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  1. Honey


    This reminds me very much of the beloved Nivea scent that most of their standard products smell like -- and I love it! It is very feminine, neutral and cozy. A non-aquatic, creamy and floral laundry detergent scent. On me, the white musk and white amber play central parts. The bergamot and lavener work as a soft backdrop. This is uper elegant and non-perfumey in a very subtle and feminine way.
  2. Honey

    The Treasury

    I wanted this to be toasted rice or popcorn. Sadly, all I got was honey dust. A sticky sweet scent. It also smelled a bit funky on my skin as if there was a slight undertone of patchouli or vetiver. A bit earthy and sweaty. Not for me. *sigh*
  3. Honey

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    So effing stunning. Totally lives up to the hype. ❤️ I think I can only agree with MamaMoth here: Perfectly blended - golden, balsamic, glorious, not a big morpher. The vanilla is very woodsy and almost smokey. Not gourmand at all. Deep, boozy, almost nutty and delicious: Spicy cedar or mahogony with a musky and resinous undertone that's still light and with a linen quality to it. The scent is dry, boozy and balsamic at its core. Hard to pick apart but somehow part of the Lace family. This will become one of my new all-time favorites for any occasion.
  4. Honey

    A Meal Interrupted

    I didn't get put off by the description, I was not scared it would turn out too savory - and I am happy I took that shot. This is a great cucumber-melon scent that is fresh, tart and a bit cologne-y. There is no onion note I detect, but I think the spring onion and pepper add a little spice that make this more interesting. I'd describe it as zesty though, not as hot (chili) or sharp (wasabi). It's a pleasant light spring scent that is not featuring lemon or aloe. There is a bit of violet in the watery lettuce note, however, that I'm not sure how to feel about (as violet and I normally don't quite agree with each other). I don't get any cardamom or sesame either - could they be grounding elements that blend in with the rest so well? If this scent had a color, it would be emerald or ocean green. It's fresh but has a watery element that makes it border on an aquatic scent for me. I think a decant would have been enough for me, so not sure if I will hold on to my bottle. For now this is a welcome and utterly different addition to my collection though.
  5. Honey

    The Temptation of St. Nick

    This scent is crazy for sure! I didn't even know what to expect... but here we are. I'm not sure if the dry cocoa or the chili spice hit my nose first. It's not a sweet chocolate smell I detect but a depth I usually get when adding cocoa powder to a savory dish. The longer I smell it, the more it gets vegetal on me - except for the missing tomato and cumin, this could be a great veggie stew or chili sin carne. I don't get any pistachio or hazelnut - it's all cocoa, clove and chili on me. The clove turns this a bit into a dollar store Halloween candle if I may be so rude, but I think that could be a very subjective issue I have with clove notes in general. If you are looking for a clove and cocoa combo and don't mind the spice, this might be your darling.
  6. Honey

    Closet Raid

    This is insane: It smells exactly like my grandmother. I am sitting in her bedroom again, watching her open her wardrobe to get out a piece of accessory. It almost brings tears to my eyes. The scent has lots of throw and is a perfect dupe for No. 5 if I may say so. It's very lady-like, grown up and elegant. It's sweet, spicy, and decadent. It's also soapy though and a bit overpowering to my nose. I'm not really a classical scent or cologne person, so I don' t think this is something that fits me really well, but I am so happy I got to try this.
  7. Honey

    The Empress and Their Heckhound

    This is different than I had expected - not as nutty as I had hoped for. The coconut milk is very dominant in the bottle and also on my skin. Very creamy and buttery at first - maybe also going into coconut oil territory? Definitely pleasant and truly gourmand (as in "milk or oil you would use in cooking or baking"). On me, there is no fake or plastic coconut note that you may know from shampoos or body lotions with coconut scent - definitely a plus! There is a caramel or sugar note, however, that I know from other scents that does not work on me at all (it turns straight into celery). Luckily for me, the caramel smoothes out into what I think is the hazelnut note. It's not really nutty though - still holding out for a scents that brings me nuttiness just as Queen of Sheba did. I do not detect any lavender or sandalwood that would have given this a bit more depth. Therefore it stays rather flat. This is a very milky scent - creamy perhaps, but it lacks some of the buttery oomph after a while and gets relatively thin and weak. 30 minutes into testing, the oil has turned into a smell that I know from when I rub leftover coconut oil into my hands while cooking. It's delicious, not too sweet but pretty one-dimensional in terms of perfume experience. Maybe my skin just eats up the lavender and hazelnut which I was curious about the most. I have other coconut-forward scents that I find more interesting than this. If you are looking for a natural coconut that's not going plastic on you and that's not your typical tanning lotion, then give this one a try perhaps.
  8. Honey


    This is so unique! The first waft I get reminds me of cucumbers that are mixed with a more bitter and fresh green element - bitter mint almost? It's very green, watery, earthy and vegetal - thankfully no stinky patchouli. The leather and vetiver turn into a soft, fresh and almost sweet amalgamate. It's not as resinous or "burned rubber"-like as some other leather notes I have smelled before. I have to agree with a previous comment that the watery note does remind me of rain as well - petrichor per excellence. I think this would make a great petrichor layering note for other perfumes that lack this element. I will definitely keep this imp in my stash!
  9. Honey


    This is leather and damp red rose as it is listed - not a soapy rose, indeed fresh and juicy as if you'd just plucked off one of the red petals. It is so much nicer than I would have thought! Normally, I don't like leather or rose. While I don't care much for the leather, the rose note is quite nice actually. It's fresh, a bit spicy, floral of course. I'll keep this for referencing more good rose scents in the future that might work on me.
  10. Honey


    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. It's a white, soapy and floral scent, but there is a sweetly sour tone underneath that remind me of pickle juice - very off-putting. There is also a spicy dryness to the scent that reminds me of those undesired pencil shavings. I get why this is an aquatic, and I remember that those never seem to work on me. I don't really get any vanilla or warm golden glow. It's mossy and murky and... just ends up being pickle juice mostly. I'm very sad it's not working on me.
  11. Honey

    The Queen of Hearts

    This is lily and cherry alright. The lily is a white and light one that also comes with freshly cut green stems. The cherry is a bit fake at first but blends well into the floral notes after a while so the perfume becomes sweeter and a bit fruity. If I would associate a color with this, it's light green at first that morphs into a shade of blush after a while. It's actually quite nice, I might keep this imp for reference-sniffing.
  12. Honey


    This is not what I expected at all! There is a white, light floral with a white muskiness to it that is only slightly covered by a resinous, herbal... other. This is not dirt or soil as I know it from other earthy or soily BPAL scents. This is much nicer, cleaner and bleak as bones. I wanted to gives this away but think about keeping it now that I gave it a chance by in-depth testing.
  13. Honey

    The White Rider

    This is SUPER strong leather. Don't be fooled by the "white" in the blend's title, there is nothing faint or light about this scent. It reminds me of my grandpa's workshop in the basement that had leather scraps, cloths drenched in various fluids (paints, paint thinners, other chemicals) and wooden parts all over the place. It's dreny and resinous, very potent and probably great for layering purposes.
  14. Honey


    Wow, not what I expected! A waft of eucaylptus hits me right in the nose, covered in soot and woodsy notes. It's salty as well, savory to the point of smelling like dried vegetable broth (especially with earthy carrot and celery). There is brown or black musk in there as well that makes it smell rather soapy, but vetiver also has a very strong impact on this blend. It's slightly sweet but more vegetal than I would have expected. During drydown, the spicy woodsiness becomes stronger. It comes wrapped up in this icy eucalyptus blanket too. It's overall dry, spicy, sweet and musky. Very masculine and smokey. Interesting but not my kind of scent.
  15. Honey

    Strangler Fig

    This is a very sweet and earthy scent. I can even smell some dirt in there. The sweetness is very figgy, bordering on bubblegum or how a fig handwash or lotion would smell. The earthiness and dirt don't blend well with the figgy sweetness, I can smell a bubbly, almost fizzy note underneath that comes from the fruity notes. The darker and more herbal notes also have a slight pencil shaving quality to them in their dry and spicy woodsiness. It gets sickly sweet after a while - alas, a bit too one-dimensional.