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  1. Mufasa

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Does anyone know of an equivalent for White Rabbit? I’ve never gotten the chance to smell it, its been out of stock for the short amount of time I’ve been collecting bpal but I’m desperate to try it or something similar at least
  2. Mufasa

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    I really love it, however there is a weird hour period in after it’s dried that kind of smells like grape but, wet it’s sweet blueberry jam and then after that initial hour the dry down is a stunning custardy-sugary-berry blob that kind of makes me hungry
  3. Mufasa


    In the bottle it’s amazing fleshy coconut and milk but on the skin it’s not quite as nice. The first sniff is kind of like sour milk but then settles in a much nicer (but not as nice as in the bottle) light,waxy, like your skin but better smell. I think I’m going to use my scent locket for this one...
  4. Mufasa

    The Stormhold

    I really like it, but it’s way different than I thought. It starts out being super Irish spring but then settles into a very masculine, kind of musty man scent which doesn’t sound all that nice but I like how evocative it is of the stormhold and it would be amazing in a candle...
  5. Mufasa

    Honey Snowballs

    This was a lot more floral-y than I thought, I get no snow, just a pretty floral honey and I think it will be amazing to layer with other oils.
  6. Mufasa

    Blackcurrant Sufganiyot

    I was a little sad about this one, I had pretty high expectations of it because I adore jam scents but on my skin it smells almost exactly like eat me which isn’t bad, I love eat me but it’s just not that ultimate jam scent I was so hoping for.
  7. Mufasa

    Cheshire Cat

    I’ve tried Cheshire Cat both fresh and aged a few years (in an imp) and while I think both are nice, I definitely prefer fresh over aged. The initial scent is always a hit of grapefruit but the aged version smells like a drier less refreshing grapefruit more like a sundried grapefruit... if that exists... however while I love the first hour of wear for both versions but afterwards my skin just rejects it, the beautiful citrus turns into a rancid almost vanilla-ish smell but not a good vanilla, a weird warped rotten vanilla... so sad.
  8. Mufasa

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    I have discovered I love the smell of berries and I have been desperately searching for the ultimate warm jam scent. I've tried knave of hearts, eat me, and eat the strawberries the two of the latter being the closest but not quite there (eat the strawberries was too green/fresh and the currants in eat me are so close but the cake scent sometimes overpowers the currants) any recommendations?
  9. Mufasa


    A vital, bold scent, throbbing with sensuality. Essence of dragon’s blood resin, thickened with myrrh and cherry, with a trickle of clove. I don't really like the smell of cherries but I love the smell of clove and have been dying to find out what dragon's blood smells like so I was super excited to get this as a frimp. Unfortunately the only things I can identify are cherry incense and teeny tiny hint of clove, it's also incredibly powerful taking more than one big sniff of it starts to make my head dizzy so overall the description is apt. I wouldn't necessarily want to wear this again but if you want heads to spin as you walk by I would recommend Blood
  10. Mufasa

    Drink Me

    I was pretty scared of this from the description because it's such a strange combination but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Wet: hello sucker punch of cherry which immediately makes me nervous since I despise the smell of cherry Dry down: the cherry goes down to almost nothing about 15 minutes in (thank goodness) which leaves a soft caramel-y sort of waxy smell it's very nostalgic, for example if you mixed a caramel scented candle and a Cinnabon scented candle together Unfortunately, while I like it I will probably only wear it when I'm feeling particularly Christmas-y (my grandmother once packed our x-mas decorations/candles with those scented pine cones so a decade later they still have that cinnamon smell along with all the newspaper that they were originally packed in sometime in 80's, very similar to that smell)
  11. Mufasa

    The Knave of Hearts

    I was kind of disappointed in this scent, I adore eat me and I thought it would be like eat me with a subtle rose in the background but instead I get a sickly sweet brown sugar + berry syrup and a very in your face powdery rose. Sort of like if you mixed an aged skull candy with a powerful rose its a nice scent mind you, but it's not really MY scent
  12. Mufasa

    Eat the Strawberries

    Very pretty, however it does smell artificial but not what you think of when you think of artificial strawberry, it's kind of like an expensive strawberry soap like the best strawberry soap money can buy. It's still pretty though, very feminine but not overtly sweet, I bought it to layer with my pink moon since I don't really get much strawberry from it and I still like the combo but it's not as jam-y as I thought. The scent doesn't last too long on the skin but it's very true to the bottle it doesn't change much from dry to wet to in the bottle, perhaps because it's like a single note?
  13. Mufasa

    Eat Me

    I bought this bottle unsniffed because I thought there was no way that I wouldn't like it and when I got it I was immediately disappointed, it was so red currant-y it was almost medicinal but then I tried something recommended to me called artificial aging. I left my bottle with the cap off in a shaded part of my room for fifteen minutes and the scent settled into something from my dreams, it is the most amazing, out of this world smell that's like caramels and a bakery but better, it's so good my explanation just doesn't do it justice...I cannot believe how amazing Eat Me is, its a life-changing perfume Plus, my room smelt amazing for several days afterwards
  14. Mufasa


    I absolutely adore Alice!!! Admittedly, I only bought this because it's Alice and I'm so happy I did. This is a morpher on me starting out with a baby powder floral, then a non-powdery light floral and finally a delicious honey cookie scent, it took about four hours for the florals to end but the cookie smell lasted for about another three hours. I really enjoyed the floral stages only because they were very nostalgic and evocative of Alice's character.
  15. Mufasa

    Pink Moon 2017

    This is a lovely scent, I don't really get strawberry or honey but the florals and bourbon are fantastic. I don't think it's all that sweet though I haven't tried other pink moons, I would never classify this one as candy sweet that the other pink moons are described as. It has a low throw but it lasts a while, it lasted even after a heavy scrubbing and several hours of wear