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  1. amoray

    The Morning Star Among the Living

    Sweet burning fig! Fig on fire. I keep thinking I lit a fig candle. It almost smells like apple cider, but that's fig encased in saffron amber. I never thought I'd love this, but it's delicious. This is so different and so comforting. It's heavy on fig, but not heavy in scent. I find it rather light, airy, but strong. It's a christmas dessert and a summer day. It is the opposite of the evening star among the dead. It's very alive. I may have to get a bottle cause this is so different than anything I've had from BPAL.
  2. amoray

    The Serpent in the Roses

    Spicy rose. The rose starts off strong and then mellows into the snake. I don't like rose very much, but even this is tempting me. There was a hippie shop near where I grew up that sold incense and handmade rose soaps and it smells like that shop. I used to go there in high school all the time so it's a super nostalgic scent for me. I'm gonna need to test again and see how I feel. It's not as strong on the snake oil as I'd like, but perhaps some time would change that for the better. At this point I think BPAL could add snake oil to anything and I'd like it.
  3. amoray

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    I am sad that so far, the cherry does not stick around super long for me. It's such a gorgeous cherry note too....sigh. It's a dark delicious cherry. It has a warmth from the incense but it's not very strong incense. When it dries I smell a light smokiness like I've just burned cherry incense and this smoldering hint is all that's left. I wanted more ooooomph. It's pretty and easy to wear, but not *quite* what I am searching for.
  4. amoray


    Even though the sandalwood is mentioned first, it's mostly in the back of the scent. Vanilla and smooth tobacco. I get no lemon as others mentioned. The edginess seems to be coming from the "husk". It has a dried husk, like a corn husk smell around the vanilla. Like a dry summer smell when all the corn is harvested and husks are lying out in the fields. Also, the vanilla note is one I've smelled before...but I haven't smelled the vanilla husk trio or cognac sheet ghost. I wonder if this is similar to Pandemic Vanitas? It might have been used as a bit of the cotton note due to the husk giving it that dry cottony feeling. It's quite comforting in the same way Pandemic Vanitas is, but without the foodie notes. I may have to buy a bottle because it gives me the same calming vibes. I would wear this to bed or to lay around on a lazy day.
  5. amoray

    Pink Lovebird

    2023 version: It's the cake I wanted from Eat Me, but did not get. I get a lightness, a pink maybe strawberryish cotton candy that floats about here and there. I wish it stayed as nice as the wet phase. But just as emkathol mentioned there is a dusty drydown on me. It has a low throw and doesn't last long on me. I will enjoy my decant, but I don't think I will be getting a bottle.
  6. amoray

    Black Silk Orchid

    To me, this scent is Elvira or Cruella de Vil. It's a bit campy, silky, but it commands attention. She wakes up late in the afternoon and stays up late into the night. In the bottle I get more of the bourbon vanilla but once I put it on I, of course, amp the tuberose which has a honeyed white floral scent that is haunting. It's a ghostly pale Elvira in a silky black fringe and feathers.
  7. amoray

    Green Lovebird

    I thought I wouldn't like this because I'm not into minty scents. I was SO wrong. This is so delicious. It starts off very minty and smells like those cute pastel mint nonpareil candies. It smells green without smelling loamy or leafy. Then it dries into this pistachio scent with a light mint and vanilla. It's a creamy scent. It is quite a surprise hit for me.
  8. amoray

    Secret Donuts

    I like gourmands and donuts. My favorite donuts are maple. But this isn't a scent for me. It has a watery quality, like toned down donuts. It's just not what I was expecting. There is also something under the donuts, like a floral base. It's odd. It smells like the idea of donuts and not donuts themselves. It skews a bit plastic which is sad because I usually like the labs gourmands.
  9. amoray


    This smells like a very well built older house. It's like what Bob Vila would smell like or Al on Home Improvement. This takes me back to my childhood when my next door neighbor would make me wood toys in his workshop. It's comforting and calm. This has to be cedar, maybe menthol? It's quite gorgeous. It's a moment in time.
  10. amoray

    Dead Leaves, Scorched Pumpkin, and Marshmallows

    Oh this is so toasty and nice. Don't get me wrong, those dead leaves come on strong at first but mellow out on the skin. I like that the pumpkin isn't a very spicy pumpkin as I have trouble with the spicy pumpkins. It's a nice warm autumn scent with the dead leaves giving it just a little oomph past ordinary. It really has a feeling of being a scent of "walking outside in the fall". I don't think I could handle that Dead Leaves note without the very sweet and toasty marshmallow.
  11. amoray

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    Sexy pastry. On me its wearable right now and god it smells gorgeous. I need another bottle.
  12. amoray

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'm newish. I don't have a ton of BPAL and I'm still waiting on my next order when I'm sure a lot of these will change. But so far my top 5: 1. Constellation...the amber and clove are DIVINE 2. Pandemic Vanitas 3. Mallow Flower, Honeysuckle, and Vanilla Bean 4. The Little Owl 5. Snake Oil
  13. amoray


    Oh wow. I tried this as soon as I got it. It smells so incredible. I thought I wasn't super big on "spicy" scents but the amber in this must be working to smooth out the clove. It really gives me the pumpkin spice I always wanted with no cinnamon, just sugary cloves. The amber really makes it creamy, and the dry down is unreal, slightly sweet and spicy amber. It's not powdery at all to me. I will wear this a ton.
  14. amoray

    The Little Owl

    This is a warm soft brown scent. I definitely get sandalwood and oakiness in this. My skin must amp it. At first it's Tonka Bean and Sandalwood a woodiness. Then as it dries I get more of the beeswax. The beeswax is very nice in this and while honey tends to overwhelm me on most things this has a soft honey/beeswax scent that tempers the woodiness. It is like lying in fresh clean hay while chewing on a bit of beeswax. Maybe there are some sandalwood shaving sprinkled about. And over it all is a warm blanket of Tonka Bean. When I smelled this in the jar I thought "whew sandalwood", but I'm glad I gave it a chance because it's very cozy and soft when wearing.
  15. I also thought it was marshmallow...I read mallow flower and still thought MARSHMALLOW? So it wasn't just doomsday_disco. I wanted more honeysuckle as well. I'm not sure what kind of mallow flower and upon smelling this realized I had no idea. It has a white floral sweet scent, literally smells like a candied flower, not flour don't get confused again. It is definitely a springtime scent. I am going to layer it with a vanilla cake scent and see what I think.