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    Hello, it is I, the drunken long dead undead here sh*t post in your review threads with my very honest and dirty reactions to the smells.

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  1. Biocarbons

    Wolf Moon: Lupine Musk & Ambrette Seed Hair Gloss

    I bought this specifically so I could understand what amberette seed smells like. The HG is lightly citrusy (a touch of lime?) and greenness and powdery on top of the musk. I like it, but this is another I'm not sure how much I'd wear it.
  2. Biocarbons

    Wolf Moon: Grass & Moonlit Dew

    Wet: the aquatic element in this is cool, and little bit '90s Ocean potpourri'. The grass is sweet, fresh with a slight element of citrus and a touch perfumey. It reminds me of the grass note in Tennis Match. This leans more aquatic than it does grass on me which is the opposite of what I wanted. Overall, a nice simple fresh perfume but not the slam dunk grass fume I was hoping for.
  3. Biocarbons

    Batty Lace

    Wet: hello tobacco. Vanilla linen, with a healthy dollop of tobacco with caramel drizzle. It's not as sweet as I was expecting and I don't mind it.... however. I tend to amp tobacco into headache territory, so we'll see how it develops. It's a very warm tobacco vanilla now with a hint of sassafras or anise. The leather is warm and blended in and doesn't really stand out. It's been dry for a while now, and I have a dusty vanilla tobacco with sassafras caramel and a hint of flowers. The leather still doesn't stand out to me. My major complaint about antique lace resurrected is how the vanilla turns into thin, unpleasant powder. While there is a powdery quality to the vanilla in a Batty Lace, it's tempered by the tobacco and caramel. I think this would pair really well with other sassafras perfumes. I prefer this to Antique Lace Resurrected, but I'm not sure if I'd actually wear it.
  4. Biocarbons

    Champagne and Croquet

    Wet: a metallic champagne and fancy tropical soap. On the right person, I think this could be a fun, effervescent tropical scent. On me it's a candle.
  5. Biocarbons

    In the Studio

    I took painting classes in college, so I was curious about how accurate this smell would be to a painting studio. Wet: there is a whiskey like note that approximates turpentine. mint or menthol, a touch of warm amber, sweet pipe smoke and woods. I'm also picking up a touch of something that reads as moss. I don't really get any oil paint. It reminds me a bit of the opening of DS Durga bowmakers, but smoother. Overall, this is an unusual amber perfume. I don't really have anything else like it in my oils collection.
  6. Biocarbons

    Iris in a Vase

    yes, this is a similar sugar note to faith and hope with a good dash of iris. The overall effect is of a powdery and sweet iris scented/ flavored pastille candy. I'd definitely eat this, but I'm on the fence if I'd wear it. When I get more of the iris, I like it, but when I get a waft of pure sugar I don't. BPAL just needs to release an Iris single note.
  7. Biocarbons

    The Picture of Dorian Sufganiyot

    The Picture of Dorian Sufganiyot vs Dorian 2012. Dorian Suf is definitely creamier, sweeter and more vanillic than 2012 Dorian. 2012 Dorian is more herbal. If you wish Dorian was sweeter, Dorian Suf is for you.
  8. Biocarbons

    A Doll's Doll

    Wet: cold (mint), sweet, soapy carnation and fruity with evergreen in a Yankee candle way. As it sits on me, I get more cold ash. I do think this has a hint of the porcelain note in it, but this scent is dominated by the cold berry and soapy carnation smell and doesn't really smell like pediophobia for anyone who is wondering.
  9. Biocarbons

    Pediophobia v1

    This is fruity (peach, strawberry ?) and sweet with a touch of doll vinyl or baby oil and some light, white florals. I definitely had a perfume or body spray like this in my youth and it also reminds me of some other 'pink smelling' BPALs I've tried including Loligoth, Pink Lace, Shells, and Flowering Peonies. I like smelling it, but I'm on the fence if I'd actually wear it. If I did wear it, it would be a summertime perfume. This is not at all like the released Pediophobia, which is a powdery porcelain scent.
  10. Biocarbons

    Pomegranate, Wild Plum, and Green Tea

    Wet: I get a burst of fruity bubblegum. (Not expected) some element of the plum and pom mingling I think. As it settles, I get more distinct wiffs of musky plum. The plum is a middling plum and I get the yellow-red flesh and slightly tart purple-red skin. The green tea is a dusty background note. The pom blends into the two. Over time the individual notes meld into a plummy soap. This smells like a luper to me. I don't like the bubblegum opening, but so far I like the way it settles on the my skin.
  11. Biocarbons

    Merlot and Frankincense

    Wet: tangy, almost candy-like grape juice. The Frankincense is a supporting background note adding a slight, dusty, resinous dryness. This is the golden frankincense and not the lemony version. If you want to smell like low light, adult Kool-aid, this is for you.
  12. Biocarbons

    It Jittered Out of the Woods

    Wet: gourd smell, somewhere in-between raw and cooked. Butter, something vaguely citrus over the mixed spice of dead leaves and oak, and a bitter drop of myrrh. It ended up as buttery gourd innards mixed with spicy oak, leaves and myrrh. The myrrh slowly amped.
  13. Biocarbons

    Man With a Haunted House for a Face

    Wet: Sharp, tangy florals and dusty sandalwood. Actually, maybe the 'floral' I'm smelling is the sandalwood. I liked the wet stage, but it dried down into a thin, powdery, dry sandalwood and I'm not into it.
  14. Biocarbons

    All of their Heads Fell Off

    A mix of charred wood and tar. The cactus insides smell like aloe to me. So it's a wood tar, blood and aloe mix covered with a layer of dust. It's an interesting industrial smell, but not something I'd ever wear. After it settles, I mostly get charred wood tar and cactus.
  15. Biocarbons

    Make A Face

    Immediately lemon drop pledge with a tangy red fruit edge. I like the sharpness of the white musk. On the right person I think this would be a delicious, tangy lemon scent but on me it continues to smell vaguely like floor cleaner. ✨Special holiday berry edition pledge.✨🍒