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  1. passionsast

    SW Halloween Questions Part 2

    ***9/10*** Has anyone tried ice wine before? Do/did they enjoy it? never tried it, but am now curious What other perfume companies (besides bpal) have you been curious about? BPAL is just about all i can handle Does anyone here do anything with grave rubbings? oooh perrty Would you enjoy art based on original Graveyard photography? sure, why not? What's in your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, do you want any new Netflix/Blockbuster friends, if so how do we find you on there? i haz no netflix or BBOnline ***9/9*** Do you play a musical instrument? flute, alto sax, tenor sax, and i sing soprano What do you think of Irrelevant Disturbing and Surreal Crawdad Dream? Love it? Hate it? Kicking yourself for not getting a bottle? i haz a bottle! How do you feel about trinkets? You know - tiny toys or doodads that serve no purpose than to be cute, take up space and make us smile. Love them or waste of money? ooohhh shiny! Can melty things be shipped to you, or will they be in puddles by the time you open the package? melty=fine Who likes pirates? aaaarrrrrrr What are your feelings about Dia De Los Muertos? i don't really know. i like the stuff though What do you think about the Nightmare Before Christmas? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 If candy is sent, would you prefer small amounts to a Halloween sized bag? something easily hidden from my mother and the dogs Do you like notes in your soaps or bath stuff that you don't like in your perfumes? If so which? i don't actually know Do you like floral soaps or bath stuff? If so, what florals work and what don't? rose hates me ***9/8*** How do y'all feel about honey and maple? And different flavored honey, not just the standard kind? i've never tried it What is your favorite thing to do on a cool fall day? play in the leaves! ***9/7*** If you have pets, is there a SPECIFIC toy they like to play with; brand and size? Is there a treat/cookie they eat? What brand and size? i usually get them stuff from colossal canines. they're big doggies and they like fluffy squeaky toys What's your ringtone? verizon ringtone number #8 Just to throw a silly question out there...Munsters or Addams Family, y'all? addams family all the way! What think you about receiving tea accessories and/or miscellany (like mugs, cups, saucers, strainers/filters, honey, natural sweeteners [like stevia])? i don't really drink tea How do you feel about copies of music or dvd's that your witch might have that you might enjoy? Not just mixes, but whole copies? i'm kind of a movie whore Say, witches, I have a question about birthdays. do you expect/rely on other people to plans birthday outings and activities? not really Tarts? Yes/no? i don't know I'm wondering if my witchee would like to try these types of things (like the caramel with sea salts or chocolates with chilis/bacon/salt etc.)? not gonna lie, i'm kind of a sissy ***9/6*** What's your favorite animal? doggies! What one (or two, if you really must) BPAL bottles are you most longing for? pickled imp If you could have dinner/drinks/coffee with any 3 living people that are not your family/friends already, who would they be-? John Hannah, Alton Brown, Madeline Kahn ***9/5*** If you could bring back any TV show from cancellation what would it be? Farscape, Dead Like Me, My So Called Life I wonder if my witchee would like a blanket type thing. Would you? I love blankets, I'm always cold What's your favorite "I know it's bad for me but I can't help myself" treat? Peanut Butter Cups, Cheetos Very important question: Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL and/or other wishlists during the round? Just Lilith Victoria and Lady Lilith at this point. If I get anything else, I'll post it. Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind/style? Left handed one How do you feel about having a donation made in your name to something?If you like that idea, what types of organizations/groups would you want the donation to go to? Like the idea, but have no particular cause ***9/4*** What is your favorite art movement and/or style? ie impressionist, surrealist, art nouveau, etc. I like bright colors and stuff that makes sense Do you have a case for your mp3 player/digital camera? If you would want one, what size is your digital device? I have no digital devices For tea drinkers, do you bag it or prefer loose Not a tea drinker Does the weather change where you are, as in, does it get cold in the winter? Anyone need homegrown scarves, hats, mittens, etc? We do have many seasons here in good ole' PA Who are your forum buddies? People you know well enough online or IRL to help your Witch pick out stuff for you? Closest I have are probably Shelldoo and Vampkat ***9/3*** My questionnaire is chock-a-block with ideas for Witching me on the cheap, and without sending "stuff for stuff's sake". And I just came up with another one--make me a Pandora, Finetune, or Last.fm station you think I might like! What manner of affordable Witchery might you covet? all manner of cheap. I'm easy like that Does your cell phone have a place to attach charms? not that i know of
  2. passionsast

    SW Halloween Questions Part 1

    ***9/3*** If you drink coffee (and make it yourself) do you use a French Press, regular filter basket coffee maker, Espresso Machine, Percolator? None of the above. I drink it, but don’t make my own. How do you scent yourself? Do you layer soaps, moisturizers, etc. or do you go straight to slathering your bod with BPAL? Straight BPAL Do you/how do you scent your world? Candles, incense, diffusers, potpourri? None of the above? None of the above. BPAL is such a scent-ual experience. What are your other tactile, aural, or olfactory pleasures? I like soft fuzzy things, music, petting my puppies and kitties, and sniffing BPAL ***9/2*** How do people feel about receiving baked goods/kits to make said goods? Or other cooking items? Would you enjoy oil or vinegar flavored with herbs grown at home? Strange and exotic spices with recipes to try? Cookies made with carnation petals? As long as it’s not overly spicy, I’m game. What are your pet's names, and what are they named for? Giant Baby the St. Bernard is named so because when we got him he was 6 mos old and already tall enough to drink out of the bathroom sink. Yodel the St. Bernard is named so because he’s very vocal. Kitty the Russian Blue cat is named so because that’s what people started calling her. I vetoed Whore of Babylon. And Mrs. P the tubby tabby came with that name. ***9/1*** Who here is a complete, over the top, Alice In Wonderland fanatic? Oooh! Meeee! Meeee! I am!! Are you a Trekkie? If so, which series do you prefer? Do you have a favorite character? I <3 TNG. Data and Wesley Crusher are my favorites. Wesley was my first celebrity crush. Do you have phobias? Bugs (specifically spiders) and horses. How do you like your mix CDs? Random? Stuff you know you'll like? I prefer classic rock but I’d be happy with anything. Possible exception: a CD made up of rap, country, and worship music. ::shudder:: Would you rather get food or jewellery? Yes please Do you like children's toys, such as jacks, those little things you tilt around to get the ball in the right hold (wtf are those called?), the aforementioned caplet dinosaurs, cap guns, etc?: Why yes, I am five. How did you know? English candy/tea/marmite or other stuff that you love and can't easily get outside of England? I don’t know ): Fanfic as a gift* - yay or nay? Your fandom? Slash preferences?*well, a virtual gift obviously. You know what I mean. I don’t know ): Any beaders here? Need beading supplies? I’m trying to teach myself how to make chain mail. I could always use more and pretty jump rings Do you like making up your SW packages around a theme, or prefer to mix it all up? I’ve only done one round before but it was kind of random and mixed up Band-aids: do you like the fun and funky ones? Pretty ones (: What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? When I almost died falling off my bike ***8/31*** What is everyone's favorite Halloween song?! I like monster mash and elvira How many of mah fellow witchies play video games? Platform? Do you like used games? I have a sega genesis from the 90’s. used games are all that you can get for it now What kind of music (genres, please) do you like? Classic rock Have any of you ever received a book from a Witchy and loved it so much you ended up buying a copy for a later Witchee? nope What kinds of eye shadows do we all like? All kinds and bright colors! Do you like lip balm? If so, do you like tinted, glossy, sparkly, pearly or just plain lip balm? NO! nonononono my lips are nudists. What are some of the SW gifts/finds from past rounds (or you can just name a gift in general that you found for someone if this is your first round!) that you are the most proud of in terms of your sleuthing skills? A really pretty book? My favorite gift from last round (and my witchees favorite) was one I made for her. And, secondly, what is something you've been searching for but just can't find? Ummm… I got nothing ): ***8/30*** Do you knit/crochet? Do you need any supplies? Nope, I don’t have the skillz Who here has an etsy shop? not me, but if I get good at chain mail I might sell it What are your two favorite etsy shops? I haven’t known about etsy long enough to have a favorite Are you active on any other boards/forums? If so please specify where and your username there. nope ***8/29*** What would you tell yourself 6 months in the past about 2008 so far? DAUPHIN ONLY!! If you had one minute of fame, what would you do/say in the spotlight? LEFT HANDERS WILL ONE DAY RULE THE WOOOORLD! No seriously, I have no idea Robots versus zombies: who wins? Pirates! What would zombie say? Braaaains nomnomnom Where are a few of your favorite places? My bed, a good field, wherever I am when I’m camping Out of curiosity, all the fall babies who are celebrating their birthdays during the round - who are you, and when is your bday? I’s a spring baby What is one (only one) object that you collect, that totally goes against your personality or beliefs? Bpal. I’m not really girly like that. Are you a soap addict? Anything you like to avoid in soaps (goat's milk, lye, dyes, etc...) or any particular scents you like or brands you want to try? I’m not a big fan of lotion. I don’t like how it makes my hands feel. Do you like kilts and would you wear one? Sure! BoiWitches? Question for you both.....Hath any of thou own a Kilt? I’z not a boiwitch What's your favorite book? Oh goodness I have too many to name. What size socks do you wear? How about hat size? Both normal I guess. I look good in hats. Do you read comics? Which ones do you love and which can't you stand? I read a webcomic called Head Trip. That’s about it Symbols that are meaningful to me? 7 pointed star, pentacle. By nature are you a morning lark or a night owl? Night owl by far What's your favorite type of music to hear live, rather than recorded? I like my music both ways What is your favorite autumnal-seasonal drink? Mmmm apple cider ***8/28*** Crossword puzzles? Other pencil puzzles? <3 <3 <3 <3 Favorite artist? I don’t know Favorite poet? Ummmm I don’t know that one either Halloween. Do you like it kooky or creepy? A little of both Reserved or Raunchy? Lecherous broad! Earth, Wind, Fire or Water? Fire by sign, water by favorite Tea or Coffee in the morning? Orange juice Fruity snacks or chocolate? Chewy fruity Would you accept art? Yes I would! Antiques or Brand New? Either or What keywords do you use when searching for items for yourself on Etsy? It depends on my mood at the time Are there any of y'all who are allergic/sensitive to having natural fibers on your skin? Not that I’m aware of, but wool makes me itch What was your favorite ghost/scary/campfire story growing up? I don’t remember Bugs? Do you like 'em or not? Not so much. I’m afeard of bugs i haz no imp storage. do you? This was my question (: ***8/27*** If you have a garden/planter box, what do you grow? I haz no plants What incense scents do you prefer? I haven’t used incense in a long time. But I wouldn’t be opposed to it Do you decorate for Halloween? What sort of decorations? Dress up for Halloween? I live with my mom so I can’t decorate, but I do dress up! Bats, cats, skeletons, monsters, vampires, witches or what other ghoulies do you prefer? Yes please! All of the above! Do you like horror flicks? Oh yes yes yes Who here prefers stylus and ink to ballpoint? Anyone invested time and effort into calligraphy or proper Victorian writing? I want to learn soooo bad. And I’ve always been kind of queer for pens What about stationery? Need some? What styles do you like? I don’t really have a preference ***8/26*** What is one item that you've wanted forever, could have afforded, but have never gotten and why (haven't you gotten it!)? wiiiiii didn’t get it because I bought bpal and liquor instead What Halloween scent are you most looking forward to? I really want sticky pillowcase Tattoos! Do you have em? Do you want em? Whatcha got or getting? I have three two on my back (musical symbols and the faerie of inspiration) and one on my ankle (hearts) I want an Alice one too Reduce - REUSE - recycle. Do others feel the same? Indeed What is your favorite crafting supply? Jump rings and wire Weigh in...Are you right or left-handed? Lefty all the way!! Any period of time that you love? victorian ***8/25*** What's your favorite part about Fall? Leaves, cooler weather, sweaters, smells Do you like office/school supplies? If so, what is your favorites? Oh goodness yes. I’ve always had a thing for pens What's your favorite Halloween candy? Peanut butter cup pumpkins, all forms of candy corn Will you be participating NaNoWriMo? If so, is there anything you'd like to have for that? I am no kind of writer ***8/22*** Where does everyone like shop for witching goodness? Borders, a.c. moore, and michaels What is your favorite pumpkin goodness? pie
  3. passionsast

    Rangoon Riptide

    I bought this unsniffed because I was in love with the description. Then I got it and HATED IT!! It hit me in the face and laughed at me. Eventually I grew a set and put it on and now I can't keep my face out of my wrist. It kind of reminds me of bubble yum gum. It's sweet and a little tart at the same time and ohmygodLOVE. Seriously, don't judge it by it's in the bottle smell. It's really quite wonderful.
  4. passionsast

    Drink Me

    I love this one. It smells just like vanilla frosting. I wore it with the Candy Butcher and Loves Philosophy. I smelled just like a freshly baked cake. Seriously, it was all I could do to keep myself from taking a bite out of my wrist. Drink Me is Love.
  5. passionsast


    OMG PINE TREES! I smelled like tree all day. It was wonderful.
  6. passionsast


    I personally wasn't all that fond of the scent, I can't quite place it but something about it just doesn't agree with me. It did, however, make me sleep like a log and have the most intense dreams EVER! A keeper despite the weirdness
  7. passionsast


    100% ORANGE! Not the sticky sweet orange of juice or pulp but the in your face bite of peel. I loves it and have a feeling it may become my "signature" scent! mmmmmm
  8. passionsast


    Both in the bottle and on my skin this one smells like weakly brewed lipton tea. It's really sort of comforting but I have to have my face in my wrist to smell it.
  9. passionsast


    I guess I'm one of the few people that don't love this one. In the bottle and wet on my skin it was like the scent equivalent of a loud party. A bunch of different things trying to compete with each other. Luckily, it settled down. Unfortunately, it settled into baby powder. I'll give it another shot in the locket before swapping or gifting it away though.
  10. passionsast

    Two, Five & Seven

    I wanted to like this one. In the bottle it's very pretty and flowery but alas, once I put it on my skin it turned into something scary and awful. The best way I can come up with to describe it is perm solution. I'll try it again in my locket (:
  11. passionsast

    Snake Oil

    I can't really pick out any individual notes. I tried it both on and in a scent locket and all I get is church. It smells just like church. But it seems to mix very well with Drink Me. I also noticed that it lasted for-e-ver. One application lasted two days; even through a shower.