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    Favorite Scents: Pumpkin, Peach, Apricot, Coffee, Chocolate, Coconut, Vanilla, Tonka, Caramel, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sage, Apple, Berries, Black Licorice, Anise- not necessarily in any order. My all-time favorite scent is Pumpkin. Favorite Blend: JACK!!!

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  1. aleciarivas

    The Kingdom of Sweets

    Well this had me excited for quite awhile! OMG deliciousness, definitely overwhelming candy sweetness and I LOVE it. Until drydown, when I get a strange cough-syrupy type of scent that keeps wafting up. Blech! I hate cough syrup- it makes me gag, so this is not a pleasant scent experience for me.
  2. aleciarivas


    I get the orange cloves many other wearers mentioned, but there's also some sort of resin or wood beneath. This makes it kind of incensy- not bad, but not really my thing either.
  3. aleciarivas

    Bob Cratchit's Hearth

    Another scent I wouldn't have chosen for myself, and was pleasantly surprised by! This is a complicated scent and I'm having a hard time picking the notes out. I do pick up something slightly sweet beneath the firewood-type scent (slightly woodsy, slightly smoky), maybe something fruity? It's a gorgeous blend though and really, really comforting for some reason!
  4. aleciarivas

    The Arabian Dance

    Until dry down this was a lovely slightly coffee slightly leather scent, but something (I think it's the spices) takes over and the rest just literally disappears. If I could keep this fresh I'd love it, but as it is, the spices make my nose itch!
  5. aleciarivas

    Changing the Shadows

    Thankfully this is one of those times that vanilla plays nice with me and doesn't get powdery! This is a GORGEOUS scent and may have to be bumped up to my top ten!! The vanilla and sandalwood balance out the fruitiness perfectly, preventing this from being too sweet. Overall a delicious scent that I will be wearing a lot more of in the future!
  6. aleciarivas

    Trick or Treat

    I've loved this scent for years now- it's not an overwhelming candy corn scent, but more of a soft sweet slightly buttery scent. Delicious and just a little bit of spice. LOVE this one!
  7. aleciarivas

    The School

    This is quite simply amazing! Not one I would have picked out for myself... Slightly woodsy, slightly perfume-y, slightly sweet and vanilla-y. Overall, QUITE lovely and surprising myself I will be keeping this bottle!!!
  8. aleciarivas

    The Nutcracker

    This ends up as resiny wood with just a hint of sweetness underneath. Pleasant, but not lustworthy as I prefer.
  9. aleciarivas

    A World of Fools

    There's a spice in here that seems to take over- maybe nutmeg?- but that's not saying much because my skin just GOBBLES this scent up! It disappears after about 20 minutes with just a very faint hint of spice if I huff very closely and carefully.
  10. aleciarivas


    saralaughs wrote my review! LOL! Exactly my notes, all the way down to the powder in the background.
  11. aleciarivas


    There's something green in this bottle, and I finally decided why I don't care for most of the green scents- the greenery amps like crazy, drowning everything else out. Ah well! The scent beneath is nice- hot spiced apple cider- with the cinnamon sticks still floating in it.
  12. aleciarivas

    Fledgling Raptor Moon

    Unfortunately, while this started off rather nicely, it ends up complete baby powder for me. Vanilla often does this, although I suspect there may be other culprits. Still deducing that one.
  13. aleciarivas

    Foodie Smells lover and a Halloween question.

    I love Jack (pumpkin-y peach goodness), Eat Me, Bliss... a lot of the ones people have already suggested. I think your best bet is to look over the threads that Molls recommended! Many of the LE's (Limited Editions) are foody scents and many members are willing to sell decants or lab imps from their private collected or unloved ones they would like to rehome. I'm a foody too so I completely understand!
  14. aleciarivas

    Dark Chocolate and Cherry

    Oh this is just too nummy to be true!! It's like slathering on a chocolate cherry cordial, syrup and all (although I smell more milk chocolate than dark chocolate).
  15. aleciarivas

    Sparkling Apple Cider

    For some reason this smells very metallic on me, maybe it's the 'sparkling' edge of the scent. I don't care to smell like metal so this one goes.