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  1. Trying to get back in the game - help me explore what happened in the last 2-3 years in the world of BPAL! :)

  2. Honey

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I don't think I have tried Tlazolteotl but I shall seek it our - thanks! I liked Good (definitely up my scent-alley), but it lacked some degree of sophistication. I guess there are only a few simple scents that I really enjoy. I think that Gobo might be worth a re-test. Giljagaur didn't really work on me, alas. No coconut and all weird tangy milk. Thanks so much for your suggestion! If anyone else wants to comment for me - feel free, please! <3
  3. Honey

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I have been out of the BPAL game for a while but would love to try something new. It should be something along the lines of what I like/love but not too similar to the scents I already own/wear- if that makes any sense. Here are my top five perfumes (randomish order): 1) Ava (OLLA) 2) Giant Vulva 3) Midway 4) Shub Niggurath 5) Boomslang v2 I like scents like 1-3: Light, sweet, feminine (but with a twist). 4 is great on me because vanilla and cinnamon (in a small amount) work great on me, but anything with caramel or baked goods is just awful on me.Resins are OK if not too strong - Lady Death works great one me because it combines light and resinous elements. Chocolate and dark musks work on me like in 5 or Black Temple Burlesque Troupe. I am mainly looking for scents from more recent updates. Apart from what I listed above, rose, violet and scents that are too masculine (woods, smoke, leather, juniper, pepper) never work on me. I would be really happy if you could suggest something to me!
  4. Honey

    What Scent Is This?

    Yes! I wanted to add in my post that it HAS to be Phoenix somehow. Yay for figuring it out! Now I can read that too! The Z I saw makes also sense as an A.
  5. Honey

    What Scent Is This?

    The third word definitely starts with a PH, doesn't it? And somehow, there is a Z for me in the first word.
  6. Ohh, great thread for me! Scents that I find "herbal" are Ave Maria Gratia Plena (Rosewood with Sicilian lemon peel, red Mysore sandalwood, pale musks, sweet mountain sage and a dusting of lily, night-blooming jasmine and orris.), because I totally amp the sage and lemon, and, my favorite, Strings in the Earth and Air (White sage, white musk, honey myrtle, galbanum, lilac, and everlasting flower.), because - again! - it has a very sweet note of sage in a great combination with white/pale musk (geesh, run-on sentence much?). (Anyone know of any similar scents? I have an unhealthy craving for sage it seems..) I am actually looking for a scent with thyme, rosemary, sage, lemon, lavender and all the fragrant yet not-too-sweet herbs and spices. I find balms and resins a tad bit too perfumey and incense-like sometimes, so a pure herbal blend would be good for me to try I think. The Apothecary is high on my wishlist (and I guess it is a scent that would be recommended, right?).
  7. I think I tested Salome a while ago and felt pretty "meh" about it. But I may give this another try - thank you!
  8. Oh, no, that sounds fantastic! I was also thinking about Flowering Chrysanthemums...
  9. OK, I'm gonna hijack this thread and ask for very specific recommendatons! Forum fairies, can you work your magic on me? I am looking for a floriental - although I'm usually not much of a floral scent person. I do not like rose (too soapy) or violet (makes me nauseous). Carnation is sort of meh for me, as it kinda smells like band-aids on my skin. I really love Queen of Sheba, and I like Hunger. (As far as "other" scents are concerned, I really love Snake Oil and variations of it - such as Asp Viper! - and musky blends like Giant Vulva or Xiu..ha..youknowwhatimean) I used to like Defututa, but I swapped it away because it seemed too green to me after a while, and I stopped wearing it. White Phoenix and Opuhi were TOO floral for me and both gave me a severe headache. I am not too fond of really dark scents (anything black or smoked), and I am careful with fruity notes (no apricot, peach, pom) and patchouli. Almond, spices, vanilla, lighter or oriental musks (white, skin, Arabian, Egyptian etc.) always work on me. Now.. just some florals in the mix would be great! Any ideas? Can be GC, LE, DC, whatever. I hope this is not too.. specific and impossible. (I also take floral recs that are not strictly florientals..)
  10. Honey

    The Waltz of the Snowflakes

    Wow, this is sweeter than I expected. I can only second some of the commentors above me. I get sweet pine/evergreen and.. some sort of berries? Dark, sweet, ripe berries. And all of that is covered in a layer of mint as well as menthol. A bit "murky" at first, but it clears up to a fresh green berry smell. Reminds me of Elf somehow. No vanilla so far, hmm.
  11. Wow, Dragon's Claw sounds like a really interesting sandalwood scent! Dragon's blood is normally not something that smells good on me, but the scent intrigues me anyway. Diwali sounds like the perfect scent! Is on my wishlist now, thank you! Chintamani-Dhupa - why did I not know of this scent? Seriously.. awesome suggestions! I had feared the usual Bastet, Bengal & Morocco which all, alas, do not work on me.
  12. I haven't found a similar topic through the forum search, so I'm opening a new thread. In case I missed something - please be kind and just let me know! I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed (the first part in which you play Altaïr), and I am intrigued to find a scent that would remind me of the main character or, basically, the notion of the game: Damascus, Jerusalem, assassins.. you get the idea. I'm a huge fan of Queen of Sheba, but I am looking for a scent that has a bit more sandalwood and some resins or herbs in it. I am not good with scents that are too masculine, so more feminine suggestions would be appreciated! Some notes that I think could fit: sandalwood, Arabian/Egyptian musk, bone musk, incense, frankincense, myrrh, leather (but it has to be behaved), and even coffee, tea or cocoa. Oh, and lots of spices! Clove, cardamom, cinnamon. And peppermint and/or other herbs! I know this is a crazy mix, but not all of these notes would have to be in a single blend, of course. Personally, I am very cautious when it comes to leather, amber, and musk scents. But if they are just a grounding base for other lighter components, then this could be great anyway. I tried Rogue, but the smokey amber note that must have been used to recreate soft leather just smelled like cable fire on me (my bf asked me, in all seriousness, if some cables were smoldering somewhere).
  13. Honey


    Spooky 2005 smells a bit.. off. I like the coconutty note to it, but the rum just makes it smell.. moldy in a way.
  14. Honey

    Green Tree Viper

    I love minty scents. But I am not sure why I am not super excited about GTV. It is a rich, lovely Snake Oil with, well, tea and mint. First time I tested it I was just meh about it, second time now.. it seems more rounded and awesome. It's mostly SO with a fresh hint. I think I need to get a bottle of this anyway should it come back with the carnival!
  15. Honey

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    Oh, darn, why did I have to test this? I love the Lab's cream note, and, apparently, it loves me right back! Like Love's Philospohy, this is awesome on me, and I get wafts of greatness every few seconds. Must get when resurrected! This is just.. awesome rich cocoa (not the waxy chocolate note I sometimes get from Lab blends) and the sweetest cream. It always has this "fresh linen" quality on me. Heavenly!