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    Hello, it is I, the drunken long dead undead here sh*t post in your review threads with my very honest and dirty reactions to the smells.

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  1. Biocarbons

    The Parca and the Angel of Death

    On me this was a sweet, slightly animalic musk with sweet clove and a nuttiness that's probably from the vetiver. The musk is the strongest note. I couldn't detect the stone or the opopanax.
  2. Biocarbons

    The Serpent in the Roses

    This is an odd one. Wet: goes on spicy and medicinal, almost camphorus...like cardamom and something else that isn't cinnamon (pink pepper?). Dry: extra spicy snake oil over bubblegummy red musk, and there's black rose around the edges. It's sadly not as rose forward as I was hoping. A few hours later it's mostly spicy vanilla red musk on me.
  3. Biocarbons

    Peach Champagne

    This the sweeter, candy peach note (peachy-os gummies) and the BPAL champagne note which smells very metallic to me. If you like candy peaches and bpal's champagne note this is for you. Sweet, fruity, effervescent.
  4. Biocarbons


    Tovenares smells like it's the 90s and I'm wearing a freshly washed pastel sweatshirt with a cat design on it and sitting next to some rose potpourri while I put lotion on my hands.
  5. Biocarbons

    Tea Leaves, Vanilla Bean, and Incense Smoke

    This has a white tea + citrus smell that reminds me of gummy bears when first applied. After sitting on my skin for a few minutes the white tea gets really aggressive. The vanilla is a mustier vanilla and hangs out it the back. Now it's dusty incense and tea leaves over dry vanilla. I don't mind it.
  6. Biocarbons

    A Winter's Evening

    I wasn't expecting citrus, but this definitely has a lemon-lime opening like in a lemon drop or other hard candy. As it sits, a little spicy wood comes forward but combined with the citrus, the smell has an edge of spicy lemon lime armpit. Annoying. The white amber hangs out in the back. Dry down: This is so sweet and floral now, what a morph. It's still got that BO edge, so I'm calling this one as skin chemistry fail.
  7. Biocarbons

    Griotte, Lime and White Musk

    I've never eaten a griotte. In this perfume, I smell sweet lime and white musk, and what smells like pink lime and lemon sour powder candy. It smells like lemon lime pixie sticks and hand soap in a good way.
  8. Biocarbons

    Sandalwood, Lime, and Tahitian Ginger

    I got a nice puff of lime (sweet, generic) up front, but that quickly dissipates and settles into a comforting, summery, almost tropical scent. Very bath and body works but better.
  9. Biocarbons

    Zima V Lese

    Dark pine tar with dry spicy birch, amber in the back. a minty, cold glow surrounding. As it settles I get more evergreen. Now it's more cold amber, less pine. Masc leaning. If you sort of like that men's pine tar soap, but you want something less smoky and aggressive and more green and cold, try this. Ok, now it's taken a complete 180 and is a slightly fruity, sweet pine scent with a touch of spicy wood. I can't decide if Id actually wear it, but as a pine scent that doesn't go pine sol or cat pee on me, I'll hang onto my imp.
  10. Biocarbons

    Great Embalming Dodo

    Wet: like a mango mimosa without the bubbles. Dry: I get more lime, coconut and pineapple. Heavier and richer than your straight embalming fluid. A lovely summery fruit cocktail that isn't dominated by coconut.
  11. Biocarbons

    Fairy Lobster Foam

    Pinkish maraschino cherry juice and whipped cream with a touch of marshmallow and background vanilla. It reminds me of Gen Z Feminist Cenobite, but GZFC has whipped cream and this has marshmallow. After a while, the cherry lessens and the marshmallow increases. It's a soft, gentle marshmallow and acceptable to this person who usually hates marshmallow smells for being loud and cloying.
  12. Biocarbons

    The Wolf Man’s Dream

    Wet: evergreen, bitter lotus root? Dry leaves. Kind of stanky. The white chypre comes in as a touch of citrus and possibly white amber. This stays animalic and slightly bitter the whole time I had it on me, so I'd call this a skin chemistry fail. However, it reminds me of I hear you call pine tree, but with more stuff added. So if you like that one, or you like pine animalic scents, you might like this.
  13. Biocarbons

    Strawberry Tomb

    Wet: sweet candy strawberry (similar to eat the strawberries), but it's overshadowed by moss ivy and stone. There's also a touch of something metallic, like a tomb gate, and a little cool water. The strawberry comes to the front now, which I like more. Now it's sweet, mossy slightly aquatic strawberry. Less aquatic than Sad Ted Behind The Wall. If strawberry candy and moss sounds good, this is for you.
  14. Biocarbons

    Tongue Wall

    Wet: candy, taffy guava with candy seeds. Pretty sweet. The strawberry blends with the guava to make a tropical pink fruit scent. As it dries down the guava distinctness softens towards a more general starburst sweetness.
  15. Imagine it's yule season, and you walk into a herbalist shop. There are a handful of others browsing and the clerk is busy with a client so you browse. The clerk has a stone bowl and mortar they're currently using to mash up some unidentified combo of herbs. You watch them pause and sprinkle in some red berries and keep grinding. The smell is fresh, a touch herby, war with the creaminess from the hazelnuts, a light red sweetness from the berries, over a warm wood. There's a chewy, chocolatey background note. The water mint mostly adds a frosty chill. A nice holiday season alternative smell that doesn't immediately scream ITS CHRISTMAS (aggressive spices and apples / pine). It slowly gets sweeter as it sits on me. It reminds me of light betwixt the horns, but without the strong patchouli.