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  1. Honey


    This is leather and damp red rose as it is listed - not a soapy rose, indeed fresh and juicy as if you'd just plucked off one of the red petals. It is so much nicer than I would have thought! Normally, I don't like leather or rose. While I don't care much for the leather, the rose note is quite nice actually. It's fresh, a bit spicy, floral of course. I'll keep this for referencing more good rose scents in the future that might work on me.
  2. Honey


    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. It's a white, soapy and floral scent, but there is a sweetly sour tone underneath that remind me of pickle juice - very off-putting. There is also a spicy dryness to the scent that reminds me of those undesired pencil shavings. I get why this is an aquatic, and I remember that those never seem to work on me. I don't really get any vanilla or warm golden glow. It's mossy and murky and... just ends up being pickle juice mostly. I'm very sad it's not working on me.
  3. Honey

    The Queen of Hearts

    This is lily and cherry alright. The lily is a white and light one that also comes with freshly cut green stems. The cherry is a bit fake at first but blends well into the floral notes after a while so the perfume becomes sweeter and a bit fruity. If I would associate a color with this, it's light green at first that morphs into a shade of blush after a while. It's actually quite nice, I might keep this imp for reference-sniffing.
  4. Honey


    This is not what I expected at all! There is a white, light floral with a white muskiness to it that is only slightly covered by a resinous, herbal... other. This is not dirt or soil as I know it from other earthy or soily BPAL scents. This is much nicer, cleaner and bleak as bones. I wanted to gives this away but think about keeping it now that I gave it a chance by in-depth testing.
  5. Honey

    The White Rider

    This is SUPER strong leather. Don't be fooled by the "white" in the blend's title, there is nothing faint or light about this scent. It reminds me of my grandpa's workshop in the basement that had leather scraps, cloths drenched in various fluids (paints, paint thinners, other chemicals) and wooden parts all over the place. It's dreny and resinous, very potent and probably great for layering purposes.
  6. Honey


    Wow, not what I expected! A waft of eucaylptus hits me right in the nose, covered in soot and woodsy notes. It's salty as well, savory to the point of smelling like dried vegetable broth (especially with earthy carrot and celery). There is brown or black musk in there as well that makes it smell rather soapy, but vetiver also has a very strong impact on this blend. It's slightly sweet but more vegetal than I would have expected. During drydown, the spicy woodsiness becomes stronger. It comes wrapped up in this icy eucalyptus blanket too. It's overall dry, spicy, sweet and musky. Very masculine and smokey. Interesting but not my kind of scent.
  7. Honey

    Strangler Fig

    This is a very sweet and earthy scent. I can even smell some dirt in there. The sweetness is very figgy, bordering on bubblegum or how a fig handwash or lotion would smell. The earthiness and dirt don't blend well with the figgy sweetness, I can smell a bubbly, almost fizzy note underneath that comes from the fruity notes. The darker and more herbal notes also have a slight pencil shaving quality to them in their dry and spicy woodsiness. It gets sickly sweet after a while - alas, a bit too one-dimensional.
  8. Honey

    Aperotos Eros

    This is a bit all over the place for me. It's fir and resin and musk and incense. Very sweet and woodsy with a dark twist to it. It's a soapy incense after a while. Very strong. All in all, definitely not my kind of scent.
  9. Honey

    Flowering Peonies

    This is like a straight-up Duo blend if it existed: "Peonies & Lychee Fruit". It's very bold, sweet, floral, heady and wants to be noticed. It gets a bit softer during drydown and is less acrid and more harmonies when the floral elements bleed into the fruity ones. I don't notice any green tea or tuberose or bergamot, but there is a softer tart note in the background that could very well be the tea. The scent end up being very floral, sweet and soapy. I had hoped for more tea and peonies and only a dusting of lychee, but I'm afraid it's just the other way around.
  10. Honey

    Honey, Sweet Orange, and Orange Blossom

    I get thick and rich molasses instead of the honey note I had hoped for. There's also fresh pulpy orange juice coming through and the tart floral vibe of the orange blossom. I like the orange, and the orange blossom is also nice, but the molasses is just too heavy, gritty and dark for my taste. If you like brown sugar or maple syrup, this may work great on you. This is rather neutral, maybe even masculine to me. I see this as a late summer or even early fall scent - could imagine that it layers well with spicy or woodsy blends.
  11. Honey

    Like the Very Gods

    This was such a positive surprise to me. The scent actually came through with what I had hoped but not dared to dream it would be. There's a very sweet, light musk that's definitely that skin-but-better scent that works for any occasion. Olive blossoms are always great, and honeyed blossoms bring another sweet element that's just gorgeous in this blend. It's an airy, sweet and light floral that's perfect for spring or summer. It's creamy, golden and something I feel the need to slather on - just need to upgrade to a bottle first. Even though I have lots of scents in the "creamy vanilla, light floral, soft musk" category, this is really unique and lovely. I don't get heavy woody notes, so I think they just ground this blend beautifully without being too overwhelming. During drydown, the floral notes get a bit more golden and spicy, the skin musk gets deeper and a bit more sexy. I don't get any sickening oris butter - if it's there, it's well blended and behaves on my skin for once.
  12. Honey

    Cacao, Lime Rind, and Coconut

    Wet on, I get a blast of dry cocoa powder and somewhat of a sour lime. Slowly the coconut is coming through though - it's coconut meat, not overly sweet, but a bit juicy, oily, yet dry. The cocoa and coconut blend well into each other soon so it smells like a heavenly coconut chocolate scent. The lime keeps it elevated and fresh. To me, this is not a tanning lotion scent at all. It's also not gourmand. It's more like a luxurious body butter - rich, well-blended, and summery. I only have a decant of this one, but I wouldn't mind having a bottle of this at some time too. It's a great blend if you like coconut and want a cacao, cocoa or chocolate blend that's not too sweet or too cloying.
  13. Honey

    The Pancake Bell

    It's exactly what was promised: Nutty warm cake with notes of boozy honey, spicy gingerbread and daryole - which I had to google. It's eggy, rich, and featuring a darker honey note that warms up the scents and connects the other notes. Could also be a malty maple syrup. It goes a bit off on me, as baked goods normally do, so it's grittier and more cloying than usually works for me. No weird notes of fennel or celery, but also not enough honey or roasted notes to make this pleasant on or for me.
  14. Honey

    Honey, Tuberose, and Vanilla Sugar

    On my skin, it smells like thick brown molasses. I don't get much of a honey note, it's mainly burned brown sugar that's a little smokey and malty. I get a soft vanilla vibe that's somewhere between vanilla sugar I use for baking and a milky vanilla note that adds a light, fresh and maiden-like quality to this scent. The tuberose is very faint and somewhere in the background. I have to slather on the scent to even smell it. But it connects the light oily vanilly quite well with the gritty sugar. It becomes a more pleasant molasses note during drydown, but the vanilla smells very faint and paper-like now. I am not a fan of this honey, and the rest of the notes, alas, didn't win me over either.
  15. Honey


    This is very different from what I expected. The red musk is super strong to me and reminds me of Mme. Moriarty and other scents in the family. The tuberose gives this blend a sweet floral vibe that I actually quite emjoy. The mint I rather notice cold on my skin than smelling it in the blend. It even burns a little, like when you put on peppermint EO. The combo of the deep fruity musk, floral and mint make me think of hotel bathrooms when I travelled through the States or Cananda. This mixture of toothpaste, floral lady soap, musky hotel body lotions. This is not a bad memory, just very peculiar I think. The moss and wood(s) ground this blend and give it depth. I cannot wait to find out how it dries down. This becomes a woodsy, slightly spicy, slightly herbal red musk. I don't need another red musk scent in my collection, so no need to hold onto it.