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  1. kelthulu

    White Chocolate and Sugared Violets

    So, I pulled my partial bottle of this out today, deciding to try it again on a whim - I loved the smell of violets in it initially, but I was a bit put off by the white chocolate note. Upon brushing a little bit on my wrist, I found that this has begun to age into the softest, sweetest violet blend I could ask for. The funny note in the white chocolate has faded, and now it's pure, sweet violets (just like picking a bouquet and burying my nose in them) with a creamy undertone that's only barely chocolatey. Someone said that this blend reminded them more of Easter than Valentine's Day, and I have to agree! The birds are chirping outside, the cats are death-mewing at them, I smell like sweet, creamy spring flowers and all is right in the world. Crap. I'm so going to have to stalk another decant.
  2. Evil alcohol notes? PERVERSION.
  3. kelthulu

    Black Opal and other stone, mineral type scents

    Isle of Demons is predominantly tropical flowers, a hint of something fruity and a whiff of something like brimstone, on me. Just FYI!
  4. kelthulu

    Fearful Pleasure

    When I first put this one, it had the smoky pungent note that reminded me a lot of Hesperides with a stronger apple. When it dried down, that note faded and now there's a hint of smoke in the background. Mulling spices come out more as it dries, and I'm left with something that reminds me of wassail that we always had with our Renaissance Christmas Dinner in college when I sang with an Early Music Vocal Consort. Brings back fantastic memories, and I just LOVE the smell! Of note, this started to tingle for a moment when I first put it on, so I may have to dilute it a bit or apply sparingly in the future. This didn't have nearly the effect Inferno did on me when I wore that, though -- yeouch!
  5. I have a bottle of Hellhound on My Trail, and I'm absolutely in love with it. Alas, I only bought one. For future reference, can anyone recommend other scents that are similar? Thank you!
  6. kelthulu

    Hellhound on My Trail

    This is an incredible scent. I love the booziness, and that the sweetness is balanced by just a hint of brimstone. This is definitely one of my favorites, and I'm so desperately wishing I'd gotten more than one bottle. *sob*