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    perfume addiction, make-up addiction, music addiction (is that enough addictions? hehe), oh wait...shopping addiction, painting, reading, conversations, shamelessly flirting, driving around, watching movies, researching, writing....bored yet ;)
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About Me

I have multiple health problems that flare unexpectedly (migraines, arthritis in my neck that causes said migraines, Fibromyalgia, and IBS) - and coronary artery disease (stent placement last July) which tend to run my life at this point in time in terms of energy - and some of the medications make me a bit loopy - sometimes I can ship the next day and sometimes it may take me up to 7 days. If this isn't ok with you, please let me know. I work so hard on packages that it breaks my heart if I get reduced feedback, because I can't control which days that I can get out of bed. I'm having a very hard time learning how to deal with my health conditions and when anything else seems to be negatively affected because of these health conditions - because so many things have already been affected to a major detriment of my quality of life by my health - it's just another hit to a rapidly deflating ego.