezcatlipoca, Tobacco Honey, Velvet, Vixen, White Rabbit, White Rider, Y'ha-Nthlei (crazy, right! the rare citrus) GC Unimpables: The Best Lies, THE BOOK, THE CAT, Fuck You Said the Raven, Dawn:Mother, Hippie Ghost, Door, The Other Miss Forcible, VILF, The Witch Queen LE: Achluophobia, All Souls, the Arbor, Bezoar, Blood Popsicle, Bloody Banister, Cherry Sugar Cookie, Dragon Smooched Snake Oil, The Elephant's Leash, Gingerbread Snake, Go To Sleep Darlings, Hallow-e'en 1914, Hesiod's Phoenix, Ill Omen, Ivory Vulva, Krampus, Mariposita(It was a hearfelt gift the first time I met Beth! Sniff!), Not So Penitent Mini Magdalene, My Little Grotesque, Now Winter Nights Enlarge, O Love and Time and Sin, Picture Books in Winter, Pink Snowballs, Pomegranate V , Premature Burial, Raspberry Sufganiyot, Stekkjarstaur, Samhainophobia, Sleeping Nymphs and Satyrs, Some Strangeness in the Proportion, Snakes in the Pumpkin Patch, Snow White, Stekkjarstaur, SUGAR COOKIE, Sugar Skull, This Wan White Humming Hive, Tarantula Fascinator (I think I influenced the name, which is a happy thought!), Third Charm, Monster Bait: Underpants, Whoopie Cushion Lunacy: Honey Moon, Raven Moon SN: Golgothan Myrrh, Siberian Musk, White Musk Carnival: Bezor, Hand of Glory, Inez, Mme Moriarty OG Exclusives: Banshee Beat, Bat of Good Death, Black Lace, Haloes, Peach IV, Psychological Horror, Raspberry Sufganiyot, Storyville, So Below, Ü Mütter Museum DC: Antique Lace, Black Opal, Black Dahlia, Ekhidna, March Hare, Whoso List to Hunt Trading Post: Down the Rabbit Hole, The Hall of Forgotten Gods, Tricksy, Reverent Rhythm, The PORTAL OF DEATH, Marshmallow Cookie Pie, October Dusk, the Sharing of The Cake Between the Lion and the Unicorn On The Man: Bezoar, Blood Kiss, Bow and Crown of Conquest, Debauchery, Mars Altor, Old Demons of the First Class, On Darkness, Scales of Deprivation, Tezcatlipoca, U Favorite Notes: White, Siberian, Skin, Black, Red, Egyptian, Brown, MUSK, MUSK, MUSK, MUSK!!!!, BEESWAX!, AMBER (esp Egyptian), BOOKS, SWEET PATCHOULI, MYRRH esp OPOPONAX, powdery notes, sweet things like vanilla, sugar, marshmallow, cake, cookie, almond, raspberry, pomegranate, cherry, plum, currant, apricot, peach, sometimes strawberry, coconut, sometimes orange blossom, orris, carnation, sometimes tuberose, daemonorops/dragon's blood, copal, labdanum, cream notes, spices like ginger/pepper/cardamom/saffron, teak, sandalwood, oudh, bits of leather, castoreum, civit, ambergris, paper, dust, moss, Is it dark, heavy, chewy, incensey, sweet, disturbing somehow, STRONG, or a sticky skin scent? Does it smell like a church, an occult/antique/book shop, inguens, a head, a witch, a hippie, or an "old lady"? Is it rich and golden? REALLY musky, animalic, indolic, even bordering on ass? Tooooo sexy? I'll probably like it! I tend to stay away from "super florals" (ungrounded ones), citrus, heavy cinnamon (I love it but it makes my skin red), soapy, bready, nutty, buttery, light, or aquatic scents. I really can't do grape, but I can do wine sometimes. Orange amps on me, big time. Of course, though, I also love to break the rules and BPAL surprises me all the time! Non BPAL loves: Solstice Scents: Nag Champa, Black Forest, Conjure, Foxcroft Chanel: Egoiste, #5, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle; Shalimar, Angel, Jovan's White Musk, Serge Lutens anything (no, really, but esp Bois de Violette, Fumerie Turque, and Muscs Koublai Khan), Khiel's Musk, Tom Ford's White Patchouli, Prada Candy, Atelier Cologne's Vanille Insensee Scent siblings with boomtownrat, OctoberGwen, joyfulgirl, Andalei, cfrancesca, Erinofhere, jenpo, euterpe414, paperbacknovel, ariansdreams, subtlesiren, marzstar, sunshinedaisybliss, Herb Girl, and Ella La Rose First BPAL: White Rabbit First Bottle: Freakshow Longest Loves: Antique Lace/Snake Oil/Blood Kiss/White Rabbit/Dragon's Milk

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    perfumery, fighting cancer, intactivism, unschooling/attachment parenting, green/home funerals/burial, feather, fan and tattoo collecting, mothering, rational mysticism, hooping, yoga, heavy lifting, the occult, water/tea/wine/coffee sipping, cat and dog musings, living art, contemplating, ranting and raving, harp playing, knitting, scattering seeds, vampires, Alice in Wonderland/Harry Potter everything, sexuality, psychopathology, long hair, make up, dark humor, corsets, symbology, path walking, veganism, sleeping to dream, hiding in libraries
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  1. lookingglass

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    Smokey, earthy vetiver softened with vanilla that is not too sweet or creamy. It's soft but also kind of scratchy, due to the earthiness; with the warmth of the vetiver, it does have a woolen quality. I love it and am glad I sprang for a whole bottle unsniffed. Grounding, unisex, warm, and fall like.
  2. lookingglass

    Dead Leaves and Warm Sugar Cookies

    Oh, yes. This is my Dead Leaves scent! Fresh, it's like I'm baking sugar cookies on a windy, overcast fall day, screen door open. It's just perfect: homey, comforting, and fresh. The leaves keep this from being straight up foody, putting it squarely into the "eccentric gourmond" category, as I like to refer to the style of scent I prefer. The Lab's sugar cookie note is near and dear to my heart; it's kind of cinnimoney (but dosn't irritate my sensitive skin), and the perfect balance of creamy, sweet, and dry; even as a single note, I find it to be a fine stand alone perfume with it's complexity and depth (Holding my breath for Yule...). The leaves combine with that bit of spice in the cookie, that gives the scent a muted but colorful lift, like all the variations in a pile of dead leaves: burgandy spice and red veins, deep brown, both of cooked sugar and cracked, dry, leaves, a bit of the biting green of a stem just let go & soft edges curling and releasing the last of their plyability. There's some dustiness and some chewy, warm sweetness coming through. Drying down, it reminds me a bit of The Other Miss Forcible, which I also adore, but Dead Leaves and Warm Sugar Cookie is less thick and menacing-more playful but still mature. It has medium sillage and wearlength on me. People close to me can smell it, but I want to reaply often. When the kids came in they said, "I know that smell! It's so good! What is it?". It smells like happy fall memories... Thank you, Beth.
  3. lookingglass

    Deuteronomy 10:18

    This is just what I needed to hold me over till the Weens drop! A dark, brooding, woodsy, fall invoking blend. I'm reminded of bakoor incense. I find it deeply grounding and not overly harsh. The patchouli, vetiver, and agarwood equally emerge, with the hay note adding softness. It wears close to the skin and melds into it. A smooth, warm, round, earthy blend that's creamy without being overly sweet. I love, love, love it!!
  4. lookingglass

    Matthew 18:6

    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. White sandalwood, honey, and champaca. Straight out of the bottle, the champaca's fresh, incensey floral is most forward, almost citrusy, but soft, with a hint of green stem. Honey adds a slightly sweet, ambery, roundness. The sandalwood in the drydown is young and fresh, slightly powdery. The overall feel is a very springlike floriental, that dries down to a fresh skin scent, which I'll enjoy wearing in hot weather. It has light sillage and average wearlength.
  5. lookingglass

    Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil

    OMG. This is a patchouli wearin' Snake Oil, who has Womb Furie and Dragon's Milk as godparents! I kind of laughed when I put it on because I imagined Snake Oil sipping a Coke and getting a kiss on each cheek at the same time. Dragon Smooched Snake Oil is mostly our beloved Snake Oil, amped with knarly patchouli, sweet honey, and drippy, red dragon's blood. I find it less vanilla-y and spicy that regular SO, and way more red and kind of fruity, like dragon's blood can be. It reminds me quite a bit of Mme Moriarty in feel. I also wear and love Mme Moriarty quite a bit, but I'll wear Dragon Smooched SO when I wanna feel a bit sillier and embrace happy accidents.
  6. lookingglass

    Fortuna Praecantatrix

    YAAAAS! THIS is how I like green scents. It reminds me a bit of GC Medea; it has a similar herbs/leaves/dark fruit/incense vibe. Wet on the skin it's fresh green leaves and pomegranate juice, but slightly bitter, too, like pomegranate seeds. The honey is slightly sticky, sweet, and green as well. The cognac, oude, and vetiver dry down is sweet, dark, woody, brooding amazingness. I'm reminded of the way the Hex store smells. Mmmm, hmmmm!
  7. lookingglass

    Fortuna Populi Romani

    This scent is golden, light, and lovely sweet sandalwood with a bit of depth. I think anyone of any age could easily wear this and it would be perfect for layering. I wish my skin didn't eat it right up! It reminds me a bit of Scholar's Tower, which I also have to slather to fully enjoy.
  8. lookingglass

    The Language of Crows

    THIS smells like Christmas feels to me: the house warm and filled with people wearing vintage, ambery perfume, smoking pipes, baking spiced sweets, the tree set up, and bringing in logs for the fire.
  9. lookingglass

    Fortuna Obsequens

    I love a jammy rose! Obsequens is a bright, flashy, sexy red rose. I'm getting a red musk with red rose-fresh and virile...slightly sweaty on the dry down. The patchouli and leather are very faint, just making the scent feel more mature, a faint shadow. I find this to be a very modern rose perfume, and enjoy it much more than many.
  10. lookingglass

    Sugar Skull Hair Gloss

    Yum, yum, yum! This has a subtle fresh, fruity top (mixed sweet fruits...peach...?plum...?) that goes great with freshly washed hair; drying out it is all sexy, dark, caramelized sugar. It's so good! I agree, it smells like aged Sugar Skull OG. DEEEVINE!
  11. The Dead Leaves note smells quite green here mixed with the honey, like a freshly fallen raked pile of leaves...only their ends are crispy and dry. I get almost a neroli note-slightly bitter, green snapped stem...The saffron adds a soft, golden dusting. Oude and patchouli are embraced on the drydown, grounding the drying leaves with an earthy, slightly bodily, not too animalic sweetness. It's at once fresh and dry and warm, like modern chypres. I'm very happy here. Yes, I think this could be worn year round.
  12. lookingglass

    Scholars' Tower

    Scholars' Tower is my new favorite and latest full bottle purchase. It is a deliciously bookish scent, shelves, paper, and all, with wafts of incense and a creamy, sweet, honeyed, glowing, amber. It is so evocative of the illustration. I don't find it to have harsh edges at all. It is both atmospheric and one with my skin. It is intellectual, and easy to wear, like someone who really knows themselves. I highly recommend this sleeper and am shocked that it's not more talked about.
  13. lookingglass

    Cozy scents

    I find honey and beeswax scents super cozy: Lights of Men's Lives, O, and Hand of Glory come to mind.
  14. lookingglass

    Lucy, Kissed

    Diabolical voluptuousness, a siren song from the grave: juniper and yew brushing against blackened violets and funeral roses, red musk and hot blood, veined white marble and icy, brittle musk, all pulsing with the sinister, hypnotic scent of patchouli, amber, oude, and cubeb. Apparently I bought this as a gift for a friend back in 2009! I was at his house last night and saw it on his perfume tray and dabbed some on. Holy. Mother. of GOD! Even my partner commented on the depth and complexity of this scent. Without knowing the notes, he said that I smelled like a sexy vamp at a funeral...surrounded by lush but quickly wilting blooms. It reminds me much of Spellbound, but not quite as rosey or incensey...more murkey red musk. Damn, it's good. I might have to go steal it back!
  15. lookingglass

    The Thales Eclipse

    Give me your funky, your difficult, your vamps, warmed with the blood and filth of mere mortals! This scent is FABLOUS! She's unabashed, unafraid, self confident, and honest. She is wild witch kin to power house 80's frags like Chanel's Coco. Fresh on the skin yeah, the castoreum is very forward: weird, bodily, and skanky. But we don't slut shame around here! Oh, no! You OWN that sexuality, Betch! She is leather clad and dewy. Where did she come from? A bar? A dungeon? A concert? Somehow it could have been anywhere. Is she sweaty? Oily? So many questions! Drying down almost immediately, take a second look...lean in... she's now not quite as shocking. She's kind of sweet, isn't she, the way she cocks her head when she looks at you; yes, you're afraid, because you know you're seen...she makes you look at your self. The scent of incense is intoxicating...somehow freshening the air and making your thoughts go deeper, deeper...deeper............ Dried out she is embers of precious wood made flesh...round edges chard, center glowing. She's quieted, but make no mistake, she still has power. You know she makes things happen, and you want to do her bidding. I'm so glad she's mine.