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    Top Ten: Luperci, Fee, Anti- Saloon League, Owl Moon, Gothabilly, Honey SN, Blood Popsicle, Ivory Vulva, Glowing Vulva, and HOD. Other heavy rotation smellies: Voodoo Queen, Celeste, Jaunty Cap, Lorraine Cross, Lick It 2005, Bulgarian Tobacco SN, Captain Lilith, Fetish Goth, Snake Charmer, SeeSaw, Crumpet Rebellion, Strawberry Moon 2005 & 2017, The Witches, Champagne Lace, Badgers, Dusky Shroud, Egg'ed Mailbox, Candy Butcher 2006, Stekkjarstaur, Black Cherry Ameratto Pudding, Teatime in Roswell, Cabaret.Goth, A Wonderful Light, Illustrated Woman, Ice Queen, Tulzcha, Ava OLLA, Spanked 2005, Black Lace, Black Silk, Red Lantern, Volcano in Springtime, U Mutter, Self Portrait, Unheavenly City, City in the Sea and so many more... I do well with scents with these notes: carnation, amber, myrrh, vanilla, sandalwood, warm/dry Cinnammon, ginger, resins, ambergris, oak moss, oak, cream accord, honey that is not too sweet, heliotrope, rose, bright citrus (esp orange) fruit and berries (strawberry, apricot, peach, cherry) some aquatic notes w/ chypre. I do NOT do well with violets, ylang ylang, paper whites, Lemongrass, lilacs, most jasmine, lotus heavy, red hots' Cinnamon, apple, pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, root beer/rum/boozey, sugar/candy, saffron, champagne, mahogany/cedar dominant, gun powder/smoke, dark/dirt/acrid/sharp smells (Tarot Tower) sage and marshy/swampy notes.

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    Every dog or cat I see, I have to pet. I go crazy over them. I have two unapologetic addictions. Perfume and chocolate. It's intervention worthy. I like reading books that steam up my glasses, my favorite booze is whiskey, and I love watching movies with vampires and zombies in them. I believe in being a host vs. a guest in life.
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  1. chrisann

    Peach and Sugared Orange Slices

    This is just what I hoped this perfume would smell like! As a huge fan of bright orange scents this does not disappoint! The marriage of these two fruits are at the hight of their juicy sweetness. The peach plays more dominant on my skin, but I'm not complaining. It's sun ripened peach + the fuzzy soft skin. (I don't know how she pulls off the "fuzzy" bit in this perfume, but it's there) On it's own, this is a cheerful, mood lifting, skin huffing scent. However, I also think that this is a great blend to layer with other perfumes. I'm going to have fun experimenting with this one!
  2. If I hadn't read earlier reviewers mention dryer sheet, I wouldn't of made the comparison. While "yes" I can sniff a gentle whiff of a fuzzy "clean" note, it adds a cuddly, almost nuzzling inducing element to this perfume. Please don't think traditional dryer sheet. It's not that all. Casablanca's review rings true for me too. It's a cuddly skin musk, especially on the dry down. There's something about this perfume that sings post coital skin scent. A clean, fuzzy skin musk, with a touch of sweet, of sweat and a bit naughty around it's nice edges. A total win and keeper for me.
  3. chrisann

    Seven Word Story: Sloth

    I squirreled my bottle away to allow some aging. I re-tested today and am in serious LOVE with how snuggly, sexy, and evocative it is. The initial scent in the bottle is nose curdling. It's banana scented nail polish remover. UGH! However, after 10 minutes on my skin, the banana note "POOF!" disappears and what remains is this intoxicating hazy tobacco, smoky, musky, slightly sweetened man musk. Like I had been rolling around in the arms of a lover and got his skin scent on me. It's drool worthy. Not quite sure I can pull it off because imo it's masculine. I'm going to try layering with it. At the very least saving it for my next BF/lover. It's a heady keeper.
  4. chrisann


    This makes my foody heart happy! I LOVE it!! Caramel and almond in equal parts are the most dominant when first applied, but they do tone down. As it wears, I get vanilla CAKE vs. honey. (for those of you afraid of the honey note) honey is in here, but on me, it's not a major player. My only wish is that it last longer on me. I felt this way with the Antique Lace re-release and find now that it's aged a bit it's got more depth and lasts longer on me. I think with a little aging this will be even more nom nom!! Total keeper!! Thank you Fairy!!
  5. chrisann

    Lilith's Kwamie Cotton

    Okay.. so I'm having a really hard time trying to describe this one to friends because it is such a concept perfume. Trying to pick out "notes" is driving my nose crazy. I am filled more with images. Kwamie Cotton is super snuggly. Like a floppy rabbit plushie, you want to crush to your chest and nap with. It's clean and giggly. It smacks of doing cartwheels around huge billowing sheets drying in the sunshine. It's that worn out white linen shirt you want to live in. There is the faintest breath of a delicate floral flitting around all this linen and fluffiness.. what is this?? Lilac wood? Blue Bonnet? Close to your skin scent and a delicate throw. Really just lovely.
  6. chrisann

    Strawberry Moon 2017

    I'm taken back to 6 year old me, that cannot stop greedily gobbling up a bowl of strawberries that I'm supposed to be sharing with my brother. (mine, all mine!) My mom used to mix in a wee bit of sugar, and this years incarnation has that same sugared strawberry scent. SO nostalgic. I did not care for 2009's version at all. The sage/green note in that year's blend went bitter/ sharp on me and dominated the scent. THIS year is the reverse. More sugared strawberries with just a subtle backdrop of outdoor green. Sigh. I have a huge crush on this blend and can see this being in heavy rotation this Summer. (I love and still use 2005's version, which over the years is a more intense boozy strawberry. I slather it in my hair and layer it with Bulgarian Tobacco. )
  7. chrisann

    Pageant Queen

    This reminds me of when I used to work at the Chanel counter. It's reminiscent of Chance or was it Madmoiselie? It's been a while since I worked there. But, ANYWAYS.. it smells high end and I absolutely agree with mischiefofrats review on this. It's hoity toity. The hair toss, side eye, high heels and birken bag. BUT, there's also something blue jeans, white shirt, Parisian airy about it too. I'm not usually a fan of florals, but this smells so darn pretty on me. It's got a subtle aquatic feel to the "electric" tuberose note, which I can see as being interpreted as slightly masculine. Overall, On me it's decidedly feminine. The alydehydes in this blend scream "European vacation" or maybe that's just what I have on my mind lately. Nonetheless, a keeper as it's so different than any other BPAL blend I have and makes me want to drive a jaguar. Vroom Vroom.
  8. chrisann

    Disrespect for Established Authority

    This is my favorite SDCC scent! (Thanks to my sweet fairy!!❤️) The leather note in this is feminine and golden. A juicy, gleaming aura surrounds this blend. I don't find it masculine at all. As it dries down, I get these delicious whiffs of smoky vanilla, weaving it's way through golden strands of butter soft leather. It's just gorgeous! It's so beautiful now, but I'm curious to see how it'll smell with a little aging,
  9. chrisann

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    Halloween in Las Vegas was way too much STICKY red wine. Like you spilled it all over yourself and then got into a food fight at the dessert bar, had a guy that just smoked and wore too much men's cologne carry you out of the place. His scent mashed into yours. The kind of smell you just want to wash off. So much "Ewww" on me.
  10. chrisann

    The Anti-Saloon League

    I'm compelled to re-do my review on this perfume. I think my first test must've been a hormonal thing, b/c it faded quickly to a light, powdery, amber/vanilla skinscent on me. Which was pretty and soft, but not wow'ing me, SO happy I did a re-test a few weeks later! It's AH-mazing on me! It's a gorgeous, fuzzy, cream soda-ish vanilla skinscent. You don't wear it, rather it hugs around you in a effusive halo. I don't get a decisively "root beer" vibe from this, but I'm totally okay with that. Last week I got 10 new bottles of a combination of NAVA and BPAL in the mail. All I want to wear is Anti Saloon League. Oh! And I get many compliments when wearing this too! I had a guy exclaim, "Girl! You smell good!!" Yes, yes I do. Do not hesitate it lasdo'ing a bottle, should one cross paths with you. It's a glowing gem!
  11. chrisann

    Bulgarian Tobacco

    I'm not usually a huge tobacco fan. It's okay if it's expertly blended into a scent to add dimension, but not dominate. I did not hold any high hopes for Bulgairian Tobacco SN, but was curious to see if the rave reviews warranted a try. This went BEYOND my expectation!! It's a vanillic tobacco. Sweet and chewy. Its like they've taken pipe tobacco, added a syrupy resinous vanilla, and mashed it all up. It's gorgeous alone and I've been having fun layering under other smellies. It's a glowing tobbaco vs a dry/dark one. I love it so much I bought three bottles.
  12. chrisann

    So Below

    So Below went foul on my skin. I agree with Little Bird about the sweaty arm pit part, but I got the added bonus of the cardamon pod blasting acrid, gritty, dry yuck into the mix. Gag reflex foul on my skin. I couldn't wash it off fast enough!! It made me queasy. So bummed that I'm not experiencing the "win" must of the group is getting. It went to someone who loves it.
  13. chrisann


    Spanked took me a lot of hard wraught wrangling to get back in 2006. When I got a chance to test it, it was potent, steamy black leather, jabby cinnamon (not listed in notes, but that was what I got on my skin) and a minor blip of patchouli. I think the leather had it properly tied up and submissive. I thought it's "interesting" as a concept fragrance. But, too bad ass for me to live up to. Into my my HTF hoard box it went! Fast forward 10 years. I almost swapped this baby out, but have discovered that aging has done wonders to some of my past "no's" I have been re-visiting bottles that didn't work on me before, this included. NOW, Spanked 2005 is like wearing a smoky (bourbon doing that?) worn, smooth leather. Leather that has sat next to a hearth and over the years has pick up wood smoke. The patch is not discernible per se. It's like a thin cobweb thread weaving through. There, suppotive, but almost invisible. It's sexy sexy in a bottle. Confident sexy. I'm going to do naughty things to you, and you'll love it inspite of yourself sexy. Not sure about the 2011 re-release. I can confidently say 2005 will rock your socks off!
  14. chrisann

    Okiya Atmosphere Spray

    Spayed it in my living room and I was transported to my Grandmothers house. And her love for glade room scenting. Which, killed it for me. It's a lovely, fresh, floral scent. I can't shake this scental association, so this lab sample will find its way in a swap/sale pkg.
  15. chrisann

    Teatime in Roswell Home & Linen Spray

    I love this so much, I spray it on my clothes too! I absolutely agree with Marilyn eyre's teview. It's cucumber and creamy earl grey tea. Warm white cake weaving throughout, ghostly wafting. It seems like this combination it wouldn't work. I was hesitating buying it, but glad I jumped in. I love cucumbers. I'm 1/2 Korean, and cucumbers are popular in their spa culture. I grew up doing fresh cucumber masks, using cucumber body oils and soaps. This spray, quickly puts me in a happy zen state. Lurve ❤️ Now, to locate a bottle of the perfume ..