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  1. Alaeidrel

    Im Tiefen Winter

    There's a note in one of my favorite chaos theories that I've never smelled before - and it showed back up in this blend! I have zero idea what it is. This is atmospheric and a little cold, no smoke on my end.
  2. Alaeidrel

    Marshmallows, Gumdrops, and Peppermint Canes

    This is all cinnamon and clove on me, none of my beloved marshmallow note. 😕
  3. Alaeidrel

    A Very Mütter Holiday

    I don't even know how to put into words how this smells, except like Christmas. I love it so much. I'm definitely getting the gingerbread from last year's gingerbread series, and the rest is a subtle cologne that just smells "red" and woody. It's very close to the skin on me, but I get wafts every so often and it's perfect.
  4. Alaeidrel

    Vanilla Cream and Pear

    In the bottle, it's recognizable as pear. On my skin... rootbeer?? This is Sustained Boos without the aldehyde, and the rootbeer I always wanted from outlaw. I'm so confused!
  5. Alaeidrel

    Red Mango & Green Tea

    In the bottle, this is really screechy shampoo. As it dries, it gets fruitier, but never looses that cheap shampoo edge. 😕
  6. Alaeidrel

    Ghost Milk

    In the bottle this smells like everything I want it to be: vanilla goat milk. On my skin this turns into... shampoo. What. Going to have to retest.
  7. Alaeidrel

    No Man is an Island

    On skin, most of what I get after a bit is dusty patchouli. Not a winner on my skin chemistry - it's not super pleasant. In my scent locket, though, I get purple sage and vanilla with whiffs of dusty coffee. It's amazing. There was an Apricot Lane boutique at the mall in my hometown that always had this lovely signature smell, but I could never remember to ask what it was - this is that smell! I'm in love with it on a locket.
  8. Hi! I didn’t get a message reply notification from the forum and haven’t gotten your reply, so I’m posting here to let you know I responded to your message. 

  9. Alaeidrel

    Zombi Sassafras

    I want to love this - I love sassafrass as a perfume, I love zombi... and it turns my stomach so badly I can't even deal with considering smelling it again to see if it's morphed. There's something about the food / dirt combination that takes me literally to gagging. Sigh.
  10. Alaeidrel

    The Harlequin

    All I get out of this is berry shampoo. It's a very nice bright red berry, but I don't need to smell like I'm in the middle of washing my hair all the time.
  11. Alaeidrel

    The Storyteller

    I mostly get soft, warm smoke and wax out of this. I'm sure there's woods and leather under it, but they're not strong on me and just round out the scent. It's a gorgeous, low-throw, sexy scent and I adore it.
  12. Alaeidrel


    The first whiff of this I get from the bottle is that leathery, sweet-but-dry scent of old taxidermy in arid museum halls. It's a scent I like, but was totally not expecting... and I'm sad it doesn't last upon application. I definitely get something sweet and a bit of masculine 'spicy' notes that aren't actual spices. It dries down to a light, musky vanilla.
  13. Alaeidrel


    Green aquatic with a very light white floral. Not soapy, though.
  14. Alaeidrel


    This isn't a strong as I expected. It really does smell like dust and a rum note. It's old, story-teller Kvothe sitting for a moment at an empty table more than young, daring Kvothe. Pretty but not incredibly striking.
  15. Alaeidrel

    Reapers Gonna Reap

    Everything out of the bottle is straight baby powder and I have no idea why - sandalwood is great with my skin.