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  1. Angelshair

    Similar to Sin?

    Samhain, at least to me, it a more amped and spiced up version of Sin.
  2. Angelshair

    White Rabbit

    I got this as a frimp in my first ever order and it was the first one out of all the frimps to be used up. I’ve since bought a full bottle of this and I refrain myself from using this every day with little success as it’s such a gorgeous scent. It’s now my favourite in my collection. White Rabbit is a hug in a bottle. It’s a well worn blanket being wrapped over you by a loved one when you’re not well. Here with good intentions. It’s a friend who offers you a cup of tea after you spent an hour crying on their shoulder. If the scent was a person you know that person would be just so genuinely lovely no matter what the world threw at them. If your guardian angel wore perfume. I’m finding it hard to review the scent on a note by note basis like other people have because White Rabbit just doesn’t work that way for me. More to this rabbit than one might expect.
  3. Angelshair


    2020 version: Sweet and spicy with a hint of freshness from the fir needles. Not getting any smoke. Quite a comforting smell and not too heavy and overwhelming like some incensey leaning scents can be.
  4. Angelshair

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    Got this as a frimp along with my Weenies. First of all, I was wanting to try this but put it off as I like more incencey scents. However this brought a wave of nostalgia back as soon as it hit my skin. I don’t know if these were available in the U.S but in the U.K. we had Matey bubble bath. The bottles were shaped like sailors and pirates and they made so much bubbles it was insane! Well this perfume smells like those bubbles made bath time smell! Makes me think of being a kid again getting into my cosy my pyjamas that came straight out of the tumble dryer and getting tucked into bed after a long day of playing hide and seek with my friends. Getting kissed goodnight by my mum and drifting away to the land of nod! Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat is nostalgia in a tiny tube!
  5. Angelshair

    Creaking Floorboards

    To me this smells a dentist office! I don’t picture any of the wonderful descriptive notes listed above, all I can see is dentist tools and their gloved hands about to reach into my mouth! Maybe I’m mistaking the floor polish for the chemicals that dentists use, I don’t know. Creaking Floorboards is certainly nightmare inducing! ETA: after some rest, The black tea note has has really come out of hiding. The polish on the floorboards has warmed up making the overall scent not so dentist smelling aha. Regardless of that initial association, it’s been one of my favourite masculine leaning smells, just one of my favourites in general. I smell like the polished mahogany desk belonging to the well groomed son of a big oil lobbyist. There’s bloody and malevolent undertones weaving throughout the rich and opulent vibes I’m getting. Even though it’s a warm wood, the whole feeling it gives off is so cold and uninviting, hence why I choose to wear this on days where the weather is more gloomy or I’m not wanting social interaction. For those who like expensive smelling masculine scents, give Creaking Floorboards a chance!
  6. Angelshair

    Candy Apple Smut

    First one reviewing this? Damn, okay! Never tried Smut before so I don’t know what it’s meant to smell like on its own. Straight from the bottle: WOAH. Syrupy goodness! On the skin: straight toffee, it’s quite overwhelming. After about ten minutes the Apple starts to come through. The toffee does die down a bit once the apple makes itself known. The warmth of the toffee makes it such a cosy scent but the apple cuts through and freshens it up to make it uplifting. So glad I chose to buy a full bottle of this, sad I only bought one! I’d say if you’re easily overwhelmed by food scents to stay away from Candy Apple Smut. She sure can pack a punch in the first half but damn, she leaves you with good vibes. Edit: after wearing this overnight I think I’ve been able to sniff identify the musk that makes Smut so amazing. I can still smell waves of apple a day later along with the toffee and musk. It’s got an air of sexiness to it while being cosy and still showing little bursts of joy over 24 hours later. I know people say Smut gets better with age so I’m wondering how this would stand up as it’s already blowing me out the water on day one! Shot right up to being possibly my favourite BPAL scent I’ve tried so far.
  7. Angelshair

    The Rose

    Got this as a frimp in my last order so thank you BPAL. I would have never ordered this myself as I typically despise anything rose scented! In the imp: smells like putting your nose into the middle of a young rose just after a good old April Shower. I can picture the rain drops that have made a little pool in the center of the petals. Wet on the skin: feels like I’m back in primary school sitting on the field on Sports Day after it just been cut. In our boredom we’d rake up the cut grass with our hands and chuck at it each other (not the best when you had allergies but who cares)! The rained on rose smell did initially disappear on application but she’s now peeking through. Dry: there’s no longer that rained on rose smell. The pool in the petals has dried up and now it smells more like a rose on a hot and humid day but there’s still a lovely freshness that rounds out the scent. Its so strange but the smell reminds me when my mum would take me to witchy shops. It reminds me of crystals and fairy statues. The Rose, to me, smells like a curious child exploring down the bottom of a rose garden stepping gleefully into fairy circles. This is a scent I would never go for due my aversion for rose everything but I’m so glad this was included as a freebie in my order as is brought back a lot of lovely memories for me.
  8. Angelshair

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    In the bottle: smells like walking past a grass garden that’s been freshly cut and the flowers have just been trimmed. Wet on the skin: the same but more amplified and with a more medicinal smell. Like there’s something almost menthol-y lingering in the background. The trimmed flowers were roses. Dry: roses and a slight tinge of musk. Overall, from the description I expected this to be a lot more of a woodsy and warm scent than a floral and green scent. I think ageing this will help amp up the amber and smoke so I’ll keep it around for a while, if not, I think we’ll have to part ways.
  9. Angelshair


    Smells like dried blood on me. Get faint scent of the metal axe coming through but it only heightens that metallic blood smell to me. There’s quite an animalistic undertone to Berzerker. It’s a raw, primal scent that I enjoy much more on my boyfriend than on me. I even tried pairing it with another scent to tone down the blood smell and it just will not let up! Guess that’s the way my skin chemistry works with this particular note 🤷‍♀️ Still, it’s not an unpleasant scent, it’s just not one that I would find myself reaching for often. I see this being much more suited on men’s skin.
  10. Angelshair

    Die Flamme Reinigt Sich Vom Rauch

    When this dries down on me, all I can smell is rich roasted chestnuts mixed with the smoke. The throw is pretty decent too. Going to be quiet honest, some times the chestnut is so strong it smells like literal roasted meat?! It does eventually start to die down and be smoothed over by the vanilla and frankincense. The amber comes and goes in waves for me, the other notes are hard to make out. I enjoy the both the sweetness and the more savoury tones of this perfume but how quickly it changes on my skin can sometimes catch me off guard.