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  1. Is there anything out there a bit like Insects from the Crimson Peak line? I am DISO but in the meantime...
  2. Nymph87

    Let’s talk about Oudh...

    For my oudh fwends (and it doesn’t look like there are many 😂), ‘A Complex, Wiggly Sigil’ from the the new Good Omens range has the good oudh in it. Smooth and to die for! 😍😍
  3. Nymph87

    Let’s talk about Oudh...

    Mods - I’ve tried searching this section for an oudh topic, but it seems even the forum thinks oudh is a dirt word,... it brings up nada! Please merge if a topic exists! So! I am an oudh fan! I love the oudh in Paris Gargoyles, Shadow Embrace, Pumpkin Musk... I don’t like the oudh in First Morning in Paris. Does anyone know if there’s a difference, or is it simply the other notes that give the oudh the sex appeal it has in those three? Does anyone else have a similar experience? If so, what other oils have the sexy oudh in them?
  4. Lace Phoenix? I asked this on Facebook and suggestions were Midnight on the Midway, but I seem to recall trying that in the first CD release and finding it soapy... and looking at reviews it may be too floral for me. I love Lace’s beautiful, light, ethereal incense... it doesn’t go to soap on me and it’s not floral or headachey. It’s the only incense that’s ever worked on me, normally incense is too dry and woody on me (Mummies of Mexico City was dry, and not sweet enough as an example.)
  5. Nymph87

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Thanks lovelies! Fruit Phoenix probably comes closest but unfortunately the pom in it went to candle on me, much like September Midnight. Unfortunately I think Ive tried most of the suggestions but none come close sadly (on my skin). The JM scent is so odd... to me it has almost a mentholic vibe and when you sniff closer, its sweet and reminds me of lipstick. Its slso fresh and festive to me but without smelling like a candle. Its quite interesting and so so nice!
  6. Nymph87

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Sooo... has anyone smelled anything similar from BPAL that smells like Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir? Ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods. Dark and enigmatic. I have Mme Moriarty and Dionysia but JM is different... more spicey...
  7. Nymph87

    Antiseptic... Sanguinem Menstruum

    Sure have and I have a couple of bottles! No antiseptic type scent though. Just red musk all the way with a hint of ashes.
  8. Yeah, I know I am weird. I LOVE the headshoppy scent that is Sanguinem Menstruum. I know it sounds strange but it has almost an antiseptic scent to it that reminds me of walking into a tattoo studio. (I did say I am weird right?). I dont know how or what gives it this scent, but I do know the honey or beeswax ruins it for me. I kinda like it but its a little intense. Are there any other scents out there that I may enjoy that have that antiseptic-y type headahoppy scent (such good descriptive words by me) without the honey/beeswax? I do have a lot of red musks but none give off that scent...
  9. Nymph87

    Perfumey scents

    I dont think theres a thread for this yet! What are your favourite perfumey blends? When I say perfumey, I dont mean fragrances that necessarily smell like mainstream scents, but more those blends that have that perfume like quality to them. I am digging Ava at the moment and Media looks like it might be another I need to try. Any other recs?
  10. Nymph87


    It's been around for a long time, but my favorite aquatic is still Y'ha-Nthlei from the good ol' GC. It seriously smells "magical" to me and has this sparkly quality from the ambergris. It's simultaneously foamy, warm and reminiscent of the sea. You might like Lyonesse. Despite having many of my favorite notes, it got too powdery on me and the salty/sweet combo just turned weird with my chemistry. A lot of people love it though, so it's worth a shot. Oh, and definitely Silence! In my opinion it's more on the fruit/musk side rather than purely aquatic, but it has watery qualities (blue musk, lotus root, teas). It's a really soft, soothing scent. It's tough to find these days but I cherish my bottle and think tracking one down is totally worth it. Cthulhu in Love is great but it's not as watery as the others. More incense/chocolate/kelp to me (which is actually really good, I swear), so there's at least a hint of the sea in there. Lastly, Vial of Holy Water. I haven't gotten to try this one yet, but it sounds really clean and lovely. People seem to describe it as white musk, ozone, mint and cucumber. Well, isn't it funny how things change! I was never ever an aquatic person... but now I think I am. Since everyone's suggestions I have tried Y'ha Nthlei, Mary Read and the Sea Foam's Milk and I love them all. Bottle purchases fo'sho. Are there any other GC recs for beautiful aquatics (that aren't manly)?
  11. I can generally wear anything with white rose -- Joyful Moon, E'Ecole des Filles, Dream (Map of Dreams), Delight and Consternation (Luper). Sometimes tea rose works -- Marie, London, Klara (Yule from a few years back) And then, oddly, Wanda and Two Five Seven work for me. I have no idea why. Isn't that funny, Two Five and Seven hated me and so did Wanda (possibly not for the rose though in Wanda). I do have the same trouble as you with Titania and being a person who amps leather I was hoping Whip would work... but nope... all rose. I do have Roses Pearls and Diamonds... I've only tested it once so far and only just the quick, rip into the package and test everything test. I will have to give it a proper go tomorrow. Err hello... are you me? This is the exact same problem that I have with rose - and I actually love the smell of rose, I think that a gorgeous full-bodied red rose in the garden is one of the most magnificent smells in the world - but as a perfume note on my skin it just drowns out everything else The only rose blends I've had any success with are Sibyl - lovely soft/dusky tea rose, but even that one is borderline too much rose sometimes - and Lucy, Kissed (BPTP) wherein the rose is no match for the patchouli/red musk/oude/etc. i have learned that black rose is occasionally OK, and sometimes the paler roses like white or pink might behave themselves, but overall rose is a bust for me. I think it's just a case of try everything you can - if you see something where the other notes are winners, you may get lucky... otherwise, like me, you'll just have to concede defeat and accept that rose is not your friend. You have me intrigued with Lucy, Kissed. Patchouli hates me when it's not sweetened with other things but I generally love patchouli... Maybe this would be a good match! I will have to check it out, thanks! So sad, as none of these work for me. Aw it's too bad. Is there anything you love and recommend?
  12. So I love rose. But so far every oil I've tried turns to potpourri on me. As soon as the oil dries down any scent with rose in it seems to smell only if rose, with all the other notes being lost. I want to smell of rose, but I don't want rose to be the only thing people smell... I want to smell a bit more unique than a bowl of potpourri! So those who amp rose, can you make some reccies?
  13. Nymph87


    I am bumping this thread. I never considered myself an aquatic lover but after trying the Sea of Glass and thinking it smelt beautiful, I am curious to know what current aquatic oils everyone loves? This thread was started in 2005, so I am guessing a lot has changed since then. So, what are everyone's favourite aquatics? Can anyone recommend the prettiest aquatics they've tried?
  14. Nymph87

    Experienced BPAL-er recs for next order

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions thus far, I have compiled a list, now I need to go through the reviews and determine what definitely isn't me, before I order another set of imps. Woohoo!
  15. Hi all! Well it's definitely started... my BPAL addiction has been re-ignited after many years and I am plotting and planning my next order... only days after receiving my last. Help me spend money! There's been some HUGE surprises for me... many years ago I would never have gone for florals, chamomile, aquatics or vanilla... or leather... a lot of things really. And, so when I placed this order... I didn't get too excited about these things. I used to always be a musk only person. I still don't do jasmine or anything heady or too woody, however... I am willing to try some new things and this is where I hope you can all help! Here's a list of what I've tried so far (and what I remember adoring many moons ago), so you have an idea of what I may like/not like: Loves that work on me Enraged Bunny Musk - love it Mme Moriarty - LOVE LOVE! 51 - got an imp and love it! I can't wear Thierry Mugler Alien, but this is the same without the accompanying headache! Black Moon 2013 - LOVE! Jareth - for some reason leather goes weird on me, but I still like this a lot Dorian - Love but goes a bit powdery. Can tolerate on some days! Mr Ibis - LOVE! Snow White - love! Neutral - love! Galvanic Goggles - love! (I think I adore metals) Sea of Glass - what a surprise! It's very orange-like on my skin initially but dries down to a beautiful, fresh scent on me Sachs - what a surprise!!!! I ADORE this! Go to Sleep Darlings - minty snow white, I like Good - like! TKO - love... perfect for bed but I'd love to know if there's anything that's like TKO but a daytime scent. Loves that don't work on me Theodosius, the Legerdemain - love the smell of this in the bottle, but turns to powder on me Snake Oil - I LOVE in the vial, but turns to baby powder on me. Lyonesse - smells awesome, although I am not overly keen on the woody dry down. Pleasant enough Morocco - I liked in the vial but it was too woody/spice when it dried down. Spellbound - LOVE but turns too powdery at the end Rapunzel in Ballpoint - love the apple, but this scent was a little too innocent. Likes/not likes Tattered Lace - I don't mind... but it's too heady for me O - so so, I don't mind it Liz - at this stage, I love the leather in Liz but I am not convinced others will love the leather on me. Hoping it ages nicely. Putting it in the so-so category for now Pink Snowballs - very pretty, unsure if I smell too potpourri like though. In the so-so basket Eat Me - I was hoping this would be foody love (I don't normally do foody but thought it may have been perfume-y enough)... don't like so much. Mania - too sweet (but need to try on my skin)... in the so so list for now Whitechapel - woah... too much lime. The lime kills the blend and I don't like it. Depraved - the only scent I had to wash off. I think it was the apricot. I've tried a couple of other imps, but I can't recall their names at the moment. Will add them if I think of them. It seems to me I am adoring vanilla, bourbon vanilla, musk and light pretty florals. I may even like pretty aquatics. Spices and wood (I think) turn to powder on me. I love the smell of leather but I am unsure about how leather smells on me. Foody smells are a no-go. Rose may smell like potpourri. Honey is on the fence. Opium may be too "heady". I know I always love stuff that smells head-shop like. I have always loved patchouli but am not experienced with the lab's patch. I love apple, but perhaps only apple that's not too "pure" in the scent... help? Recommend away!