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    mostly Rotterdam & den Haag
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    Norman's Grandma
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    gardenia, tuberoses, Monoi de Tahiti, plumeria, lily, honeysuckle, cherry/orangeblossoms, frangipane, pikake lei, vanillabean, fig, buttercreams, violet, labdanum, cassia, bluebell, rose, lotus, plums and even more flowers!!! also sweet & foodie-scents!!!clean & crisp laundry~like scents and also pale, white & blue scents 0_~

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    Ohw yes!!! scents scents scents & even more scents!
    did I mention I totally adore scents?! xD

    I like riding my white beachcruiser bike!
    I like flowers, in real and in scents. <3
    I really love picking them in the wild..
    I've been doing ballet for over 2 years now
    and I totally LOVE it!!!!
    I make clothing and classical broderie underwear,
    on my sewing-machine and I have been doing
    a lot of theater, dancing and fire~acts all over Europe.
    I study and work with healing herbs,
    this is called Fythotherapie in Natural Herbal Medicine.
    I study to be a practitioner for the English
    Doctor Edward Bach Flower Remedies
    so that I will become a nature therapist.
    this is one of my important missions in life!!
    I also love sewing and reading :D
    and yes, also Neil Gaiman offcorse!
    I have an animal, it is a white Ebony Velvet chinchilla!
    And she is called Belladonna. <3
    She is around me every singled day,
    I take her with me almost everywhere possible.
    I will love her forever and ever, she is my light in life.
    She likes sleeping and jumping. xD
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    Just a bit tired.


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  1. lunaticana

    Closet Raid

    So much LAVENDER gosh I adoooore this but yes there is def also Snake Oil and some lilac yes yes yes all is here 😍
  2. lunaticana

    Allegory of Chastity

    This IS my FAVORITE BPAL of the last 2 years 💕💕💕 This is sooo goos on me omg the pink roses 🌹🌹🌹 In combination with that vanilla cream & all of the jasmiiiin lovely scent !!! So creamy with flowersssssss the best one ever for me And I already looooved all of my Unicorns so much 😊
  3. lunaticana

    The Virgin and the Unicorn

    It is the combo of all the notes that makes it os good, especially the green mosses with mist rose is delicious on my skin, I thought I was done with bpals plear haha but I guess this is so little that I can handle it well, I guess I really do love everything Unicorny bpal brings out
  4. lunaticana

    Lavender Pumpkin Floss

    This perfume starts off with a lot of pumpkin on my skin, with just a hint of lavender, it sure smells good, but also very strong 😘 I hope that when it ages the lavender will be a little bit more prominent 😍
  5. lunaticana


    I would never ever choose ths myself as a scent to wear as perfume for myself, but this is why I keep loving imps so much! It surprises me every time when I get something that I find weird totally weird from reading the notes alone The name does fit me whehe the notes are thngs I really don't look for in my BPAL! And stil, this is uper good on me! So yummy, I feel edible LOL Leather and tonka are heavy and strong but it doesn'make m sick or anything, it is sexyyyy as HELL I am telling you girls, use this and your lover will be like melted wax in your grabby hands
  6. lunaticana

    Little Fairy Tales of History Bath Oil

    This oil is sooooooooo soft and for some reason much more hydrating then my older/other TP bathoils So I am super happy with it and I have using it every day since I have it, as an after shower! The scent is light and not to overwhelmely sweet, even though it for sure IS sweet! A little bit of honey and a looot of cute little flowers I was doubting a lot to get this one (cause I also had 3 atmo's to get from Crimson peak) but I have NO REGRETS at all! I will be using his in summer when I shaved my legs and wanna go out! To bad the lable is not plasticy, I know this will not survive it till the end, I hate throwing the empties away ...
  7. lunaticana

    Ghost Revelry

    This is one of my last blind buy's and I LOVE this scent so much The orris root is perfect, thecombination of lilac and moonflower make it go misty and etheral, spooky even !!! Like it's drifting on that sandalwood, like an eerie veil .... This is the bottle I have with the most Weenie feeling for me
  8. lunaticana


    The Dark Side of Earth: deep, brooding forest scents, including juniper and patchouli. The scent of upturned cemetery loam mingling with floral offerings to the dead. Yep. Dirt! I just poured alittle bit in my oilburner Should b helping to give me the outsidey feeling and less misery for not having my own garden ...
  9. lunaticana

    The Russian Dance

    I like that black tea and I love the iris, but all the other notes are horrible on me, especially the ambergirs. I bought this years ago, when I did not had any knowledge of my scenthabits yet I still put it on today, I would hate to see more unloved bottles in my collection, I chose to keep this for the reason of it's name and th play I will go and see one again in december, so I WILL use it till it's gone
  10. lunaticana

    Pralines and Powdered Sugar

    I could swear I can smell something fresh and minty in this one! Strange but good
  11. lunaticana

    A Moment in Time

    I love this so much, tiare is my favorite and I love bpal's french lavender This is truly warm and comforting to my nose, I use it a lot to go and fall asleep, tranquility galore!
  12. lunaticana

    Blood Popsicle

    This is weird but good! It really does remind me of the smell of cinnamon, which could explain my bad reaction to it I stilll use it once in a while, but only on my wrists and just not to much First it got out I didn't wanna get it, but then I selled it on a bpal-friend and then I knew I for sure really liked it! It also gives the idea of a true and creepy blood popsickle ...
  13. lunaticana

    Alice Hair Gloss

    This is Alice, just the real little odd and weird Alice It is exactly the same as the perfume is, but maybe a little bit stronger ... I love it and even though I was really doubting because I never go for the C scents the TP makes, I am super happy that I did go for this one! NO regrets and I sometimes use it in my bedroom aswell, it is such a happy and comforting scent! And offcorse also very curious
  14. lunaticana

    Figgy Puddin'

    A loooooot of figs. So good! And brown sugar, my skin lovs this, my bottle is almost finished, It really smells super cozy and fun, but also sophisticated. It will also might give you some serious Puddin' cravings When winter arrives, I am gonna haunt the forum for some more
  15. lunaticana


    I like the flowers in here But especially the GARDENIA is really peeking out on my skin! Heliotrope is always hard to fin in perfumes so I am very happy with that too