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    Hello, it is I, the drunken long dead undead here sh*t post in your review threads with my very honest and dirty reactions to the smells.

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  1. Biocarbons

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    This was my first experience with a full bottle of a new resin perfume, and also a lace scent. Within the first week of receiving it it was sharp frankencense and dust. I couldn't fully inhail the smell because the strong dust note tickled my nose too much. I was disappointed that the bottle was very different from the imp which was much more of a smooth copal scent. Fast forward a few months later and my 5ml bottle has settled and now closely resembles my original imp. Wet I get more frankencense, but once it dries down it's a lovely smooth copal scent with a blurred edge of frankencense and a little bit of a dry linen (lace), dry wood and dust. I don't really get anything metallic, but that's okay. There may also be just a touch of cocoa? I quite like it, but if the frankencense mellowed out more over time I wouldn't be mad about it.
  2. Biocarbons

    Galerie des Glaces

    I can tell that I like it and that there's amber and something sweet and very "perfume-y", then my allergies kick in and my nose stuffs up and I can't pick out specific notes. I don't have problems with amber or ozone, musk or fruit, so it must be whatever the glass note is that my sinuses don't agree with? What a shame.
  3. Biocarbons

    Elle Est Heureuse

    It was pouring rain and bitterly cold, but this smile kept me warm. Wrought iron lattice and sparkling amber lights.  It ALMOST does smell like rod iron, says the kid that used to smell and (maybe lick) rod iron. As it dries down, I get Pine! A citrus! An Amber!
  4. Biocarbons

    Lilith De Milo

    If Le Croix made a cream soda flavor it would smell like this and taste like this but thinned out with your own sweat and cheap sunscreen. (it doesn't work with my skin chemistry)
  5. Biocarbons


    I need to talk about how this smells in the bottle, because it's SO WEIRD: like the indoor elephant exhibit at the zoo (wet hay, a little bit of bleach, and elephant butt), and a dollop of sour cream. On me, it smells like powdery floral. Violet has a specific powdery smell I like, but I don't like the rest of the powdery florals. In this case, it smells like the (orris?) powder note is overwhelming the violet, which is too bad. Maybe a little sandalwood in the background. Lol, blech?
  6. Biocarbons

    Absinthe-Laced Candied Apple Hair Gloss

    Right out of the bottle this smells like synthetic lemon and some kind of sickeningly sweet bargan bin Walmart body spray, the kind that is on clearance because it is NASTY. I can't smell the caramel or the the apple. Serious barf. A couple of hours later my hair now smells of the faintest of ghosts of apples and a hint of sugared absinthe, which is actually nice. ... But that intial first stage is vile. Too bad.
  7. Biocarbons

    The Stranger

    This is almost a clove single note on me. The other notes are ghosts in the background. It was almost totally gone by hour two. Dissapointing.
  8. Biocarbons

    Body, Remember

    This smells incredibly synthetic on me like a 1980s vinyl strawberries and cream scented my little pony. Where the stawberry is coming from? I don't know. Help. 😂
  9. Biocarbons


    I got a partial imp of this off eBay. Wet: dried, slightly sour blackberry over an aquatic cologne. Dry: the berry mostly goes away leaving Heather and aquatic cologne. I find the dried down state to be a simple, not too sweet, fresh scent. I hope they restock this soon because I would definitely buy a bottle.
  10. Biocarbons


    On me this smells like home made root beer and menthol with cedar and sandalwood in the background. It's a low throw scent. I love it.
  11. Biocarbons

    The Bloody Banister

    I tracked down an imp of this and wet it smells like mildew ( moss) over mahogany. Dry the mildew thankfully goes away and I get sage/ cedar, musk, mahogany and a tail of something lightly citrus. Whatever the blood note is it blends with the musk. This is a good blend for anyone that doesn't like sweet mahogany blends.
  12. Biocarbons


    This is super interesting because of all of the different descriptions. On me this smells like banana flavored astronaut ice cream with that sugarcane, candied merengue foam structure, and some colorful embedded neon colored flakes of apple and pineapple. Love, A child of the 80s.
  13. Biocarbons

    Dwarven Ale

    Don't know what the rest of y'all are talking about. This smells like yeast and a sweet spirit, fancy granola bars with fruit, and MARACHINO cherry with a pinch of cinnamon. Haha, what.
  14. Biocarbons

    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

    This scent was bullying all the other scents in my scent box and Good lord, the CARAMEL. And it's not a thick caramel, but a soft runny caramel like the kind you make those popcorn balls with. There's also a toasty nut note sort of like roast soy nuts. I can't smell the clove at all. After it drys down, there's a small floating cloud of chili hovering a few millimeters above the caramel. This is sweet potato musks XTREME younger sibling.
  15. Biocarbons

    Black Phoenix

    Received this recently as a frimp. Wet: STRONG maraschino cherries with just a hint of almond and green in the background. Dry: within 10 minutes of application it dried down and turned into absolute powder (tuberose/carnation). I was hoping for coca cola, oh well. Into the trade pile it goes.