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  1. meatcake


    2013 version. THE FABLED SKADI. I HAS IT, THE PRECIOUS. Many of us have been waiting years for this extremely rare Yule baby. Yessss. At first, I didn't care for Skadi. Fresh out of the bottle, it's very sharp and heavy on the ozone. I could only really smell the one note, snow (ozone?), so it didn't feel that special to me. After a couple of minutes, I got a hug from the man, and he noted that I "smelled good" - good sign! As time wore on and the scent had a chance to mellow, the other notes emerged-- the sweet berry and even a muskiness that really rounds out the aroma nicely. At times, I even catch whiff of peppermint. I'm really digging Skadi now, hours later. It smells fresh, sweet, and musky. Very unusual!
  2. meatcake

    The Waltz of the Snowflakes

    This is one of the most complex and unusual scents I've ever smelled from BPAL. It's Snow White with evergreen notes and... tea. One of my coworkers commented that I smelled very pretty today, like vanilla and tea, so the throw seems to be very strong as she smelled me from another office. It's definitely a lovely, snowy scent. Maybe a tad too chilly, I've been craving warming scents since it's so cold outside.
  3. meatcake

    The Phoenix in Autumn

    Very strong on the patchouli and teak with a slightly sweet undertone. The throw is quite intense. I like this, but it could probably use some aging. Edit: I think is WAY too strong for me and gave me a headache. Grr
  4. meatcake

    The Chinese Dance

    Sigh. I really wanted to like this one, but sadly it smells very soapy on me and then fades to nothing in just a few hours. Maybe it'll age nicely with time...?
  5. meatcake

    Mother Ginger

    Ginger is definitely one of my preferred notes as I seem to gravitate towards all the ginger-themed oils. That being said, Mother Ginger differs from Shub and Gingerbread Poppet greatly. She's a bright ginger scent, freshly grated, zingy with an underlayer of cream and vanilla. I agree with the other reviewers, at first she's almost ginger-beer bright! Fuzzy and gingery. It's wonderful; one of my favorites out of this year's Yule lot! She mellows from fresh ginger into a more sweetly baked ginger as the day goes on. <3
  6. meatcake

    The Phoenix in Winter

    Winter is one of the loveliest of seasons, in my humble opinion , so I was really hoping to like this scent! At first sniff, I was disappointed. Phoenix in Winter smells like cleaning fluid in the imp. Ew. After a while on the skin, the scent calms into something more palatable and herby; I suppose that's the juniper and holly coming out.. While I do love a good gin and tonic, I'm not sure how I feel about smelling like it. This one is smells more like cleaning fluid than wintery to me. So sad. For the record, I don't know what daemondrops smell like...
  7. meatcake

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    From sharp grassy scent in the bottle, to a soft pile of green, red and brown leaves. A very clean, fresh smell. "So fresh! So clean!" I didn't think I'd like this one but it is lovely.
  8. meatcake


    Boo 2010 This baby has throw! I've been wearing it since 7am and people are still commenting on it and saying how they like BOO. I'm really enjoying this one-- it's a clean foody scent, something quite unique. Wet: main notes are: linen/cotton, vanilla and buttercream. On skin: same notes, very intense vanilla throw. dry down: The same lovely cotton, vanilla and buttercream,slightly mellowed. The cotton seems to emerge more and more over time. It's beautiful, clean and sweet.
  9. meatcake

    Huesos De Santo

    This is really lovely. I don't think I'm going to have a chance to order a bottle of this because I just got my decants but I will enjoy the imp wholeheartedly! Wet on skin: vanilla, orange, custard and cake. Very foodie - I love foody scents! Dry: vanillay-orangey with a bit of coconut custard thrown. Mild throw--- but still very nice. I'm not getting any of the florals, though.
  10. meatcake

    Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chèvre

    I didn't like this one at first, so I let it age several months. Wet in bottle: eggy, creamy and nutmegy. I have not smelled BPAL's Eggnog, but many people seem to think these two smell similar to each other. Fair enough! On skin: Cream and nutmeg are the dominant scents; I can't smell any coffee. Dry, hours later: Nutmeg and a creamy sweetness are there, but it's very light at this point, moderate throw. This is a great fall/winter scent but it isn't my #1 favorite.
  11. meatcake


    This is a review for Samhain 2010. When I received the bottle last autumn, I didn't care for Samhain at all. It smelled like burning plastic out of bottle and gave me a headache when I tried it on my skin. I decided to let to age for a year and see if I liked it better as time went on. Well, it's been a year and I have to say Samhain smells lovely. Wet on skin: very strong patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon, incense, and apples. A tad bit of crunchy, crisp leaves in there too. Dry-down: Pretty much the same as wet, except slightly more muted with a decent throw. Very beautiful and wearable. I'm channeling autumn by wearing Samhain. 8 hours later: I can still smell Samhain, it's much lighter than at first, but still quite lovely. Glad I kept my bottle! It was worth the year of waiting.
  12. meatcake

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    Creamy mint chocolate with woody/mossy undertones. It's lovely. The throw is incredible and is long-lasting. (8+ hours!) I got this as a frimp with my last older; I need a whole bottle. Yay for general catalogue scents that I love!
  13. meatcake

    Pumpkin II (2009)

    This is BEAUTIFUL. I didn't initially purchase this one because I'm not always keen on florals. A friend of mine purchased an extra bottle so I swapped Eat Me for a bottle of Pumpkin II. In the bottle it's all roses and pumpkin with a woody undertone. Wet on the skin it's Victorian rose, buttery pumpkin and more wood. It's not a cloying or annoying rose scent. It's very haughty and sexy at the same time. Dry down is still the same Victorian rose with pumpkin and wood. I love it. The throw is decent and the boys seem to love it.
  14. meatcake

    Pumpkin V (2009)

    In the bottle: pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and coffee. On wet: CINNAMON holy cinnamon, caramel and coffee with a tinge of pumpkin. Dry down: cinnamon, caramel coffee and a tad bit of pumpkin. I love this! It's very autumn-appropriate and lovely. Apparently there's not supposed to be any cinnamon in this blend but I really do smell it. When I first started wearing it, my coworker asked if I was drinking caramel coffee. The pumpkin isn't as apparent as the scent dries, but it's still quite nice! <3!
  15. meatcake


    I really wanted to like this but Samhain 2009 smells like bug spray to me. I'm going to let it age a few weeks and then I'll give it another try. So disappointing!