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    original Mdme. Moriarty, Blood Kiss, Vixen, Perversion, Sin, Lust, Blood Amber, The Caterpillar, Hunger, Ravenous, Third Charm, TKO, Hell's Belle, Morocco, Satyr, Gingerbread Satyr, Gingerbread Cathedral, Death Adder. The Lab's red musk and patchoulis (esp. red) absolutely love my skin. Also orange blossom, amber, vetiver and sandalwood.


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  1. silverlilac


    First of all, this is my favourite Poe poem, so whatever the notes, I'd force myself to be more open to it. But the scent itself is wonderful- the dry, quality patchouli mixed with the cardamon is what I get the most. It creates an exotic, balanced blend of earthy wood and warm spiciness. Unfortunately, the cardamom makes my skin burn a little upon initial application, and for every reapplication will turn it bright red. But you know what? I don't care. I love this scent so much, I will gladly take the crimson blotches all over my neck!
  2. silverlilac


    Oh how I love this out of the vial and wet on my skin! It's so dark and deep- it has such a dry, earthy almost feral scent to me (must be the red musk). But unfortunately when it works with my chemistry, it turns soapy (must be the rose) and then like baby powder, underneath which I can still smell rose, but that's all. None of what first attracted me upon application.
  3. silverlilac


    To me Icantation is a rather clean and fresh scent, evoking "light" rather than "dark." I thought I smelled pine at first, then decided it was juniper before referring back to the original scent description and realized it was the vetiver. I don't get any sandalwood from this, but I do get some of the lemond rind upon drydown. I think this would work extremely well on a man, but I do wish this smelled dark to me like it did with so many others.
  4. silverlilac

    Black Rose

    I do adore a good rose scent, and though many turn somewhat soapy on me (as does this for a short period of time) I don't mind that. This, while not a mindblowingly different kind of rose scent, is different enough to be worth choosing over another. It's true rose, with something dark menacing just below the surface. It's strong without being too strong, and lasts extremely well on my skin. I hope to use up my imp, and if this scent grows on me anymore, I may get a bottle.
  5. silverlilac


    Out of the bottle and first on my skin the overwhelming note is fresh, sweet greeness, like a fig. That gives way to the distinct scent of dead, damp leaves and earth... it's pleasant though, and so characteristic of Autumn. Unfortunately, this is one BPAL scent that my skin eats up in under an hour (although none have ever lasted 12+ hours on me like some people) and I am left with the faintest scent of lilies and the aquatic note. I'm not fond of aquatic notes at all, and if only the fig/leaves smell lasted longer, this would be one of my favourites. I'm still glad I have a bottle though. Just have to reapply and slather like crazy!
  6. silverlilac


    Honestly, I've always been kind of bored by orange blossom. It can sometimes creep into that headache inducing territory for me. That said, I like Vixen. I like Vixen so much I'm majorly coveting a bottle right now, even though I know an imp will do me... for now, anyway. And now that it's been working with my skin for awhile, it's reminding of a floral version of Snake Oil... and on a deep breath, I can smell the patchouli. Oh dear. Hardcore coveting coming on strong.
  7. silverlilac

    Pumpkin Patch I (2005, 2006)

    My first thought with this was: Jack. But let's say PP #1 is Jack's taller, slender brother, with the lack of all that butteriness. My bf hates Jack because of the buttery note, but he really likes this. I get mostly apple cider, definitely the mulling spices, and the pumpkin seems to play a role here that's odd- upon drydown this almost reaches a strange perfume-like state on my skin. But this is a perfect Autumn blend. There's a certain crispness to it, but the coziness of the spices evens it all out.
  8. silverlilac

    Goona Goona

    First on, this smells just a tad aquatic and a little bit salty surprisingly. But oh so quickly it finds it's true scent on me: ah, there's that gorgeous rose. It does smell soapy, but in that regard the blend achieves what's it's after- soapy smells calm me. It does turn noticeably powdery, maybe just a touch spicy, with a tiniest bit of an herb.
  9. silverlilac


    First impression: medicinal like dry and brittle old gauze. Once the oil works it's way into my skin, the vanilla comes out a bit. Slowly but surely the sweetness takes over, but it's not a pretty transformation; at one point Play-doh came to mind. But after all is smelled and done, I get an echo of Snake Oil, a little bit of creamsicle. I wouldn't say this is very sexy to me, and I know the name refers to lustful hunger, but it does remind me of being physically hungry: the sharp pangs and the slow euphoric sweetness of acceptance of an empty belly.
  10. silverlilac

    Two, Five & Seven

    Boozey! Or boozy, depending on which way you might spell it, but this creation smells like booze on me like no other. I can barely smell the rose beneath that overdominant smell on my skin, which is unfortunate, since I do love roses, and all the different varieties. It doesn't smell like wine or liquor exactly, but more like beer, after it's been spilled on your clothing and has set in the fabric. The boozey scent isn't altogether bad or anything, but not one for me.
  11. silverlilac

    Harvest Moon 2004

    In the bottle and on me wet, I do not like this one at all. It smells way too strong of mint and earthy hay, and a little bit of the grape. A few minutes it tames down a lot, and I am left with more of a soft earthy hay, and I smell those familiar notes all the Lunar oils have. It's been about 10 minutes since I've had it on and it's already morphed into something soft and delicate, and oh so slightly sweet and soapy. The grape is still present, along with a spicy, smoky floral note. If it had remained how it smelled like in the first few minutes, this would be up for swap in a heartbeat, but again the magic of the ever changing oils does the trick and here is yet another scent I love.
  12. silverlilac

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Agree on the Mee-Go, but I always spell B-P-A-L out, yet my bf does the Bee-pal. How is it that he got it right when he cringes every time I let out a "SQUEE!!!" because he knows it just cost him a big chunk of change?
  13. silverlilac

    Dragon's Musk

    The Draconis scents don't seem to change too much on my skin. This one is not much different. The Dragon's Blood is definitely deeper here than on it's own, and I smell the smokiness (lots of smoky dragon's breath!), and the musk adds a clean, sexy aspect. I really do like this, but it smells just a bit too masculine, of all things, to me, to justify to keep it. If only my bf would wear this, I would be a happy girl
  14. silverlilac

    Dragon's Blood

    Dragon's Blood is one of the very few BPAL scents that smells the same on me from the vial, application, and drydown. This is the sweetest, cleanest earthy scent I have ever smelled, but it seems to lack a little something for me. I think I will stick to the other Draconis blends, as Dragon's Blood seems best to have something else blended with it. But this definitely has lots of layering potential.
  15. silverlilac


    Out of the bottle and first going on, I smelled a lot of heaviness... I almost got eucalyptus out of it. But oh so quickly I smelled the sweetest white florals imaginable! I really love white florals, but this blend is heavily dominated by the most beautiful sweetness a floral could have and still be considered a floral by me. It smells a lot like honey, and when I breathe it in, I visualize a river of white flowers moved along by honey. Exquisite. I ordered a bottle of this unsniffed and so glad I did. I was reading "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" when they released this blend and I think it contributed to me ordering it right away as well.