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  1. NoNoNo

    Dapper Scents?

    I think mad hatter would be perfect. And it’s gc.
  2. NoNoNo

    The Blood is the Life

    If blood kiss and sloth had a very sexy, naughty baby this would be it. I love it and it will be incredible with a little age. Hoarding like a dragon.
  3. NoNoNo

    Fuck You, Said the Raven

    With six months ageing this is so smooth - dark delight with a violet background, its amazing
  4. NoNoNo

    I Foamed! I Raved! I Swore! Hair Gloss

    I love this one. Nothing overpowering just a beautiful opium based scent and it pairs really well with when nothing was.
  5. NoNoNo

    Caw-Caw Hair Gloss

    This is the perfect pairing with the lovely clove scents that have been released lately. The other notes blend together to make a great backdrop. Really wearable and different to anything I already have, so a bottle is a must.
  6. And Ameles Potamos - a dark aquatic Xx
  7. NoNoNo

    Night Snow at Kambara

    I'm not really a big floral fan, but I love this one. A clean, white floral with the sweetness of cherry blossom underneath. It has fantastic staying power and the day after I catch hints of it on my clothes and I can't resist reaching for it again.
  8. I love bptp's Sylvia from the hallowenches release. A lovely spice, warm clove scent.
  9. NoNoNo


    I thought I'd recommend Jareth as something a little different. It's amazing Jareth: Ethereal lilac fougere and gleaming leather with ti leaf, tonka absolute, white musk, and oudh.
  10. NoNoNo

    Scents for strength and fortitude

    No recommendations, but lots of good wishes that you get through unscathed