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  1. Happy Holidays Colleen!


    I know it has been a while.  Things have been crazy.


    Are you guys having an ice storm?  I thought I saw this on the news and I am anticipating a huge artic blast here tomorrow, going to be in the double digits below zero, which has not happened here in a long time!


    I was hoping to score some bottles if you still have these left?


    9th Lash


    Dusty Menorah Wax

    Gingerbread + leather

    Lenus Mars

    Peach Brandy SO

    Moon of the Terrible


    Please let me know and I hope you are having good holidays,





  2. Christina when are you going to return the $1000 of my Bpal oils you have of mine or pay me for them. I have contacted  you over a dozen times but you are not responding! 

  3. GoldenRubee

    Southern Yellow Bat Hair Gloss

    The Southern Yellow Bat is the friggin’ cutest, and she always looks like someone just told her a hella funny joke. The cackling grin on her face sums up my life goals. Warm patchouli, smoked pumpkin, and golden amber bubbling with sugared almond. I absolutely love this! The patchouli is very soft and not overpowering at all. I notice warm amber and almond with just a touch of patchouli. This is very well blended with all the notes complementing one another. I personally don’t detect any pumpkin but I have only had it one day and it was in a cold mailbox so I’m hoping it will come out with some aging. ❤️
  4. GoldenRubee

    The Robe of Pomegranates

    The Queen who creates and cultivates all that sustains us on this plane: ripe red pomegranate and bakhoor oudh, honeyed incense, fig and ambrette seed, sandalwood and carnation. The Robes of Pomegranates-I bought this blind, and I’m glad I did. Oude is sometimes iffy on me and I have always wanted to get a Lab pomegranate that I truly love. All the only notes are notes of win. I received my bottle yesterday and let it rest until today. This is really great, and everything I was hoping it would be. The pomegranate is deep and rich and the sandalwood and honey pair very well together but is not too sweet. I do smell the carnation after thirty minutes or so with perhaps some stem too. All around a perfect scent for me!
  5. GoldenRubee

    Four Seasons: Winter

    Francois Boucher A burst of apricot silk, blood orange musk, French lavender, and red benzoin chypre in a gilded sledge of amber. This is absolutely gorgeous, very soft and lingering on the skin. The first thing I smelled in the bottle was light apricot, almost like an orange cremecicle. After applying, the apricot and orange musk with the underlying red benzoin,mingle together and I can almost smell vanilla although it isn't listed as an ingredient. After twenty minutes or so, I can finally detect the French Lavender, it is soft and so beguiling and understated. The Amber is there, very refined, elegant and coming in at the end. This is my favorite of the Yules and definitely multiple bottle worthy!
  6. GoldenRubee

    Bulgarian Tobacco

    This is so so good that my son tried to take my bottle. It is going to age beautifully so I immediately ordered a backup bottle and a bottle for my son. It starts out with a whiff of barely there chocolate and spice with just a beautifully soft tobacco that anyone can wear. The chocolate fades immediately and I get left with a gorgeous lingering spicy tobacco scent. Really, one of my favorite of the SN's.
  7. GoldenRubee

    Deadly Nightshade Honey Bonbon

    Nightshade accord-infused summer honey encased in dark chocolate. This is a creamy, soft honey, softly herbal blend with a touch of cocoa. The herbal note fades quickly, and leaves a lovely sweet floral with little wisps of the chocolate swirling around. This is not a complicated scent but it does have lasting power, I can still smell it's unique scent three hours later. For such a soft scent I think that's pretty good. One bottle is enough for me though.
  8. GoldenRubee

    Arise, Lift Up Thine Eyes and See

    Champaca flower gilded with golden amber, Madagascar vanilla, Roman chamomile, and black nutmeg. In the bottle: sweet floral On my skin it changes and the light sweet ambery vanilla is more predominant than the floral was in the bottle. After warming up more, a more fragrant floral comes out, not overpowering by any means, but it's presence is there. This is more of a golden-y vanilla amber scent that's not too sweet or thick. I smell a glint of smokiness perhaps from the nutmeg, it's not spicy, but there is a certain edge to it that makes this a unique scent and very wearable. If you like amber and light vanilla then you will probably love this scent,
  9. A soft raiment of woven sighs: gossamer orris root and silken white magnolia over a sheer dove-grey musk. I purchased this mainly for the musk, I love musk anything. So I wasn't disappointed when I smelled the bottle and it was...musk! On my skin I smell what I believe to be violets-soft, dewy, just budding violets. Then the violets intertwine among the baby soft magnolia and then heavens opened up and skies rain gently down droplets of dove grey musk upon these baby flowers. That's what this scent is like, the gentlest of floral scents. The magnolia and orris root (violets) and musk together are soft, gentle, subtle, delicate, graceful, truly an elegant scent.
  10. GoldenRubee

    Destructive Vagina of the Fox Spirit

    Vanilla orchid, black amber, coffee bean, labdanum, champaca, and oudh. In the bottle: a soft creamy floral followed by a resiny light coffee note-yum. On my skin, I first smell a light creamy, resiny cafe mocha like scent mixed with a woody note. Surprisingly, I get no orchid here at all. I thought that this would be a heavier scent on me but it is predominantly a light creamy, lightly resinous, slightly sweet, scent. When it completely dries down I am left with the essence of the cafe mocha scent with a touch of the vanilla orchid ( more very light vanilla really)finally making an appearance and blending with the woody goodness of a simplistic Oudh. I can't believe that with all of what seems like dark notes, this can be such a light and airy scent on me. Another beautiful scent!
  11. Blood red lilies, white frankincense, black pepper, and tuberose. In the bottle: creamy lilies and a bit of pepper with an afterthought of the tuberose. On my skin the first scent is the light resiny goodness of the frankincense and the subdued red lilies mixed with the tuberose. These two flowers are paired well with each other. They are both, on their own, a strong scent but brought together they meld well. This is not a strong overpowering scent but a lingering scent that seems to waft on the breeze. The black pepper adds only a touch of needed spice to round out what would be a too floral scent without it. I expected it to be strong and bold but it is a neither a very light scent not cloying scent. It is more a scent that leaves someone asking for another whiff of you.
  12. GoldenRubee

    Lovers in the Tea House

    Sake and matcha tea with amber incense, golden sandalwood, and yōkan. Straight out of the bottle is a light boozy scent (sake) followed by a sweet amber scent. On my skin, it is beautiful. The sweet light boozy scent fades somewhat but the amber lingers and the lovely sandalwood comes into play and mixes with the yokan, which I found out to be a jellied dessert made out of red bean paste, agar and and sugar. This scent seems almost slightly creamy, and I can almost detect a bit of citrus although no citrus is listed. This is a light, breathtakingly ethereal scent. If you are on the fence about this at all, but it, you won't be disappointed. This is absolutely stunning and I'm thrilled to have it.
  13. White frankincense, ho wood, Himalayan cedar, sweet myrrh, beeswax, and bamboo. In the bottle this smells very woody and sweet. I love ho wood scents so this really interested me and I was anxious to try it. I am not disappointed at all. It is warm and sweet on, with the predominate notes being the ho wood, sweet myrrh and beeswax. I amp cedar like crazy so I was a little leery of that note but I am happy to report that it is almost non existent on me. There is a soft, rich, earthy spiciness that makes this one of my favorites of this year Lupers the and I will definitely be getting a second bottle.
  14. GoldenRubee

    The Nun and the Courtly Lady

    White sandalwood, Italian bergamot, Siamese benzoin, tobacco flower, and caramelized honey. In the bottle this smells so familiar to me but I just can't place it. It is warm and inviting, tantalizing with an underlying subtle sweetness probably from the caramelized honey. After wearing it I find that it is very light and not as heavy as I expected it to be after smelling it in the bottle. There is a light (very light) spice, some gentle whiff of citrus that is really soft and pretty. The warm sandalwood combined with the other notes makes this a beautiful fragrance that wears almost like a high end perfume. This is light and airy and delightful!
  15. GoldenRubee

    The Elephant’s Leash

    Peach blossoms and cherry blossoms with red musk, Oaxacan amber, copal, lilac, and white sandalwood. In the bottle: lovely soft peach and amber, yum. On my skin: soft peach mixed with soft cherry with my favorite red musk. The red musk is not screaming here but rather playing nicely with the peach and cherry blossoms. So far everything is going very well. The amber is also light and so is the copal (resin) and the sandalwood. Only at the very end do I smell lilac at all and that swirls in and out. This reminds me of walking through the tea gardens in San Francisco, a very calming and peaceful blend. Not only would I wear this during the day, I would wear this to bed to help me sleep. It it soft and comforting.