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  1. ka hulu

    Cheshire Moon 2013

    In the bottle: Lunar herbs, but with something lemony and tropically juicy enough to maybe compel me to try it on. After several sniffs over the course of last night, I realize I have no idea what “lunar herbs” actually even are. I might try this one on anyway. Wet: JOY. A mélange of tropical fruits and citrus, something vivacious and juicy and fresh but chilled! It reminds me instantly of two things I love. The way a citrus fruit feels in hand, when picked from the tree first thing after sunrise. And also the taste of a delicate Hawaiian lilikoi or guava cake, fresh from the bakery and kept cool in the refrigerator. I want to sneak bites of it. This makes me smile; it’s very sweet, but not cloying. Whatever the notes are doing, they gel beautifully. Other reviewers mention other fragrances with snow notes. I don’t have any of those to reference or compare, but wet, I definitely get that this scent is “chilled”. That’s amazing to me, that a perfumer can evoke such a sense. This fragrance is just JOY. Dry: This one dries down to a light tropical flowery scent on me, and still with that barest delicate whisper of “cake”. Tropical flowers now, moreso than fruits. Something vanilla-ish, and cake. My daughter comes into my room some hours later and after a minute, says pensively, “Is it just me, or does it smell like summertime today?” It’s mid-February, and it’s a beautiful day, 70° F and sunny, and the windows are open. But it’s also Cheshire Moon 2013. I couldn’t be more pleased, unless simultaneously presented with a fork, the actual cake, and a second bottle of this scent! Will look for the earlier original version, but I’m loving the 2013!
  2. chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side 

  3. ka hulu

    The Bird of Prey

    This imp from a savvy forumite (thank you!) instantly brings memories of standing in the wide doorway of a stable or barn, at right about this time of year as the weather is turning. In the imp, I want to say I sense cinnamon. Wet : My teen daughter says it smells good and bad at the same time. For her it’s inexplicable. But for me, it’s exact: the brink of autumn evening, at either of my aunties’ farms. I get the slip of leather, just a thin and dusty strap, light blonde. A sweet faint hay note, pale late summer dry. And then it turns. Dry : Feathers. Dry, tawny, late summer evening dusty, warm, also clean. That cinnamon guess must be the orris? I’ve never noticed or sought out that note in scent descriptions, and I like it. And I’m glad that it appears to like me, too. Something faintly nut-like, like oak leaves or acorns, on the drydown. I’ll be looking for a 5 mL (full, partial, even empty) for my scent library. This one is regal but wild. Warm, light, quick, and sharply, savagely precious. So glad for the opportunity to try this one!
  4. ka hulu

    Sinoatrial Node

    My first review! I ordered this not for the notes so much as for the idea that the sinoatrial node is known as the natural pacemaker of the heart. This one was a real mindwalk! In the bottle: Fulsome, lemony, perplexing. Wet: Somehow, just like a bowl of ...Trix? Fresh out of the box, and ! dry. A little dusty. Pixie sugar lemony. We weren’t allowed sugared cereal at home growing up, so wherever that association is coming from, it’s got a young child’s safety, rejoicing, really special occasion vibrancy. Dry: The champagne and/or apple pulp comes forward to “wet” and also “weight” the fragrance. Same sensation as standing alone in a tranquil swimming pool and with a serene smile, submerging and swimming forward. Just the sparkling water, all to yourself. Divine and happy. I definitely get flowers here, white ginger in the garden surrounding the pool. Sometime later it shifts to a champagne/sunlit sparkling lemony clean, with an undefinable element of structured luxury. Not a household cleaning product, nothing like that. This is more like plush stacks of freshly laundered towels at a five-star hotel, right before you walk out to the private beach. White ginger gracious and present here, but not intrusive. Finally, and this may sound strangely specific, A tender joyous kiss from the beloved, after sharing a piece of most elegant wedding cake. Very close to the skin but sacred, treasuring, and polite. Meyer lemon curd with eternal Love, and white ginger wafting in through open windows. And then this scent disappears! More a reminder or a promise uttered along the way to fulfillment. Glad I got the 5 ml, because it’s a beautiful trajectory, an endearing one I will enjoy again and again as needed. This scent would be great for a craniosacral or emotional rebalancing massage. Also for a wedding day, and then for every anniversary of that day, happily ever after. LOVE Sinoatrial Node.