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    Little Egypt

    Spice, sweetness from the honey, and a resiny incense feel. This one is subtlety sexy, and I keep smelling it because it's very different from any other scent that I own. It has an exotic spice feel. This scent appears amber-colored to me when I try to visualize it in my head. I had a wonderful fairy who gave me the unique opportunity to try this scent and own a bottle Naughty rating: A mysterious girl who surprises you by taking the lead; you expect this girl to be shy and not forward, and she will keep contradicting you throughout the evening.
  2. pinkgyrl

    The Court of Honor

    At first, this seemed like a scent that even a man could wear - my fiancé loved this one the most right from the bottle. But, now that it's dried on his skin - it's a very soft, creamy (from the notes - not a foodie cream), and slightly sweet floral. This is one of those scents that is very difficult to describe because everything just blends sublimely as Beth's blends often do. The tobacco note is barely there for me - I get a whiff of it here and there but not enough to smell it unless I breathe in deeply near the skin where it's applied. I mostly get the orris (in a creamy/slightly amaretto sense - and I'm assuming this note is also responsible for the sweetness similar to a very light violet note) and amber. As mentioned above, which is actually good for me, this is similar to Snow White - but a very soft whisper of that scent and not as "cold" if that translates. If you're put off by the wet stage, please do try it on your skin, because even non-floral lovers, like me, could wear this pretty and unassuming scent. This is all white to me in color - every note seems white when I visualize this scent. Thanks to my wonderful fairy for allowing me the chance to try and own this scent! Naughty rating: This scent inspires cuddling - when I kept sniffing my fiancé's arm to read the notes - he kept shivering but nothing untoward happened - that perfectly describes how this scent feels in the physical sense I would definitely change my mind if the tobacco comes out to play more on my skin and will update if that happens with age!
  3. pinkgyrl

    The Great Basin

    This was one of my favorites of the C2 blends that my gorgeously kind fairy picked up for me. I was totally surprised! It's very much, as noted, a fizzy and light vanilla. The violet is not strong - which is probably why I like it - and just lends a light and ethereal sweetness to the vanilla - such a pretty and feminine scent! I can't wait to try this again without the other scents on my wrists and will update if needed. This feels light purple to me on the color scale (since my painting brain associates every scent with color). Naughty Rating: This scent would inspire feather light kisses (no tongue! hehe )
  4. pinkgyrl

    The Velvets

    This is *so* difficult to describe, but I can't stop sniffing my wrist. It literally is sex in a bottle - and it does smell velvety - I imagine a dark black velvet that almost looks purple. It's freaking amazing, and I can't believe that I missed trying this for so long. Note-wise, I can only pick out what it does on my skin - a mixture of amber, musk, and a hint of incense. This was definitely not a scent that I would have ever chosen based on the notes. Adore. Naughty Rating: Dirty, dirty...did I mention dirty....sex - hee
  5. pinkgyrl

    Nymphes de Pave

    I don't get in my face vanilla - I get more of a creamy feel from it. Once again, Beth has made a blend that is so perfectly blended that it's hard to me to sit there and name the notes without peeking at the description. The rose note is just undeniably gorgeous, and it's one of those notes that is very hard for me to wear except for in a few blends. It's deeper and sweeter - and definitely reminds me of a red rose but with some spice. This almost feels like carnation to me. The fig so far is just lending a fruity sweetness mixed with the honey note to my nose. It's expertly blended and just so amazing - very sophisticated. I looked up rose otto, because I was curious - and it indicated that rose otto smells like freshly picked flowers - and is thus very sweet and rich - that pefectly describes the rose in this blend. The color feel of this blend to me would be a deep maroon. Naughty Rating: This is that point right after the tentative pause of a first kiss when things begin to get heated and lustful. I thank my pick-up fairy dearly for my chance to try and actually own this blend!
  6. pinkgyrl

    Siberian Musk

    This is softer than I expected. It's just a soft fuzzy musk on me reminiscent of one of the notes that I recognize in some of the blends that I love - like Snake Oil - but not nearly as strong. It's very interesting getting to smell all of the single notes in blends; it will be much more fun picking out notes in blends as I get used to certain individual notes and how they smell on their own.
  7. pinkgyrl


    This is extemely resinous - which I typically love. The oil is very dark and thick in the bottle. It smells like a blend of resins, musk, and incense. There is almost a sweet tobacco scent along with the darkness of the scent. This scent "calms" down quickly from the initial application, but it's still not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, this isn't playing well on my skin yet. I could tell what it was meant to do on my skin - it had this one minute stage where it smelled like a naughty scent with almost a creamy sweetness, but it just didn't hold on me. I love the deep and dirtier scents and was excited about this one. Frankincense is an iffy note for me - so this scent is very medicinal on my skin so far. The bitterness on me is still fading even as I type this - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will continue, and it will come back to that sweet incense smell that I had for a minute in the wet stage. Naughty Rating: It might be a second date
  8. pinkgyrl

    White Peacock

    This is such an unusual scent; it's a morpher and very hard to nail down because it keeps changing. I get the wooden notes as "dryer" notes but I also get a light floral note - I'm assuming the orchid - which almost makes a sharpness that I didn't think I'd be able to handle. I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to work on my skin until the sharpness started to fade, the patchouli started to surface, and the vanilla, oh the gorgeous slightly sweet vanilla, started to blossom on my skin. I cannot wait to see how the patchouli ages in this blend. It does remind me of Banshee Beat, as mentioned -but a much less "dirty" blend - with a touch of floral and a much softer patchouli feel. I would definitely just give Glowing Vulva a try if you like this blend not because it's anywhere near identical but because they both have that expensive and exotic teak, floral, and vanilla cream feel to them (White Peacock throws in a dirty dose of patchouli). As for the general catalog, I would also try The Antikythera Mechanism and Tombstone if you like White Peacock. Naughty Rating: This scent is like making love without words and being completely in the moment and then a few light spankings are thrown in to keep one off of his or her guard
  9. pinkgyrl

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I've been feeling nostalgic lately for lost family members - and for happier, less chronic pain times - and my grandmother, almost all of her adult life, only wore one perfume. In fact, every year for Christmas, my grandpa gave her a bottle of the perfume with a hundred dollar bill taped to it - same gift every year Are there any bpal scents that would remind me of White Shoulders? Description is vague so I hope someone has smelled it before! Description: classic florals including gardenia, lilac, amber, oakmoss, and jasmine.
  10. pinkgyrl

    The Traveller

    This is pure new car smell with leather seats - when I bought my third car, the seats were supple beige leather. This scent takes me right back to that first drive after I purchased it and every time I opened the car on a hot summer day from that day forward. This is calming to me for that reason - because driving is soothing to me (I listen to music and just escape into my own world). It's a very masculine scent in my opinion and is practically like single note leather to my nose and on my skin; it's not my favorite leather blend unfortunately because I like when my skin allows all the notes to come out and play and give a scent depth, but if I want to smell simply and strongly of leather - this would be the scent that I would choose. Naughty Rating: It's worth at least three dates and first base (hehe)
  11. pinkgyrl

    Vespertilio Proterus

    Right upon application, you get that same fizzy ginger ale smell as in the "Champagne" scents. Then, gloriously, the cream starts to get warmer and slowly expands burning off the fizziness. This reminds me of a much softer and sophisticated version of Love's Philosophy minus the initial blast of mint in Love's Philosphy that fades out. It also reminds me a bit of Opuhi. This is a very subtle and slightly exotic-feeling ginger and cream scent - and so lovely, although other than ginger and cream, none of the other notes ever surfaced individually for me. If I had to choose a color for this scent - it would be a soft cream with little flecks of gold. There is not a ton of throw unfortunately - it went poof on my skin in just about two hours, and I'm a slatherer if a scent is less strong - so I'm afraid I would never amass enough of this delicate beauty to wear it on a regular basis. I would probably reach for Love's Philosophy which is very similar on my particular skin and has tons of throw versus this blend - but the notes in Vespertilio Proterus are all blended so well that one cannot help to admire the artistry of the creator as always. Naughty rating: One night stand that probably wouldn't be repeated and I would have trouble recalling the name of the lover years later
  12. pinkgyrl

    Great Vampire Bat

    I *hate* floral scents - just hate them - but something about this one called to me and I had to take a chance. Maybe it was the deceptively simple note listing - I knew it would have an amazing depth, and I'm not disappointed. The orchid is freaking gorgeously sexy - almost a sweet violet and grape smell - so exotic - and the incense is light on my skin. If I had to pick a color for this scent, it would be a light, unassuming purple - sophisticated but pleasing to one's eye. I thought the incense would be more in my face, because the smaller number of notes listed, but wow - so perfectly blended with the orchid note that I can't wait to wear this on hot summer nights. This is going to be a wafter with body heat, and those are my favorite types of scents. Naughty rating: I would totally take this to bed with me on a weekend night And, I adore my fairy - thanks to her I actually got to try these scents and wear them - she's a generous and kind soul
  13. pinkgyrl

    Ginger scents & the different types of ginger notes

    I second a bunch of these - I don't even favor ginger, and I love Mother Ginger. Young Pine Saplings is awesome too in my opinion. Also: Opuhi: Ginger blossom and vanilla orchid. Very pretty and summery light scent - it's amazing. It's not in your face ginger - it's more of a subtle feel. Good luck! Wendy
  14. pinkgyrl

    Luna Negra: Ted's Creation

    Incredibly sexy but not overwhelmingly so - I just adore this and thank you to the sweet person who swapped this to me (you know who you are ) - I get a distinct blackberry note that gets deeper as it settles into my skin and a deep musk - in the drying process the amber almost smells like smooth suede on my skin. I will definitely need to find one more bottle, because I have a feeling that this will age gorgeously. This has a similar feeling to scents like Mlle Lilith, Fortune Teller, Mme Moriarity, Misfortune Teller v.3, and Crypt Queen - I adore the darker fruit with musk scents - some of my favorites!
  15. pinkgyrl


    This went sharp like Lolita on my skin right when I applied it - and I thought it was going to be too strong, but then it fades into a bright and sparkling orange scent - very candyish - with just a *hint* of a buttercream undertone and yum! So pretty
  16. pinkgyrl

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    This vaguely reminds me of Hellcat but much much softer and without the almond (I also got a Monster Bait: Underbed light vibe from this which is surprising - it's not at *all* as aggressive as the spice in that blend - but if there was a "wear to work" version of MB Underbed - this could be a contender). It's pretty and delicate and just reads "warm" on my skin - kind of a creamy or vanilla feel and then a little bit of spice. It's very pretty and non-assuming. I've been curious about this one for awhile - and it's lovely.
  17. pinkgyrl

    CD: Misfortune Teller v3

    Plum and red musk - just amazing - I'm sure there are some florals hiding in here (but Beth is amazing - and she mixes these types of blends in a way where there's no way I could even pick one of them out) - I adore this scent. The original "oh how I wanted it to love me" Mme. Moriarty, doesn't play right on my skin - and that makes me so sad; it's very sharp on me - but this is so rounded out and smooth with my particular skin chemistry and just stunning. Whenever I tried Mme. Moriarty, this is what I expected. I really this scent.
  18. pinkgyrl

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    Snow Angel! Gorgeous Cherubic spun sugar with a hint of lemon, sparkling peach, and floral tea.
  19. pinkgyrl

    The Decrepit House

    Oak moss is the first note that I get when I apply this - it's really intense. As it settles in, I definitey get a dusty smell - but not in a bad way. I can't pick out a lot of the notes; it's very well-blended - I mostly get sweet, oak moss, a dusty feeling, and a waft of an incense smell. It's that abandoned house that you discover and badly want to refurbish. The greenery and woods have grown to disarray and the inside is slighty dusty and filled with old wooden furniture and memories. It's a lot sweeter than anticipated - and I love the counterbalance of the heady oakmoss with the sweet greenery. This is very much a "create an image" in your mind scent. Lovely.
  20. For a sexy summer night scent - Black Temple Burlesque Troupe is *amazing* - I was standing at my roommate's place of business one day while he worked on my car, and the mechanic's garage is hot - and I kept smelling something wonderful...I finally figured out it was me (hehe) The heat/sweat was making the scent waft like nobody's business For lighter scents during the summer, I usually choose Snow White, Tiki Princess, Eden, Obatala, Strawberry Moon 2009, Jailbait, The Girl, Clockwork Couture: Female...and I suspect I'll be cycling some of the newer bottles that I've swapped for (such as Harigata II and Loosening of the Obi).
  21. pinkgyrl

    Black Forest

    At first, it's a blast of black musk. As it dries down, it's just so gorgeous! On the dry-down, I get powdery black musk, pine, and a hint of cypress - this is surprisingly pretty and very evocative! If you're afraid of this scent, you should definitely wait until the dry down - if I would have judged this on the bottle sniff or on its wet stage - I never would have given it a fair shake. It's seemingly warm and safe with something lurking just under the surface; it's very much a "story" type scent.
  22. pinkgyrl

    Harigata II

    Initially, I get a blast of plasticky coconut - but I'm hoping that the coconut will smooth out as it settles in - and indeed it does become creamier and more well-rounded. Besides, the coconut and cream feeling - I get a slight nuttiness. It's a very unoffending and uncomplicated scent (as the notes seem to meld together into just a rounded coconut and nut scent on my skin). I like this, but I will definitely have to try this against some of my other coconut favorites and see if I need another coconut scent. I was hoping that the anise would peek out more, but I'm hardly getting any of it - so if you're afraid of that note in this blend - never fear - it only gives the scent the tiniest whiff of spice and that's it. I'm super curious to see how it ages!
  23. pinkgyrl


    I get a lot of sweetiness and creaminess upon initial application - it's almost seems like a french vanilla on my skin versus madagascar vanilla. It's a very light and airy scent and just breathtakingly gorgeous. It's not a floral scent on my skin at all - and the orchid just adds depth and sweetness to the vanilla. I thought maybe that I smelled sandalwood (some type of warm note grounding the sweetness) - but it's most likely the saffron. I thought of Clockwork Couture: Female the moment that I smelled it blossoming on my skin - so if you are a fan of that scent, you should definitely give Celeste a spin. This makes me think of fairies for some reason - like they are dancing across my skin - it's a very playful vanilla scent. I'm going to need a bottle or 3 (hehe)
  24. pinkgyrl


    I thought this would be so strong on me after reading the notes! I think I have a really fresh imp though, so that might make a difference. Or, my skin is just eating it up. I get cream and a little bit of nuttiness (the blend, not me...hee!) I thought I smelled vanilla - and indeed, I looked, and it does cotain tonka - it's almost an amber smell on my skin, but it's probably the other notes blending together to create that warm sensual note. I get the tiniest bit of a sweeter booze smell tinged with just a breath of tobacco (almost that sense of when you think that you smell something and you're not sure so you go to investigate the smell - just a whisper). It's not overly sweet on my skin, and it's incredibly interesting compared to my preconceived notions of what this would smell like based on the listed notes - not at all what I was expecting; I'm definitely going to retest - and I think this is going to end up on my bottle list. If I think about it rationally, it would be a softer scent - since a lot of people try to hide their perversions and fetishes and such This is definitely the stereotypical "secretary in glasses with a bun" or the "man in a stodgy business suit" feel versus a scent like "Whip" which screams full body leather and a sex swing in the bedroom
  25. pinkgyrl

    Glowing Vulva Bath Oil

    Glowing Vulva perfume oil is in my top 3 of everything that I've ever tried bpal - this is much lighter than the perfume oil, as I expected. It's much more creamy - definitely more "foody" than the perfume oil version - and the amber and cream dominate the teak which tends to ground the scent in the bath oil rather than pronounce itself as an individual note. I adore this though - I usually only wear Glowing Vulva at night because it's such a strong "do-me-right-now" scent - and this is the daytime version. I'm going to use it as a light moisturizer during the daytime when I want something softer. Heaven