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  1. galerides

    Pink Moon 2024

    A very "pink" scent! Smells like warm strawberries and sweet milk. Stays pretty consistent over time, but the strawberry fades a little and the scent becomes creamier. The strawberry here is tart (similar to previous Strawberry Moons) and is more prominent than the milk and marshmallow cream notes. Overall, it smells like a strawberry creme saver!
  2. galerides

    Cake Pop Wreath

    There's a noticeable olive oil note in here which makes the cake feel dense, but it's cut by a sharp lemon note which keeps it from feeling overly heavy. Drydown happens quickly (within 30 minutes for me) and the throw is low. It ends up smelling like a bit of sour cream cheese + small sugary sprinkles on the skin. Overall, a lightly sweetened and oily cake. People who enjoy the lemony feel in Dorian or scents like Cake Smash would probably find this one likeable as well.
  3. galerides

    Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake

    I'm getting a very lovely pumpkin bread. Less creamy frosting, more of the pumpkin spices, and a slight yeastiness. Doesn't seem to stick around for too long, and becomes close to the skin in a few hours. I really love this, and it's probably my favorite pumpkin gourmand scent from BPAL so far. I have a partial bottle but am on the hunt for more.