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    Hello, it is I, the drunken long dead undead here sh*t post in your review threads with my very honest and dirty reactions to the smells.

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  1. Biocarbons

    Whip Hair Gloss

    In 2020, I got a hold of a bottle of whip HG with about 1/3 left in it. I already had the whip perfume, which I adore. The hair gloss is a bit different from the bottle of the perfume I have. While the perfume oil has a deep red rose with supple black leather jacket, and a salty aquatic breeze, the hair gloss simpler: I get a strong rose with a strong leather and the salty aquatic is barely there. Upon application, the rose and leather threaten to go soapy/ astringent, but after 10 minutes it settles down (the rose is still a bit more astringent than the perfume oil). I like it, but not quite as much as the perfume oil. I would totally buy a bottle if it gets re-released.
  2. Biocarbons

    Gingerbread Satyr

    Wet: musty gingerbread with a little cedar. Dry: hella cinnamon, stale gingerbread and musk. Meh Several hours later: this smells like cinnamon sugar gram crackers with a little marshmallow fluff (I don't know what happened). If you amp cinnamon and you don't like it, this probably isn't for you. BUT, if you like red musk and gingerbread you'd probably enjoy this.
  3. Biocarbons

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    More confirmation to me that laces aren't my thing. Wet: Vanilla, something astringent, and Jergens lotion. Dry: the lotion smell mostly fades and scent becomes a warm smoky Vanilla. Later: And now it smells like powdery vanilla sunscreen. This is a nope for me.
  4. Biocarbons

    Midnight Bonfire

    Wet: sharp, perfumey, old burnt tires & spilt motor oil. Dry: Still smoky and and now the leaves have come out. The jasmine hangs out in the background. Pretty sharp and it sits in the top of my sinuses goading me into a sneeze. This would give me a headache, but I'm probably going to keep the imp because I bet it will vary a lot depending on the person.
  5. Biocarbons

    Pumpkin Gazpacho

    Wet: sweeter than expected, this is roasted pumpkin pulp, butter and green herbs (tomato leaf, majoram, bell pepper). I like the less obvious foody quality of it, and I will place it on the altar next to my roast beef perfume sample because they should be friends. I can vaguely smell the tomato leaf note. I don't really get cucumber at all. Dry: This burned off fairly quickly. I can still faintly smell it but I wish it had more throw. This would have to be a locket scent for me as it was pretty much gone with an hour.
  6. Biocarbons

    Apple Spice Hard Candy

    Wet: The year is 1993 and someone has left a partially sucked red apple jolly rancher in the autumnal potpourri section inside the halloween section of hobby lobby. Dry: it wavers between smelling like herbal tea with dried apple bits in it and old potpourri. It's right on the edge of being powdery. Devil's night has a similarity powdery apple.
  7. Biocarbons

    Dead Leaves, White Champa, and Palo Santo

    Wet: green, dry dead leaves. Very sharp, and a little citrusy. As it warms up it smells more and more like lemongrass with wood in the background. I was expecting more spicy oak dried leaves, but not so far. So far I don't mind it, but I suspect this one will give me a headache. Woah, suddenly it went powdery and now it smells like fancy laundry dryer sheets. It's dry now and smells like fancy hand soap. ....and now it smells like clean laundry again (several hours later and it still smells like clean laundry). This is a scent for people who like "clean" smells or want to smell like towels at a fancy spa.
  8. Biocarbons

    Abe Sapien

    I love dark aquatics, but this one isn't for me. This smells like bpal's Cthulhu, that is to say, fancy irish spring (but darker). I do not want to smell like irish spring and dark water, but somewhere there is someone who loves Cthulhu and will love this.
  9. Biocarbons

    Glistening Waterfall

    A year later, and this is still a weird one. In the bottle, it smells like a green, sharp patchouli. The lemon note isn't nearly is prominent in bottle as it was a year ago. Dry, this is patchouli with a dry green apple in the back, and a paste filled middle of macha and cacao. Part of why I find it so unsettling is my brain is telling me it should be sweet, but it doesn't smell sweet.
  10. Biocarbons


    Important: This needs time to settle on your skin. Wet, this is a revolting, screechy generic perfume smell. After dry down, it becomes a light, slightly sweet (frankincense), eucalyptus and ozone scent over a clean, thin musk. I find something about it to be antiseptic and clinical and headache inducing, but on the right person it would smell delicately ethereal and unsettling.
  11. Biocarbons

    Beach Scene

    Wet and in the bottle (I tested an imp), this was really screechy and had a LOOK AT ME, IM A {{generic salty aquatic cologne}} smell to it. After it dries down, that screech stops and it's a nice slightly smoky (patchouli), woody aquatic. Like having a driftwood campfire at the beach. As an aquatic person, I quite like how it settles down and I will probably buy a bottle barring any strange morphing.
  12. Biocarbons

    La Belle au Bois Dormant

    A fresh aquatic with a thicc floral and a bit of pear for sweetness. The rose blends well and is a soft background blush of rose, and not A HELLO PLEASE YES I AM ROSE, ROSE or a powdery, sour, bitter, musty rose. This is a close to the skin, more intimate blend on me and I find it very simple, fresh and girly, but I wish it had olive blossom instead of magnolia/plumeria. Try this is you like clean aquatics but don't like cotton or linen scents.
  13. Biocarbons

    Vicomte de Valmont

    this reminds me of a modern day grocery store cologne/aftershave my father used to wear which I find very comforting in his absence. I can see the green bottle in my head, but I can't remember the name of it (Brut, Stenson, or Ralph Lauren Polo). I have a new bottle purchased in 2019, and an old colbalt bottle. The old bottle is much smoother and a bit more aquatic, while the new bottle is very screechy possibly due to the bpal ambergris and sandalwood notes which I always find screechy in new bottles. I see several older reviews saying this has lavender in it, which I'm not sure about. I'm mentioning it because I'm mildly allergic to Lavender and try to avoid it. Lavender isn't listed in the ingredient list but I know the lab doesn't necessarily list all the notes used and it is a common ingredient in historical gentlemen's perfume. I personally don't smell lavender, but do smell an earthy, grounding elements which I attributed to rosemary, sandalwood and moss.It's possible there's a small enough amount of lavender that I'm not getting triggered and my brain is choosing to be noseblind rather than admit it. 🤔 I find the scent comforting and relaxing, but it's definitely a more traditonally masculine smell.
  14. Biocarbons

    The Forest Reverie

    Oh man, this is not for me, but it does an interesting morph. Wet: Bitter, sour lilies with powdery sour rose over a patchouli and funky musk bed (black musk?). There's a small cloud of grape tinged opium smoke hovering over my hand swatch. Dry: The musk finally takes a back seat and the sour edge goes away. Everything evaporates and becomes a powdery floating candy cloud of opium and green lilies.
  15. Biocarbons

    I Hear You Call, Pine Tree

    Oh man, this pine is one of the cat pee pine notes. Wet, this was super bitter and pungent, with a hint of ammonia. The lotus is earthy and rooty and not sweet at all. I was taken aback by how bitter this was, like a very concentrated cocktail bitters. Dry: After about an hour, the angry piss pine really calms down into a more gentle pine note and the scent sweetens up a little, and slowly it starts to smell of Cthulhu/ Irish spring. The dry down version is not bad, but yeesh that wet stage.