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  1. Could anyone compare Tongue Wall and Just Before Penetration for me? Anyone tried them both? How creamy is Just Before? Is Tongue Wall brighter guava? Which is more guava forward? I want one of them...but which should I choose?
  2. amoray


    This sounds like a loud mean scent. So I was surprised to find it's balanced and calm. Maybe the snow soothes out the gruesomeness but I do think it's pretending to be scarier than it is. This smells like walking through a quiet forest covered in snow. There is a soft waft of smokiness, like the smell of a distant fire. It smells like a holiday scent without veering into candle territory. Nice!
  3. amoray

    Snake Oil Hair Gloss

    Is it just me or is the hair gloss version sweeter? I adore my snake oil perfume, but I'm not totally sure how I feel about this. It lasts a long time and smells like snake oil, but there is *something* ever so slightly different that I don't love it as much...but I do still really like it. Oh and I almost forgot it was quite strong in my hair, just one squirt out of a tester was plenty! It made my hair shiny on the ends so that was nice. I have fine long hair with sensitive scalp and there was no irritation or greasiness.
  4. amoray

    London Smoke

    Fresh first impressions: Well, this isn't a foggy grey scent if that's what you are looking for...not yet anyways. I think aging will be interesting. Wet this is all tabac flower and it's gorgeous. Then as it begins drying I get the fougere. I think the fougere is what is actually giving it the floral quality though. I'm not sure what is in the fougere but it smells like a very traditional fougere imho and it's quite green and spring-like. The tabac flower grounds it and flits around the edges. As it dries down I get some tea (oh and the grey amber begins melding with the tabac flower FINALLY), but it is very "Aziraphale drinks tea surrounded by houseplants in Springtime in London with sun streaming in the windows" which feels like the opposite of the description.
  5. amoray


    It smells like fruit drizzled with honey to me. I don't know why. I keep smelling it expecting the warm buttery part to come but it never shows up. Just bright juicy mixed fruit smell with a light amber honey.
  6. amoray

    Gingerbread Milk

    I was worried I might be one of those people for whom milk notes go wrong. And yep, I am one of those people. It smells like sour stinky feet with a light dusting of gingerbread. I felt like I was in a thick fog of it too.
  7. amoray

    Eat Me

    I want to love this. I've tried to love it. But, it turns all to jammy currants on me which wouldn't be horrible at all except the vanilla cake goes plastic on me. This one is just not meant to be for me.
  8. amoray

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    This is absolutely gorgeous wet. When it dries I lose the lavender and it becomes mostly coconut cream pie. Within about 30 minutes it's gone. My skin ate my lavender coconut cream pie up 😭 If you are luckier than me and it sticks around you are in for a beautiful treat.
  9. amoray

    To a Wreath of Snow 2023

    I don't even like lavender. I don't have a single lavender scent I like. However, I LOVE ambergris so much, and went for it. This is the only lavender scent I've liked in forever, and I can't stop sniffing my arm. It's almost powdery but then goes creamy with the ambergris. I shouldn't even like this, and I almost don't. But then I smell it again and it's so good I forgive it. The tobacco and ambergris combo strikes again to make me love things I don't love. This is gorgeous.
  10. amoray


    I can't compare this to the original. But, to me, it's vanilla musk, an (almost too) sugary lemony tea, and the company of a nice smelling masculine person. I don't know if I want to smell like this or just smell this on someone. This has been sitting since the summer, so I think age is going to help this one.
  11. amoray

    Batty Lace

    It's not floral, which I was kind of expecting. But I'm actually glad it's not! It does smell like caramel, but a smooth caramel leather. It's a light airy tan scent. The vanilla wafts around me when I wear it, and it's only up close that I even smell the sugary chewy caramel. I'm going to test this again, but it's lovely. If you are worried at all about the leather, don't be. It's the cutest, softest snuggly lil fuzzy bat baby.
  12. amoray

    Vintage Witch Blow Mold

    This is a very bright scent, neon green. I keep smelling lemon even though there is no lemon listed. I'm guessing that is the green tea and the sharpness of the amber blending. The white chocolate isn't as strong as the one in the white chocolate Mysore sandalwood trio. This one goes a bit musty on me.
  13. amoray

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    So the plastic note isn't plastic at all, but I can't quite grasp what it is...but it smells like a lit up decoration that you just turned on. It's like orange rind. But not citrusy...like just the white of the rind. The pith. And it sits on top of a the milky shell. There is sweetness underneath too. And then it's like the light gets a bit warmer and an amber glow comes out as it gets sweeter and milkier. The drydown is GORGEOUS. Came back to add: I just realized what it reminds me of....Zorya P but without the moonflower and tobacco notes I think. I wonder if there is ambergris in this.
  14. amoray

    13 (Thirteen October 2023)

    The green cardamom, nutmeg, saffron and pine all meld together in the beginning. Then I smell the wood. It starts to smell a bit like warm cottage in the woods where something is brewing. Warm and inviting. Nothing scary happens here. The cocoa bitterness at the bottom. Maybe it's an open can of baking cocoa next to the stove in the cottage. This makes me want to drink hot cocoa and watch the snow fall.
  15. amoray

    Tiefling Therapist

    Tested this today, and it goes completely floral champaca on me with a strong backing of brimstone. Floral brimstone is not something I want to smell like. Although, I guess it does smell like a therapist's office. But I don't want to smell like that either.